Kangana Ranaut responds to Hrithik Roshan's clarification with these 9 QUESTIONS

After Hrithik Roshan's Facebook post where he said he had never met Kangana one on one, Kangana has shot back at him by seeking answers to nine pertinent questions.
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The Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan saga is out in the open again after Hrithik Roshan filed a fresh complaint in April 2017 against the actress. On October 5, Hrithik Roshan finally broke his silence and addressed the controversy involving him and Kangana Ranaut in a lengthy and detailed Facebook post. However, even before his statement, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel had been lashing out at Hrithik Roshan on Twitter the entire day. She wrote, "This is the best you can do to save your face? Revive same old stalking, sexually harassing baseless complaint? Kangana was in school when your first film came. If not in the industry she would have called you her uncle...Young beautiful talented rich girl like Kangana doesn't need to stalk an uncle like you, u were after her she was never after you. And still you are going after her to malign her even though you have nothing to say. Everyone can tell who is the stalker here, forget about Kangana she has movd on and stalker uncle please focus on your children and wife Tnx."

After Hrithik Roshan's Facebook post where he said he had never met Kangana one on one, Kangana has shot back at him by seeking answers to 9 pertinent questions, which allegedly Hrithik has been avoiding. Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee gave out a detailed statement, laying down the questions, answers to which are sought by Kangana. Siddiquee's statement says, "My client categorically seeks answers to the below questions which have remained unanswered since very long. Instead of coming out clean and answering the below questions Mr. Hrithik Roshan is only using diversionary tactics." 

Here are the 9 questions raised by Kangana Ranaut's lawyer:

1. Mr. Hrithik Roshan very well knew that my client’s emails were hacked since May 2014 and he was personally accused of the criminal act of hacking her email accounts. Under these circumstances why did he take any risk of slyly receiving, collecting and saving thousands of unverified emails on his personal email id from a hacked account, despite the fact the charges of hacking were made against him personally since May 2014, and not as an afterthought?"

2. Mr. Hrithik Roshan as a married man and father of two young children should have been shocked and should have immediately spoken to my client or her sister or other family members and complained about the emails being received by him. Why did he fail to take the right step and instead kept meticulously collecting these unverified and fabricated emails from a hacked account, instead of deleting them forthwith and reprimanding my client with full authority, if he had actually no guilt and had committed absolutely no wrong?  

3. When my client was lending full co-operation and was willing to be a part of the Criminal Complaint then Mr. Hrithik Roshan had no good reason to lie to the Police or cause delay in filing a FIR against an imposter, then on what grounds did he lie to the Police and only file an informal complaint instead of a FIR against an imposter, and that too without knowledge of  my client, who was a concerned and interested party?

4. Why was it so important for Mr. Hrithik Roshan to wait for about 7 months and first collect thousand of all sorts of beneficial emails from a hacked account, and only thereafter pursue an “informal Police complaint”? What was the aim and intent behind this act?

5. Why did Mr. Hrithik Roshan only after receiving a strong reply notice, then seek to formally lodge a FIR after about 2 years against an imposter, and is now miserably trying to look for an imposter despite full knowledge that there never was any imposter in the first place and had there been any imposter as alleged by Mr. Hrithik Roshan, then the said imposter would have already done serious damage to the material data which was collected by the said imposter through emails?

6. Why is Mr. Hrithik Roshan so desperately seeking to rely on a private and favorable forensic report which he has personally paid for? 

7. My client and Mr. Hrithik Roshan share the same family Doctor since many years and Mr. Hrithik Roshan knows fully well that my client does not suffer from any kind of mental ailments or syndromes whatsoever, then on what grounds did he circulate an unreliable and fabricated email to the media? What was the aim and object behind it? 

8. Besides my client states that no person would have under any circumstances circulated or shown to any third party (be it media or otherwise), any private pictures which were communicated by my client to Mr. Hrithik Roshan during a relationship. Then on what grounds and on whose advice did he seek to openly outrage the modesty of my client?

