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Kangana Ranaut: Some married men keep their wives as trophies & young girls as their mistresses like Hrithik

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who had accused Queen director, Vikas Bahl of sexual misconduct said that whatever is happening with filmmaker is absolutely correct. Read on to find more
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Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspoken nature. After an ex-employee of now dissolved Phantom Films accused Vikas Bahl of sexual harassment, the actress not just extended support to her but also shared her harrowing experiences with the filmmaker. The #MeTooMovement has gained momentum in India ever since Tanushree Shree alleged that she was harassed on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss in 2008 by Nana Patekar. Several women from Bollywood, TV and media industry have come out and shared their horrific incidents of getting sexually assaulted.

In the wake of such accusations, the Producers’ Guild of India has decided to set up a committee to address such cases, in which the accused could even be sacked from the company. Talking about Vikas Bahl, the filmmaker has been issued a show-cause notice in this regard and it is also being said that his license might be revoked. Also, FWICE [Federation of Western Cine Employees] has decided to boycott Vikas Bahl along with Nana Patekar and Alok Nath, the three who are facing major accusations.

Talking about the steps taken against the Super30 director and the latest developments in Me Too Movement, Kangana said, "Whatever is happening with Vikas Bahl is absolutely correct. There are many people like Vikas Bahl he is not the only one. We still have a lot of work to do it so we should not start the celebrations as yet.  We have a long way to go. We have to make this place [world] absolutely safe for women.”

The Queen actress once again took dig at her alleged ex-lover Hrithik Roshan and said that “There are men who make false promises of love and marriage to a girl to get them into a relationship that is also a type of harassment. There are married men keep their wives as trophies and keep young girls as their mistresses like Hrithik. Nobody should work with such people. They should be boycotted”.

Kangana was speaking while she was leaving for the next shooting schedule for her movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. The movie is an ode to Rani Lakshmibai and will be releasing on January 25.

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Bollywood and public figures will boycott and protest against Kangana Ranaut across India. Boycott her from Bollywood.

Bollywood and public figures will boycott and protest against Kangana Ranaut across India. Boycott her from Bollywood.

People comparing KR with Aloknath ,,bull shit ,,that damned aloknath raped many women even got women pregnant and they had abortions they still act in tv serials even today ,,i wont name them ,,stupid women would fall for aloknath's blackmail for jobs in shows on tv and movies and get tricked ,,they don't dare to come forward till now to share their real me too story,,,old 80's 90's actresses,,

Hrithik never really had to "lure" anybody. Women have been falling for him since his Debut. It is not his problem if people like you keep obsessing over him. Get urself cured.

Hrithik never really had to "lure" anybody. Women have been falling for him since his Debut. It is not his problem if people like you keep obsessing over him

Hrithik never really had to "lure" anybody. Women have been falling for him since his Debut. It is not his problem if people like you keep obsessing over him

Kangana, #metoo is for men too !! Please understand when men say No, it still also means No !! Please don’t bring your one sided, obsessed, stalker stories into this movement and undermine what these women are fighting for !! Well, before you ask Hrithik to prove his allegations against you, understand two things - 1. Why haven’t you proved ANY of your allegations against him? 2. He didn’t throw allegations at you. He just defended himself. If you can be mature and support the women who are genuine, kindly do so. Or please stay out of it.

Ye Hrithik Kangana shadi kyun nhi kr lete? They are so invested in each other!
BTW ye young innocent ladkiyan mistress bnti kyun Hain ye batana jara. Itni bholi to hoti nhi hain. Matlab kuchh bhi bevkoof bna lo sabko

Why should hrithik marry this stalker? he was and is NOT interested in her. He doesn't give a damn about her but she cant stop talking and thinking about him.

Why is Bollywood or anybody giving her work? Just to harass and slander everyone for attention? She is not even a decent actress(keep those fake awards to urself).

She is always eyeing married men n their wives. Gold digger

Best decision by Hrithik was to pay no attention to her advances. If she is doing so much tamasha when he did not even do anything. Can u imagine wat she must hv done if he actually showed interest. He dodged a bullet!

You are a female version of alok nath. This crazy woman have no shame.

Drop the sati savitari act Kangana. You opened your legs for aditya pancholi and now you have a habit of going after married men. Be greatful that adity's wife didnot shave your head and cut off your nose for messing with her marriage. Its because of women like you real victims of abuse don't get justice.

