Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel tweets about Sunaina Roshan; CLAIMS the Roshans ‘sedated her’

Over the last few weeks, Hrithik Roshan’s sister, Sunaina Roshan has been in the news. Now, Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel tweeted about Sunaina and mentioned that since her media interview, her phone is off and she doesn't know what to do. Read on.
Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel tweets about Sunaina Roshan; CLAIMS the Roshans ‘sedated her’Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel tweets about Sunaina Roshan; CLAIMS the Roshans ‘sedated her’
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It has been a while since Hrithik Roshan’s sister, Sunaina Roshan has been making it to the headlines due to her family. Earlier, there were reports coming in that claimed Sunaina was going through bipolar disorder. However, later, when she got to know about them, she quashed all the rumours and mentioned that she is absolutely alright but added that her family and she weren’t on the best of terms due to some issues. However, the family issues came out in the open after Kangana Ranaut’s sister and spokesperson claimed that Sunaina has been seeking support from her and the actress. 

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla a while ago, Sunaina opened up about her family issues and mentioned that she isn’t getting support from them as she was in love with a muslim guy. Now, in a tweet, Kangana’s sister, Rangoli claimed that since Sunaina’s media interaction, her phone is off and that she doesn’t know what to do to help her. Rangoli also mentioned that every time Sunaina spoke to Kangana or her, she would cry and complain about her family. Kangana’s sister also revealed that Sunaina informed her that her family would often hit her and sedate her. 

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Rangoli wrote, “For past one month Sunaina called Kangana every single day, she spoke to me and cried all the time, since she spoke to the media her phone is off, she told me her family doesn’t only hit her but sadate her as well. Feeling helpless don’t know what to do.” A while back, the Roshan family issues came out in the open post Sunaina opened about the same. Even Kangana’s sister, Rangoli tweeted details about Sunaina’s distressed calls to her about her family’s actions against her. She even mentioned that Sunaina wanted Kangana to help her, but Rangoli mentioned that her sister didn’t know what to do for her. 

In a recent chat with an entertainment portal, Sunaina’s boyfriend, Ruhail also supported her accusations against her family and mentioned that it was shocking for him to know that the family opposed their relationship due to his religion.

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Let's hope courts issue summons for Ruhail Amin too.

what is ranaut sister's problem?why they are targeting only roshans its not like kangana never dated any one before?

I’m sorry, but can’t the Roshan sue this Rangoli woman? Is there no law in India for such behavior? This such of behavior is illegal. I’m surprised that the Roshans haven’t filed a lawsuit for defamation, and false accusations. What are they waiting for. They need to take action. This has been going on for too long. Hrithik need to put an end to it ASAP! File a lawsuit against Kangana and her sister. Get a really good lawyer, maybe someone international and powerful. That the only way to get this two off his family. This is honestly unhealthy for anyone! The guy doesn’t want you, he denied the relationship. Any sensible and reasonable person would have moved on. What Kangana and her sister are hoping to gain from all this, I really don’t understand. It not like he is going to date or marry her. So what the point. Just move on and live your life. Hrithik is not the only guy you have dated (allegedly). This is so sad!

Mumbai court issued summons to Kangana and Rangoli

So the Roshans only fault is they didn't give her the ex tag. kangana, u are worthless to b HR Ex.

After calling HR and many other star kids names for being privileged Kangana wants to fight for the most privileged senseless sounding Sunaina. Of all the women in our society she found this “abala naari “ who is waiting for rescue. If there is so much happening to threaten her safety then please call police , call women’s cell. There is a whole department out there dedicated for servicing the women and children in distress . But no. Ranaut sisters never want to take help from justice system. For all the nationalist claims she makes they don’t have faith.They want justice to served to this spoilt brat of a woman through Pinkvilla. So many hypocritical stands from them that I am losing. Count. It’s idiotic for anyone to support them at the moment.PV won’t post this I know. But I will post the screenshots everywhere else.

How come the other star kid women don't behave like this? They're smart to not befriend Ranauts. And intelligent to stay away from weird journalists on Facebook with no family background but wants to compare himself to Sussanne's family! Money hungry frauds can be found in all professions, all schools, all religions, all countries. His religion is fraud, not Islam!

Paranoid Schizophrenia

These stalker are such a disgrace to humanity and womanhood. Even her fans if she has any failed to defend her obsession and lies.

If this sister truel cares about Sunaina they should had past this information to police rather than uploading on social media.

