Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika row: Would suggest Krish to cast Sonu & Apurva in a film to teach me a lesson

Kangana Ranaut finally spoke up on the controversy associated with Manikarnika and the issue where director Krish accused her of taking the credit. She even addressed accusations of writer Apurva Asrani and actress Mishti Chakraborty. Take a look.
Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika row: Would suggest Krish to cast Sonu & Apurva in a film to teach me a lesson Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika row: Would suggest Krish to cast Sonu & Apurva in a film to teach me a lesson
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Past few days have been full of pride and happiness for actor-director Kangana Ranaut who has managed to nail the role of the Queen of Jhansi in her latest film, Manikarnika. Also, the last few days have been filled with controversies related to the film especially with the co-director of the film, Krish accusing Kangana of taking up all the credit. Not just that, actors like Sonu Sood and Mishti Chakraborty have spoken against the Queen actor. However, amidst all this, the film went on to become the biggest blockbuster of the year and people lauded Kangana for her performance as a director and an actor.

Now, Kangana has finally broken her silence and has opened up about the whole issue and controversy surrounding director Krish. She came back from Geneva today and while walking towards her car at the airport, spoke to a reporter. She was asked about the accusations levelled against her by Krish, writer Apurva Asrani, actors Sonu Sood and Mishti Chakraborty. To this, Kangana slammed all four of them and said, “It is wrong of Krish to attack me like that. If he is right, then he can go ahead and prove it. Talking to the media, won’t help him. Manikarnika is out and fortunately or unfortunately, I have directed the film. The film is out there and nothing can be done about it. To all those people who are saying that my role has been cut or I have edited a scene, I would like to say that whatever place I have achieved, whether as an actor or 3 times National award winner or filmmaker, I have got it myself and my father hasn’t given it to me. Get this position on your own and by crying, it won’t help anyone.”

She further added, “I have taken all the final decisions. If Krish left the film in my hands, then it is my prerogative as a director to take the final calls. And to all those who are struggling in life, they should take inspiration from me. They won’t get anything by feeling jealous or by attacking me.” She also spoke at length about her hard work and expressed that she started with only a 5-minute sequence and then slowly grew in the film industry. She added in the end and chuckled, “I would suggest Krish to take Sonu Sood, Mishti Chakraborty & Apurva Asrani and make a film to teach me a lesson.

Manikarnika’s co-director, Krish had given interviews where he had blamed Kangana for taking away his credit while Mishti accused her of cutting her role. Amidst all the confusion, Kangana’s sister and her team including Prasoon Joshi, Ankita Lokhande and more supported her and backed her up.  With Manikarnika, Kangana made her debut as a director and managed to sweep the audience with a terrific portrayal of the brave warrior.


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Krish did not complete the work. In fact he abandoned the film just because he thought his version was great and was pissed that no one else agreed with him. Kangana came in and saved the day. She deserves the credit more than he does.

Absolute rubbish Kangana. She always plays victim card. Ask her to direct one full length movie now. Priyanka, Deepika neither of them had support from their fathers. is she the only one? Stop saying that Kangana

She came, she saw, she slayed. Haters writing desperate essays LOL!

Kangana slays like a boss. Amazing!

I love her opposition writing all these essays!! He left half way, she took it, made it now he cries wolf!!

Intellectual theft is the worst kind. When someone has already laid the foundation and finished the cut, it is no difficult to make some changes here and there. I work as an editor and I edit articles and polish them. Will that make me the writer? Thief, she is.

She climbed up by crying to the media all the time. Others can't do it. She portrays herself as some independent force of nature, but hijacks others projects at the last minute - does some changes here and there and claims she did the whole thing herself. Its a pattern with her. She cries about how others have humiliated her in the past, made a ruckus when her role was cut in Kites. Of course, she can do all that.

Completely untrue. Nobody was talking about her the way they talk about starkids till she gave 100 crore performances on her won- twm and queen. She was never called to any talk show which thrust starkids on us and was never was given important roles.she has played second heroine with priyanka chopra in two films and has worked in multiple hero centric films. She did not reach this position by giving multiple interviews in media about her boyfriends and exes. She was never a PR made star. Most male actors take decisions in film making because the film depends on them. But jone of them are criticized like this.

Watched a couple of interviews with the other actors.... now I can see what a conniving person Ms. Ranaut is.

Kangana's self-admiration is far from admirable.

I am so very disappointed in Kangana Ranaut. It is becoming more and more clear what an unscrupulous and self-obsessed person she is.

The most scheming, manipulative, and brutal person in India today.

Kangana is supremely talented. She is able to con two directors on this film and also convince everyone that she is the victim here.

After hearing Krish's interview, he definitely is not lying. Even for that matter, even Apurva's point was bang on. It is definitely violence if Kangana is indeed doing this to everyone. Ankita lokhande is in the raddor now. Lets wait and watch.

Kjo & team burning with jealousy and hatred. You go girl kangu we are you proud of you.

Kangana has delivered and how! Manikarnika has done exceptionally well more so that it released with another movie and had another film doing very well from before. Screen were shared and the nepo gang ensured that the next weekend had another insider's release. Despite that, the film has done better in week one than all the so called blockbusters. Even better than TWMR!

Both she and her sister....what’s her name...some chudail...need to shut up. Every time they speak it appear that they are puking. Seriously, they need to see a shrink. Her sister is even more rotten. She has no achievements or credibility and feeds on her sister. Let’s see the BO numbers. I see a flop finally.

