Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli takes a sly dig at Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan in the CDR scam probe?

In the ongoing probe in Call Details Records scam, Kangana Ranaut’s name cropped up. Deputy Commissioner of Police Thane (Crime), Abhishek Trimukhe revealed that Kangana Ranaut had shared Hrithik's mobile number with lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui. Today, Kangana's sister Rangoli posted a tweet and took a dig at the Roshans.
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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s alleged relationship took an ugly turn after they sent each other legal notices. Kangana had referred to Hrithik as her ‘silly ex’ post which Hrithik sent her a legal notice and asked her to apologise. Hrithik also claimed that Kangana was in a relationship with an imposter and not him.

In the ongoing probe in Call Details Records scam, Kangana Ranaut’s name cropped up. Deputy Commissioner of Police Thane (Crime), Abhishek Trimukhe revealed that Kangana Ranaut who was embroiled in a legal battle with alleged ex-boyfriend Hrithik Roshan had shared his mobile number with lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui who was arrested by the police. “We have written to the nodal officer of the concerned mobile operator to gather more details, on this," DCP told a news channel.

“Also investigation has revealed that Kangana Ranaut had shared Hrithik Roshan's mobile number and shared it with the accused Rizwan Siddiqui in 2016, a reason for that is not known yet, the probe is on,” DCP Trimukhe told a news agency.

Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel took to her Twitter page and lashed out at the DCP saying, "When we respond to a notice, we give all details to lawyer. To assume that these details were used to violate law & make statements based on that assumption, & defame an artist is super lame @abtrimukhe . Full investigation should be carried out before making assumptions."

Rizwan Siddiqui has been released from police custody and he claimed that he was illegally arrested. Rangoli came to his support and tweeted, “news came up before the summon, HC declares Rizwan was illegally taken into custody, Rizwan declares whole fiasco is designed to target Kangana, any guesses who is the mind behind these games ? #Neptuneisnomoreroshan. #Noprizesforguessing

What’s your take on Rangoli’s tweet? Let us know in comments.

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It’s obvious the Rangoli handle is Kangana

What's going on don't understand

Everyone from Ajay, Ranbir, Hrithik, Kat to so many others shud file defamation cases against this woman. That will fix her evil mind n foul mouth

All the persons who she defamed shud file defamation cases against her. Kejriwal ki tarah yeh bhi sorry bolne lagegi.

The only roles she acts were are the Psycho ones bcoz she does not hv to act. She is one. Wonder how long she will roam around untreated

these sisters need mental help. hope rangoli gets a role in" mental hai kya "too. They done need to act, just be themselves.

High time, Hrithik files a Criminal defamation case against these two. Sharafat gaya tel lene!

Probably Roshans are behind it, probably they are not. Nobody knows. But sometimes it is not worth fighting every battle. Just let it go, even if you are right.


Doesn't she have a baby to care for? They literally are pigs enjoying a roll in the mud. These are the same people who thought having an affair with Ranbir would be good for Kangana's career. Went so far as send him privaate pictures.

roshans need to put these two cunning sister behind the bar ASAP!! everything should have a limit!!!

yes, everyone one is lying. police, lawyers, justice system, ngos, the roshans, the entire industry etc. only the ranaut sisters are speaking the truth. riiight.

exactly! and not to forget their 'arrested' lawyer:)-

Kangana 's problem is she thinks Hrithik spends all his living moments thinking of her .

She has been a running a racket along with a section of Paid media defaming n abusing every other person without proof just for publicity. And now whining when she gets similar treatment. Such hypocrites.

Hope Ajay n Ranbir expose her stalking pattern too

Cunning kangana met Modi to plot against hrithik. Proved.

Lol you people are getting carried away. Not everything is a plot against Hrithik

Lol not getting carried away. Just said what KR fans said when HR met his childhood friends. They said he is plotting against KR.

Why is this woman still not in Jail? And why is a section of media glorifying this criminal? U are only losing your own credibility as public can see thru her lies. Which is why despite entire media working in her favor, not a soul went go watch her film

She ran the ugliest promotion stunt in Bollywood history by slandering so many persons from Hrithik to Katrina to Sussanne to Deepika. Forgetting that they too hv as much dignity as she. For her own self interests, she misused women card to taint a man without proof and despite overwhelming proof against her.

She started again. Which film of hers is releasing now?

Papa ne tujh ko launch Kia re...

So what if his dad launched him? He is talented and one of the best actor of BW. He earned stardom and fans on his own. Everyone loves and idolize him. Kids , men and women. All BW young guns and legends. His father can't buy this. It's his hard work. Many father launched their kids but kids fails to become a superstar.

Tu ne hrithik ko stalk and harassed kia re

No smoke without fire.

