'Kangana Ranaut for me is the human definition of feminism' says Koena Mitra after she slams faux feminism

Koena Mitra slams faux feminism in Bollywood and calls Kangana Ranaut her role model
'Kangana Ranaut for me is the human definition of feminism' says Koena Mitra after she slams faux feminism'Kangana Ranaut for me is the human definition of feminism' says Koena Mitra after she slams faux feminism
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Last year was marked as an year of strong opinions and fights against sexual harassment in Bollywood. Many actresses, models and singers came out in the open to name their sexual predators in the industry. The Me Too movement stirred by Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar, became a nationwide fight against sexual harassments. And on this special day of International Women's Day, actress and model Koena Mitra chose to write a blog on faux feminism and called Kangana Ranaut as her role model as she, according to her, is the “human definition of feminism”.

The actress slammed Bollywood for staying mum on major accusations. She said that unlike Hollywood, where every big celebrity actresses came out against the predators, Bollywood actresses instead decided to not speak up. “In Bollywood, most top actresses chose to remain silent or use skip the question option or even asked their publicists to tell the media not to ask”.

Koena also blamed Tanushree Dutta for not staying in the country for enough time to see what happens to her predator Nana Patekar and instead, chose to settle and live her life comfortably abroad. “Another actress flew in with allegations against a fiery senior actor about some incident which happened years ago, even though video clips are presemt to see. He was thrown out of films. She has flown back to the US and settled in her cozy workplace. Did she stay back to see what happened to the actor? No. She got her two bits of fame, some brands to endorse, events to earn money from and returned to the US happily.” She wrote.

While calling out Kangana as her role model, Koena added, ”However, I would like to state that not all women are just talk and no action.  I admire and look up to Kangana Ranaut and love her audacity to call a spade a spade even if it’s at the cost of a gun being pointed at her head. She for me is the human definition of feminism”.


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Shut up koena!

She is the embodiment of trash talk. She only spews venom at others. That is NOT feminism. Abuse and trash talk is not feminism. If Kangana had an option to fly and live comfortably elsewhere, she would have taken the first flight out.

Kangana is a wolve in the industry of full of sheep.

True feminist dont go and sleep or have an affair with married men. Everybody blamed rhitik roshan but nobody pointed out kangna for having an affair with a married man!! Did she think about Susan? No. With aditya pancholi , did she think about his wife ? No. What kind of feminism is this ? Pseudo feminism.

Like Kangana, like koena.

Totally true koena.now Ur gutsy to accept it despite probable repurcussions on u.love it.respect!

Kangna was the only one who could take on KJo..Truly she is the front runner on all issues.

omg i remember how nasty people were to her when she spoke of sexual abuse.

Nicely said.

Well said Koena! Respect!

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