Kangana Ranaut REACTS to Hrithik Roshan's statement on shifting Super 30's release date; Read on

Hrithik Roshan announced on his Twitter page that he is shifting the release date of Super 30 to save himself from toxic mental violence. Kangana Ranaut has now reacted to his statement. Read to know more.
News,Kangana Ranaut,Hrithik Roshan,Super 30Kangana Ranaut REACTS to Hrithik Roshan's statement on shifting Super 30's release date; Read on
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This week, the makers of Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao's Mental Hai Kya shifted the release date of the film to July 26. On the same date, Hrithik Roshan's Super 30 was also supposed to release. Today, Hrithik announced that he is shifting the release date of his film Super 30 as he wants to save himself from the toxic mental violence.

As soon as Hrithik changed the release date and shared a long post on his social media pages, Kangana Ranaut has reacted to the same. In a statement, Kangana Ranaut said, "Hrithik Roshan, Madhu Mentena and Ekta Kapoor had collectively decided that Hrithik would push Super 30’s release date and Ekta will bring her film MHK on 26th July, they had taken this call last week itself, I don’t know why he wrote this sob story but I am glad MHK getting a solo release, I salute my producer Ekta Kapoor for making her way in this male-dominated industry, its not easy to do what she does.... I applaud her courage and power."

Meanwhile, on his Twitter page, Hrithik Roshan shared, "So as to not allow my film to be desecrated by yet another media circus, I have decided to shift the release date of my film SUPER 30 in order to save myself from the personal trauma and toxic mental violence this would cause. Despite the film being ready, I have requested my producers to shift and announce the next suitable date as soon as possible."

He further wrote, "Over the past few years, to my utter dismay, I have been witness to a lot of us cheering and encouraging what was/is an open and blatant case of harassment. I must even now, wait patiently and silently for collective consciousness of society to take cognizance of such matters in order to maintain our faith in civility of our society. This unrelenting helplessness must end."


Meanwhile Rajkummar Rao is shitting his pants...when will his turn come!

He can be happy, get married and show her he doesn't have a sob story! He called out the negativity and lack of civility on Twitter. She must have a guilty conscience to think he meant her alone! Chances he can get married in a week or a month are much higher than her chances of getting married in a year or more!

This Psychotic woman has been stalking, bullying and harassing everyone from her costars to her juniors to her directors and writers all the time. Why is Bollywood giving her work? Dont they have any brain?

Once a stalker, always a Stalker. What a obsessive shameless waste of oxygen. Looks like she has no other work to do in her life other than being a attention parasite

I used to like Kangana and the way she took bold moves by speaking out about abusive relationships, nepotism... but this mudslinging is getting a bit too much now. Why does she have to attack EVERYONE??? Shabana Azmi to Soni Razdan... How come only she has a problem with everyone in the industry?? Have some respect for people! The public will stop supporting you, Kangana! Seriously, you need to add a little dignity in your life. All I can see is she walking on a path of self-destruction. That sister of hers is a bad omen. She's vile! But again, I don't think she would do any of that crazy Twittering without Kangana's approval. I wish she start behaving a little more responsibly by adding some dignity in her life. And for God sake, let that Hritik Roshan be. I can understand that Pancholi abused you as you were too young and vulnerable but you were grown up enough to handle whatever it was with Hritik. He's trying to forget and move on. Why are you holding on to bitter memories with him and becoming bitter yourself. Come on, Kangana... You can do better!

Jaadu roshan keeps trying hard and fails each time. He is a epic bore!

Stalker kangana keep lying and try harder but you will fail each time. You are super boring and an ,ugly person.

Okay so bollywood does fear kangana. I'm glad there is someone who makes bollywood fear. Kangana says one statement n whole of bollywood coarse changes.
She introduced words like outsiders(who don't belong to film fraternity) clearly rajkumar, ayushmann, Vicky n more r enjoying its fruit.
Nepotism= keep promoting same film family. Kapoors r almost gone, 2 khans down, KJo n adı Chopra down n people like Aditya, arjun n many more know they can't take bollywood for granted anymore.
Alia mediocre= this one hit really hard. Suddenly Alia who was becoming the next thing isnt at top of her game anymore. People r actually tired of seeing her around everywhere.
Silly ex= n thanks to hrithik, this is all where this started. She started speaking up. N then there was no stopping her.