All of them in Bollywood are power crazy, sex crazy, money crazy, fame crazy, Hrithik messed with his marriage by having affairs, he had a fling with Katrina and she realized she was a fling and shut up, Hrithik and a fling with Kangana and was stupid enough to send her a legal notice when she said a silly ex threw her out of a movie and that started the madness. With Kangana you get madness, craziness and you name it. He started the stupid fight by slapping her with the law, she never mentioned his name but he was too foolish to realize that Kangana is as crazy as you can get. She had an affair with Sanjay Dutt did he say any thing about it, no, Ajay Devgan barely survived because his wife stood by him, if Hrithik is such a saint why did Suzanne leave?. He is not as smart as he thinks, all these Bollywood stars are a mad.

PV please post.

How do you know Hrithik messed up with marriage? it could be other way round. Do you have a proof of his affairs? First, kat is not a saint. If the news of her having a fling with hrithik is true so she went with her choice that too when she was dating n living with RK. If you believe the rumors of Hrithik affairs so there were also the rumours of Suzzane affair with Rampal. why don't trust it too? coz she is a woman? I am hearing it for the first time that going a legal way is stupid . Its the right way. What kangana is doing is stupid and cheap. Why Suzzane is back?why she supported him in this controversy?

Why drag HR marriage n ex wife? what about KR messing with other women marriages and having affairs? He never had a fling with KAT . Please HR never had any kind of FLING with KANGANA. It was a lie by her and in her imagination (emails proved it). HR did the right thing to sent her a legal notice bcoz she was stalking and harassing her and also spreading lies. He tolerated a lot . Slapping a legal law is not stupid but blabbering on tv during promotions with NO PROOFS is stupid. HR wife called out Kangana lies and said they are mere allegations. Why is she back with HR? Kangana is not a saint nor a clever as she thinks. post my comment

She is lying once again. Changes her statement every time. Today she said this, but in AKA in 2017 she said "he never made any false promises, nor lure me. He clear the air that I cant acknowledge you ever nor can I marry you ". Pinkvilla there is a video on twitter where KR said this and HR fans posting it with video proof. I request you to post this comment and also post that video to show she is a liar and making up things.

Still biased and paid media is silent over it. Just because she is a WOMAN . This #ME TOO is a shit and a biased movement . If it was a man trust me same media would have rip him in parts.

KR is using #metoo to settle her personal scores with hrithik. It's really shameful she calls herself a feminist and then hijacks a movt to avenge a rejection. I'm glad hrithik rejected her downright. One more thing miss ranaut if your reading this your not fit to be even his Mistress ...Your that down market.

And she’s off on her rant once again!

Nobody could have forced her to become his mistress. That was a choice you made Kangana.

If Kangana wants to know why Hrithik didnot respond to her advances, she just has to look at her conduct since last 3 years. His instincts about her were spot on. No wonder nobody wants to date her ever since Adhyayan dumped her despite all her attempts to seduce top stars from Ajay, Hrithik to Ranbir. Even to be a mistress, u need some class which she clearly lacks.

Prove Hrithik wrong with one solid evidence. Your backlash on him every where won't stop us from loving him. Its rather expose and degrades you. Sorry for you

Prove Hrithik wrong with one solid evidence. Your backlash on him every where won't stop us from loving him. Its rather expose and degrades you. Sorry for you

Kangana is uneducated and very manipulative

Kangana, I am a fan and I trust you. Hrithik probably just had a fling with you while you were invested in the relationship. But now, please let this issue rest. What he did with you was ethically wrong, not legally wrong. It's time for you to move on and use that pain to make your life better. As for Hrithik, everybody knows he's no greek god or saint.

I am a hrithik fan and trust him. He never had a fling or a one night stand with kangana. She was after him. Sent him emails and nude pics. He didnt do anything ari g to her but kangana wronged him ethically. As far for kangana, everyone knowledge is not a saint not innocent. Has done this with many men.
Post it

Hrithik even don't have a fling with her . It's was all imaginary . Everyone knows kangana is not a saint n a liar.

Tell her to proof with 1 evidence there was indeed relationship between them? This psycho woman proofed with an edited picture as her evidence till suzanne exposed her lies, that alone should wake u people. Karma will deal with her n to those who believe her lies.

if this really happened why are there no details? she’s using all her anger at her exes on hrithik. imagine she actually called out ajay and sanjay dutt, hah!

I believe her ...

Go to watch her movie then, coz we won't. Let's see if you can save her movie now.