9. My client demands to know that except for unreliable, fabricated and unverified emails which Mr. Hrithik Roshan is relying upon (and has never shown to my client till date), is there any other act of stalking that has been indulged in on the part of my client. If no then on what grounds is Mr. Hrithik Roshan claiming to be stalked by my client?

It remains to be seen if Hrithik Roshan replies to these nine questions posed to him by Kangana Ranaut.

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The writings on leaked emails is not similar to the way Kangana speaks. You don't need forensic degree to see that.Even a kid can see that. She must have shared her frustration about other actors to him , he added masala to those encounters and published them in the emails. I compared Hritik roshan body language in the interview with rajeev masand's and priety zinta interview. He doesn't take long pauses , but in these new/latest interviews where he talks about kangana he seems like he is lying. All the non-verbal cue like eye blinking, and his usual personality quirks are not showing through . His body language is rejecting what he is saying . The reason that he is avoiding aap kee adaalat or rajeev massand , anupama chopra or barkha is that he knows they will cross question him like true journalists. I don't buy his side of story. He is clearly hiding alot of stuff like Harvey weinstein did all these years. Its hard to fool public. He is trying to build media perception.

Hirthik at fault - he was a married man - why did he have an affair especially he is married to his long time sweet heart girl Suzanne. As for Kangana she knew he was married why did she have a relationship with him. As for all the e-mails I dont think there is anyone but Hirthik himself that is my opinion after reading all the controversey

From the above questions it seems that very soon it will be declared that Imposter 1 wrote to Kangana and Imposter 2 wrote to Hrithik. The question is will Rangoli claim that her Twitter handle was hacked too?

Still waiting for proof from Kangana's end. If there is no proof, its game over.

in the interview a very important point was made one of the emails had a selfie of kangana how can anyone else take a selfie it proves she herself was sending emails

Both KR and HR are at fault. And the tragedy is that both are one of the greatest actors in Bollywood, but destroying their career. This man HR was such a promising career ahead which he completely destroyed with the issues in this personal life. I remember the craze for him when KNPH was released. He was the only actor that time who was threat to Khans, Kumars etc etc. And KR is no saint. She used Aditya Pancholi to get a foot in Bollywood etc etc. I don't believe in anyone of them. They both are at fault . Only one i felt for is the Kids . Poor souls !!

Kangana Auntie - go to see a psychiatrist. if HR is like your uncle than you shouldn't have dated. seems like k Auntie from her early days either liked too old or too young man - so she feels frustrated that so-called perfect man is not giving her importance. Another Parveen bobby in making - Go away Kangana Auntie, we are having enough of your drama. PV, please post!

She plays a minor card when asked about Aditya which is not true her life depends on lies

I have only one question why did Hrithik react to silly ex comment when there was no imposter

Yeah right according to Hrithik in the day

Truly silly ex

i definitely believe Kangana. Nothing Hrithik says or does makes any sense. if you are just a blind fan of his, and want to believe him nonetheless, good for u! there are several delusioned people out there...

Why do you believe her??. Did she produce any proof of relationship rather than asking 9questions?. Just ridiculous how people are blindly supporting her even though she does not have proof . If India brings in the rule that rapist should be killed then innocent men will be killed because of nasty women like her who play the woman and victim card.

If she stops all of this she can still save her image. Because at the end of the day if someone acts well, people will still like their films. She's talented but her interviews are very weird lately. Who even cares at this point?

I support Hrithik

Ask one more question and make it ten :-)

Never been fan of hrithik in fact I always liked Kangana from her debut gangster she was awesome in that
. But this saga shows she is either delusional or lying. He been following this story since it broke out to media. Felt the media was always one sided just because one of them is woman. And she played the woman card pretty bad. As a feminist, and woman I know being feminist does not mean male bashing it's about equality. Hrithik has produced all the evidences but kangana has not produced single evidence. The whole reason it started out coz she claimed he is her ex. He slapped with legal notice for his and his family's better interests. Both sisters started with a lie and to cover up their lie they are coming up with more lies. That's the story of it. As I see it. Paris engagement, fabricated photos and what more. Lost respect for her. Being bad ass to bad people is good when you are good but when you are evil and bad ass it's scary. I pity hrithik and his family. I hope they will forget and forgive this bad chapter of their life.