If they indeed did not have an affair why didn’t Hrithik go the police and complain that Kangana is harassing him? Receiving thousands of emails in your junk folder and ignoring it is very odd. Likelihood is that they did have an affair and Hrithik wanted to keep it hush hush because he was a married man and was cheating on his wife. That’s why there is no “proof” of the affair because he was meticulous and made sure it didn’t get out. Kangana is not someone you can take for a ride and she blurted it out with the silly ex comment which Hrithik then escalated into a legal notice and the media had a field day. Rest is history.

Hrithik is not someone who entertains freeloaders. He exposed Angela n Sara too. He has given more than enough evidence. While all she has done is misuse his name cunningly for publicity of her films. Not that it worked. Her affair is just like my relation with Tom. Cruise. No proof. Bcoz it is all in my mind.

hey dont have an affair. Hrithik try to deal it behind the cameras by ignoring her. The best thing you do is to ignore. A sane person will get and leave it but she didn't. He was in talks with Police as he mentioned. If they had an affair so why she has NO proofs? why morphed the pic and lie about an engagement? Why did she say when she meets him she will faint? Didnt she threatened to scar him for life? her emails shows its one sided. Her statements about couple pics changes 3 times Hrithik didnt cheat his wife. His Ex wife clear thats its all allegations. She knows more than any of us. If you are trusting a woman named KR so why not trust another woman? double standards. KR is not someone you take seriously. she lied a lot. Its not about Silly ex-comment but 2 yrs of stalking and harassing. Her lawyer too lied and a criminal. Now these cheap tactics and abusive words for everyone from Hrithik to his dad to his ex to his kids to friends to bollywood and now police shows who is a culprit here.
P.S i am shocked you are still believing her lies.
it's my humble request to PV to post this important fact. Be fair to both the sides. Dont be biased please pv

She threatened to scar the person who she believed had been hacking her e-mail account and checking her e-mails. As per her, Hrithik had confronted her about something he learned from her e-mails like who else she had started dating. Who really knows what they said to each other at any of the parties they had met at. Her e-mails refer to those meetings too.

No she threaten to scar hrithik. This mail was send to his real is. Its out there to see.

I definitely believe that some of those e-mails were fabricated. She worked closely with him on two films and as per him she was totally normal then. She had already even kissed him for a film, the scene is out there for the world to see so some of the e-mails seem fishy to me.

None of them were fabricated. She admitted writing them. See the words and language of all those matches the words and language of KR/sister tweets. Kiss in a film is a normal thing. It doesn't prove an affair. Many stars kiss and shoot intimate scenes in a movie. Working closely in a movie proves an affair? strange. Means kat working closely with Srk, Alia with RK, Anu with Srk, Sara with Sushant etc who also kiss in the movie and its there for all us to see, are having an affair. Insane logic.

I meant why would she dream about kissing him for the first time in an e-mail when she already had. Some of those lovestruck mails seemed unlikely. Kanaka hasn't admitted to all of them. She said that out of the first set of leaked mails, only one paragraph was by her.

She admitted writing 4-5 of them. Not thousands of them. Get your facts straight.

She wrote 1000 of them not 4 or 5 of them. Even the no of leaked emails is 25. All of them are from her real id to hrithik real id. Gets your facts right.

Why wud she admit her crime? If she didnot write them and

Most of them probably were. For arguments sake let’s say Kangana really was after Hrithik. Is email really the best way to get someone’s attention? It’s just such a silly story cooked up by Hrithik. It woukf have been better for him to just keep quiet after the silly ex comment instead of making such a big deal and saying he is more likely to date the pope. Defensive much? Lol

Instead of preaching to Hrithik, u shud advise that woman to back off after she got no response. Who asked her to plant lies? Such a silly woman who is now engulfed into her own web of lies. Trust me, there r more proofs against her but Hrithik side is still being civil. If her past history is pulled off, she will cut a very sorry figure. She shud hv simplu apologized or blamed the media for misquoting and left him alone. Hrithik is dealing with her legally bcoz he knows he has nothing to hide or fear and he also knows she is a Obsessed Psycho which even her own sister admitted in her "unhacked" mails.

None of them are fabricated. How can one send email from other person id? Ask this to kangana why sent 3000 emails to get Attention. Would u sit queit and let a stalker do and say anything? He has a right to react to her public harassment and to go to the court. Kangana made it a big deal by making his legal notice public. She could have dealt in private till investigations were done. Defensive much?

There is no proof because Hrithik was clever enough to make sure he didn’t leave any evidence. This is not his first affair. We know about his affair with Kareena a long time ago and Barbara Mori. I’m sure there are countless others who did not speak up because of the negative media attention it would give them which is what happened with Kangana.

The only emails you see are the ones that Hrithik leaked. Obviously he will not expose his responses to the email. Everyone is bashing Kangana because she had the bravery to speak out against Hrithik on multiple platforms but atleast she did not go about it in a sly, conniving way by leaking emails to the media a la Hrithik.

