Kangana Ranaut's heavenly abode in Manali costs THIS much and it will blow your mind

Kangana Ranaut has built her own mansion in her hometown Manali which is all ready. The house is built using native original materials like wood and stone along with bricks.
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Kangana Ranaut's mansion in Manali is a sight to behold. The plush bungalow is situated against the picturesque backdrop of Manali. The house is built using native original materials like wood and stone along with bricks.
As per reports in a leading daily, Ms Ranaut reportedly bought the property for about INR 10 crore after the success of her film Queen in the year 2014. The abode took about fours years to complete.
Talking about it, a source stated to a leading daily, "It's an eight-bedroom house with all the windows opening to a view of the mountains. Each room has a step-out balcony. There is a rooftop glass conservatory so that there is ample sunlight during the winters."
The source further said, "Kangana has been making regular visits to her hometown to check on the progress of the place. She just got back from Manali two days ago in time for the shoot of a reality show."
Moreover, it took about INR 20 crore to construct the other amenities. She made a dining room which has a view of the mountains. And there's even a beautiful fireplace in the living room as the house is in the chilly area.
Kangana's home also has a fully equipped gym and also a yoga room.
Earlier in an interview, Kangana stated, "Laying the first brick of my house was an important decision. I have my own place in Mumbai, and I could have got a house anywhere in the world. But people back home call me Himachal ki beti. I am overwhelmed with the love I receive from my people."

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All thanks to Aditya Pancholi

WOOWWWW!!! Kitna sundar mahal hai. The anons here can only dream of what you have achieved. Your fans are SUPER PROUD of you! You go sassy Mountain girl!

Even Sunny Leone is more self made n classy than her.

Whether she accepts it or not, she is anything but self made. Everybody knows how she managed to enter the industry n get films like Katti Batti

She behaves as if she stoofd for auditions, invested her own money n made it. Nobody is self made in Industry. She wud not hv bagged the lead role with a face like that if she was not Aditya's girlfriend

Probably the only "constructive" thing this destructive mentality woman has done in her entire life. For a person who cannot even mouth her dialogues properly, she has got way more than she deserved. Hope the really talented persons like Swara, Taapsee, Kriti, Radhika get their due now

She thinks she is the only self made woman in bollywood.. and what is self made you do your job and get pay for it and then you say bad things about your parents and ex boyfriend..

Self made woman, even after not doing Khan films, item songs and fairness she did good for her. Well done girl !!

Nice joke pls. Nobody offered her any of the above as she cannot pull it off. Pancholi ka girl friend calling herself self made? LOL

WOW nice house.

Taapsee bought a new house in Mumbai. She is true self made woman, not this Keep of Aditya Pancholi n Salman

Why u bring Salman in here. You are so So jealous. There were never rumors abt Salman and her. it was always Pancholi, Hrithik, Ajay Devgan and sanjay dutt. Post Post it PV.

With judawa 2 money, most sexist film LOlL

how does it matter, still its a movie and she worked to get paid

Kitne gharon ko todke banaya yeh ghar? Aditya, Adhyayan, Ajay.

Self made girl! Great going..Wish you more success.


U forgot to mention that she took money from her Married BF Pancholi to built it

It is better to be a Poor with dignity than to be Rich with no class like her.

If you had either, CLASS or DIGNITY, you wouldn't be here commenting on others......This shows YOUR Class....

Tho kya kar raha hai?

How many people in film industry have class?

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