Karma needs to deal with her really fast before she goes any further with her utter lies

It's like he said, she said,blah blah blah .....

I still believe Kangana's side of the story only because I haven't seen the imposter

You also haven't seen any sort of correspondence with Kangana from Hrithik's side. You haven't seen the engagement ring, surely Kangana should still have it, or at least have a picture of it. So yea...

I think Kangana should get merried and settle down

I think Kangana is taking advantage of hrithink decency. She know she has nothing to lose, we all know she peaked with Queen movie. Now she want attention from successful and powerful man and she knows Hrithink can be a good target. I bet she would not even talk to friends had it been salman khan about the affaur. Wellu will literally destroy her. I feel sorry for Hrithik as similar incident also happened to me. #withHrithik.

I genuinely feel Kangana ranuat is taking advantage of Hrithik's decency. If it were Salman khan, i bet Kangana would not even dare to talk to her friends let alone media. Desparate women is more dangerous than hungry lion. I feel sorry for Hrithik as same incident also happened to me just like one where a woman trying to cling on person knowing they have nothing to lose.

Just stop it Kangana you've been exposed big time. If you need to protect the last bit of your so called modesty please keep quiet from now on and tell that crazy Rangoli to do so too

Kangana u are not a small girl u have a mental health problem go to the doctor i support HRITHIK R

kangana aunty we want solid proof

Stupidity at it's best. I feel sorry Hrithik got caught in this psychotic woman's claws.

I just like the fact, suzanne and HR are spending quality time together with their kids, at the end family is important

one thing is proven for sure that hrithik has a huge male ego.His pr ws continuously trying to malign KR since last year and though she is no saint,Hrithik can stop portraying the holier than thou never cheating husband.He also clashed with SRK with that gigantic ego of his but after his film flopped he was buttering him up again since he knows he literally has no worth in front of SRK.Also why react to the silly ex comment if you never dated kangana?

I'm sure Hrithik has a big ago. But that's not a crime. Kangana OTOH is a pure psychopath. She's always pointing fingers & making nasty comments about her colleagues. Notorious for her affairs and going after married men. Someone needed to take her on. Glad Hrithik had the guts.

Kangana's LiES damn her:
Aug 2014 emails Kangana says "is our love real or phantasy. is it a imaginary person I talk to via mail. someday when i meet you will say you never received anything, dont know me, love me. what will i do then"
She NEVER dated him, never physically met him alone and only had a fake phantashy relationship through email.

Feels a bit like one of those India serials,, where the story seems to be dying and then survives another death just to bore the audience further. Bet in a few months the Hrithik- Kangana or Kangana - Hrithik drama will be the plot of some tv serial.

Guys....oK for one sec....let me look at it from a neutral standpoint.I read the above article 2 times. Then Somehow I feel that Kangana is trying just too hard to make her point valid. The above mentioned points are not her questions, but rather her lawyers. Lol. Cant you make it out. Hrithik has made a Facebook point after so much of rubbish talk from the sisters(Now my neutral angle is gone).When was he stalking her. It was she who was stalking him in every interview trying to gain popularity. He was silent all the while. Spoke just once and that too in a very dignified way, poor guy was accused even for that. So what a man should do in those circumstances. Are the sisters behaving decent at any point of time.

Hrithik was with suzanne for 17 long years, had kids totally family oriented. Things gone wrong between them. He was silent even then. Always shown dignity.

Now coming to Ms Kangana. She from day 1 didnt display any dignity in her relationships. In which relationship she came out clean tell me. Be it anyone starting from aditya, they were all controversial. Always playing the victim card. The language both the sisters use is beyond the dignity of anyone.

