Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel lashes out at Randeep Hooda for calling the latter a chronic victim

After Randeep Hooda hinted at Kangana Ranaut as an occasional actor and a chronic victim in his latest tweet, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel hit back at the actor and also accused him of harassing Kangana on the sets of their film Ungli.
Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel lashes out at Randeep Hooda for calling the latter a chronic victimKangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel lashes out at Randeep Hooda for calling the latter a chronic victim
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It was earlier reported that Randeep Hooda took to his Twitter to praise his Highway co-star Alia Bhatt for her performances and at the same time he hinted towards Kangana Ranaut for being an occasional actor and a chronic victim even without mentioning her. Randeep took to his Twitter to write, “Dearest @aliaa08 I’m so glad you are not letting the opinions of very occasional actors and chronic victims affect you and your work .. kudos to you for your continued efforts to outdo yourself.”

Soon Alia Bhatt also responded to his tweet with some happy emojis. But it seems like his tweets pointing out towards Kangana have not gone down well with her sister Rangoli Chandel who immediately took to her Twitter to lash out at Randeep and also accused him of harassing Kangana on the sets of their film Ungli. She wrote, “Alia baby ko bachane ko nepotism gang ki khud ki himmat nahin toh tujhko aage kiya, I know during film Ungli what u did, kitna harass kiya tune Kangana ko aur kitna bada chatukar hai tu Karan Johar ka....(contd) @RandeepHooda.”

She further went on to call him a permanent failure and said that at least people like Alia Bhattare successful because of ‘chamchagiri’ but nothing has happened for him. She wrote further saying, “(Contd).....magar phir bhi tera kuch nahin hua, at least people like Alia are successful because of chamchagiri, bhai tu to permanent failure hai @RandeepHooda.” It all started when Kangana Ranaut recently took a dig at Alia Bhatt for her performance in the film Gully Boy. She said, “I am embarrassed...What is there to beat in Gully Boy Performance ....same snappy muh phat girl... Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far...stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised."


Both sisters look like they have escaped from Agra Mental Hospital

Alia's PR team in full force here but she and Hooda have come out as idiots.

Well , the sisters have to stop being controversial all the time. It’s very bad for them. On other hand , mahesh butt family isn’t saint as well , he himself a well known womeniser, his wife who being in India wants to stay in Pakistan and daughter Alia , nepotism princess holds uk passport. Of all this ppl support her for what.

Grow up girls!

Have no clue who hooda is, not motivated to search either

Alia stop writing all the neagtive long commnets against kangana .she is rhe queen and you short below average man is jealous.Marja jaake karan johar ke sath

Randeep itni chamchagiri sahi nahi hai

These sisters have no understanding of karma!

Randeep Hooda you are my hero. My respect for you just hit the roof!!!! Thank you for standing up these monstrous sisters.

In my opinion Kangana Ranaut is like Donald Trump. Both like to constantly create controversy to stay in the news. Both are insecure and crave the limelight at any cost. Both are besharam and have no self-respect or an ounce of dignity. Both speak trash and are uneducated trash. Both like to hurl insults at others but God forbid if anyone dares to answer back they cannot take what they like to give. They are total hypocrites.

Kangana likes to talk about nepotism. But look who employed her own trash talking sister. Do you think with a mouth like Rangoli she could have been employed by anyone else.

On the acting front, let me tell you Kangana is the most overrated actress. I saw Manikarnika recently and what an insult the movie was to a great warrior like Rani Laxmibai. The movie was poorly edited, totally disjointed with none of the characters developed well enough to understand their true contribution. And if speaking with a heavy baritone and having an angry look all the time is a hallmark of good acting then please give me an Alia Bhatt any time. Kangana's acting in Manikarnika was really bad. For a person who thinks she has not received her due, all she has done in movie after movie is to act like a feminazi. She does the same kind of roles again and again. I truly believe her lashing out at Alia is symptomatic of her feeling jealous as Alia has been getting and doing a wide variety of roles and shining in each one of them to top it all.

With respect to Alia being a pet of Karan Johar or a product of nepotism. Let me tell you Kangana, the movie business just like any other business is about return on investment and Alia is a great investment that yields dividends all the time while you are a bad investment. A smart business savvy person always bets on a good investment.

With respect to Mahesh Bhatt throwing a chappal at you. My dear Kangana, practice what you preach. Why did you put up with all the abuse in your struggling days when today you question women who stay quiet??? You have done more disservice to women. Please shut up and get over your victim horse.

This is sooo Karan!

These two sisters are total trash !!! Now kangna will come out and start trash talking against hooda!! Is there any end to their mean beahviour?? she was sleeping with married men and then blaming them after affair was over !!! then she calls herself feminist !!! kanagna is soo dark inside. u can just see it through her personality. I cant watch her movies anymore. her offline persona has overpowered her present on screen !!!!!