She is on the path of self destruction

Somebody tell hrithik the difference between being loyal and having multiple extra marital affairs.Are these married men dumb ? Why they go for single young ladies ?Why cant they be loyal ? These men deserves to be punished.They are not victims

Kangana PR copy pasting . Dumb ppl

Hrithik take a long look at yourself.Your face ,your behaviour ,your conduct ,your words.Why wud any women be interested in you ? Let alone someone beautiful and fierce like kangana ?

Kangana atop copy paste n use brain. Hrithik Is not, sexy, most handsome man in the world. Decent, talk sense with proves and never bad mouth any one. Every woman is interested in him. Lol at beautiful n fierce.

Super 30 will be a flop now

Had enough of hrithik's drama.Will BOYCOTT Super 30 now

I sincerely pity people who look at hrithik as some sort of good role model.He is not .If a woman had many extra marital affairs like hrithik then they would have been accused so badly.

Kanagana may be good actress but her Character is questionable. I have lost all the respect and desire to watch her movies. Hrithik and her episode was proven hrithik is not guilty but Kanagana is still digging the same grave. Everytime he movie is suppose to release she starts gossip/rumors and scandals.

Kangana new movie is coming soon Main Mental Hoon.

Kangana will destroy METOO in the name of publicity for her movie

Kangana has DERAILED the metoo movement with her personal vandetta

I always doubted that Kangana was a feminist and whether she had the integrity to represent the cause. This to me is representative of how convenient and faux her feminism is. This is not the time to blur the distinction between consenting relationships and sexual harassment. This is about the workplace not relationships. Statements like these deter the cause, this was so irresponsible!

KanganaRanaut women has given powers but not to misuse it..if u need publicity for Ur Manikarnika u can do promotion y u need hrithik for it.Hrithik you should file case for an #defamation as she is consistently affecting his reputation...n she has to pay for it...

Indians always believe a woman and her lies. It's all about rani beti.

She is the perpetrator and hritik is the victim. She keeps on talking abt equality between men and women. So she should be called out to be a perpetrator just as this men are being called out.

Her silence over her stylist raping a minor boy is strange. Why is she not speaking about it? Simple she is least concerned about the campaign. All she wants is to take revenge from a man who rejected her.

Get the Bournvita, its Tea time

she is mentally ill!!! she needs help!!! this is too much!! Hrithik should file complain against her!!!p.v post it!!!

Indians will never believe women it's all about raja beta!!

Indians always believe her lies . It's all about rani beti

Empty talk by Kangana,
No proof, only loose talk!

Has she given proof of Consent? Have you seen Anjaam/Fan? She is a obsessed Jilted Stalker who takes revenge when scorned. Plus she uses him to get publicity. Shows why Gender Neutral Laws are needed.

Just before her movie release she remembers all the exploitations she suffered in her life. She's such a hypocrite.

insiders will soon reveal the details that there was NO affair and KR is lying. KR should act like a lady and issue an apology to HR for the pain, suffering and damage she caused,
truth needs to be posted.

Gets your fact right. KR will use her power to hide the truth. She even met Modi. HR has proofs.
post pv

has KanganaRanaut presented iota of evidence of affair between her and Hrithik? No. Except a photoshopped image from a party where Hrithik was present with his entire family! 7 years alleged affair and one fake picture. Well as fake as her .

How can a man prove his innocence in a sexual abuse or harassment or assault case without proving that the woman is lying about it? And when he exposes the lies, why is he still not considered the actual victim and woman the perpetrator?

You have a shameful act and really disappointed with you.

Insiders will soon reveal the details about their affair. Hrithik should act a gentlemen and gracious enough to issue a apology to Kangana for the pain caused.

insiders will soon reveal the details that there was NO affair and KR is lying. KR should act like a lady and issue an apology to HR for the pain, suffering and damage she caused,
truth needs to be posted.

The way #KanganaRanaut is attacking #Hrithik for each and everything no doubt she madly obsessed with him and can not accept that he rejected her.
Like a psycho lover she has fabricated this entire 'email feud'
and harassed him without any mercy.

Get your facts right Hrithik will use all his power to hide the truth.

Gets your fact right. KR will use her power to hide the truth. HR has proofs.
post pv

Hrithik’s Pr people are typing all these support messages for him. We know it well.



Act gracefully KR and apologize to HR for stalking, defaming and damaging him. She is a liar and defame a man just because he rejected her.

Investigation is on its way and soon KR will be exposed and caught red handed. Everyone will show the true colors of Kangana soon.

Since public has short memory, few facts which people should know:

It is Hrithik who filed complaint with cyber police not Kangana though she claims it is her email that was hacked.