I Agree with you

stop replying to ur posts

So Wat stops her from leaking the mails sent by him? Bcoz there were not any. She is not able to prove her own affair n you are making wild allegations of others - all of whom had denied media rumors long back. Breaking news. This is NOT her first stalking n slander case. She stalked n slandered Ajay Devgan too. She did same with Ranbir too. U can Google it. Last but not least, she herself was in relation with Adhayyan, Ajay n Nicholas all thru 2008-2013. So, how did HR cone suddenly in 2016? Fact is she cooked up the lie after he sent her the notice just to hide her stalking. But, God is watching. Truth will always win. PV, why are u not posting my comment??

Trust me, if they wanted, they wud hv arrested you long back. For all that u hv done. Ur lawyer got arrested for his own crimes. Dont push the patience of nice persons.

I am so impressed. I thought Kangana can only act well and self-made but no man . she has amazing script writing ability. she should write scripts and save bollywood from giving more flops.

These sis duo needs to see a doctor.

Is still there any doubt left that the affair NEVER EVER EXISTED? Kangana only dated Hrithik in her VIVID IMAGINATION like many fangirls. There are so many loopholes in her story and her interviews sound staged for movie promotions. Her lawyer turns out to be a habitual criminal who is involved in many cases, not one.

She shud be put in Bigg Boss. Along with Rakhi Sawant. Wud be interesting to see who wud be the bigger attention seeker

It is high time, Hrithik files a 100 crores Criminal defamation case against her. Until, she is send behind bars, she will not repent.

Each and every fandom of BW who is the victim of Kangana lies and PR, here and posting comments. She has not left any star and abuses them for publicity. Kat, DP, HR, Salman, Anushka, Rk, sumans, Shahid, Ajay, Anand L ri, Srk, Alia, PC, RS , Sanjay dutt, Ajay ,Aditya , KJO, means who is left?

Sonam and Swara fandoms, if they have any are with Kangana.

Sonam is not with her. Swara has no fans.

Did u wait for investigations to be over before defamingHrithik in every forum every second day? That too just to sell your films? Infact, even now, you are doing exactly the same. Practise wat you preach first! Police can share watever details they want in High profile cases.

Why would she wait until the investigations are over to give her side of the story regarding Hrithik? She knows what she went through and Hrithik is free to give his side.

So why she is asking not to speculate and wait for the investigations in this case? Police are free to say whatever they want. Hrithik knows what he went through.

Police is an investigative authority and they should be held accountable as they are speaking from a legal position, a legal capacity. When the police comes to a conclusion, the people have to respect the outcome or can appeal it. What a civilian says, on the other hand, is not to be taken as fact. Kangana and Rangoli are civilians. If you can’t see such a glaring distinction than I don’t know what to tell you.

Hrithik and family are in Goa and enjoying life by creating memories which this Kangana aunty cant digest and burning.

No he is in Goa with his wife and with friends, no children no, family, just them enjoying time together.

Look who is whining about defamation n talking to media without investigation!. Her entire publicity gimmick for her B grade films revolves around defaming others in front of media without a needle of evidence. Heights of Hypocrisy

Cnn news 18 exposed that its Kangana who is using Rangoli account. LOL

Can you share a link? I’d like to see what evidence cnn gave that it’s kanfaba using the account.

Yes, its on their Twitter official account. They posted the screenshots of Rangoli tweet when the news of KR sharing HR number with Rizwan came and then KR statement on the same issue. Both are the same statements. So they said its KR who is tweeting. You can see it. As PV doesn't allow to post links here.

Thanks for replying. I could not find the tweet but they have so many tweets it’s cumbersome to sift through it all.

Anyway Rangoli and Kangana could be giving the same statement. I still don’t understand how the media can jump to the conclusion that it’s Kangana on Rangoli’s account. It may very well be but ultimately I don’t think it makes s difference. If history tells us anything, we know Kangana says whatever she wants to so it’s not like she has to hide behind her sister to get her point across.

be brave and bold so-called queen and speak by yourself. stop hiding behind sister

Media, enough of promoting her for TRPs. Time to expose her. That will give u bigger TRPs

Roshans dignity, silence and class only shows truth stands with them. They don't need to rant on fake courts, to paid journalists, social media or blame Kangana for Police or any other person actions.

Shahid was right Kangana is a manipulative conniving politician.

When did Shahid say this?

During Rangoon promotions.

And the truth is out. Roshans were not lying but Ranauts were lying.

She is only making a joke of herself and exposing themselves more.

Since Kangana and her dirty games are out for all to see, she has gone mad and barking on social media by using her sister account. She is a coward to hide behind her sister and making people to abuse her.