And now these 9 stupid points...LOLLLLLLLLL

Pv plz post. most of my posts are not being posted.

7 years of relationship and not a single piece of pics,evidence to support that.

I still don't understand what the point of the entire fight/discussion/legal battle is?
Okay so probably they had an affair, like the rest of the bollywood does, she called him her silly ex, and then we were bombarded with leaked e-mails and pictures, then she goes around talking about this matter in every other interview of hers..WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS??? Is she fighting a battle for the rest of the women out there? I DO NOT GET THE POINT OF THE WHOLE CIRCUS!

The point is TRUTH. Hrithik claims to had absolutely nothing with her, while she claims to have had an affair. It's not the first time she has claimed that, she did it to Ajay Devgn too, when he was happily married and with kids without a whiff of an affair.

Kangana can come across as a very measured and intelligent person. So the fact that she has no solid argument other than constantly putting Hrithik on the defensive tells a lot about the emptiness of her claim. Btw what is she even fighting for? A right to call him her "silly ex"? Is that worth fighting for? Is he that important that she's so desperate to prove that she had an affair with him. Most people would go to lengths to hide an affair when there really is one and there is this woman trying hard to prove that she had an affair. What even? Seriously there's something so wrong here. Hrithik has no choice but to retalitate this cray cray woman. Hope she gets the help she desperately needs.

Kangana’s enrire argument and approach is childish , classless and baseless. It’s like a 8 year old presenting a logic. In this time and age why will a hot man go to this length to hide an affair. If anything it only proves his desirableness. I don’t think he is lying for the image. In this age and time why is anyone getting a divorce a proof of their character or makes them evil ? Talk some sense and logic. Kangana should stop talking irrelevant things. If she is wronged she should seek for justice from justices system. It’s a tacky drama to go to sap ki adalat and stuff.

I think Kangana's story is more credible than Hrithik's. But I'm getting tired of all this. Unfortunately, Kangana and Rangoli are too aggressive and that's going to hurt them. Rangoli is actually doing more damage to this case than anyone else.

Where is the proof? One single photo of them together? One single email from Hrithik's actual email account? One voice message, phone record, eye witness, anything? Just anything at all that makes her story credible? She has simply fabricated this story and mixed it with nepotism, feminism and other genuine issues to make it look like truth

wow, okay, throw all logic out of the window, why don't you?

Good choice of word! Yes "story" that's what it is at the end of the day: Just a story made up by Kangana's overactive fantasies. I feel sad for her but then she should've stop as soon as she realized the imposter was playing with her.

Larki mien dum hie... maan lo

Listen, when married men have affairs, they make sure they leave no trace behind. So I don't get what is so surprising that there is no evidence.

Hrithik is James Bond, he made sure every single message/call record of a long term relationship remained untraceable.
And Kangana being the naive innocent girl she is never questioned his shady antiques.

When will this war between them end? Are they crazy or what? I think Karan Johar should consider some film based on them and Alia and Ranbir in main roles.

ON all her interviews kangana keeps saying ive wanting a face to face meeting with hritik ever since all this started but iam unable to meet him..why dsnt hritik have a face to face aap ki adalat sort of session with her &confrnot her if he is not guilty as charged !!!her should confront her&falsify all her alligations ...if there is nothing to hide&give it right back on her face.

Who would like face to face with a repulsive harraser and stalker? Kangana will be getting multiple orgasms but Hrithik will be tortured.