I know alot of bollywood would be hating my comment. But you should be thankful that kangana is here to give u all a reality check. Otherwise movies like andha dhun, stree, badhai ho n many more wouldn't have been so successful if people hadn't seen beyond filmi nepotism. Atleast u now know people r not interested in soty 2 or thugs or befikre or zero anymore. They want something real n u should work towards that only. Like Kapoor n sons. You all should join hands with her rather plot n go against her. Each big director n actor do a film with her to learn the reality of what people want.

Take your medicines Aunty


This is not rangoli. Just an audience member. N I see facts. Only woman in bollywood who has managed to give a 100 crore without a big director or actor or producer. Tell me an actress who has given a hit on her own.

Ok kangana. Give me a single woman who has promote her movies by spreading negativity/attacking stars and stalk men.

All of them take names to promote. She took hrithik name but her movie simran didn't work at BO. KJo also promotes by taking whoever name he can mention. But I'm talking about actress who give a hit due to big production house or big director or big actor working. In manikarnika there was no big director, actor or producer n yet she gave a hit. Same within queen but queen wasn't 100crore. Even when she asked bollywood to promote manikarnika nobody uttered a single word. I remember Alia saying I talked to kangana n all but didn't even say go watch the film. Only kareena n rajkumar said to watch the movie. N then later Amitabh was mocking, saying my movie badla is a hit but nobody is promoting it. On which srk said something.

Kangana pr is here trying hard to prove there was an affair . Shamelessly dragging his wife and accusing him. All know his wife cheated and everyone knows about arjun rampal. Every star has boycotted Arjun coz of drugs. There was no affair between Hrithik and kangana. It was an obsession and all in her head . Emails proves this. Try harder

Yeah. The yoga retreat wore off quite fast. She who was shut up for 14 days, has come out to start barking like a mad dog.


I would have appreciated kangana more if she had maintained decent professional relationship with all her peers.... however she sadly foul mouthed. While u c all others are maintaining dignified silence against her ravings n rantings

what peers are you talking about, a group of talentless nepo kids and their parents and relatives who have destroyed Hindi cinema and because of them Bollywood is associated with everything cheap and ridicules
Yeah great peers to associate with...no thank you
more power to you Kangana, a role model in every sense of the word, all of us are supporting you till the end

Ok now what I think
Did HR have affair with kangana and lied about it ? Yes
Did HR cheat on his wife and resulted in a divorce and then spread drugs and arjun rumors ? Yes
Do I like kangana ..No
Because I am Pakistani and the way she talked about pakistan in recent times makes me dislike her
Had she affairs which suited her yes
Was Hr and her affair at engagement level ?No
But there definetly was an affair
Plus who started all this drama
Kangana said silly ex
And HR had to send a legal notice there were better ways to deal with it
One last thought I used to think if kangana didnt go all crazy after queen maybe she would be a big thing but looking at dp and alia I dont think so ..look how papa jo gave all good movies to nr
Nepoalia and nobody else stands a chance

Jobless kangana stop writing lies. Your obsession and delusional is insane.

If you are in the process of destroying others mental peace then unknowingly you are destroying your own too in the same process

Movie release date is a producer's business. Why is she unnecessarily creating cheap controversies out of it.

This woman is cray cray. I wonder how people even work with her

semes the PR woman from LA hit a touchy never

She hates Nepotism but still stalking Nepo kids for attention n publicity. Does she have any shame?

First she said Ekta and HR met before to clash. Now, she is saying opposite that they met before to postpone. Does she even remember her lies? I think she has some memory loss

Nice try to play woman card. Ekta herself is a Nepo girl. She just used her dad's money to make crappy serials n films lol

She shud stop hiding behind her sister's account first. If she is so talented as she claims, she wud not be looking for controversies all the time.

Her PR is frustrated bcoz their publicity stunt failed. Now, they hv to sell their flop film on their own. Rajkumar will steal the show

Chronic victim calling other's statement as "sob story". Talk of lack of Self awareness

Let me too join then party.
KR is a manipulative woman who used multiple men to progress. When she was sleeping around, her family including her spokeswoman sister forgot her. Now they all want to enjoy the malai. KR is like a curd factory, bitter, hateful, jealous and narcissistic. She is Kangana Runout. Her sister is Rangoli Chudail, a real witch and licking sisters feet for her money and everything. A beggar.
HR is also very manipulative. His wife is also the same. A full drama family with multiple personal issues incl his sister.
So both KR and HR need to check into a mental asylum.