Sadly and worst upbringing if these sisters by their parents.

Roshans shud ask Sunaina to live with these two "concerned" women. Let them take care of her health and her expenses for a year.

Why a 50 year old nepokid needs Some one else to speak for her?

These two will make perfect Vamps in Ekta shows

Pinkvilla aka kr PR deleted comments in Roshans favour after posting it. Kangana has paid media too.

So many Kangana haters and fake feminist on this forum. A lady from a completely non-filmy background builds herself into a superstar, and THEN has the guts to call out the elitist brigade in Bollywood that keep power away from the masses. If she had done this when she was struggling, in reality she would have been a winger, but would have perhaps gained public sympathy. Instead, she waited until she was super successful, when she actually has so much more to loose (and HAS lost), yet still continues to stand as a voice for the masses. Guts! If any of the haters on this forum have the guts, watch her FULL interview on "sit with hit list" and not just the sensationalized statements. She is so vocal about how celebrities are individuals celebrated by society, and hence owe it to be responsible to and for society. And she definitely seems to walk her talk, without bothering to publicize all her charitable works. She has also built a Shakti temple, and is heavily involved in restoring organic forestry in several parts of the country. Yet, none of this is known about her. Instead, the statements she makes against the elitist after being pushed to the brink, only that is considered by the masses and used against her. Wake up India, especially the so-called feminists. Here is a powerful woman fighting for other women. Still, women will find reasons to demean her. So unfortunate!

A true Shakti Bhakt would fear the Godess enough not to hurt another (sickly) woman, a mother no less and especially the fact that there is a young woman whose mother and her mental state in addition to her romantic liaisons are being dragged through the mud. This is just plain sad. What is this twitter justice? If a mentally ill woman comes to you with claims of physical violence you take her to the police station and support her making a statement. You help her with emergency housing and medical care in relation to her condition. Instead Kansans is mocking her illness as a way to avenge herself. That is low. It doesn’t matter how many forests you save, how many temples you build all that counts is character and that is something Kangana and Rangoli just don’t have.

Didn't even have the patient to read your silly essay Aditya Pancholi selfmade

Being outsider does not give anyone the license to stalk, harass and abuse everyone. Learn to be a civilized human first. U are a failure on all counts

Hello kangana's PR. Stop writing essays. Stop playing a woman card.

Well said!

Kangana says she and Hrithik were in love and in relationship, Hrithik denies, it turns out now that Kangana and Hrithik’s sister Sunaina are best friends, Kangana movie is Mental and Hrithik’s sister is said to have mental illness. Can’t get more complicated than this. It is just going in circles around one person and one topic of their love.

Is this a story of love claim, denial of love claim, and revenge to cause harm. When love and promise to love is turned down it hurts, so..

Why dont these two mind their own business? Can't u promote even one film without dragging someone else down? It shows your standard and class

Just like Rangoli and her husband are living off Kangana's wealth. Same way, Sunaina n her loverboy want the same arragement Go marry but earn ur own living.

the roshans married off sunaina at 16..without even making her independent and without making sure she completed her education and now they want to suddenly stop financial support for her daughter whom they have made accustomed to a certain lifetsyle..sunaina is bound to act this way &the roshans are equally at fault.

She ran away to marry twice and came back with depression n mental issues. Despite it, her parents took care of her. That woman is bipolar and is incapable of even taking care of her own daughter.

Do some research before writing. It's sunaina fault not Roshans.

Wrongly Defaming anyone in public like this and taking advantage of ones vulnerability situations for your gain and profit is so very wrong. If someone is ill then provide channel to cure that person and not drag that person further down into pits.

Taking anyone’s liberty and independence like this is the worst thing.

What if Rangoli is true here about Sunaina being hit and sedated and locked by her family and both the sisters Rangoli and Kangana are acting Angels for Sunaina and trying to save her, and therefore took to social media and maybe it is just not to gain publicity for themselves and for their movie which might be based on these subjects.

Hi kangana PR, we all know you are devil and a serial liars

They shud sit down and make all the allegations in one day instead of cooking up new ones every few days.

People will forget in 1 day. Thats why they have weekly plan to raise the subject. They will do this until Hrithik movie release.

If what Rangoli is saying about Sunaina is true that Sunaina is being hit and sedated by her family and is kept under locks, then it shows Roshan family has poor values towards their sister. These measures towards any woman should be considered wrong and never be supported.