Because she is his stalker and has been sexually harassing him for years, all she wants is his attention and to sit with him in a room. She's been taunting him in every channel , practically begging for his attention. Do not give it to her!

and the stalker was taken by him and his Dad in 2 of their own home productions! how come? makes no sense. HR is a liar and is trying his bets to save face. Alas too late


Ok so dignified Mr Hrithik roshan only secretly released all her rather private emails for public consumption, dignified Mr roshan only said he would have an affair with anyone even the pope but this woman was it of bounds just coz she spoke about an unnamed ex boyfriend, dignified Mr roshan only blamed his ex wife for his divorce, signified Mr roshan then re released the emails again in an attempt to refresh public memory and dignified Mr roshan hired the best criminal lawyer in India to defend himself from a scorned woman and only spent millions on smear PR campaigns . How dignified of you Mr hrithik roshan!!!! I can see why you have so many supporters amongst the public and celebrities now!!!! Glad you have the support of Arjun kapoor who was with a much married malaika, yami who was with a much married guy, sonakshi ... who? And Farrah khan trying to gain some mileage from this!!!

And twinkle khanna suppports him whose husband is constantly cheating on her. Hard to take hritik seriously if he did not have the common sense to google & figure out how to block a sender on Mac mail. Kangana is no saint but atleast she isn't pretending to be one like hritik

Lol. People don't delete emails. I have emails from 2009 sitting in my inbox.also doctors shouldn't be sharing patient information. So number 7 is irrelavant.

There were no romantic pictures of Hrithik in earlier affairs too be it Barbara Mori, Kareena Kapoor etc. So why is it so strange if there are no romantic pictures of him and Kangana during the course of their affairs?

This means two things : Either there was no affair or both the parties involved in it had mutual consent.

That just means he didn’t have affair with them too. Why is it do hard to believe?

she has no other evidences as well. Text messages, emails , voice recordings nothing. The kind of person she is ,she's not one to let anything slip through her fingers.

Its a big thing for a woman to say 'I slept with this married man'. She has to go through immense personal/public emabarassment, shame, guilt, societal judgement, criticism etc. At the cost of destroying one s image and maligning someone s charachter, if a woman says she was the other woman, it is a BIG thing.

But for a married man who is also a celebrity and a father, its utmost imp to save his image. He will never be seen in the same light/respect by anyone. So its logical to lie and save image.

Bollywood is a image making business. Ppl lie to save image. Thts the work PR agencies do. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE SOMEONE LYING TO DESTROY THEMSELVES.

Somewhere i feel..Kangana has a point. And about proofs- which experienced casanova will keep or let someone keep a proof in a clandestine relationship..?!...that too where hundreds of crores are at stake just for your image!!


People go to watch his movies because of his family image?

Not just a picture. Any record of a text/phone call record/email? Did anyone see you together? This is insane. But she really is a good actress if she's managed to take the charade this far. I wonder though if she believes it herself? That would mean she may not even seek the help she clearly needs.

You are not the one to ask now but the one to answer. Not 9 or 90 questions asking the same thing will prove your theory. If you hit me and I keep quite for a while to cope with it that doesn’t mean you didn’t hit me or I enjoyed it. He said he had no private one to one contact with you. You tell now when and where you hooked up. That’s the end of the story. PV please post.

Can't people see the obvious here. Look at the above language. It's typical lawyer mumbo jumbo. It has no substance and is confusing. Compare it to Hrithik's straight forward, no nonsense, statement. Initially I was supporting Kangana, I admit, largely because she's a woman and woman have been traditionally wronged. But man, it's obvious who is wronged here. Hope Hrithik wins this one, and clears his name. Kangana is a complete psycho. Who in their right might tries to desperately prove that they had an affair? really SMDH. She seems to desperately want this "affair" to be true when it's only a figment of her imagination. Her sister Rangoli's attacks on Hrithik only further prove that they really have no legit defense.

you should watch Aap ki adalat.

It's HR with the new age mumbo jumbo statement. His PR narrative has always been HR is the good guy and KR the bad woman. The difference between Kangana and HR is he's using underhanded tactics and she's coming out openly to fight for her survival. I am really seeing the how powerful The Roshans are . They have paid the media and are in full control of the narrative. Demonise Kangana and elevate HR as this noble classy dignified family man.