Okay — did the movie make money? I think it did not. That shows who she is despite making a great film.

Childish behavior by Kangana. All arrogant people are supporting her.

My God. She is such a manipulative and actually very dangerous. Tramples on people to get anything. She can destroy reputations if anyone says anything against her.

She is everything that opposition can't face! Good one. Now go show her.

There is no woman card played on this topic! She said very clearly i was the director so i took my call. She couldn't be anyomere direct. She is no KJO fluff like some mentioned, this that and others.

Lol...awesome reply

She turned a possible 100 crore Gold film to silver which will not do make the 125 crore spent back.

KR should be charged with Creativity THEFT. She stole someone's work. He completed the film and she reshot his scenes with other actors and claimed to have directed 70% of the film in a few weeks. The whole industry knows that is impossible to achieve,

I admit her acting talent but she is a cruel woman.

true. also she is claiming the talent of directing which is going to be proven wrong in future. Then all this hypocrites are going to shut up. and I hope she does not marry to save a man and his family

But didn’t she said before release of movie that that she is doing only patchwork?since when patchwork becomes whole filmmaking?

She is a big liar and has problems with everyone.
This time she has gone too far.

I loved how she was very cool and laughing when she threw shade at Krish , Sonu, Mishti and AA.....she made them look so silly.
She just laughed them out of her life. This girl is on fire !

Lol, she is the only person commenting again n again. Go girl, boss lady blah blah. No wonder sonam said this woman can't b taken serious. Crazy stalker

Slow clap to our queen...

more power to u !

Isnt it hypocritical. she criticizes everyone from
karan johar to sonam kapoor to deepika padukone to hrithik roshan publicly. Yet when some else criticizes her arrogamce publicly she plays the woman card again and again. Karan johar was so right about her. She play victim to the gallery and sadly people fall for it everytime.

All of you who support her act towards others, put yourself for a second how would you feel if you worked 400 days on a project and someone changed everything. I would be sad that I allowed this person to enter my life and my project. Don't you? She is vicious and unfortunately people in invest in her fall for her manipulations. If they don't fall, they becomes Krishs. If they allow her to do what she wants they become Hamsal Mehtas. But she never changes. I wonder who will be her next?

She's a big star -- none of what she's doing is unheard of.


Hi, I want to subscribe for this webpage to take latest updates, thus where can i do it please assist.

Haha...this girl is something, more power to you Queen.

Someone can't call her arrogant Just coz she has the guts to stand up for herself, kudos to her for making it big in this world of BW. She dint even have her family's support then, but today she is where she is coz of her hard work. 3 times National award winner and all those 3 films without any big Bollywood heroes. Proud of this woman. Hats off.

Again playing the women card .. shameless woman

You go girl..

well said !

Kangana you are an inspiration. Your conviction is powerful & your talent limitless.

Great slap in the face reply. More power to you Kangana!

Despicable and sad. That's what she is.

Kangana fans defending her like crazy! She is all ego and narcissism. The movie will barely cross 100 Cr.

it has already crossed 100 crores on worldwide box office collections..u ignorant fool

The real BADASS of bollywood.What a terrific lady

Hahahaha.Damn this woman.I just love and adore hee so much.What an answer.Wohhhooo.More power to you babe

Now it's openly proved fact that hypocrite Bollywood ppl can't stand the true Queen coz she isn't a nepokid.

Why did this director Krish leave the movie? What is he doing these days ? I think he is jobless and now wants credit for this movie when no one is talking abt him. Weirdo Krish!!

Well said. Show me what you got then!!

No shame in taking credit for someone’s hard work. What a human being?

Queen Kanguuu!! More power to you :)

Love to you Kangana

Kangana be the coolest!!! Producers also supporting her. Krish be like hey I’ve called you a good actor what more do you want! Men need to understand women won’t be ok with just a little now they want more and they want it now!

Way to go girl

Boss lady! Wow Kangana you rock like a Queen every time.

More power to you kangana.

Spoken like a Boss! Hate her or Love her you simply cant ignore her. Macho men wanting to flex their muscles in a warrior queen Biopic? Somebody's male ego has been badly hurt. Ouch! You go gal Kangana! You are beyond Bollywood. Hindi Cinema hails you as The Was - The Is Queen.

well danm its def a cut throat bussiness

Slay like a queen ...love this women

Kangana SLAY!!!!!! more power to you!!!

People will not change they did same with Rani laxmi bai and repeating same with women like Kangana. Still can’t handle independent, intelligent women, constantly trying to bring them down at the end looking like fools themselves!

She has more balls than all males in the entire industry. I love she gave it in a humorous way.a better way to piss off her haters.

She is absolutely right.


Love her! More power to Kangana!!

wow she is easily the most despicable person in the indian film fraternity that ever existed!

Clap clap ! boss love your kick ass attitude! these people are just crying because thats what they do best... young people should learn from kanagna and take inspiration from her struggle and hard work.

She is where she is because of those 5 minutes rolls.

Reason to love her. Yup!!

What a joke, the woman who cries foul in media the whole day does not want anyone else to do the same

Rockstar woman!

What a baller woman! Slay like a boss

Savage Queen....say you may about her, She is quite irreverent

Well said. My Queen and My Hero!

What an arrogant woman —- me, me and me and everyone is horrible

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