Kangana Ranaut on Vikas Bahl: He’d bury his face in my neck, hold me tight and breathe in the smell of my hair

Kangana Ranaut, the lead actress of Queen, the film directed by Vikas Bahl who was accused of sexual harassment in 2015, has finally opened up about the controversy.
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Kangana Ranaut, the lead actress of Queen, the film directed by Vikas Bahl who was accused of sexual harassment in 2015, has finally opened up about the controversy surrounding the director. Kangana Ranaut who worked with him closely on Queen has come out and spoken her heart out. The actress has always been upfront about issues and this time too, she didn't shy away from talking. Well, the curtains of the Phantom production house, founded by Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya Motwane and Madha Mantena have come down.

As the production house shuts, an alleged sexual harassment by a top Bollywood director, Bahl, comes to the limelight again. A former young woman working at Phantom Films had alleged that she was molested by Vikas Bahl, director of the much-acclaimed movie Queen, during a trip to Goa. This incident happened ahead of the release of Bombay Velvet in the year 2015.

Kangana Ranaut speaks up about the incident. She said, "Totally believe her, even though Vikas was married back in 2014 when we were filming Queen, he bragged about having casual sex with a new partner every other day…. I don’t judge people and their marriages but you can tell when addiction becomes sickness …. he partied every night and shamed me for sleeping early and not being cool enough …..I often told him off…. he was scared of me but still every time we met socially greeted and hugged each other …. he’d bury his face in my neck …. hold me really tight and breathe in the smell of my hair …. it took me great amount of strength and effort to pull myself out of his embrace, he’d say…. “I love how you smell K… “ I could tell something is wrong with him…..I believe this girl …. but what is sad is that now that Phantom has dissolved many are attacking him, even though the girl asked for help long ago, that time the story was conveniently killed but I supported her at that time as well, you can see my media interaction during one of my brand endorsement interaction, I thought the movement would catch up but I was wrong……at that time Vikas had come to me with a script about a gold medalist from Haryana…… When I supported the girl, he stopped talking to me, I didn’t mind loosing out on a good script and I never called him either I was determined to say what I felt was right ….but the matter was pushed under the carpet and I didn’t hear any updates about the same ……its amusing after the news of Phantom dissolution many are finding the courage to attack him…..shame on such a society…. go look at yourselves in the mirror bunch of cowards…… attacking powerless men won’t begin a movement …. either we do it or we don’t …. lets not be opportunists….if we are a shit society lets accept at least have that much honestly within yourself …. selective outrage will only serve as entertainment, this will just be tabloid gossip and nothing else …."

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This Vikash bahl thing might be true with the new girl. I don’t believe it about Kansans. She always has these things when her movie comes up. Last time she was behind Hrithik now manikarnika is also coming so she starts her publicity gambit.

I feel ok with people who mind their own business but those who preach and preach so high ,abt spirituality ,small city ,poor-me card ,politics etc. and their actions speak other way-they come across as bad manipulators.
If Vikas Bahl was such tharki..you didn't say anything then! These ladies who are self-appointed women voice, are doing big time harm to real victims for furthering their careers.

Yes somebody who has been vocal all these years... Cud hv raised it earlier and atleast do not call the women opportunistic when u r doing same. Above all these men!!! Wht to say

I don't get it. If you're point is that everyone is standing up and speaking now, aren't you doing the exact same thing? Heard you talk about Queen and its success 10 billion times, why not about the creepy man who directed it? Waiting for the movement to catch up? Yeah right! If people are showing selective outrage then you are included in that list.

Never believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Never.

After 2 years, she will make same allegations on Rajkumar Rao too. Mark my words. This woman is such a waste of oxygen. Nobody else has misused the woman card as much as her.

wow my respect for her has just grown so much! she's right, Vikas is easy target now, even though he's guilty, it's not fair to beat a recumbent

Are u the judge to decide he is guilty?

Am sure this nymphomaniac must hv enjoyed it. I fear for all the actors who are working with her. She may say the same about Rajkumar Rao too if it gets her attention

Dumb dumb dumb translation of what Kangana commented. You’ve got to be so dimwit not to differentiate a normal hug from sexually charged uncomfortable embrace. Has she ever come out to accuse other actors for secually assaulting her yet? Keep your brain to yourself

And yet she was hugging him tightly during Queen promotions.

Iske saath hi sab kuch hota rehta hai duniya me Hahahaha

Manikarnika film promotions have started. Shame how this Sexual offender n Pathalogical Liar is allowed to talk about others

Super 30 will be so succesful, Kangana or no Kanagana. She is a total pathological liar. She needs help. Why did she allow Vikas to touch her like that

Queen of Lies shud be last person to speak.