Are you the lawyer? You sound like him. Same style of making unfounded claims & fantastic scenarios She's fighting for survival? Haha funniest thing I read today. She makes a business out of maligning others with the loud mouth. Doesn't sound like a victim to me. More like a bully

Hrithik being a married man should take a step to stop kangana but kangana knowing hrithik is married shouldn’t stop herself? What logic is that? Both of them are culprits and kangana should learn to wash her dirty linen not in public :/

Yaar yeh bahene sach bol rahin hain

Kangana please submit your phone and laptop to the investigators , then talk

Both are hiding facts. Kangana her gadgets and Hrithik his affair.

I think this is the reason Hrithik is outraged. People blinding maligning him. This makes Kangana successful because she doesn't have any dignity to protect, Hrithik does.

She is the imposter herself

Love kangana to bits...you take this bollywood bad boy down....these hero's have been taking advantage of their heroines for decades...not anymore!!

He needs to find a proof they didn't have a fling!!

The proof is that according to the police, there were no emails to her by him in all these years and he only made like 4 phonecalls to her in 7 years. Everything was from her side.

The world is saying I went to the moon though I did not. Now how do I find proof I did not go to the moon?

Hritik needs to understand he lost respect not losing BUT lost!! He has to find the imposter!!!

The impostor is in Kangana's laptop, which she refused to turn in. While she was in the US doing a course, she created a fake email in Hrithik's name and was emailing back and forth to herself.

Kangana needs to understand that she lost respect not him. She needs to provide the proof of engagement n relationship. Its not his job to find the imposter but cyber crime. Please post

Hritik speak up or shut up!!

Kangana speak up or shut up. He has spoken.

Why is he keeping the emails? As evidence. No doctor would reveal the information of one patient to another. If Kangana is full co operating, she'd have submitted her laptop and phone.

To a private investigation organization( possibly bribed by Hritik ) ? So that evidences strengthening his side can be added to it? And a court case can be slapped in her face with doctored proofs ? Find something better to support your idolatry beliefs.

He submitted the evidence to cops. He also had a separate private investigators probably because the legal system works very slow in India and he could get so respite from media and the rabid dogs. Kangana can hire hers too to prove her hacking allegations.

A big hello to hritiks's PR you Are worth your Money!!!!!!
Amazing they Are everywhere you Know if hritik Would have Not reacted on that "silly ex " comment none of this Would have Happened and why did he react if there was no affair? Hope Pinkvilla will Upload my comment

True. That's what most celebrities do when they have an affair. Shove it under the rug. Make an arrangement with the other party unless it was a false allegation then they do and should go at all lengths to prove what's right. If Hrithik had kept quiet then and Kangana would've continued to blabber then people would've said why didn't he speak up the first time she called him "silly ex"? You see, there's no winning with this one. I feel Hrithik's outrage.

Yup could have been any ex.

No photo, No SMS, No phone record, No email, No logic, No decency No electronic evidence, No proof at all,

Yes lies lies and lies, Yes vivid imagination, Yes stalking, Yes film promotion, Yes cheap rhetoric, Yes destruction of evidence, Yes destroying relationships, Yes feeding gossip mongers, Yes arrogance, more arrogance, Yes nothing will be proven Yes before next film starts all over again.

No photo, No SMS, No phone record, No email, No logic, No decency No electronic evidence, No proof at all,

Yes lies lies and lies, Yes vivid imagination, Yes stalking, Yes film promotion, Yes cheap rhetoric, Yes destruction of evidence, Yes destroying relationships, Yes feeding gossip mongers, Yes arrogance, more arrogance, Yes nothing will be proven Yes before next film starts all over again.

classic victim blaming tactics

admittedly kangana sent nudes and explicit material to hrithik, if hrithik was indecent to outrage modesty of a women he would have leaked them and they would have been all over the internet.
Hrithik only circulated part of emails only to defend himself from future problems from this woman.

Ok if people get nude you go to police not document it!! WTF!!

