Kangana Ranaut is a ‘rockstar’: Anupam Kher comes out in support of Manikarnika actress

Anupam Kher came out in support of Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut and called her a ‘Rockstar’. Read on!
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Right from the word go, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi has been mired in a lot of controversies; it all started with Krish leaving the film mid-way to Sonu Sood walking out of the film. Although the film has released, but looks like Kangana’s war is not over yet. Soon after the release of the film, Kangana Ranaut, in a media interaction, lashed out at Bollywood for ganging up against her and called out Alia Bhatt for being Karan Johar’s puppet. Now amidst all the controversies, today, veteran actor Anupam Kher came out in support of Kangana Ranaut.

Yes, recently, Anupam Kher conducted #AskAnupam on his Twitter account and one of his followers asked him to tweet in support of Kangana. While the tweet read, “#AskAnupam nobody from bollywood is supporting Kagana's Mankarnika movie. Can you please tweet in her support?,” Anupam Kher was all praises for Kangana as he wrote, “#KanganaRanaut is a ROCKSTAR. She is brilliant. I applaud her courage and performances. She is also the real example of #WomenEmpowerment.:)” Well, we hope that Kangana is reading this tweet.

On Day 12, Manikarnika crossed Rs 84-crore mark at the box office and trade pundits are hoping that the film will cross the Rs 100-crore mark soon. Manikarnika was helmed on a big budget of Rs 125 crore, and as the name suggests, the film is based on the life of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and her war against the British East India Company, during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Talking about Anupam Kher, his latest release was The Accidental Prime Minister, directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte and written by Mayank Tewari.

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Its interesting that a director's years of hard work on that film is dismissed so easily but KR madam is a poor thing after ruining Sonu Sood time and effort and I am sure many other actors. The industry should not support KR to the level she can ruin a director like Kris, that is worse then nepotism. She is wielding her power isn't that abuse of power

Interesting that KR has to get her PR machine working to get people to compliment her. Just saw the video of Kangana 'speaking'. What a vicious and vituperative outburst. Both horribly ugly and terribly sad to watch. Kangana needs to acknowledge the fact that her movie isn't good enough to draw large audiences. The only person to blame is herself (as main actor/director). She needs to stop her desparate spewing of venom at people she randomly picks to blame for the movie's failure. She is no rising rockstar but a crashing and malicious meterorite.

She is undoubtedly the finest actress in Bollywood. But this mud slinging attitude that comes out of being outspoken is getting way too much. Playing the victim card, woman card, director card is getting bit too much. Despite offering apology in public for anything not done, Alia has to hear even more. There is a tolerance point for everything. After all, every field has its own grey shades.

As much as I admire Kangana for being forthright, she sometimes lets her mouth get the better of herself..btw the movie is doing well in other countries as well as in India, plz give credit where it’s due!

i agree with the thumps up and down thing, been commenting about it as well

Kangana is a good actress no doubts. But she has no control of what comes out of her mouth. She is right at times but she is also full of herself a lot of times. However I have recently started getting feelers that BJP will support Kangy with all the chats she has with Sadguru or building temples. I don’t mind that at all but my concern is if that is the ONLY reason for BJP’s support to her becoz she is being a Hindu a little too much. It’s definitely not gud for the country. In any other case bring on the women empowerment we need it.

What is he supporting? That she has strong armed her way thru the entire movie by cheating, stealing and now that the movie is out she wants to force the Bollywood community to fall at her feet, while she calls the Rani a chachi and bullies other actors with personal attacks, including calling Alia worthless?

They will muddle the numbers up and go on calling it a superhit. Doesn’t change the reality that it didn’t recover the making cost at the box office.

Manikarnika is a roaring success. I mean people who quote wrong budgets from wikipedia should know only the production house knows the real budget. The film is already the third highest grossing women led film, the highest grossing female director movie:)

It helps to stay positive. Female director !!! More like Daylight robbery of credits. We will see when someone is ready to invest in her next filmmaking venture.

Kangana is scaring the living day lights out of corrupt Bollywood, the breeding ground of Nepotism which has made Indian films laughing stock of the world. She will drain the swamp. The blood letting has begun.

she will "drain the swamp?" the clown that made those claims originally has does the exact opposite. hopefully kangana will aim higher. may her on-screen dramas start to outweigh the off-screen pr-shenanigans.

Kangana is super talented/beautiful and multiple national awards winner at a very early stage of her career.

Bollywood has a lot of Politics and Kangana may be you should play the Politics work with Amir Khan he makes good story movies.Some times just being talented is not enough you have to work with people who are well established. I am not saying work with Karan Johar but you can work with Amir Khan with him in Movies, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Akshay Kumar etc .

Oppositions are burning, with their negative comments. Good work by KR and team on a super woman (Jhansi). <3ed.

She is narcissistic like Trump.

Good film

Looks like anupam is guilty of something. That's he is jumped to defensive. He knows very well she is a toxic psycho & might expose him. Mahadarpok

85.80 india market and 22 cr international market ... takes the total to 108 , source Taran Adarsh Instagram page

Still itnis a flop by business standards.

The smiley at the end of the sentence says it all. He was answering a question put to him.

wait till she hit back on him for replying late as the film is already a flop. celebrating success parties is not a success. BO is telling other story. the film is flop and we are not surprise of it.:-) :-)

Plz what is wrong with this man? Such foolish ppl exist. Looks like he is not sane.I think he is drunk

She’s so talented

How can earnings of Rs 90 crore for a Rs. 125 crore investment make this a surplus/hit as it is being touted?

Hritik now you are sounding repetitive . please go and work.


The budget is 105cr and it is still in theaters.

The budget was ca 130 crores BEFORE reshoots. In order to be called a hit it would have to earn ca 170. 200 would mark a superhit/blockbuster.

International market earning is 22 cr ... Taran Adarsh Instagram page

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