She's true. I didn't hear anything about him until Phantom production was broken. So many coward people in this world. Why be scared? Stand up and tell the truth, but don't wait for an opportunity to attack them.

Mumbai mirror reported about it in 2017. But that report was not noticed by people like the new report in huff post.

she had earlier said there are two sides to every story, what a change in narrative

Dont know about other things but one thing she is right Let accept this fact it is shit society!!! Politics, business houses, middle class family..women are treated badly inside four walls of home too...Time to start a change!!

Look at haters comments, if i was her i would probably end up saying nothing!

I will be really happy of other women develop some spine and join her and get the Bollywood down.. it’s time women, wake up, show them the girl power.

This is what way too much money does to one. Makes us corrupt and irresponsible. Bollywood this is what happened to you. Too much money to average people.

This is at the time of Hritik controversy. If she had said any of this no one no one would have believed her! But i clearly remember her saying investigate!!

Kangana is the only warrior in this sick bollywood.

Al bollywood actresses should join hands and expose such predators

Way to go Kangana! I do wish you had mentioned this incident when the other victim came out, it would’ve helped the movement at that time but better late than never. Now Deepika tell the world what happpened on the sets of Piku please.....Yes he is a powerful man but the momentum is good and now I see the best time to say it.

Do you know something we don't? Please share. I suspected stuff but then after that phase she again became pally with him so that got me confused. But I don't have even .000001% doubt that he manipulated that chamcha of his who presided over the national awards that year to make sure DP got nothing for Piku. I know that's what happened.

It was way too obvious when she got the National Award,that there was some connection.If Amitabh got it for Piku,Deepika should definitely have got it for Piku.Amitabh,Irfan and Deepika were equally good in that movie.The mind boggles how everything works in India.

What happened on the sets of piku????! this suspense is killing me!

Are you for real? I like Deepika. But no way I would call her performance in Piku award worthy.. Anybody would have done the role easily..

she deserved nothing for PIKU...she is an average actress....national award .?,

What happened during Piku sets? I have no idea.

what happened to the set of Piku?

THere is a making of Piku video I would suggest you watch it. If you want to see what discomfort looks like. Sometimes facial expressions give away much more than intended. Also, do some research and you will find the answers. Something happened but it was shushed very quickly.

why is everyone being so cryptic about what happened on the sets of Piku?!

Wow. Agree with her.

Why didn't she talked about it in rajat show? Why now? See her pics with vikas during queen promotion and success bash. She was too comfortable with him. She is a liar and doing all this to harm super30. Pv post it. You are not posting ppl comments

Kangana supported vikas in 11 April 2017 on the sexual harassment issue. Liar kangana

You go girl!

I know she would attack everyone associated with Hrithik

This woman is very courageous in the way she speaks, unfortunately most people in bollywood and in this world are opportunists, they will not speak up against those who are in power as speaking against them means losing out on getting paid. getting paid = money = food, shelter, clothing, respectful independent living, travel fun etc etc. Its a big food chain circle and hard to speak up sometimes.

Pinkvilla why aren't you posting all the comments? this woman is lying and doing all this to hurt super30

Thank you Kangana for being honest and not trying to be diplomatic talking about this creep

Haha kangana and honesty are world's a part .

Honest lol. Kangana said there are always 2 sides of the story in 2017 when asked about vikas case. She is a liar.

She is such an opportunist. She never directly supported that girl when she called him out for sexual harassment. Sh made a very vague statement and also made it a point to let people know that she wasn't talking this particular incident. Why didn't she say these things then. Now that it's convenient for her to speak up, because he is going doen anyway she makes it about herself, again! This is why I don't trust these celebrities for a second. They speak only when it helps them, especially Kangana.

Kangana Ranaut on Vikas Bahl and sexual harassment: There will always be another side to the story. April 11 2017

post the truth

Promotions have started, can't forgive him for offering Hrithik the movie....

The problem with her is there is no lower limit of decency, would go to any level to malign Hrithik. Waiting for karma to hit her big time...

Lol she thinks we will believe her lies . If she had said it at that time, people would have trusted her but now since her movie (get thrashed by many) is coming with be man who rejected her so this is just another lie to hurt the movie. Wring timing kangana.

And you didn't speak about your stylist who had thing with a kid

kangana new script for her movie promotion. she knows people are tired of her ranting hrithik and she is exposed by many . she is a liar. So now this woman planned to defame the makers to make his movie a flop. Shahid was right that she is a conniving politician.

she was defending him a year ago but now that there’s a movie clash she’s dragging him? i see kangana

Shame on her to accuse a man who gave her the biggest and solo hit. Why she didn't told this earlier? Sorry, but she is doing this only to hurt super30.