2.5 lakhs per month for rent is too expensive in America. And I live in an affluent neighborhood in the American capital. It makes no sense it would be the rent in India. So shady. Good they said No.

One gold digger supporting another gold digger. Glad that Roshans are ignoring both the scumbags

These two are the result of Lack of Education, Humanity and Upbringing.

I tell you what to do; stop doing this drama, stop paying your puppet Ruhail and dont poke your nose in other people's personal life.

So MHK was deliberately clash with Hrithik's movie so this obsessed stalker can talk about him.

If Sunaina's phone is switched off,then how is she texting these sisters or this guy? They contradict themselves.

Shameless Ranauts

When will these psychopath stalkers stop stalking and harassing Hrithik and his family?

Always ranting in public and attacking people. Why cant she help her in private?

Nepotist sister have some respect for another woman who has had a breakdown.

Doctor's dont sedate without the person's permission and she needs help for sure. For her sake I hope she is to get her mental health back from scheming scammers.

Cant sedate a 50 yr old without her permission so even if she is sedated she would have asked the Doctor to help her find peace from you 2 sisters.

Its a clear conspiracy, it's got nothing to do about love, religion et all. The main target is to defame Roshan s

Rangoli is desperate for some crumbs of Fame and attention dut to her sister stardom and money.

Scam Artists

The whole episode is a conspiracy of Runout sisters using a con man and to trap vulnerable, unstable person.

Sunaina's family is there to help her. You dont need to show fake sympathy and worry to grab headlines and attack the Roahans.

Lamo Helpless what to do. Haha. Nautanki aunty

I feel sorry for their mom. She gave her daughters the worst and disgusting upbringing.

Does she has a licence to interfere in other's family issues?

Liar kangana lied again. Age said I will never use anyone's personal matter for my gain. But her actions speak otherwise.

These evil souls live and breathe roshans..

This is only to harm Hrithik and his movie.

Roshans has control the matter in a good way and teting to sort out but these psycho stalkers is still milking it and only using social media to attack them. They dont want to HELP anyone but to defame Hrithik and roshans for exposing them and rejecting psycho stalker. She said I will scar you for life.

Its again a solid proof that kangana is obsessed with her Phantasy and deliberately clash her movie with Hrithik's movie so she can talk about him.

Go and take care of your family. Think another and a positive way to promote your flop movie.

Rangoli nd kangna are cheap!

Some mental film is releasing

Look at this loser's identity kangana's sister. Lol nepokid

This man is a scam by Ranuats. Proved.

The Runout sisters will be Runout one more time and every time they try to defame Hrithik Roshan.

Do nothing but stop defaming others to get attention. #cheap woman

The Runouts will be Runout one more time and everytime they try to defame hrithik Roshan.

Gold digger.

These psycho sisters are really obsessed with Greek God and the entire family.

MHK promotions.

Thus proven Hrithik was harrassed and stalked by kangana.

Hrithik was right these evil souls has stalked and harassed him.

Mind your own business kangana.

Yesterday, people said this fraud man is paid by stalker kangana to defame roshans and see today this cheap woman tweet has seal the deal.

No doubt left that this Ruhail is a part of kangana's team whom she is using to defame Hrithik and his family.

Get s life nepo sister.

Rangoli stop it. You made it public fine. Why posting and attacking someone's family all the day? Go and see a doctor

Another fake allegation by psycho

Attention seeker.

Keep your mouth shut and let her and her family deal the problem.

Lol stop acting as if you genuinely care about sunaina. We all know you are taking advantage of it.

Gosh. Why dont you guys give up meddling with others life. What if tomorrow Sunaina comes n tells the world that she was forced by these 2 sisters to go against her family. It will be like egg on their faces.

Its proven this drama is created by these psychopath stalkers.

Who the hell is she to constantly attacking people?

Shame on these psycho stalker sisters to use such situation and attack Roshans.

Proof ?

Then kangana claimed I wont use anyone's personal lives at all. liar at it again.

See this man for sure is KR Pr.

Stop poking your nose in other family matters.

Their obsession with roshan is insane.

Publisizing their problems through your twitter account is not how you show care.Stop exploiting her mental condition to get dirt on Hritik and his family only to defame them. Shame on you.

What a liar you are Kangs

Sunaina does have Bi-Polar and is under treatment. Have some shame KR.


Rangoli,pls leave the Roshans alone,mind Ur on business.

Which film of hers is releasing now

Two opportunist sister duo

Someone should sedate Rangoli first.

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