Kangana Ranaut’s sis Rangoli WARNS troll backing Hrithik Roshan: Shut your mouth otherwise will rip you apart

Kangana Ranaut’s sister RangolI Chandel shared a photo with Hrithik Roshan last evening and caused a stir on social media. A fan commented on the same calling Hrithik a legend and Rangoli had a befitting reply for him. Check it out.
Kangana Ranaut’s sis Rangoli WARNS troll backing Hrithik Roshan: Shut your mouth otherwise will rip you apart
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Among the most infamous fights in Bollywood from the past, the one between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut back in the days was quite public. While Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel have always openly spoken about their association with Hrithik, the Super 30 actor has maintained a stoic silence in the matter. A day back, Kangana sister and manager, Rangoli caused a stir by sharing a photo with Hrithik from back in the days and mentioned that back in the days, he wanted to stay in good books of the Panga star.

Rangoli wrote, “Yeh dekho Pappu ji, sara din mujhe impress karne mein laga rehta tha taki meri bahen ki good books mein aa jaye, aur aaj kehta hai hum aapke hain kaun.” However, post this, several fans of the War actor took to the comments and tried to troll Kangana and Rangoli for her comments about Hrithik. But, being the bold and fearless person, Rangoli had a befitting reply for all of them. A troll tried to back Hrithik in his comment and Kangana’s sister warned him for his comment.

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The troll wrote, “She will now Spoil Kangana's Reputation for sure by playing Victim cards. Plus Girl...@iHrithik is a Legend.Didnt work with you sister. Now get over it. She isnt even concerned anymore, nor he is. Stop using hrithiks name now. Rather show your skills, do something good.” To this, a fan of Kangana tried to defend the Manikarnika actress and Rangoli replied on the same to give a befitting reply to the troll. Rangoli mentioned that Kangana didn’t establish herself in Bollywood with her father’s help and has won all battles of her life on her own. Later, Rangoli warned the troll about ‘ripping him apart’ if he didn’t keep mum. She wrote, “Kangana has fought many battles, demons in the under belly of Bollywood,my acid attack, harassment and court cases after her huge success, she dealt with all with utmost dignity but every day these bots calling my sister names and trying to paint a lie as a truth.(Contd)... we are not here kisi ke baap ke paise pe, shut your mouth otherwise will rip you apart phir mat rona !!”

Check out Rangoli Chandel’s tweets:

While the story about Hrithik and Kangana has fans split in two sides, the sudden sharing of the photo by Rangoli surely has stirred many people on social media. Meanwhile, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Kangana headed to Manali to spend some time with her family. Rangoli had shared happy photos of Prithvi Raj and Kangana’s meeting and they went viral on social media. On the work front, Kangana will be seen next in Thalaivi with Arvind Swami. It is a biopic based on J Jayalalithaa and is slated to hit the screens on June 26, 2020. 


No wonder her parents threw her out of the house. Such a pest

LOL kya chandaal aurat hai. Kangana ki career yehi barbaad karegi. Aur koi nahi. Waise Kangana didn't make it through her political father but Rangoli who did you make it through?

Good she warned and hit back despite the unnecessary vile meant to intimidate women and back them off - this harvey weinstein type strategy wont work

no man or woman is safe from these psycho sisters

She is female harvey bullying those exposing and standing up to her harassment .

Seriously, I mean a bot is bullying and shaming her sister, what should she do? And why are people justifying an unknown bot? If they think she is wrong, ignore but whats this she deserved acid attack? No wonder wives, daughters and sisters of bollywood men are so miserable

She did great by slamming the paid bot for shaming her sister. Why are jaadu fans hysterical? PV pl post

I like Kangana and what she stands for many a time, not a big fan of this low class bullshit rangoli gets down to always. Also she seems to have a problem with everything and everyone. If no one praises her film it’s a problem. If they praise and promote but don’t link her name to it it’s a problem. If they praise her personally in an interview or award show it’s a problem because either they are double faced or didn’t do it personally. If they praise her by sending flowers they are double faced. Basically no one can ever do any right. Classic case of narcissism . irrespective of what Others do or don’t do , she needs to get her story straight if she wants an iota of respect. This coming from a big fan!

Irony just died, roshan is not narcissistic? His whole family has suffered because of him. A big fan of roshan.