She's yet to submit her laptop and phone for forensics.

Not single evidence of Affair #MeToo

she was always crazy about Hrithik. She said in an interview that she had his poster in her room and collected around 80 pic of his (zoom interview). In another interview she said (2006) that she is obsessed with Hrithik and wants to marry him by hook or by crook. She further added that she used to talked to him in her imagination. In her recent interviews, she admitted that she crossed rivers and mountains to meet her dream man.

Hope she goes on and on with this nonsense. Mani will have same fate as Simran. Unless she shows some proof she should not take Hrithik name directly or indirectly

Hrithik be graceful and apologise to the damage you have made to her. She is fearless. Moment you will try to act coward and choose not to accept facts, you will keep hearing the truth from her. She is still in pain that is reason , she keeps speaking about it .

Why he should apologize ? what damage are you talking about? KR should be graceful and say sorry to HR for stalking and defaming her and the damage she has done to him. She is a liar. what truth? why is she silent about her stylist who has been charged for rape?

plz post

Why he should apologize ? what damage are you talking about? KR should be graceful and say sorry to HR for stalking and defaming her and the damage she has done to him. She is a liar. what truth? why is she silent about her stylist who has been charged for rape?

plz post

Shame on you Hrithik

Shame on you KANGANA

Sting operation will be done soon and Hrithik will be caught red handed. Some news channels are going to disclose the true colours of Hrithik soon.

Investigation is on its way and soon KR will be exposed and caught red handed. Everyone will show the true colors of Kangana soon.

Investigation is on its way and soon KR will be exposed and caught red handed. Everyone will show the true colors of Kangana soon.

Simple is that Kangana was in relationship with Hrithik , and he abused her. Director assistant and crew members will soon come out and support Kangana.

Simple is that she was in a relationship with her PHANTASY in her head. she stalked and harassed him just bcoz he said NO.

Are u drunk? simple is that Kangana was in an imaginary relationship with hrithik and stalked him. He didn't abused her nor dated her. Proofs are there.
post it

Insiders know the truth. Soon if the movement gains momentum, people will come out to support Kangana. Common sense guys why on earth any women will lie about her affair. She is not ashamed of getting involved with a married guy. But the guy persuaded her, made false promises and later treated her as thrash.

Insiders knows the truth. They know how KR stalked HR and sent him emails and threaten him to scar for life if he wont take her as his GF. This woman persuaded him, forged a pic and get engaged to him in her imagination. yeah he made false promises in her imagination.


Many people and celebrities are confusing this Metoo movement with infidelity. If you consentually started seeing a married man (in the hopes that we will dump his wife and kids and marry you) and then if that relationship doesn’t work and he dumps you. That is not metoo. That’s just a bad break up which happens in life. It’s another thing if he is beating you or abusing you while you are in a relationship with him, that is physical assault for which he should be punished. Even for these married actors, maybe they had an affair with their costars consentually both ways and their wives know about it and choose to remain silent. That is again not metoo. I think people need to understand this before pointing fingers army hrithik, Farhan, aamir, SRK.
In regards to Salman/Akshay and Ajay, we ve heard rumours they demand it and threaten to ruin the girls careers if they don’t sleep with them so that’s metoo.

Hrithik time is over. Best for you is to apologise.

lol. Apologize for what? Speaking and exposing the stalker woman? she should say sorry to him.

lol. Apologize for what? Speaking and exposing the stalker woman? she should say sorry to him.

Hrithik Wife was aware of all his affairs. Father use to encourage HRK to have multiple affairs. It was posted in a blind Item about Hrithik n his affairs.

How do u know father encourages him to have affairs? kuch bi. Everyone knows about KR stalking. Father use to encourage her to stalk and send nudes to married men. It was there in blinds about KR stalking and her harassment.
be fair to post

Her story has not changed, she is standing by her words. Each and everyone knew about.All were part of it and witnessed their but I trying to be blind.


Media speaks up abt stuff that took place 10 yrs back. Don't you all know that HR was never ever linked to her even once. And don't u know who all she openly dated n stalked all thru 2008-2013? Adhayayan,Ajay, Nicholas? Why don't u guys speak up n expose her lies?

it's shameful because on one hand she pretends to be a female icon and on other hand, she is undermining the movement which is genuinely for survivors

She can send unsolicited explicit mails, stalk,threaten, abuse, slander, misuse, forge, everything. It is all fine as she is a "woman".

Hrithik has paid heavy money to people to make Kangana down. Insiders know their stories. But all are scared to support Kangana. Choosing to be quiet.

