Kangana Ranaut on sex: When you want, just have it; don't be obsessed

Kangana Ranaut was recently a part of a panel discussion at a media summit. The actress addressed the taboo around sex and revealed that her parents are aware of her sexually active life.
Kangana Ranaut on sex: Parents should be happy with children having sex Kangana Ranaut on sex: Parents should be happy with children having sex
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Sex in India is equivalent to Voldemort in Harry Potter. Both the concepts exist but it cannot be named. Sex has been a taboo topic in India for decades now. The moment a condom advertisement appears on the screen, we can see a family member reaching out for the remote to change the channel. However, Kangana Ranaut feels it is important for parents to encourage their children to have sex. The Judgementall Hai Kya star shared her thoughts at a media summit recently. 

Kangana feels that sex is important. When one feels like having it, they should just do it. However, they shouldn't be obsessed with it. The actress also shared that children should have responsible sex. She went on to share her own story and revealed that her parents know about her sexually active life. 

"Sex is an important aspect of everyone's life. When you want sex, just have it. Don't be obsessed. There was a time when you were told to marry someone, and your emotions were directed towards that person. In history, because of invasions, people's ideas are still there, that our scriptures don't allow sex. Parents should be happy with children having sex. Children should have responsible sex. My parents were shocked when they find out I was sexually active. Parents should encourage children to have sex," she said. 




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On the work front, Kangana will be seen in Thalaivi, a biopic on former CM J Jayalalithaa's life. She will also be seen in Panga later next year. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Guruji Namaskar

shure it is ok, but dont insult and blame anywone who rejects your offers

Yes she is right

Off course yes,children are needed to know more about sex education because their family are too uncomfortable to teach this kind of knowledge

What is she on about ? She has completely lost it . Children should be allowed to be children first .

She should talk about herself ,aditya pancholi hope you listening

No no no !!!.


Yes she is absolutely correct.One should have sex as and one feelnand patently should allow them to do it in house provided girl also has No objection

I agree

Children should be thought how to do sex but not encourage them to do sex

Completely agree . Important to note is protection and monogamy

Those who agree are giving anonymous comments. This shows their double standards

Sex education must be given to children but don't encourage them to have it

Sex Education must be taught in Indian Schools. I Completely agree with Kangana. Speak Frankly after a certain age to your Children about it so that no Hidden suspence arise after.

Completely agree with Kangna Ranaut

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