Kangana PR is also paying journalists to write against Hrithik , i saw exactly same tweets coming from different people.They are also using same hashtag #bhagooda for Hrithik. It seems they have written the script and bribed them to write in her favour. She started the drama by dragging HR name,now playing the victim and 'pure class' image.Pv post without being biased.

this is probably the first time I am ever writing a comment on pinkvilla, so I will make it short as much as I can:)
I work in PR office here in LA and yes the dynamics are different than in India but we have some similarities and without going into too much details as someone working in PR and have been following this KR HR since the beginning I would say that both sides have handled the situation poorly and whatever gains or points any sides gained they seem to throw it out of the window in the most stupid way and this shows clearly with regards to KR
Kangana you have the public support and that is clear from comments on social media, youtube, and other outlets
KR scoured major points when she raised the nepotism debate in India and the fact that she’s a talented actress and self-made resonates with some many young Indian who is looking at her life for inspiration, so how can she keep this positive thing and move forward....simple answer is to create more positivity around her brand, this is probably easy said than done, coz who knows the kind the pressure she’s facing yet she needs to think strategically
The fact the her sister is her official spokesman is a big no no, so hiring a professional marketing and PR company is a must at this point, if she can’t find a good PR representation in India then there are plenty of professional companies outside of India that will do a great job....so step no one will probably be closing the HR thing for good and if they is any further side to it then things can be only sorted out legally....second is to further build her brand and goodwill around her name by focusing on things she is passionate about like movie making or humanitarian work and how she can inspire the youth....the bottom line is having KR name associate with positivity
As for HR, the fact that he is been in hiding since 2016 only shows his weak position in this whole situation, like if you didn’t anything wrong, then why go on hiding….no movies, no public appearances, no interviews, nothing, if it’s out of fear of getting attacked in the media by KR then you can replay as well…..his interview with Arnab Goswami and now this statement only screams of playing the victim card
this whole issue needs to be closed for good coz the public is sick of it but If in my own personal opinion in this KR vs HR going by the public reaction I think KR has the public support so she needs to think smartly and make only smart positive movies if she wants to keep the public support

Mind your own freaking American business. The only reason Kangana found support in her nepotism drama is because the public hates Karan Mamu and his gang of nepo kids even more than Kangana herself. It's essentially like choosing between a bad cold that never ends and herpes. Neither is desirable but one is much worse than the other. Kangana could scream about that supposed affair all she wants but the fact is that she has ZERO evidence of it. NADA. They had an affair for 2-3 freaking years and they never exchanged a single message on Whatsapp? No phone records? No photos? No witnesses? And when Mumbai Police summoned her, she REFUSED to go. She REFUSED to give up her laptop. Not to mention, she was sending nudes to Ranbir on the side too while persuing Hrithik. Her only piece of them together (a photo) was found to have blurred out pictures of other guests that also included Hrithik's former WIFE. Are we supposed to believe now that they were having an "affair" right in front of Suzanne and a dozen other people? Stop defending this psycho

Rubbish... I seriously doubt wether you are in the PR business. You need to step out of LA more often.

this is the silliest short/long form i ever read, do you even work for firm in other country or is it sisters writing. HR didnt do any wrong, he just want to mind his own work and family, which is ultimate goal of any human. wherase the crap sisters claim doing soo much promoting outsider blah blah but they are just showing their -veity everywhere, they never had any decent talk in recent past with anyone

U kept it short??

I hope KR management is reading this. I agree with everything you said.

You wrote an essay as a PR of Kangana Runout. You sound like her alibi.

No one is supporting Kangana now, since you are in PR office, its all PR for you. What I see is a bully and a man getting harassed and bullied openly. People cheering the bully for money or their other selfish interests.

If you had any medical knowledge, you would have known that it is a clear case of harassment. When you are badly bullied, you go in hiding Ms LA. Stop showing off, everything in life is not PR

I am supporting Kangana

New film. New drama. Can she promote a single film without namecalling or controversies. Considering all her flops, she shud hv known that such tactic is only backfiring on her big time. Let your work talk.

Her statements are so contradictory. Yesterday, she was saying they all decided to clash. Now, she is saying it was decided to move week back.