Kangana PR and few feminists logic: if Hrithik wins it due to his money and family status but if kangana wins see she was right. He is a villain and a lair. By saying so you do imply that if kangana wins it will also be due to her money and family status (her rich powerful political family). Be logical at least. Dont accuse without proof like kangana.

He must be regularly receiving direct indirect approaches from women some who are attracted to him some who want to get a break in the industry. He has said from the very beginning and also in the letter published today he refrained from making it public or going to authorities because it is not considered the right thing to do to show a woman to be a cheap woman while she has been his colleague. If you need so many answers then take him to court and ask him. This is the most disgusting courtroom drama outside the court. PV please post

LIARS like Kangana have no answers. They only ask questions to distract others from their LIES.

Anyone would save the suspicious emails , especially since it was coming from a famous woman, it must have been fascinating at first. And good thing too, coz no one would have believed Hrithik's side of the story, because Kangana was so clever in little jabs, constantly referring to him indirectly in her interviews, she had even fooled me until I read the emails! Everything her lawyer says is really reaching, he knows that he is on the losing side. Kanana's lawyer better pray that she has mental issues, coz pleading insanity or mental illness is her only way out of the mess she has created. Otherwise, it only paints her as a cold, manipulative sociopath like Jodi Arias.

I know what Kangana (or for that matter almost everyone in BW) needs. A high fat diet along with their dried pieces of steamed fish/grilled chicken/salad leaves they are eating. A lack of fat in diet leads to shortage of GABA in the brain that leads to craving for all sorts of things: food, extramarital affairs, depression, anxiety, and a whole lot of stuff. Everyone should try a very high fat/ very low carb diet to calm the EFF down! Jesus!

Don't include marriage rules (which some idiot came up with at some point long time ago) with science. For millennia humans did not marry and did not have rules surrounding marriage. Try to get a little less brainwashed. PV please post

Not A single proof or evidence has been submitted by her but she is a symbol of strength... LOL

Republic channel holding good debate with no side. there are 2 panels one for kangana and other for hrithik while TIMES NOW (paid by kangana) only taking her side and no panel for hrithik. Biased media.

If she was wronged so why she didnt responded to his FIR (april 2017) but ranted on TV that too same old stuff full of lies? why she planned it all during promotions of her movie? where was her lawyer? why he didnt ask these questions ?

Submit your phone and laptop. Why arent you if you arent guilty? lol phone fell in the water and laptop got virus.

I trust Hrithik as he gives pieces of evidence and not at all afraid of his image. Kangana cried on TV get sympathy but no shreds of evidence.

7 years of relationship where is the proof? When did ajay and nicholas happen? she said she broke up with Nicholas in 2012.

If her email was hacked its not hrithik fault. She should have taken the action. Few time back my ID was hacked and is spent an entire day getting it back. i get to know the number from the id (he added to my account ) and fights with him the whole day. why can't she?

Because you are a celebrate and she is not

Only one question to Kangana. If your id is hacked why didn't u change password or complain to cyber police or get it deleted?

Bth were involved with each other mebbe kangana more than Hrithik but both were Ina n affair after Hrithik ditched her she has sought out to take revenge since the affair was always meant to be hidden from prying eyes that's were emails were exchanged and they never behaved as couples in public that's wat is also written in the email that we are not a regular couple but they corresponded thru emails and dint meet up that frequently and deliberately no pic of theirs as proof since they both were guarded in the affair

Stupid client stupid lawyer

If Kanganas email is hacked is it not on her to complain to police? How is it Hrithik's responsibility that he should block her? If someone else sent those emails how they get hold of Kangana intimate pictures? How they know what she does everyday? After Hrithik told he never sent email to her is it not on her to complain about imposter? They are burning because Hrithik has these emails as evidence. If not for these emails people like me would have believed Kangana story. Glad Hrithik didn't delete them. Glad he exposed those emails and showed her true colors

provide the proof of engagement and relationship please.