Don’t read this article and react. Go to Twitter, read her tweet and all the reactions to the tweet.
She has been ripped apart on Twitter. What a shame. The more this lady writes, the more harm she does to her sisters career. National award we all know are managed.

Nice work jaadu PR, take money from rakesh pappa and get lost

Jaadu using his fathers money for trolling, not impressed

mental hay kya was her biopic

LOL it was a reminder that those who pose as holy greek gods are actually very chalu

Rangoli Chudail needs to be sanitized. She has lost her mental balance. The only way these two sisters can get publicity is by using the Roshans name. So the now and then post on the Roshans. Don’t worry, Kanganas next film will also be a super flop.

The acid corroded her mind WAY MORE than her face. Sad.

If you are a man then shut F.... of don’t act like a bitch! Leave them alone

Rangoli looks like a dusky model, actually pretty despite the gruesome acid attack

people using abusive language . how r u different from her ?

Love how hysterical sanitized reputation minders get when a sliver of truth comes out in the form of pics. Hilarious! If you are so sure, why bother writing vile? LOL

One person showed a sliver of truth and kangoli went hysterical and vile hahahaha this pic only shows how out of league the man always was lol

True. This pic is proof of how desperate the two sisters were look at her face like a fan girl who finally got a pic with her crush. No wonder her PR bots r hysterical lol

ek laafa denge toh udd ke paatal pahunch jaayegi dhamki kisko de rahi hay gutterchap

aditya pancholi ki sadi hui girlfriend abhi tak industry mein kya kar rahi hay 12 flops dekar. kiske saath so rahi hayy bhand

Mere comments kyu nahi aa rahe aaj pehli baar toh kisi ko pinkvilla pe comment kia woh b trolling wala.. Lao mere comments. Boht mazedaar hain..

support to that acid thrower. her acid tongue must have made him do the act for sure

Language toh dekho iski.. Badtameez kahiki

These sisters are Just playing Victim card

Yes they should play graceful jaadu card

PR Chandel

These two mad sisters Kangana & Rangoli are more dangerous than Coronavirus.. Stay away from her KJo, Taapsee, Deepika, Alia & Bollywood.

After using PR against salman, kareena, tiger, kangana, srk - jaadu accusing others slyly

Mind your language, lady..

totli tu stammering ki baat mat kar hahahaha

Yes start stammering like you know who :D

Mrs. Rangoli Chandel, you need to be shut up and delete all your tweets which demean other people and didn't mind your language . Stay away from Bollywood. Kangana is an average actress and she is hit because of controversies otherwise her acting is bad. You both sisters are desperate, attention seeker poster girls of nepotism and psycho you both need psychiatrist. P. S You or any other person doesn't deserve Acid Attack.

She looks and behaves like a witch

Just like the roshans

All I hear is bow bow bow bow give me attention bow bow bow bow

Her language shows her class sadakchap

Which flop film is releasing


And shame on the so called news portals for promoting such below standard people .U know people do understand your credibility.

For ages negative(evil) people has tried hard to maling positive(GREEK GOD) people's work.But eveeyone knows what happens at the end

Yes, his whole family is going nuts

She is actually ruining their credibility and ofcourse of women(genuine) culture.

I pity the kid she gave birth to . Such a pathetic human

These two women shud die of coronavirus

budia ko phir se pagalpan ka daura aa gaya

Manners manners!!

Hrithik Pr will be like : I hug her in her imaginations ,in fact i have never met her.

if posing for selfies at public events is affair, then kangana and rangoli shud been having affairs with 10000 men at same time. Duffer

public will teach u a lesson churel

psycho alert

Love Rangoli, she hits back like a boss (a real boss girl not sasti one)

When sunaina roshan admitted KR was close to this family, she was not wrong. Roshan Pr tried the same antic in trying to prove her mad like she did with KR.Sunaina should find proofs and come out with them as she and KR used to be good friends once.

This post is by Rangu Chudel.
Yaha b pahoch gayi ye. Faaltu time bahot hai Rangu ke pass

Sunaina took treatment. While these two sick women need treatment n jail term

She has the right to shut the troll for shaming her sister. Hysterical PR armies and trolls saying rangoli deserved acid attack?? Shame on such people! No wonder zeenat aman was hurt by the same extended family.

The troll was right . But nobody deserves to be thrown acid at . Also Hrithik doesn’t deserve to be harassed since years

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