Who is kangana? A woman who sent illicit emails and nudes to a married man, woman who slept with a man of her dad's age and destroyed other women home,a woman who wanted to sleep with Rk, a woman who claimed to be a feminist but always attack women, a person who lied about everything and created stories, misuse a woman card, always acts like a victim, a person who has beaten her staff and ex bf, a person who has no hit, only 3 hits that due to Anand l rai, a person who threatened a superstar on a public platform ,..a person whose sister was attack for harassing, a person who always attacks successful people , a woman who deliberately clash her movie with her obsession a person who crossed mountains and rivers to meet her fantasy, a person who had 100 oucs of his and said I am married to him in my head , a person who practice black magic. A woman who despite claiming to be a feminist retweeted the hate and negative tweets against women. A person who only spread negativity and lies, steals credit and easily carried away because of her gender. Wow

Pinkvilla post

Pink villa is biased if we click like it doesn't accept

Not taking sides here but there r 365 days in a year and kangana ALWAYS chooses the dates that hrithik chooses.. seriously, what is that?!

Hrithik perfectly destroyed her promotions plan and career. What a revenge!RIP kanagana.

See on Twitter. One critic said openly that KR PR asked him to post against her acting like a Hrithik PR but he refused. Then they asked him to delete his tweet but he refused. This is true journalism
Shame on you kangana . She is playing dirty. Infact her PR published a fake message under his name claiming it to by his PR . Many of her paid journalists who always sides her ,all of a sudden start acting like HR PR and bashing her. One day you will realize that she fooled you all under the name of feminism and misuse the woman card. She openly threaten him . She did all drama to get attention. Her statement is totally opposite of ekta statement. She is harassed Hrithik and still doing it. What kind of a feminist do this ? She defamed him and created so many lies. But since she is a woman so carried away easily. His wife openly call out kangana's lies . Het sister was attacked and paid for her sins. Shame on you kangana. Is this how 38 year old behaves? What a atrocious person you are.

Kangana career is finished. Perfect revenge from Hrithik. R.I.P kangana.

Womaniser.I hope his movie is a big flop.

Stalker and men eater. I hope her movie is a big flop
Post the truth

She's just a girl and she's on fire
Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
She's living in a world , and it's on fire
Filled with catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away
Oh, she's got both feet on the ground
And she's burning it down
Oh, she's got her head in the clouds
And she's not backing down
This girl is on fire
This girl is on fire.....
Alicia Keys
Burn it down, Kangana . We are with you.

More like her Ass is on fire due to people exposing her lies all the time lol

More like her Ass is on fire due to people exposing her lies all the time lol

Nepokid HR. Successful because of dad - started with KNPH, then Krish series and Kaabil. Only actor to have given flops with both SLB and Ashutosh Gowariker. ZNMD was a multi starrer and hit because of Zoya's magic touch. Wife ran away because of affair with Kangana. Now preaching dignity. First learn to stand on your feet.

Pyscho stalker . Who is kangana? Gets limelight because of attacking successful superstars . Every movie of her is a flop. Queen , twm and twmr are hits only because of Anand sir. Sister was attack because of harassing someone man.

His wife exposed kangaga lies there was never any affair. It's all in kangana's head.

Znmd was a hit because if Hr. Ja, agneepath ,d2 , all are hits .

No dad can make anyone kid successful. He is a superstar because of his talent and hardwork.

Go and learn the meaning of dignity. Preaching . First learn to stand on your feet and promote a movie based on talent.

Hrithik is a superstar and making millions, supporting his family.

Be fair to all the fandom and post

All Hrithik haters, your so called feminist is lying and spread lies about Anand Kumar. Provide the proofs of fraud and lies but you guys knows to BLAME only. Kangana iis chosen for mental hai kia as she is exactly the same a bi PSYCHO and a LIAR. Ask your fake feminist to grow up and act like a decent woman. Even whole Bollywood knows there was nothing between them and supported Hrithik. No one threaten Kangana. Its her job to give threats to all and bad mouth women then claim to be a feminist. Yes, she has messed up with the wrong man. He is not keep quiet like other men whom she harassed and stalked, he willt ake the bull by its horns. She said her laptop has virus and phone fell into water. So dumb of her to lie. She lie about the engagement. She is a liar and a stalker who is playing a victim and a woman card. Poor woman is all mad after getting refused by her obsession . People denying the proofs when he has given it. Her own emails are enough to prove her stalking.

