Kangana Ranaut takes another dig at Alia Bhatt & her Gully Boy role; says, ‘stop pampering mediocre work’

Kangana Ranaut is among the bold and fearless actors in Bollywood who never fears to speak her mind. In a recent interview, Kangana took a fresh dig at Gully Boy star Alia Bhatt and called her performance in it as ‘mediocre.’ Read to know more.
Kangana Ranaut takes another dig at Alia Bhatt & her Gully Boy role; says, ‘stop pampering mediocre work’
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While most celebrities in Bollywood refrain from speaking their minds, there are some stars who like to express their opinions boldly and never shy away from doing so. Among them, Kangana Ranaut is one. Kangana never ever shies away from sharing her thoughts about various things related to the industry norms. Be it her opinion on the political issues or on nepotism, Kangana is downright frank and says what she thinks fearlessly. A while back, Kangana made a statement on Alia Bhatt which turned into a controversy. 

Now, once again, Kangana spoke openly about Alia and her performance as Safeena in Gully Boy. As per an interview with BollywoodLife, Kangana mentioned that she didn't think there was something extraordinary about Safeena’s role. Kangana described it as an embarrassing representation of women empowerment and acting. She stated that Alia’s role was that of the same only snappy girl who speaks what she wants and her performance was mediocre. Thus, she mentioned that there is nothing to talk about Alia’s performance.

In the interview, Kangana said, “I am embarrassed...What is there to beat in Gully Boy performance ....same snappy muh phat girl... Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far...stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised.” A while back, Kangana had urged Alia to grow some spine when Manikarnika controversy had happened and no one from Bollywood came out in Kangana’s support. 

On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut will be soon seen playing the role of a national level kabaddi player in Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s Panga which also stars Neena Gupta, Jassie Gill and Richa Chadda. Panga’s shoot has been going on from last year and recently one of the schedules wrapped up in Delhi. Now, the team is headed to Kolkata for the next shooting schedule. Panga is slated to release on January 24, 2020. 

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alia is British National and is daughter of Muslim fanatic Soni Razdan and Mehesh Bhatt who converted to get married to her. You should not watch movies of such anti national elements

Kangana’s comments are so embarrassing . Alia is young and doing her work silently. She never says anything even when Kangana has repeatedly insulted her. Alia is a very good actress and will be one of the the finest in coming days. Who cares about Kangana.... let her say garbage because that’s all she got.

Ranbir had a fling with her. So, she is jealous of Alia

"bar will never be raised" breach Kangana breach

Kangna is right alia is just irritating now .. no one can touch kangna in acting she is the best actress in industry right now ...

Alia acting : yelling, crying, copying kareena and now deepika.most overrated actress ever.

as if her acting in manikarnika was great...its not even close to good

Actual stars like Sridevi, Madhuri didn't behave like her. Her contemporaries Dp, PC are outsiders and would have their own struggles but made it. Complaining attitudes gets you nowhere. And KR, there are and were lots and lots of talented,successful actors better than you existed and exists.

all i can say just shut up

Lol what a way to insult kangana, putting this average looking man alia in the same line as hers.more insulting , comparing manikarnika, where KR did a lot of hardwork to gully boy, where alia was screaming as usual.No wonder she is pissed off at this question.

Gully boy was overrated!ranveer was the only saving grace while alia was boring, we have been seeing in the same type of roles for the past 8 years.

Kangana, your last movie is a flop..flop..flop. You can only get publicity by taking names of others. You are such a bitter person with only one quality: you can turn milk into curd by just staring at it.

So true...alia is just mediocre!

Kangana Alia has never said anything negative against you that you are behaving like this. I mean expressing your opinion is fine, but if it is at this level that is just you being immature. It’s my humble request that you grow up because you are not making yourself the best actress by putting other talented actresses down. Yeah she might be part of a film family or she might have Karan Johar but that doesn’t mean you get to constantly be disrespectful to someone who has handled your immaturity in such an amazing manner. Please grow up Kangana because pretty soon no one will want to work with you because of your attitude. Please be a little more positive instead of being arrogant constantly to people who don’t deserve it.

lol ! what alia can even say on it ! everybody knows kangana is right here

well, she is quite right. if you didnt belong to any bollywood fan club, and saw her interviews objectively- she makes a lot of sense & has no qualms about calling out people.
Most A-listers in Bollywood are mediocre actors (even in their so called best work). They are more of "celebrities" than talented, creative people. Alia and Ranbir are both extremely overrated in looks, acting, personality, charm.. and the film fraternity and media adds to their delusion and marketing.
What to do- our desh is obsessed with gore-chitte bache of rich, dynasty-type families.

Yes she’s crazy. Yes she maybe jealous. But she speaks the truth. It’s hard not to be jealous of a mediocre talented below average person who only makes it because of who their family is. I can’t wait for Alia to go away. But then there are plenty of “Alias” waiting in line to get their big break thanks to Karan Johar. Nothing will change until public demands quality in movies.

Kanagna is a good actress and picks up good movies with a good story.Yes.
Kangana is not treated fair in Bollywood -Yes.
Alia Bhatt is overrated Yes. Kjo supports her yes.
Bollywood should be fair and support good movies and talent.

