Kangana Ranaut: Rakesh Roshan continued to say he would REVEAL something but it didn't go anywhere

Kangana Ranaut is busy with the promotions of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She opened up about her struggles in a recent interview.
News,Kangana Ranaut,Karan Johar,rakesh roshanKangana Ranaut touched up on the Rakesh Roshan issue yet again
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Kangana Ranaut is busy with the promotions of her movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. The movie, based on the life of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi is directed by Krish and Kangana. The power house actress recently spoke with Pinkvilla and revealed how she got to be a director and how she thoroughly enjoyed the directing adventure. The film is all set to release on 25 January. In a recent interview, when asked if she is a lonesome wolf, Kangana once again touched upon her very famous fewd with the Roshans. Not only that, Kangana also mentioned how Karan Johar singled her out and Aditya Pancholi filed a case against her.

Kangana said, "People resonate and identify with me. When the whole nepotism thing happened, Karan Johar went on record and apologized to me. When I began shooting Manikarnika, there were never ending open letters. When I faced uneasy accusations from one quarter and I was sent a notice, there was an outrage. Though I was not a big star, and I was having this conflict with a co-actor, I did find people supporting me."

She then added, "I did feel cornered after Simran's failure. Filmmakers Karan Johar, Ketan Mehta, and Rakesh Roshan singled me out for criticism. The industry was having intense meetings to put me in my place. Aditya Pancholi filed a case and Rakesh Roshan continued to say he would reveal something. However, all of this did not go anywhere.

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She is too old to be relevant now. It's high time she retired and goes back to the kitchen

New film. New drama. Hope everyone ignores her tantrums

Her only way to stay relevant.

She was targeted is a coordinated way for sure. She has the right to speak. PV post.

oh god! somebody please make her stop.

Oh Kangana, get over it.
Rest of the world has moved on.

yah old men shouldn't pay for their crime that is why school girls are vandalised and nothing happens to the culprit. Qs should always be answered.

Kangana continuously said she will prove her relation ship but she didn't.

the non-scence promotion started, speak about movie only lady and nothing else

We love kangana

Ok Kangana

She is like that School Bully who keeps provoking everyone and when someone hits back, starts playing the victim.

It is a section of media that are as immoral as her bcoz of which she continues her nonsense.

Cant wait to know more about her Fish Biryani fights with Aditya Pancholi family

Oh yes! This time we are getting the Fish Biryani recipe :)

Karan Johar was right about her. Always the Victim Card.

I hope everyone in Bollywood continues to ignore her tantrums and fall for the bait. Let us see how low she stoops this time for film promotions in frustration. It has become so predictable now.

Here she goes again after her obsession

Can someone wake her up and tell her we are in 2019 and that, this rubbish call being fearless with a mixture of sympathy doesn't work anymore?

Every time she does this just before her movie release and the film gets overshadowed by this unwanted nonsense and it flops. It has become predictable.

She needs a good pr asap. Her words said unsaid are masala coated and misrepresented. She barely gets any coverage when she says nice things .

Me too is NOT only about sexual harassment, its about power differential impacting a woman's RIGHT TO WORK. Kangana should know that this is a clear case of workplace harassment. A few men - straight & gay are out to get her always.

Saw the whole interview and did not see this portion. Was it edited? or was this not spoken? Is someone trying to instigate?

Can she ever shut her big mouth?

Roshans are a good character, a quiet family. Not cunning charlatans like you are.

OMG. Let it be Kangana. Move On!!!!

Omg, she needs to stop pitting the Roshans.. not only Roshans, she herself couldn't prove anything. Did she forget that? I love Kangana as an artist, but when she gives these kind of interviews calling people for no reason, it makes me hate her and avoid watching her movies!

whenever her movie releases she comes and talks about hrithik... women are misuing METOO nowadays, feel sorry for real women who need help and in unfortunate situations

men can be victims of metoo as well and hrithik was one.

hahaha she is funny, she thinks the world revolves around her!

Please show some compassion and not drag Rakesh roshan He’s an older gentleman who is recovering from cancer so probably had more pressing things to worry about. What is wrong with her.

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