Kangana Ranaut releases a video on alleged Bengal violence; Asks the government to take strict action

Actress Kangana Ranaut expressed displeasure after the news of violence from West Bengal is being reported.
Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut releases a video on alleged Bengal violence; Asks the government to take strict action
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A day after the result of the West Bengal assembly elections was declared, reports of violence from various parts of the state started surfacing. Media reports claim that four people were allegedly killed in a clash between the TMC and the BJP in the Purba Bardhaman district. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has also sought a report from the Bengal Government over reports of post-poll violence in the state. Reacting to the violence, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut expressed her disappointment and asked the government to take strict action against the culprit. 

Kangana has released a video on her official Instagram handle. In the video, she is heard criticising the state government and political leaders for letting this violence happen in West Bengal. She has even asked people not to be scared of such people as they will not run the country. The actress also said that it is disheartening to see innocent people being killed in this violence. She captioned the video as, "Distressed, beyond words, death of democracy important message for our government #BengalBurning #bengalviolence."

According to the media reports, police have detained 23 people in connection and central forces have been deployed in the affected area.  

Take a look at the screenshot here:

Meanwhile, the actress' Twitter account has been suspended. She had shared a picture of a rape victim. It was criticised by netizens. Earlier, she had also tweeted against West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. The Queen actress always grabs headlines for her speech. She is trending on Twitter currently.  

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Anonymous 1 week ago

She is sad that democracy is Lost in Bengal . Where was she when so much worse is happening in u. P and when no democracy seems to be present in whole country. When daily we are loosing someone close but she is busy in eating shit of so called primeminister Modi.

Anonymous 1 week ago

What incident

Anonymous 1 week ago

Wow, her forehead is becoming like Sonakshi. Lol

Anonymous 1 week ago

Cry baby !! Go call modi and cry on his shoulder or call your sugar daddy!!

Anonymous 1 week ago

Abey So Ja.. aur Hrithik Kay Sapne Dekh

Anonymous 1 week ago

She seemed to have had trouble sleeping ... Being an advocate for; Health, Diet, Politics and Farming (Planting Trees). She since has had her TWITTER ACCOUNT SUSPENDED, getting the much needed rest she may require ... LOL!