Please stop comparing the two,like for real.Like these delusional crazy fans of KR(a big psycho stalker with the same old lies, stories ,only relying on her badmouthing others, stalking, fake feminism , and her sister's shadow).The great superstar and human being HR got nothing to lose from another flop movie starring KR

what's up with Hritik's english? He sounds dumb. Love truly is blind. How could the intelligent Kangana fall for guy who can't speak properly?

What is wrong with his English? And also why is Someone’s intelligence is based on how his command over English is.

Love and strength to Hrithik from USA


Please stop comparing the two,like for real.Like these delusional crazy fans of HR(a big old man child with the same old sobbing story,only relying on his body and his father's shadow).The iconic KR got nothing to lose from another flop movie starring HR,duh!

Ok stalker Kangana :)

Either Ekta Kapoor or the Aramaic sisters are lying!

Kangana, no sane person should come your way. Period. Unless they are in same level as you are, no reasonably normal person who respects good reputation and peace should be on same par as you. It is too much to handle once you open the gate to war. I am not saying Hrithik has good name because I don’t think he is a honest person. At the same time I wouldn’t see his decision as cowardly action since I understand who you are. In this case it is the only decision a normal person should take.

LOL HR really deserves what he is getting from this shitty woman. Karma is bitch..

Wow, I’ve realised that Kangana has a few promotional tactics she pulls out of the bag when one of her films are releasing... 1. Nepotism 2. Feminism and 3. (her biggest weapon..) Hrithik Roshan. She needs to stop all this nonsense and let the films and her talent speak for themselves. Till recently I never really believed that nothing ever happened between Hrithik and Kangana.. but now I feel that Kangana is a woman scorned for being rejected by Hrithik. I find it hard to believe that two people in a relationship never sent texts or WhatsApp messages to each other in all these years??

Absolutely right. It makes no sense that an adult male lover only emailed her without any physical meeting or texts .

Am I the only one who thinks that Rangoli is suffering from post partum depression??? Because this level of anger/rage is miles from being normal...

Hrithik is playing victim game.

And Kangana is the champion of playing victim game. Hrithik just started. He is learning from her.

Hrithik is speaking the truth . That's not call playing a victim game. KR is the on who play women and victim card.

and ur an alien !

Ohhh god Kangana! Such a cheap n lier u both sisters deserves a place in hell hope ur journey to hell be like ur horrifying as u are

Rangoli said ekta meet Hrithik and decided to to release mutually. Ekta said it's her decision to clash fir betterment of her film. It will be a dignified release. Today kangana saying it was decided earlier that he will shift . Bht confusion hai bhai. Do these women read their last statements before making the new one? Clearly shows, kangana is lying and making a story.

All this said against kangana clearly shows how insecure the people against her are. They actually seem scared of her that they are shifting the date. When clearly the producer of the film ekta has take the responsibility of the release date i dont understand why people are still blaming kangna for this. Are u all that stupid to not see the games that they are playing. I am not saying kangna is perfect but comeon guys. This is just common sense. They are actually exposing all that tactics hrithik and his team playing and they just go scared and shifted the date. And if there was so much harassment and solid evidence and proof against kangana hrithik would have used it by now. But the case went no where and there was nothing solid.

People aren't insecure and exposing Kangana and her lies. How its against her to say she is lying as its out there officially that she is contradicting Ekta and Rangoli? No one is scared of her but sane enough to avoid her harassment and lies. Producer is lying as we all know Kangana interferes a lot. Are you blind not to see her lies and PR games? why cant you see her foul words and threats to him? Hrithik has actually exposed Kangana tactics and by shifting his movie made all of her promotion plan flop. Scared of what? a psycho stalker? It was she who clash it to create a hype for him. She got scared of shahid . :P Hrithik has shown the proofs of harassment and stalking. See her emails. Now her behavior and threats is also proving him right. Don't doubt when you are not the one who is going through hell. hope someone harassed you and people refuse to trust you. Then I will ask you how does it feel. Case is in the court and her emails are solid proofs.

truth should be posted pv.

