Kangana Ranaut: In my 10 years, I've achieved significant milestones to demand a certain fee

Simran actress Kangana Ranaut speaks out on pay disparity in Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut has been the talk of the town for the past two weeks for her controversial interviews. The actress who is known to say it like it is, spoke candidly about Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi and Karan Johar.
While some touted her as the Queen of feminism many questioned the timing of these interviews as Kangana is also promoting her soon-to-be-released movie, Simran.  
When Kangana was asked about the difference in opinions regarding her statements, Kangana quipped to a leading tabloid, "Why are we so wary of discussions and debate? I am told it's bad PR, but I don't quite understand that term."
Speaking candidly about the huge pay gap between a male actor and a female actor in Bollywood, Kangana stated, "There are women in the industry who say that if actresses are unable to bring in crowds [in a theatre] that a male star can, how can they demand equal pay. If we, as actresses, keep instilling this inferiority complex in girls, there is no hope for better times."
She continued, "Personally, my logic for remuneration has always been that I have 365 days to work, as much as any male star. An actor's pay must be determined by the amount of work s/he does. Your gender is no yardstick for it."
"The industry isn't just made up of four actors who have lasted through the decades. I might not have 30 years behind me. But in my 10 years, I've achieved significant milestones to demand a certain fee. Anybody's film can fail and this year has shown us enough proof of that. So, let's stop giving the opening [weekend] and closing logic," Kangana added. She also revealed that she knew actors can't work with her as she fights against the traditional and stereotypical norms of an actress. 
On the work front, Kangana will next be seen in Simran which is directed by Hansal Mehta and is slated to release on September 15, 2017. Kangana plays a Gujarati NRI who is a kleptomaniac.

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Simran budget is 20 crores. Her fee is 11 I wonder how did they shoot it in 9 crores that too in US.

Why, Oh, Why does she feel the need to antagonize everybody and take a shot at everyone. Having an opinion is a good thing but judging others for their opinion isn't. Film making is a business. Women eccentric movies or movies led by female protagonist statistically speaking don't fare all that well in Bollywood. Which discourages makers from investing as much on a film led by women. The problem is in the mindset of general public. It'll take lot more than interviews to bring a real change. Industry is trying and it is good sign. Khans aren't that powerful anymore although they still have significant power. But I see a real scope for Bollywood power imbalance to steady itself. I am not asking her to stop speaking all together but perhaps this can be done without being defensive and aggressive. She sounds like a ball filled with negativity who hates everybody but herself in most interviews. Even the good things she tries to speak gets lost in translation that way.

At least she has started a debate on nepotism, debate on bringing up both sexes equally, how not to train girls for marries, debate on pay parity, fairness cream and item number!! I think that not bad, you did good girl!! :)

Want to know what Sonam, Twinkle and Sonakshi have to say to Kangana and her dramas.

while im all for improving the wage disparity kangana is not the queen of feminism. its NOT that simple. shes simple QUEEN lol

Like it or NOT, lover her or hate her, she is way toooooo intelligent than any of the actresses in BW today! By far the smartest and wittiest!

soo much talk, can she do something like make a movie, its not easy business, and show to world instead of no use talk. when movie is over she hides behind, how many times we saw her talking between rangoon and now, anything for movie promotion now a days

aahahahhahahaha, your only achievement is being married men door mat. ouch.

Good on kangana! All star kids get the industry to praise them and their work even if it's underserved! Outsiders unfortunately have to blow their own trumpets to get their voices heard because this nepo industry won't do it
For them!!

Who is going to work with this psycho any more. I can see Parveen Babi part 2 in the making

Still no one pays her what she demands. She lied being the highest paid actress and makers exposed her. Kangana is sick.

OK so she totally ripped apart Sonam's logic of opening and closing day lmao...but of course, we must, all of us must, be paid according to the time we put in, regardless of the gender, we all have 365 days, we all have one life, and limited time and we all have dreams and ambitions..finally someone said it..PV plz post

She is a class apart!

If Simran becomes a hit or worse, a blockbuster, some people in the industry might contemplate suicide.

I am not going to mention names.......


Please go away

She has the talent and insight to create meaningful cinema, so she will survive. The last "big" actor movie she did was Krish 3 with Hrithik - and she wasnt even the main lead apart from that it was opposite Ajay years ago. She never worked with them before, so y work now? I do want her to do a movie with SRK though, the SLB would be awesome.

Silly talk by Aditya's silly EX!!

She keeps talking 24/7 about fees, about money of HR. Bcoz she is a wannabe Gold digger

I have a strong feeling saying that Simran is gonna flop because of her. Pity those who invested in this movie.

I suspect that sooner or later he will make a movie with SRK and Bansali. LOL

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