Dont blame Hrithik. Blame ur own Karma. This is God giving you a taste of ur own medicines. Even God has had enough and there is more heading ur way

All her frustrated rants are nothing but a case of Sour grapes and khisyani billi khamba noche

R.I.P Feminsim

Didn't hormonal Rangoli aunty said we have moved on but HR is after her and hasnt move on? lol

Her lawyer is one shady guy. He had leaked the cctv footage of a model who was his client and already has many cheating cases against him.

Salute to Kangana and her script writing skills. She just uses the arrest of her criminal lawyer and turns in her favour to blame her PHANTASY so she can keep in news. Wow . BW need such brilliant writers. Cunning and manipulative indeed.


Neither does she provide proofs. Neither does she accept her lies. Neither does she get treated. Neither does she stop her nonsense. Am surprised that she is still not arrested yet for her own case

I think she meant KR has done this for publicity!

sometimes i wonder who is more crazy Kangana or Rangoli?

Two cases hv been filed against the same lawyer by some others n you are dragging Hrithik into it? Get a Life!


Pls use Kangana. Everybody knows she is running that account. Still cant forget her fish biryani fights and abuses

Kangana and her PR. Give her an award for playing a brilliant mind game to leak that their lawyer was arrested and paying the police to talk about in media so they can accuse ROSHANS. What a plan!
post it be fair

Ur Lawyer shud hv thought before snooping on others. Wat is the use of blaming others for your own crimes?

Haha when you got exposed all u do is to blame others for no reason.

Rizwan is a celebrity lawyer. So it's a high profile case. Media wanted to know so police shares it. If they violate the law so what roshans has to do with all this? Stop this blame game and show some dignity. It shows it's your mind behind all this game . #kangana exposed #stalker #fake feminist

They are still not over it. Roshans has no time for these stalkers nor follow their moves. But these stalkers are still after them and can't move. #fake feminists

Yes it's conviving politician KR mind so she can use it to defame roshans. How clever.

They shud blame their own actions n Karma instead of venting their frustrations on people who hv nothing to do with them. This only makes them look stupid n petty.

Taking digs , playing a woman card and crying but still not proving their allegations with proofs.

It's not roshans fault if your lawyer is involved in illegal activities. They didn't asked him to spy nawaz wife or sahil. It's not roshans fault if your lawyer lied about knowing that dectative for six months while investigations shows they are in contact from 2014. It's not roshans fault if rizwan is banned for conspiracy cases. Stop it.

Why 36 yrs old Aunty needs her sister to abuse others always?

If they had that much influence, u wud hv been arrested 2 years back. The fact that u are able to abuse them nonstop just to sell ur films for over 2 years and still get films shows that they are not like Salman Khan.

Why blame roshans for this? They have nothing to Do with it. Stop defaming roshans. They doesn't care about stalkers.

Psycho woman kangana is hiding behind her sister account.

NO WONDER Imposter group working hard to save their NAILED-FACE. If they are really man, they should stop these ugly tricks.

NO WONDER stalker group working hard to save their NAILED FACE. If they are a real woman, they should stop these ugly tricks.

Imposter group is she n her sister only.Which is why her laptop is in repair n her mobile fell into water.

They hv more enough material to put u to Jail even otherwise. Dont drag them into things of ur own making.

She has targeted Hrithik. Why hv u dragged in his father for no reason? Just to go against her?

Why blaming roshans for their criminal lawyer arrest. Investigations shows he is a culprit.

Using roshans to gain attention and publicity.

They are still stalking and harassing hrithik.

First they arrested him without notice then Duo to court order they released him. Abhishek Trimukhe talkd media by the breaking of rules & court ask for proper investigation, LOLzzz this time failed_- Seems like kangana's anti group needs to invest more money.

Ok KR PR. But your anti group doesn't have to anything. You are criminal and your lawyer is a criminal too. Stop this money thing. Btw your meeting with Modi is successful. Stop blaming roshans for police breaking the laws. Tomorrow you will blame them for terrorist attacks on the world. Get a life. Dare not to ignore the truth plz don't be biased towards hrithik

Why hv u dragged his father in ur headline when she has not named him?

Kejriwal: Modi Modi
Kangana: Hrithik Hrithik

Defamation case toko iss pagal pe. Yeh bhi sorry bolne lagegi

Rangoli in her mail: " Pura din Hrithik Hrithik karti rehti hai". Apni behen ka ilaaj karne ke alawa duniya bar ka bakwas karti rehti hai

U got legal notice. Bcoz u stalked. Police investigated against ur lawyer, bcoz he was caught snooping on Nawaz's wife n atleast 3 other persons who hv also filed case against him. Get urself treated.

The Roshans have moved on and yet you - Kangana, Rangoli - keep uttering his name to invoke this sort of "connection" so that you are somehow linked to him. Because truly, without all these drama, WHO. ARE. YOU? I say stop these dirty tricks, ladies!!

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