Really? one more allegation on him by KR PR.. its KR PR who has paid heavy money to people to bash HR and bring him down. Insiders know their stories. They know KR is a liar and stalked him. Proofs are there. All are standing with the truth.
post these facts.

Really? one more allegation on him by KR PR.. its KR PR who has paid heavy money to people to bash HR and bring him down. Insiders know their stories. They know KR is a liar and stalked him. Proofs are there. All are standing with the truth.
post these facts.

First, she only had an affair with Hrithik in her imagination. Her emails proves it. And if there was any , still its not an harassment. She is just derailing the real cause.

Hritik is a liar. He had affairs with many girls. Why did his wife left him. People are blind.


Kangana is a liar. She had affairs with many married men and stlaked HR. Why her dad disown her? His wife is back with him and exposed that KR is lying. People are blind to trust KR.
be fair to post

Lol so a consensual relationship and harrasment are the same to this moron? Women like this spoil the cause for real victims.

Some one please tell kangana the difference between harassment and constent. It's normal to be in a relationship, have fun n broke up. It's not harassment.

Hrithik claims should be taken seriously and justice be given to him too. He has enough proofs against her . Me too movement should not be only for women. Kangana has a history of stalking married men.

No man has ever come in front like hrithik . He was stalked and harassed by kangana. Adhyan usman to exposed her. She has beaten him and abuses his dad. She also practice black magic. Keep denying and bashing hrithik for your fake feminist stalker.

Why isn't the medua calling her out for her actions?Everyone can see a pattern here.She is all about her personal agenda.Because of woman like her the movement is not then seriously. She us anti woman anyway.

Kangana’s biggest enemy is herself. It’s disgusting how she’s twisting a serious issue for self interest and box office collections.

Yes, I agree she’s on the path of self destruction. It’s like she forgets that she’s given public statements about ‘coming to the world to meet the man she dreams about’ etc. Yes, it’s possible you got played but you had a good time and enjoyed the attention. The movement is about unwanted attention and abuse, whether sexual in nature or not and in this case you meet neither criteria as a victim. You admittedly sought out Aditya Pancholi and you weren’t sexually harassed by him but you were physically abused (it’s the only time you were a victim) but in all other circumstances you were the aggressor. So unless you want to discuss your volatile relationship with AP, take a seat and STFU! Hrithik did not abuse you, whether there was or wasnt a relationship is irrelevant at this point!

Hope Ajay and Ranbir speak up and expose her too

Movies and their promotions should never overlap with such serious issues. #KanganaRanaut has actually made a mockery of this movement and risked the seriousness of it.

I will take this #MeToo campaign seriously only when serial harasser and publicity hungry Kangana Ranaut is arrested or boycotted. Till then it's just another one of those seasonal time killing events and a mere confession game.

Kangana did not submit her laptop or any evidence to the police yet, so how does she think anyone would trust her. She is a liar

Kangana was not a toddler when she worked in films. Whatever affairs she had were consensual and she needs to stop blaming others after she got what she wanted. Hrithik is a good man and Kangana should stop lying. No one believes her. Men like Hrithik are going through harassment due to women like Kangana who play the gender card. Me too is about equality and not taking advantage of any human. It is not about one gender alone. Kangana needs to go get psychiatric help for herself. Continuous lying is a disease

This woman shud be boycotted. Sab victims ko jhoota bana diya. Unki suffering ko belittle kar diya. Apni dushmani nikal rahi hai HR ke sath, metoo ke naam par. Looser. Soyi kyu thi shaadi shuda aadmi ke sath? Usne chupaya tha kya ki shadi shuda hai?? Pv post this and all other comments for KR. Else u shud be boycotted. Bika hua media source.

I am quite appalled by Kagana irresponsible comments. In no terms can you compare actresses having consensual affairs with married men to the experiences of women that have gone through the trauma of being sexually harassed or sexually abused - experiences that did not include consent at all. She should be ashamed of herself for her careless statements. Just because her relationships with a married men did not work out she can't conflate that with women who have had the horrible experience of being sexually abused or harassed.

Isne saare movement ko mitti mein mila diya. Arre khullam khulla so rahi thi shaadi shuda logo ke sath. Aisi aurat ki kya izzat jo doosro ke baare me bolegi? Khud aurato ka naam kharab kiya hai isne. Use karti hai men ko.

Psycho stalker got bashed not only by hrithik fans but from every fandom. Everyone knows kangana real face and how she lies and manipulate things. No one takes her seriously . Boycott this mental woman.