People aren't insecure and exposing Kangana and her lies. How its against her to say she is lying as its out there officially that she is contradicting Ekta and Rangoli? No one is scared of her but sane enough to avoid her harassment and lies. Producer is lying as we all know Kangana interferes a lot. Are you blind not to see her lies and PR games? why cant you see her foul words and threats to him? Hrithik has actually exposed Kangana tactics and by shifting his movie made all of her promotion plan flop. Scared of what? a psycho stalker? It was she who clash it to create a hype for him. She got scared of shahid . :P Hrithik has shown the proofs of harassment and stalking. See her emails. Now her behavior and threats is also proving him right. Don't doubt when you are not the one who is going through hell. hope someone harassed you and people refuse to trust you. Then I will ask you how does it feel. Case is in the court and her emails are solid proofs.

truth should be posted pv.

Honestly Kangana is talented enough not to have to resort to these sorts of gimmicks. I'm starting to really believe she doesn't realise she's behaving this way because she's out of touch with reality.

Look at the 2 different statements from producer and the actress. Proved they did it on purpose to create hype for MHK.

Critics award for Best Performance in Victim Role: Hrithik Roshan.

National award for stalking and harassing: kangana ranuat .

Wow one more national award thanks hater

If it was decided a week ago, so why Ekta said it's a clash? Ekta told another story. Kangana is lying.

Kangana statement contradicting Ekta statement.

The sisters need to discuss before putting it out to the media...just a day before Kangana’s sister says that both the producers met and decided to stick with the same release date and today Kangana says the opposite.....all if Kangana’s talent is getting washed away by lack of dignity. She should have handled things better...

Hrithik is Man child leave him alone keeps crying all the time. Kangu made a statement without taking his name and he sent her a legal notice Lol. If it was not true he would have ignored her. Liar man child Hrithik ... grow up. I used to like you but not anymore.

Kr did mentioned him as the question was about him. Pyscho baby crying and lying miw. Hrithik made a statement without taking her name. Lol. Legal notice was important as she was harassing him. Hiw long a person can ignore stalking and harassing? Pyscho liar kangana. Get a life.
Pv post

Last time, they decided to release the movie together now you say they decided to postpone S30, liar at least check your previous statements...

Now I'm wondering if this meeting actually happened?

The trashy sisters are at it again. Lord forgive them for they do not know that they have sinned.

There is no expectation from people like Kangana. She is beneath contempt. She is the gold standard for filth.

Kangana the stalker cant even talk without mentioning her PHANTASY. Such obsession is insane.

Evil woman fails in her evil plans. MHK is a flop. Now how will she promote her flop?

She is really obsessed with Greek God.

Again playing a woman card.

He wrote the truth. You are harassing and stalking him.

Stalker again talking about him.

Kangana is blackmailing Ekta.Kangana has nothing to lose and if any bad news about Ekta leaks out from sources like the Chudail's twitter, Ekta stands to lose a lot. Jence ekta had to bow to pressure and set date to clash with Super 30.

Rangoli Chandel is foul mouthed..

It is Rangoli Chandel whos toxic. Kanganas fame will be definitely spoilt by this bad company of her sister, whos survival depends on Kangana.

Kangana is very smart. She is applauding Ekta and playing male domination card whereas she is the bully and trying to dominate the situation.

I feel bad for Hrithik. What a pathetic person she has become. Disgusting to say the least.

Super 30 FDFS!

why does Kangana have to relate everything to her being a woman? she literally has a movie focussing on mental illness yet doesn’t support when someone does something for their mental health. hypocrisy at the peak?

You did good, hritik.. As they say never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig likes it..

There she goes again. The hypocrite perpetual sobber/victim blaming the dignified one again. Kangana stop being delusional. I have yet to meet a lowlife person such as you. Your parents must be very proud.

Liar Kangana again trying to spin a story. Sorry Miss, I'm boycotting you and Ekta forever now.

If they had decided last week, why were you on twitter slandering him?

This is Kanganas way of getting lublicity

i see Bournvita ppl crying, shame on such insecure ppl. LOVE kangana from Dubai.

I see stalker and harasser crying shame on such liars and stalkers. Love Hrithik from UK
Post pv

Bournvita people crying was EPIC HAHAHA ... absolutely the coward could not even compete with Rajkummar and her. He is just trying to gain sympathy. Good going Kangu

Stalker pyscho is crying lamo. Savage. Stalker cant promote a film without talking about her obsession and negativity. She is just playing a woman card. Go Hrithik.
Be fair to post

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