There is something fishy about this entire mess. I don't think either of them is dudh ka dhula hua. If Hrithik received this emails, he should have lodged a complaint way earlier or reprimanded KR over phone/ meeting. If KR was really engaged, she she should've produced some photo evidence to the police. Methinks they did have an affair but KR has blown that out of proportions.

How does it become Hrithik's responsibility if Kangana id is hacked? He doesn't give a damn. Why she didn't complain then if her own id is hacked?

Oh,He is saying if Hirthik was getting emails he should complain about it before,why he waited for so long.

silly ex is happy to answer all these questions but Kangana runs away everytime she sees him. Oh wait, it's the other way around!

lool, clueless and vision-less lawyer and his client

Once again to HR I know he is reading PV day night: Kangna has nothing to loose and you lost whatever you managed to gain. Even if you win this case (with teh help of your money and family status) you have lost all the respect you once gained solely because of your looks (Indians are crazy about looks) People will only remember you for this silly CASE.

Hr has nothing to lose. He already wins people heart with his response. If he wins it will coz he is saying the truth not coz of his money or family status. If kangana wins i can too say it will coz of her money and family status. She has lost all the respect and disgrace all women. People will only remember you as a STALKER.
pv please post it.

Of course he doesn't he has no respect for wife and lost for his kids.

Who are you to say this? He doesn't need to show it to u. Kangana has no respect for herself , her parents and the unborn kid nor for any women.

Kangana and her lawyer are mad. Why is the lawyer asking questions, he is not a judge. He is supposed to provide evidence for what Kangana initially said. Instead of providing evidence, Kangana, Rangoli and their lawyer keep coming up with more bull crap

Hrithik pls ignore her...kangana doesn't deserve your attetion...she is mentally ill no point provoking and arguing with her...I hope she get the medical help and live peacefully....

kangana is paying media to speak against hrithik. Times now manipulating the poll results and only speaking in her favour without proof.

LOL the same lawyer who said i DONT know about this case 4 days back when hrithik complaint came in public domain. Later he said my client NEVER took hrithik name at any event or platform, (times now/cnn18) when video proof are there she did. He went on saying she never call him Silly ex while video proof is there that she did. Look at the question:"rumours rife that hrithik has kick u out of Aashiqui 3 " to which she responded and then media flooded with news that she call Hrihtik her silly ex. Lastly the same lawyer claimed that the case is closed and we win but Police said recently that case is still ON. Now he is saying investigations are still on.
this lawyer needs to do some homework. He is looting money from Kangana
Pinkvilla post this one its important truth.


What a dump lawyer he is! instead of answering valid questions is putting out stupid questions.

All 9 questions are asking one thing 1) Why he calculated emails and never ever reported it. Answer:- Hrthick was enjoying it and showing it to his male friends, as most men do. He didn't want to harm a psychopath either or become a fodder for media so he stayed quiet. Instead of asking questions, come up with a proof lady. Seven years of affair and no pics, witnesses??

So she is not denying those mails. Proves she wrote them.

PINKVILLA atleast from now on please post sensible comments.Even a teenager living in today's day and age can tell all this is fabricated by roshans to malign a lady's name and career. Thank you

.Even a teenager living in today's day and age can tell all this is fabricated by Kangana to malign a Roshan 's name and career. She is a stalker. Pv please post this truth

Even a child can see that kangana is lying and fabricated by her to malign Roshans name and career. post it plz

Rithik needs to accepted that doing everything he won a #BigZERO n He is the one who sent notice, So, he should prove everything but fails hardly. Someone sent him 3000 disturbing text n he didn't reply also won't block that person. WHAT A BIZARRE CARD HE IS PLAYING.


Kangana needs to understand that she is losing respect and won a BIG ZERO. She is the one who starts this . So she should prove everything but fails badly. Someone hack her mail and stalking her but she didnt complains ? What a lie. she is playing a woman and victim card. All she and her sis is doing is ranting on TV but no proof. Waht about her relationship with nicholas which ended in 2012 so how she can date hrihtik?

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