Nobody has misused her gender as much as this woman.
I wonder how can any person even support her.

Just reverse the gender and see the gravity of her actions against Hrithik. Whose only fault is he was honorable enough to not take advantage of her obsession with her despite her nonstop mails. He neither wants to punish her nor remove her from work. All he wanted was to clear his name just like he has been doing against so many other fake reports from Angelina to Sara to even Disha. But, in her case, he is dealing with someone remorseless and having some kind of mental illness.

She is a horrible horrible piece of shit. She should know that Hrithik who is not scared to hit out at even Big Publications like Dainik Bhaskar is silent not because he cannot but only because she is a woman.

Much Respect to Hrithik having tremendous patience and self control. Hope he gets Justice n Peace in this unfair world that keeps supporting women who openly cause mental harassment towards a man. Only because he was not interested in her.

Somebody tell her the difference between harassment and constent. Are young girls dumb? Why they go for married men? Why can't say no? If such men deserves to be punshied so such girls should be punshied too. They are not victims.

First there was a not an affair between het and hrithik. He proved it.and if for a min we trust her,still it's not harassment but a mutual decision. It's normal to be in a relationship, have fun and then broke up. How is this harassment? Kangana please stop misusing this important movement. Please let the real victims get the justice.

First she barked against Sonam. Now, she is barking against her phantasy. Wonder how low she is going to stoop as her film is going to get released

Woman take a long look at yourself. Your face, your behavior, your conduct, your words. Why wud any man be interested in you? Let alone someone like Greek God?

Poor her she thought that spineless hansal will be enough to provoke people against hrithik...but it didn't happen...now she will do this dirty job by herself...poor her...her world revolving around hrithik...

Manikarnika will be a flop now

Without Hrithik name, she cannot sell a single film. No shame, no self respect. Why are Media encouraging her harassment? Sick

Kangana as your fan I am getting embarrassed.. you have said what you wanted. Please go to court now.

Ppl who are shaming her now only thz ppl will tk Kangana Ranaut's allegation on Hrithik Roshan seriously after 20 yrs just like Vinta Nanda- Aloknath case. Ths is India #Me Too movement.

She is a stalker and has completely derailed the validity of the metoo campaign by bringing her personal vendetta against poor Hrithik . What about male victims like him ? Isn't that harassment too ,just dragging up somebody's name just because he rejected her ? Honestly ,I supported this fake thinking she was all for women empowerment while she is the worst out of everybody . She just needs to shut up and let her acting talk instead of pretending to be a victim all the time !!

Had enough of her drama, will BOYCOTT manikarnika now

I really wondering how kajul didn't take any actions towards kangana?!...she could easily trun the indusrty against her...playing the victim card and accusing her of lying(gauri with kjo tried at first to isolate pc but srk didn't allows her)...kangana was nothing at that time just pancholi mistress with bad reputation...even hrithik just avoiding taking her name...ranbir could easily claiming that his account is hacked or his mobile is stolen and releases his nudes...sonam called her after her infamous e-mails to check-in her and invited her to her wedding...
I mean all this starkids were so tolerant towards her...while people or should I say trolls claiming that outsiders are angels and starkids are demons...
Pls Post PV don't be biased...it takes a while to write it...

Why is Bollywood giving this Nymphomaniac any work?

Dear Kangana, it is WRONG to have an affair with a married man even when he promises to marry you. Don't drown the voices of the real victim. You are not a victim. You are part of the problem.

I wish Tanushree would call her out the way she called Priyanka out.

I sincerely pity people who look at Kangana as some sort of good role model. She is not. If it were a man that did just some of what she has done, he would be in jail by now

So when the married men make promises of leaving their wives for her, she not only believes that but agrees as well without caring about those women but every time something about women happens and makes headlines she appoints herself as the leader and keeps talking about feminism and women's rights..and when someone calls her out on her actions she immediately plays victim/woman card..as long as she gets what she wants she never cares about other women but when she stops getting what she wants suddenly she remembers other women and starts calling them to stand together..yeah right.. BTW, if every time a married man lies to her and she believes him then she's mot as a smart as she portrays herself to be, she needs to recheck her IQ level..she's not doing this for other women or as a part of MeToo movement, clearly she's only doing this to seek revenge at hrithik..the truth is he's the one whose story is a part of MeToo movement..

