Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel celebrates 8th wedding anniversary, thanks husband for never giving up

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel recently posted photos celebrating her 8th anniversary
News,Kangana Ranaut,Rangoli ChandelKangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel celebrates 8th wedding anniversary, thanks husband for never giving up
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Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel are known for making headlines with their bold statements. The sisters speak their mind and don’t shy away from controversies. They stand for what they believe in, which is a rare quality today. Recently Rangoli was in the news for her social media posts targeting actor Hrithik Roshan. This was due to the fact that Hrithik’s upcoming film Super 30 was going to clash with her sister Kangana’s film Mental Hai Kya, opposite Rajkummar Rao.

Today, Rangoli posted photos of her family celebrating her 8th wedding anniversary. She is married to her childhood friend Ajay Chandel who is a businessman in Delhi. Many years ago, Rangoli was going to get married to a boy chosen by her parents. But things did not work out and later Rangoli fell in love with Ajay. The couple dated for four years before getting married and were blessed with an adorable baby boy named Prithvi Raj Chandel last year.

In the photos, Rangoli is wearing a bright yellow suit while Kangana looks pretty in white and pink. The caption read, “We were in school when we first met, you say you always knew I was the one for you, but I had no clue, today I thank you for never giving up on me, cheers to many many years of togetherness and 8 years of marriage. P.S Mumbai is missing you Ajay.”

We wish Rangoli and Ajay a very happy anniversary with many more years of togetherness.


Why is this Chandel on pinkvilla I don't understand?

She talks against Nepotism n puts PR article of her good for nothing sister. Is this not nepotism?

Yeh good for nothing sister. Come on she’s is defiantly paying her for rubbish she rights

Fas gaya bichara

Her name shud be Churel. Not Chandal lol

Her husband stay away from her. He knows how cheap ,classless and ugly person she is.

Keep rocking, Rangoli!
I love the way you skewer and expose the sanctimonious nepo bollywood elites. They have so much power but you have heart and guts. Us commoners with no ' upbringing' "dignity' 'class' will always support you because all of us know what's it like to be bullied and looked down on.

So now heart and guts mean humiliating others without reason or proof? Taking out your negativity, frustration and jealousy on others?

Stop fighting your men battles by empowering criminals like Kangana, fight your battles yourself with dignity.

Imagine being married to just a fugly woman. Kuch majboori hogi bichare ki

Rangoli Chandaal! Hahaha

Both sisters are a sign of lack of education, upbringing and class

Bollywood nepo elites talking points being parroted by the paid bots.

Nepo sister you are improving in your English. Good rangoli

Both sisters need to be sent to mental asylum

Rangoli rocks!! She should be awarded the best Bollywood sibling She’s bold and honest. Hats off to you Rangoli keep exposing the cheats and liars in Bollywood. We are with you!!!

Rangoli and kangana are the biggest cheaters and liars in Bollywood.

Congratulations Rangoli. Stay awesome!

Who is Rangoli? why getting a heading? Oh she is a product of nepotism! Kangana is such a hypocrite !

What has Rangoli Chudail done to feature in a pv post? Just coz she is Kanganas sister? Isnt tht nepotism? Why wld anyone who reads pv,to read about stars be remotely interested in Rangoli n her anniversary? Isnt it nepotism tht she is being featured just coz she is Kanganas sister? Do you write about Aishwarya Rais brothers anniversary? Or Sonakshi Sinhas brothers anniversary? Why all this focus n attention to Rangoli n Kangana? Are they paying you?
Pls post PV

Rangoli rocks. I’m her fan she has done a lot

Hats to of you Rangoli and to your hubby who stood by you when things got tough. People making fun of you here are not even human. And yes keep being there for Kangu when whole fake bollyood is against her for speaking the truth. Remember weak men Hate strong women and women and they just proved it with the nasty comments.

Stop it Rangoli : product of nepotism! Every one is against this fake and serial liar kangana. Dare not to play this woman card again. You are always attack women so shame on you. What have you done for women?

What have you done for women other than passing nasty comments and bringing them down?? Who are you to DARE anyone? And this is not Rangoli you fool. And please buy a dictionary to find the meaning of nepotism.

What kangana and rangoli has done for women other than attacking women and badmouthing them? Showing then as some desperate creatures and worst human. One who needs to buy a dictionary to see the meaning of nepotism is YOU.
Post this please

And stop begging asking PV to post on every post duhhh

You know what you are so stubborn to buy a dictionary for yourself, let me explain the meaning of nepotism - favoritism, partiality. Now you get it fool. Here she is just standing up against Bollywood bullies.She has done a lot for women the one who spoke about equal pay,stand up against bullies who try to intimidate actresses, she has supported her sister who if s acid attack survivor.A person who cannot frame a proper sentence is asking me to get a doc hahaha

Why doesn't she stay in Delhi staying on sister earned money nepotism at it's best why don't you earn on own despite knowing she is mentally ill this selfish folks doesn't care cheap family

She is definitely not a strong person just disgusting zhagdalu whose mouth is 24 hrs gutter. The strong person is laxhmi agarwal who is kind and brave at the same time. This nali ka kida is definitely not a strong person.

Pinkvilla, why do your up and down counters don’t work consistently and clearly?

So much hate for a women who survived an acid attack and is now is strong enough to voice her opinion without being fearless. India learn to respect the strong women of your country without bringing them down.

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GTFOH who are you to tell all of India to do what you want them to do? Surviving acid attack does not you become a raging a$& and irrational and belligerent. This same person and her family wanted to disown the famous sister until she became rich and successful. I guarantee you they would not be on her side if she is not wealthy now and still struggling. So GTFO with your superficial comment. PV please please post.

First learn English. Without fearless is fearful. She is a woman not women.

Again playing a woman card. Lol. There is a huge difference between voicing the opinion and attacking someone without proofs and using cheap language.. India do respect its women. But woman lole Rangoli should give something to respect people. She has earned the hate.
Post this please

Disgusting sister thuuuu!!!!

This uncle is as evil and as filthy as these sisters.

Pity this man.

Who is that person ? I hope he teaches some manners to this classless and cheap woman.

He must be the most unhappy person as per kangana words.


He deserves the highest award for putting up with this nali ka kidda.

Love trumps over everything ....Adorable couple...Congratz & God Blesz ...Keep up the high spirit...

He married an acid attack survivor, such men also exist

Bit he wasnt aware of her ugly nature.

Beautiful family.

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