So to be fair Kangana is right about a lot of things. That being said Alia is talented. Maybe she wasn’t great in fully boy but in raazi , utda Punjab she was impressive. I don’t like her promo in Kalank so far but that’s Bc I feel like the role
Is not suited for her. But Kangana is right - Bollywood always praises its own. Even Kareena Kapoor in Jan we met was nothing great but got so much praise for being a shrieking annoying character. Kareena was much better in refugee and chamelia before you call me a Kareena hater. Deepika while an outsider also gets praise for mediocrity. Her acting is wooden, she was crap in padhmatuva but people act like she’s the next Madhuri. She’s beautiful though. The last decent actress was aishwaryia. She never got enough credit. Before that everyone was great sridevi Madhuri karshmia rani pretty Manisha tabu Urmila All the 90s actresses knew how to act. Now no one does and even if they do it is average at best. Minus vidya Balkan and Kangana and priyanka who can also act

Agree with Kangana! All that Alia does is cries well in all her roles! Katrina, Priyanka, Kangana, and Deepika are ahead of the game! But Might is Right! No offense!

True Statement.

Kangana starring in "STFU". ...I wish.

Kangana, you are suffering from a severe case of narcissism. Reading your interviews is embarassing. Grow up and learn how to be humble. Or at least act humble (you CAN act, can’t you? Maybe not as well as you think).

When she praised Alia for highway and Razzi where were you fanatics! Yes GB was mediocre no offence taken. So was Ranveer, Shidhant aka Sher is the one who stood out!


To people saying Manikarnika flopped- scream it from the rooftops, sheeple, it won’t make it true!

it is not a hit because you want to believe so. It didn’t make money at the ticket window and that won’t change at all by your not acknowledging it.

Fair criticism by Kangana!

So true.

This woman is so bitter !! No one is answering her bk and she is going on and on!! If she keep on spreading so much hate , it will effect her own life. She is good actress and should focus on her craft. I see soo much darkness in her. Kangana plz get a grip before it is too late!!

Why so nagative grow up and deal with failure

Wat kangana said is so true , alia is truly overrated .Initially i liked her performances , but then i realised that her acting is so monotonous n she keeps playing the victimsed childwoman type of roles with rona dhona in d end much similar to rk who keeps on playing the confused manchild in all the movies.Even kat was different in namastey london, newyork n rajneeti .Dp has played veronica , naina , meenamma , leela , piku ,mastani which wer so diff from each other .priyanka cud beautifully play jhilmil n roma n kashibai , one cannot imagine alia playing any of these characters but all of roles cudve been played by any other actress .Alia is at this top position only bcz of kjo n yes like kangana said we shud really stop pampering n encouraging mediocre star kids .

spot on.

She is just jealous that Ranbir dumped her for Alia.

Hahah everyone agrees with her secretly but too scared of movie mafia KJO.She might be crazy this time she is right,it works because of RS only, alia has been playing the same character since her debut.she is extremly overrated, if no karan in this world, she would have done soft porn mahesh bhatt films.

No one gets the appreciation from Bollywood insiders and promotion like Alia.It is bound to hurt the talented ones who don't get promoted left right centre, even when their work is much better

Agree with Kangy. Please dont belittle her iconic performance by comparing it to 15 minute screaming fest in gully boy. And yes, after TWM series this stereotypical strong woman portrayal of alias is so boring.

so true Alia is so overrated and now over exposed, Already tired of seeing her in every big film being made, oversaturated over hyped!

We're done!

she might be annoying sometimes but what she says about alia are 100 % true, first her puppet comment, can alia do anything without karan johar? most of her films are dharma productions and those which are not, definetly have karan hand in it, be it highway, gully boy or ss rajamouli.Secondly, she is very average in looks and talent , even sara and jhanvi did far better what she did in her debut, i have a strong feeling sara will replace her.

Queen was the name of the movie..snap out!! You're overacting now, competition IS tough,get used to it

i pray Deepika's chaapak gets released this year and sweeps away all award from Kangy and definitely this overrrated Alu. Kangy was good first but now she is full of negativity.

If Deepika can't get filmfare for padmaavat then there is no chance she will get if for chapaak. Alia has over taken her.

That award was stolen from dp by the hw mafia for alia. Sorry but alia is not my idea of a star.. Recently watched that movie with ab junior and dp.....excellent movie. K calling k was another excellent movie. Her movies with nnm and ik were also very good. . Now I believe that all the bad press and all the bad reviews were orchestrated by kj and other bw insiders who wanted het to fail so that they can force her out of bw but she rallied. Now they are at it again but life has a way of coming full circle. Kj and his gang should be careful of what they sow.

Shes so right though ! Alia is over rated and doesnt have star quality..

Agreed Alia's role is none too great in GB but Kangana herself has made a career out of playing disturbed doomed women throughout her career.

No one is is hitting back....she is missing the verbal war...hence she is going on attacking! I think everyone has realized the best remedy is to ignore her.