Ans those married mens have bo brains and agrees to exploit young girls ?? These married men should be jailed

Ladies I urge u all to knw the difference between genuine harassment by shameless men n the harassment in the name of rejection two different points. WAT taneeshree Dutta wen thru is unacceptable. Bt WAT this #KanganaRanaut is doin is very very cheap, trashy n disgusting

People should boycott hrithik

For what? for exposing the liar and standing against a predator?

Kangana is beyond hrithik's league.He can only dream about dating her.Hrithik despo buddha should get a life

oh common on. Hrithik can date anyone he wants. He is much better than psycho Kanagana.

Lol no one wants to date or marry this woman. She can only dream about dating him. Kangana aunty is despo for Greek god. Get a life. Stop copying paste the comments. Copy cat.
Be fair to both the sides and post it don't ignore

Its normal to be attractive towards a single woman as hot and sexy as kangana.But falling so low by having affair and then lying about the same to pretain a saint inagr iams disgusting and unhealthy

She is stealing Writers Credit, Forcing Co Stars To Quit Film, Director Not Returning To Reshoot Movie, Using Controversies To Sell Her Flop Films

But She Wants hrithik to be boycotted

Hrithik needa to send to mental hospital asap

KR PR should stop copy paste. Hrithik Is not taking or stalking KR. She needs to send to mental hospital

Guess what? Some morons still question Hrithik despite a lot of evidences, witnesses and logical claims..
But blindly empower a certified over obsessed opportunistic stalker who only rants, does not have a SINGLE PROOF to prove anything. Also all her claims have been destroyed.

People like #KanganaRanaut are destroying #MeToo like anything.
1. Stalker
2. Proven liar
3. Abuser (physically too)
4. Misuser of woman card/victim card/outsider card
5. Attention seeker who can go to any low
6. Certified Hypocrite
7. Fucking Opportunist

Still having no shame?

If Kangana Ranaut ws linked with Aditya Pancholi, Adhyan Suman & Ajay Devgan, Hrithik Roshan too had flings with Kareena Kapoor, Barbara Mori, Katrina Kaif & latest Sweata Bachchan..If Kangana Ranaut is still claiming to such an extent of being humiliated by Roshan, now its high time it must be taken seriously even if their is no such proof. Justice for Kangana might reveal more powerful names of Bollywood dirty secrets. #Me too movement must assure a safe & secure planet for the gen next specially women to breathe happily the fresh new air.

Hrithik never had affair with kat n Shweta. if HR is claiming to be stalked and harassed by kangana and given proofs so justice should prevails for him. May be many men expose Kangana n her stalking. #ME TOO movement should not be limited to women . Men too should get justice and save place.
pv kindly post

If you say so, then I guess people should take hrithik seriously who is claiming to be harassed and stalked by her with solid piece of evidences. Justice should be prevail for hrithik too. Hope many other stars expose kangana stalking. Me too movement should not be limited to women only. Men too should be heard and believed. . Lastly shewta is married so kindly respect her. As far as Kat is concerned , she was with RK at that time so stop defaming her . With Barbara it was a rumour .

Price hrithik affairs first . He never dated Kat n shwta. It was by kr pr . How is she humiliated by roshans? If hrithik has shown the proofs and claiming to be harassed b stalked by her then he should be taken seriously and justice for hrithik should prevail. Me too movement should not be limited to women only . Men too should get a save space n trusted . Pinkvilla I humbly request you to post pv please don't ignore n biased towards hrithik. It's important facts that need to be posted

is a person who suffers from a personality disorder that pursues another person with:
harassment, stalking n unwanted attention. She is disgusting! She uses psychological violence which is one of the most insidious n devastating mental abuses for a human being!

Haters sit yourself. When she is naming she means business she is not scared of anyone!! That is the meaning of naming and shaming.

Kangana, even if your allegations are true, please let go. Don't you have better things in life to talk about?

This is your Manikarnika?? Jhansi ki Rani must be shaking in her grave. Definitely not watching this movie now. Aside from trying to make herself a Me Too victim by attaching herself to Hrithik again (let's be real, he's more of the victim than she is at this point), she actually defended Vikas when she was asked about this last year, saying there's always two sides. Now all of a sudden when her movie's up for release, she's claiming he smelled her hair? You decide whether she's reliable or not.

We have she is. No one has ever come front like this. Tisca Chopra directed towsrds daddy Roshan for casting couch! You make excuse for your star god!!

No-one lie like kangana . Adhyan usman exposed her. How she has beaten him and abuses his dad. She practice black magic too. You keep denying your stalker idol crimes.
Post it fact

Kangana Ranaut with this irresponsible statements completely discredits the essence of the movement! A shame!

