Kangana Ranaut questions interfaith marriages as she reacts to Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s divorce

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Kangana Ranaut questions interfaith marriages as she reacts to Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s divorce

Last weekend, the industry had witnessed one of the most heartbreaking news as Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao had announced their divorce. The duo had called off their 15 years marriage and released a joint statement about the same mentioning that they will continue to be devoted parents for their son Azad Rao Khan. Aamir and Kiran’s divorce had left everyone shocked and brimming with an opinion. Amid this, Kangana Ranaut, who is known for being vocal about her views on everything happening around her, took to social media and shared her views on Aamir and Kiran’s divorce.

Sharing a long note in her Instagram story, Kangana had questioned interfaith marriages post Aamir and Kiran’s divorce. The Queen actress wrote, “At one point in Punjab, most families raised one son as a Hindu and another one as a Sikh. This trend has never been seen among Hindus and Muslims or Sikhs or Muslims, or anyone else with Muslims for that matter, with Aamir Khan sir's second divorce I wonder in an interfaith marriage why children come out only Muslims. Why woman cannot continue to be Hindu? with changing times we must change this, this practice is archaic and regressive... if in one family if Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, RadhaSwami and atheists can live together then why not Muslims? Why must one change one's religion to marry a Muslim?”

Take a look at Kangana Ranaut’s post here:

Meanwhile, Aamir and Kiran had called their divorce a mutual decision. Their statement read, “In these 15 beautiful years together we have shared a lifetime of experiences, joy and laughter, and our relationship has only grown in trust, respect and love. Now we would like to begin a new chapter in our lives - no longer as husband and wife, but as co-parents and family for each other. We began a planned separation some time ago, and now feel comfortable to formalise this arrangement, of living separately yet sharing our lives the way an extended family does.” They had also expressed their gratitude towards their families and friends for their support and understanding. “We request our well wishers for good wishes and blessings and hope that - like us - you will see this divorce not as an end, but as the start of a new journey,” the statement had concluded. For the uninitiated, Aamir had married Kiran in 2005 post his divorce from his first wife Reena Dutta.

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Anonymous : Evil shatanic person i remember longgg ago on salman khans das ka dum 1 pandit said to her that u are pichachni wow man how he know he was soo right
REPLY 4 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : calm down folks. kangana knows aamir kiran and the kids don't follow no religion. She's making such statements to further communal hatred among her communal followers. This is their idea of nationalism. This is why we need to vote these venomous snakes out of power
REPLY 14 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : oh lord there she goes again. what is her problem ??? why does she have to comment on everything and anything. just needs attention , attention. its aamir and kiran's private life. she doesnt even know them yet has to spout off.
REPLY 13 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : This uneducated women dont even know actors are tooo modern for this religious thing they dont even care abt all this
REPLY 15 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : This foolish lady dont even know that kiran never changed her religion n amir gave his son name- Azad Rao Khan yes his son name is - Azad rao khan foolish lady
REPLY 13 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : This lady is full of shit not even a single chance she skip to create hindu muslim differences her master paid her well he did the same thing years ago we all know that
REPLY 12 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : when this news broke of amirs devorce i already commented that now kangana will make this hindu and muslim issue she is so paid for thid & predectable too wow i was soo right i already knew this but sadly public is not becoming fool anymore
REPLY 9 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kiran Rao is an athiest
REPLY 11 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kiran didn’t convert and Aamir is hardly the ideal practicing Muslim. Marriages don’t fail for one reason. By saying this, she has completely dismissed Kiran’s CHOICE. Kangana just needs to jump on whatever is in the news.
REPLY 6 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : What is a Radhaswami?? Is that some fake swamiji? To the lady’s point, she has to get a life and incorporate her beliefs. No talks. In action please madam. Get married and then beget a child. Then let’s talk.
REPLY 5 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : What would I know gawaar ji? No matter what the religion - non are willing to touch u. Sad.
REPLY 6 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Hate this hatred spreader. She is actually super spreader of hatred
REPLY 44 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Equal num of divorces are found in same faith marriages too. its the individuals who cant hold their lives together , nothing to do with religion or even caste .
REPLY 45 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : That’s their religion who are you to oppose?
REPLY 44 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Shut it Kangana, faith has nothing to do with it! Plenty of same faith marriages fall apart as well.
REPLY 53 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Aamir — I don’t like. But both Kiran and Reena did not even change their last name. Kiran is never Kiran Khan and Reena is never Reena Khan. Their children’s name are Muslims but many times, it goes to father (not sure why). I have a Muslim friend married a Hindu. Their kids are all Hindus and names too Hindus. Why fathers get such liberty — I don’t know.
REPLY 41 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Why does she comment on everything? Is she a reformer, agony aunt or idle moppet?
REPLY 64 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : And this witch Kangana was sleeping with Tingu few years ago to check her own luck with him . Don’t worry kangu this time he has Fatema ,somebody from his own relegion.
REPLY 37 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kiran Rao did not change her religion nor did Reena Dutt. What is Ms. Kangana referring to I wonder. As for what religion the kids take up, isn't it the parents choice to decide? And don't same faith couples get divorced???
REPLY 51 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Har waqt yeh airat bakwaas karti hai !! A woman sooo full of hatred. Kangna go marry some bjp goon and live a life full of hatred. Go.
REPLY 48 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Neither Kiran or his first wife changed their religion. Kangana should mind her business. She has no right to talk about anything related as her very actions of having affairs with married men shows she has ZERO regard for the sanctity of marriage.
REPLY 48 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kangana get help!
REPLY 46 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Pls give me a number so I know where
REPLY 1 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : agra pagal khana
REPLY 3 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Yes why should one change the religion , why does not a women have a right to choose the religion of her child, because it’s. Regressive mind set .
REPLY 14 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kangana get help!
REPLY 40 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : hindu hindu marriages are failing, muslim muslim marriages are failing, she is simply talking crap just to be in news
REPLY 50 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Islamophobic spotted
REPLY 63 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : I don't think Kiran ever changed religion or even surname. What the crap are you talking about. Do you really need to poke your dirty nose in others affairs. Your brother is more regressive than anyone else for making his bride cook makai rotis as a new bride. Looks like you had a massive crush on some Muslim and he never gave you a second glance. Hence this bitterness for that community.
REPLY 52 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Agree... !
REPLY 21 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Even his first wife didnt change her religion. Besides islam is a way of life, his Kids are leasing the way they have chosen.
REPLY 29 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : You need to think before write such things, In muslim u can't marry hindu Or any other religion girl without converting into islam
REPLY 15 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : amir shahrukh suzanee khan mini mathur etc etc soo many examples got it
REPLY 4 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : there kids are just enjoying do anybody think they are dollowing any religion???
REPLY 2 2 weeks ago