They don't ignore her, they just don't have the guts.They will release fake news to malign her.

its true they will produce negative news

Well said kangana.Alia bhatt is very overrated , just watch kalank trailer, both she and varun have turn it into a comedy film.they are so wooden and expression, and this tiny mouse in her head thinks she is deepika padukone and her puppet master thinks he is SLB.Kalank failure will serve them well.Pv post without being biased.

U will get a big lesson soon when kalank will do so well n stop judging others while slua is rocking n pity u loser troller n remember karma hits back to judgemental people like u so get well soon

And belittling, criticizing and showing hatred and jealousy to fellow working women is real women empowerment! Right Kangs?? For GOD sake stop being so nasty...

Have to agree with kangana. This alia child is definitely overrated. Highway was Randeep's movie, Raazi was Vicky's movie and Gully boy was Ranveer's movie.Sick of KJ and his minions and no i am not kangana nor her fan ( used to like her ).

Her criticism is fair.. There is nothing wrong in what she said.. Learn to take it with a pinch of salt, nepotism bhatt.

Message to PV’s technical team. Fix bugs. The like buttons don’t work.

Kangana shud first learn acting. Just buying NAs using her political background will not make her a good actor. Her Manikarnika was a joke

Kangana is a hardworking actress. She always share her opinion. Alia is a dumb nd a puppet of Karan johar . Lol. Nepotism. I dont why everyone is loving nepotism producy over hardwoking outsider actors . Kareena. Alia .Shraddha .Sonakshi such nepotism is nothing in front of hardworking outsiders like priyanka .Katrina. Anushka. Deepika nd kangana .. Hats off to kangana. For alwys present her voice .


Hi rangoli, stop writing comments in favour of an insecure kangana.

Just because no one really talks and gives shit to kangana,she becomes furious and tries to get attention by taking a dig at others!

Exactly what I had reviewed. Alia's role was of a person who enters useless road fights (smashed bottles on Kalki, etc.), pleads to her BF, claps for his success and in the end doesnt even care about her own medical career which she supposedly fought for, and rather made it 2nd priority to standing in the crowd while her BF sings.

I saw Manikanika and desite good cast the movie was not impressive at all, mediocre like overrated KR. Who cares if u got some award from the govt. It holds no value as KR has no respect for anyone.

Praise where its fair like Razi or highway. Even Kangana praised Alia where it was due. But please dont compare Kangana's stellar acting to mediocrity.

Stealler acting hahaha. It was same and mediocre.

Kangana is right. You cant compare acts like Manikarnika to 20 minute stereotypical roles. How can anyone be a jealous of a puppet?

Watched Pataka... Sanya malhotra and Radhika were so good but no body appreciated them.. Nobody signed them.. Everyone sighed Alia she is indeed mediocre.. I appreciate Kangana saying the truth.. If you want to grow needs find more talent, give them chance raise the bar.. That's why no one of our film enters Oscar

Anyone watched I love you sonia.. Mrunal thakur is 100000000% better than Alia... Noone appreciates real talent in Bollywood that's the bitter truth

This lady is full of negativity, bitterness, mental dissatisfaction and pure jealousy.

I don't hate Alia.. I liked her in Highway.. Because that is first time I saw her real acting but after that she's repeating her acting style in Every movie.. Same crying and acting... And In kalank she danced well.. But there is no grace, poise nothing.. It didn't suit her.. I really feel like she's overrated... People needs to appreciate some real talents like kalki, sanya Malhotra

so true.

Alia's acting is mediocre but her box office rate is high, marketing is damn good.. Of course If you are with Karan johar you will get PRETTY till you become overrated

I agree with Kangana.. Alia is mediocre compare to Previous dharma heroines like kajol, Rani mukharji...

Manikarnika flopped. Deal with it.

Kangana isn’t really doing an Oscar worthy job. Her queen was mediocre to the core and TWM is all masala. She thinks she is the only one who can act and the world has left her far behind.

She is on full on attack mode. Gully boy was brilliant with subtle layers. Manikarnika on the other hand was over the top. She should apply the same principal to herself. Her performance was mediocre at best.

There is nothing special about manikarnika. Kangana's acting was worst and it's such an embarrassment to distort the history and defame rani Lakshmi like kangana did. It was a shame for feminism too.
Pv post this please

Someone is jealous of alia and gully boy succcess. Haha.

Kangana is playing thr same trick with Alia which she played with Deepika few years back when she was the reining queen.

Her only way to get attention is to take dig at successful and superstars.

She was mad but after her manikarnika becomes flop and mo one gave her any attention so she has become more mad.

Alia has no competition with this loser and flop senior kangana aunty.

This woman is full of bitterness and Jealousy

A true artist with dignity would never go alone criticizing even the worst of acting from her fellow peers.
Regardless of their intentions, it comes off as catty. Thatt being said, while it wasn't Alia's best performance, she did an awesome job.

This woman seriously needs to calm down. Kangana please rise above all this and concentrate on your work.

people stop letting film family direct you.

Ha ha agree.

good one. same my thought.

Hi jealous kangana.

Hello puppet Alia

Jealous kangana.

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