Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli supports Zaira Wasim: We should understand her inner conflicts

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter to request people to not bash Zaira Wasim for her decision to quit Bollywood. Read her tweets!
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National Award winner Zaira Wasim has been in the news ever since she announced her decision to quit Bollywood citing religious reasons. The 19-year-old actress took to her social media account to pen a note to inform all her followers that she is quitting Bollywood as it interfered with her faith and that she wasn’t truly happy with this ‘line of work’. Soon after, while a certain section of the industry has lashed out at her, some B-town celebs have supported her decision. While Raveena Tandon bashed Zaira for her regressive views, Dangal director, NItesh Tiwari, and The Sky Is Pink producer said that it is her life and she can lead it the way she wants. Veteran actor Anupam Kher said that he feels Zaira is being forced to take this decision but what remains is that Zaira has indeed quit Bollywood and it is a major setback for cinephiles because Zaira was a supremely talented actress, having enthralled the audiences in a series of films. 

And in the latest, we have Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli, who is quite active on Twitter, asking everyone to not bully the young girl and requested everyone to understand her dilemma because there is hardly anything you can do when you religion forbids you from singing and dancing. Rangoli’s tweet read, “People should stop lashing out at Zaira Wasim and try and understand her inner conflicts, what is a kid supposed to do if a religion forbids you from singing, dancing, imitating or depicting life? Rather than bullying her we must understand her dilemma...,” adding, “in Hinduism especially Bhakti is all filled with devotional songs and dances, Kathak was a dance form for temples, Mugals brought it to darbars...”. And in her last tweet, Rangoli wrote, “(contd)...we need to understand in Hinduism we need not follow any God we can form a God of our choice which is called Isht Devta which means Personal God, today’s day and age we need to personalise realigion and not follow what was established thousands years ago.”

While Zaira shot to fame with Aamir Khan starrer Dangal, she was also seen in films such as Secret Superstar and it was only a few days back that Zaira completed the shooting of, what can be called as her last Bollywood film- The Sky Is Pink co-starring Priyanka Chorpa and Farhan Akhtar and directed by Shonali Bose. 

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Is Rangoli telling Zaira to leave Islam???? Like how these Ranaut sisters speak ill about nepotism they can't say the same about Islam. We are Muslims and we are proud of that no matter how much irrelevant dances are there in Hinduism!

Rangoli is absolutely right! It's her life, stop criticizing her !

Zaira is an adult now and whatever her choice is we should respect it. And it’s a shame someone like Raveena Tandon Is bullying her to just stay in the pictures.

I wish Zaira would seek counsel from actors who practice Islam. She seems very conflicted. Maybe talking to mentors will help her make sense of her inner confusion.

Kangana's sister is given so much space without doing an iota of work. Is this not nepotism?

Less competition for Kangana. Why won’t she be happy ?

Wish she would understand her sister"s & her own inner conflicts.

Wish she would understand her sister"s & her own inner conflicts.

Rangoli is right

she poke her nose in everything !! who cares what this soo called sister thinks

Anonymous, its just like how nobody cares what you think or where you poke your nose. Always amazed at how toxic trolls go on and on about how pointless celebrities are, like the trolls themselves are anything superior. LOL!

Rangoli is beginning to sound like a scorned starlet herself.

Calm down kangana and stop being a coward...why you hiding behind you sister?!...

Alert, toxic troll at work!

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