I dont like Kangana since she is negative about everything and everyone. But quite honestly there was nothing special or great about the Gullyboy performance. It is an everyday performance in a movie that had a good screenplay.

Now how is Randeep a failure. Have you seen his performances. 100 crore movie is not only success. This only shows to tell how you measure success. Having sugar daddy to get success also shows your mentality.

Kangana needs to stop picking on Alia, it is in bad taste. If you have issues with her parents, don't attack their child. This is bullying. Kangana and her stupid sister are bullies.

Kangana needs to stop picking on Alia, it is in bad taste. If you have issues with her parents, don't attack their child. This is bullying. Kangana and her stupid sister are bullies.


Kangana n team posting comments here

After Manikarnika flopped, she has lost even remaining of her sanity.

And u made it into the industry bcoz of your loose morals

You gave 8 flops in a row and calling Randeep a failure. Atleast, he does not make digs at big stars for promoting his films like you.

She was victim hence all things unfolding now. Now she is more confident.

I agree with Hooda

Alia called Hoods Randy..Sounds right! LOL!

Randeep Hooda is someone who does not chamcha giri anyone, and to call him a failure is in very poor taste and an ignorant hateful comment against him to bring him down. But sorry my dear you only brought yourself down. He is one of the most real and talented actors out there. Once again these two sisters they will be classless no matter what comes their way. Jeez what did their parents teach them growing up!

If kangana is occasional actor then how Randeep rate himself? I liked Randeep but why taking stands for Alia. Kjo's chamcha?

MY GOD what words are they using to malign Kangana for speaking the truth, goes to show how toxic and jealous these so called civil kjo and gang are.

Shameless sisters, slandering the whole world but can't tolerate any truth about them!!!

Wonder how much Randeep was paid by Kjo to take this stand. He will be guaranteed a few movies at best..

These two are the result of Lack of education n upbringing.

These two are the result of Lack of education n proper education

PR team of nepo gang at full work here. Alia's mother and flop sister targeted Kangana during manikarnika's release. If rangoli shared an article to expose their hypocrisy, that's crass. now hire c graders to target one of the most talented and successful actors in the history of indian cinema.

Ranuat sisters are ugly, uneducated and a black spot on women as well as humanity.

Kangana and her sister are ugly inside out. That's why no one wants to be friends with them .

Psycho go to mental hospital.

Well said randeep hooda

Kangana thinks only she can take digs at others.

Kangana thinks only she can lash out at others.

Randeep is so damn right. Kangana is a seasonal and a chronic victim.

Ranaut aistera are acting like sadak chaap bhikharis

Toxic sisters

Push her button and she starts lashing out someone. This is her only mission. Like the dogs barking with their owners' order.

Flop actress. Flop person. No wonder, she keeps abusing others for publicity

38 yrs oldie Kangana shud stop hiding behind her old sister all the time

Chronic victims are back

They stole script n director credit for Manikarnika. And the film still tanked. No wonder, they hv gone full retard

Just like Alia who steals movies from more deserving actors through kjo.

Two really ugly women. In all ways.

Wow. Ladies and Gentleman. Who thinks how low these sisters can get. Put your HANDS up!!!

And there comes their victim card. Randeep was so right lol

These Ranaut girls are total trash... it is such an insult to their parents.

A flop actress who has given 8 flops in a row is calling another person a flop. Randeep is far better actor than her. Totli

She is a Bully and then minute someone puts her in place, out comes the Victim card. Waste of Oxygen.

Crazy sisters. Guess Manikarnikas lukewarm box office performance unhinged them

Lol. He didn’t even mention names. Well if the cap fits I guess. Attention seeking sisters.

Got damn Kangana get a life...you can't get success and fame on Ur own hence ur using these young actors in the name of nepotism..lol mahn

I have always hated Kangana. Though her tweet is crass I see truth in it. Read Randeep's tweet, it has Karan written all over it. Any body who analyses vocabulary foot print can confirm it

Look at the way she is talking. The only principal of these sisters is that if anyone says anything against them, he is a harasser and what not. The way they go around talking shit about people, that is all okay. Seriously, these girls are getting on my nerves each passing day.

Good on rangoli to call out chaploos chacha. Did he give favors to KJO?

This lady and her sister are overdoing it now

look at her language. n now for the next 6 months she will spread stories of harassment against Randeep Hooda. It seems that they are targeting alia and if anyone comes in support they are targeting them too. bichara randeep.

These sisters need immediate surgeries respectively to fix their ugly hearts. Jesus, who even talk like that. So downmarket.


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