He did not give her biggest hit. He directed a hit film Queen and she was the lead actor in it. Did she give him his biggest hit?

I'm so rooting for a metoo moment in bollywood.. Common girls.. What are you afraid of now that the public is supporting you.. Three down already.. The rest to go.. I want especially the likes of Akshay kumar and ajay devgan to be publicly called out and humiliated for misusing their power over the years .. Common girls.. Common.. Time to become stars yourselves..

Strange how only Joe Perry posts are getting allowed here and they are all one sided

Strange how only Joe Perry posts are getting allowed here and they are all one sided

Attention seeker.

Thats why people like kangana are hated, for being confident and upfront despite being a girl... always loved her.. tedhi hai , but who isnt... I hope these things could bring about some change ...

Promotion stragdy for manikarnika:slander the super 30 director and actor.

What about your stylist raping a minor? Didn't he hold you,smell your hair and touched your neck?

Promotion for her flop movie. All she will Do is to defame vikas and hrithik

Kangana new drama to malign hrithik new movie.

First her friend blame hrithik and now she is dating this. Guess what,it's all drama to defame both as she wants super 30 to be a flop. Evil woman.

So why didnt she speak about this? Why now?

What she said then and now is true. She tried then and she is trying now. No one is going to do anything about it. Because big stars and gods and they will never go against them. Well done KR.

When this came up she said "investigate and let him face the consequences". That is opinion.

Kangana during that time said she supports the girl only because she came (ladies in general) out to speak about sexual harrasement. She also said that she doesnt know if Vikas was the predator or not. I dont remember her saying, she support the voice only becuase she thinks Vikas harassed the woman.

Why didn't she exposed him then as u claimed to be fearless? Or is it his movie will be clashing with u, so u have voice now. Such a calculative, manipulative, liar and hypocrite woman. Even if super30 get postpone, u will never get solo release.


I was against Vikas until she spoke up

Nobody has misused woman card as much as her. Wat nonsense is she talking? Consensual sex is not a crime

Nobody has misused woman card as much as her. Wat nonsense is she talking? Consensual sex is not a crime

she is hot!..her intelligence level is way beyond these bimbos called for leadership summit....who cant talk beyond a word....she is a leader..i hate her voice but love her mind

She shud be careful of wat she asks for. Bcoz she is in same boat as Vikas

I would have believed her hadn't she patched up with karan and acted all lovely with him just for her own benefits so now she shouldn't attack others for caring about their benefits..

She was touching him from all sides during Queen promotions. Looks like she was one of those girls too

Tu kuch bhi karle, Manikarnika will be Epic disaster.

Super 30 of Vikas bahl and tharki hrithik will be epic disaster.

Does she even have any credibility to speak about others?

Wow! Real queen.There is no doubt men have even 1% of courage that Kangana has.. Hats off to your courage.. My brave heart god bless you

Should have given him a slap & told him to take his paws off .

Dude... Its so easy to say "should have done this or that"

Actually she has been accused of slapping her ex , her chauffeur & her maid.

He was the director of Phantom. Kangana slaps and talks according to the timings of her projects and film release.

here she comes!!!....i was wondering when would "ms. universally irresistible" jump on the bandwagon!!!!

You go girl. One guy at a time.

Huge fan of Kangana but dunno why I feel she should lie a bit low. After all this is showbiz and all this is working against her. Ppl have stopped taking her seriously. That’s so sad as I’m sure it comes from a very genuine space. A better pr perhaps may help ?

I feel some dearth of honesty and logical reasoning in her remark! That group (of men) were a bunch of a@# h@#$s even though they were talented. Good that they dissolved.....karma!

attention seeker - new movie is on the way - such a corrupt

bs, you could have raised hue and cry like you did for an affair that never happened. if you didnt you didnt stand up for her.

bs, you could have raised hue and cry like you did for an affair that never happened. if you didnt you didnt stand up for her.

Oh kangana believes that married men shouldn't have affairs...that's news to me...

How come you didn't speak about it then?

She’s right!

If the girl was so badly dying to be heard and wanted action against Vikas Bahl why didn’t she bother going to the Police rather than go to a media house with her story ?? Especially a person like Kangana should stop talking after her bad history with ex lovers and her physicist behaviour.. Sad how people use the #MeToo movement just to get publicity or revenge against a certrain male without even giving evidence and how the media and other reach conclusion without the person being charged by any legal body.. Shame

Holy cow, hats off to KR

What a bitter truth and well explained
About society And own self

I would have believed her hadn't she patched up with karan and acted all lovely with him just for her own benefits so now she shouldn't attack others for caring about their benefits..

She never patched up with him and called him the king of nepotism

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