Kangana Ranaut on Vienna Terror Attack: When Delhi burnt, Bangalore reduced to ashes, Europe didn't say a word

Updated on Nov 03, 2020 08:03 PM IST  |  730.7K
Kangana Ranaut on Vienna Terror Attack: When Delhi burnt, Bangalore reduced to ashes, Europe didn't say a word

In an incident that has shocked the world, a group of armed men reportedly open-fired on people enjoying an evening in Austria's Vienna before going into a nationwide lockdown due to COVID 19. While the incident of attack on people has sent shockwaves across Europe, in India too, it has left everyone stunned. Reacting to it, Kangana Ranaut has expressed her stance on the attack in Austria on people and mentioned that nations need to come together to condemn such violence against people. She even expressed the world needs to be freed from it. 

Kangana took to Twitter to retweet a video of the violence unleashed by the gunmen on people. Further, reacting to The International Herald's report of 7 people's death due to the Vienna Terror attack, Kangana expressed that Europe took a secular stand when Delhi was burning or when Bangalore was attacked. She further expressed that now, their nation faces the same threat. The actress condemned the incident of violence and tweeted about it on her handle. 

She wrote, "When Delhi was burning, Bangalore was reduced to ashes Europe didn’t say a word instead took a ‘secular’ stand and now Radical Islamic Terrorism is out to turn Europe in to a graveyard. People know that you have to pay a huge price for INDIFFERENCE..... CAN YOU ? #Vienna."

Take a look at Kangana Ranaut's tweet:

Ranvir Shorey also shared his stance on the same and condemned the incident. He compared it with the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai and prayed for the families of victims. 
The incident was condemned across the world and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted to it on Twitter. He too was 'shocked and saddenned' by the 'dastardly terror attacks in Vienna.' Several others have reacted to the act of terror in the European city. 

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