And here we go again. The world has to revolve around her. She isn't the victim of the me too moment. She is the abuser. Did she not go to HR's room in a hotel looking for sex? How is she any different from the likes of Alok nath who went to the room's of opposite sex? HR should have filed a sexual harassment case back then. How can there be a relationship for months with zero evidence and no witness?

Relationship for monthes!!!...no dear it was for 7 years...I mean this monster used to take pics with her and dancing in her birthday...poor innocent kangana...he played with her little heart...

lol 7 years still no proofs. It couldn't be 7 yrs as she was with ajay n nickolas too in those 7 yrs. Dancing at someone birthdays. wedding or taking pics doesn't make him her BF a t all. We do take pics and dance at parties.

No one takes her seriously..she is bringing hrithik’s name for her film promotion..she has no proof about their imaginary relationship

Gosh she is a monster.....why media who talk about gender equality not saying a single word against a woman who was stalker and mentally harassing a man who given all the proof that he never dated her..and even if she has to be believed she is also wrong for dating married man.

Power to you girl.

Lol hrithik,did he not think that he will get exposed while cheating on his wife .How delusional can one be ? He is still pressed for kangana

Lol kangana never think that she will be exposed for stalking and sending illicit emails to married man. How one can be that stupid? She is still pressed for hrithik

Prove that he cheated on his wife. don't blabber like KR. Couldn't stop laughing at hr is pressed for KR. He even don't take her name at all. It she who does it all the time.

Kangana never made any false promise to him.Its all in his head.His emails proves it.No one should work with him

lol KR PR at its best. He enevr emailed her. no one should work with stalker KR,
post it

Hrithik threaten kangana to scar for life if she rejected her advances.He is doing it

Are you drunk? its the other way round. He doesn't care about the stalker.
pv post the fact

And those young girls have no brains and agrees to be a mistress ? It's a mutual decision not one sided.

She needs to send to mental hospital asap.

It's coz of stalker like kangana that me too movement will lose its importance and credibility. She is just misusing it.

Ok so this #Metoo movement can also be used to fulfil personal agendas ?
This so called ultra feminist #KanganaRanaut has lost it completely. Hope ladies out here slams her filthy talk & don't entertain her anymore.
Its sincere request to media people too.

In Kangana, we trust.

Is she talking about herself? Male predator. She needs therapy

It's normal to be attractive towards a man as hot and sexy as hrithik. But falling so low to imagine him as your bf and lie about engagement, 7 yrs relationship etc without any proof is disgusting and unhealthy.

U know her film is up for release when she starts barking about Hrithik like Kejriwal barks Modi Modi for attention. He shud also sue her for 100 crores defamation. Fir Kejriwal ki tarah sorry sorry bolne lagegi.

Manikarnika promotions started. Looks like she never learnt from her last 6 washouts. Slandering others with out proof will not get her audience. Hope she continues her rants n digs her own grave. Manikarnika will be a BIgger disaster than Bombay Velvet.

And peopen say Sonam was wrong to not believe everything that Kangy says..oh my

Greek god is beyond her league . She can only dream about dating him. Get a life despo.

Kangana can't be taken seriously. Period. She is least bothered about the real issue and victims. Her only target is to bring hrithik down. Post it

People should boycott kangana.

Then what was Pancholi ? What was Ajay Devgan ? What was Sanjay Dutt? What was with sending bawdy messages of sex without strings to Ranbir when he was living with Katrina like a marriage ? What was with those bizarre besotted teenager emails to Hrithik when a normal girlfriend would text ? Why did you go to his room when he was still married & Rangoli intervene on your behalf ? What about slapping Adhyayan & your driver ? What about all those numerous women you hurt when you deliberately prowled after their men & refuse to accept responsibility for your own part in them getting hurt ? Whether you are male or female, take a good look at yourself & your behavior and take responsibility for your own actions.

Kangana threaten Hrithik to scar for life if he rejected her advances. She is doing it.

There are woman like kangana who stalked married men, sent nudes and when get rejected, threat them to scar for life . People shouldn't work with her

Hrithik never made any false promise to her . It's all her head. Her emails proves it. No one should work with her.

Love you Knagana...you only speak the truth. Where is that SRK?

Hrithik was her boyfriend? really?

In her vivid imagination.

Lol Kangana, did she think a married man will live his wife and kids and marry her for real? How delusional can one be. She's still pressed for Hrithik

She's really here to destroy Bollywood from the inside out....but let only truth and justice prevail!

She is on the path of self destruction.

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