Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli calls Taapsee Pannu a sasti copy; Anurag Kashyap calls it really desperate

Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut's sister, took to Twitter to call out Taapsee Pannu after she praised the trailer of Judgementall Hai Kya and that's how it all started.
Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli calls Taapsee Pannu a sasti copy; Anurag Kashyap calls it really desperateKangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli calls Taapsee Pannu a sasti copy; Anurag Kashyap calls it really desperate
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Kangana Ranaut's sister, Rangoli Chandel always finds herself at the center of attention as she never fails to come to the aid of her sister, and if often leads to a controversy with the Ranaut sisters becoming the talking point. And well, looks like she is at it again as she went out of Taapsee Pannu and replied to her Tweet where she was praising the trailer of Judgementall Hai Kya. Taapsee wrote, "This is so cool!!!! Always had high expectations out of this one n this looks so worth it!."

To this, Rangoli went on to say how she has said not so nice things for Kangana in the past and also called her a sasti copy. She wrote, "Kuch log Kangana ko copy kar ke he apni dukaan chalate hain, magar pls note, they never acknowledge her not even a mention of her name in praising the trailer, last I heard Taapsee ji said Kangana needs a double filter and Tapsee ji you need to stop being a sasti copy." Coming to Taapsee's aid, Anurag Kashayp tweeted, "Come on Rangoli.. this is going too far.. this is really really desperate.. I really don’t know what to say to this . Having worked with both your sister and Taapsee .. I just don’t get this ..praising the trailer means praising all aspect of it. Which includes Kangana."

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It was back in 2018 when Taapsee was asked what would she gift Kangana that she told she will give her a double filter and well, looks like that is where all this is coming from. 

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Rangoli was right, Tapsee is a ghatiya and sasti copy.

I love Tapsee Pannu acting & even consider her to be the next powerful thing after Kangana Ranaut. But it's quite relevant tht she follows Kangana's way & footstep in choosing her roles & acting though they be different frm Kangana's. She shud hv gvn her due respect to Ranaut as her senior & wud never hv uttered 'DOUBLE FILTER' for her. Ths is not right.Now it's only tht Rangoli Chandel's pay back for her. Ppl must understand the full scenario. In tht way Chandel is not wrong but She too shudnt hv called her ' Sasti Copy'....Only a ' Copy Cat ' ws enough to be used for Pannu.

She is just bitter bcoz Badla did better than her Epic disaster lol

TP is desperate since Manmarziyaan flopped.

Like Manikarnika flop and kangana became mad

Taapsee takes digs indirectly at Kangana. so this is RC's payback time. Recently TP told in SIT interview that she doesn't have any expectations from industry and if anyone doesn't talk about her movies she won't go out taking their names saying stuff about them just because they didn't react to her trailer or film. She was of course referring to Kangana.

Taapsee smartly praised JHK mentioning Ekta Kapoor but not the actors. She usually praises films without mentioning actors. E.g. Article 15 which she recently praised but no mention of Ayushman. buttering the filmmakers as usual.

Taapsee is Self made. Kangana is Aditya Pancholi made

Who is rangoli ...
Why must people react to her instead they must question her ..why is staying with sister money isn't she nepotism product isn't her son nepotism product question more ..

I think Rangoli has lost her marbles what exactly is she complaining about? Is Kangana not the lead? Would complimenting the film not mean she is complimenting the female lead who literally dominated the trailer?!?

This Rangoli and Kangana mental tho hai...Give it a rest. Producers need to stop working with them. Tapsee make no comment, if asked. Simply say, "I am a positive person."

The last good movie from KR was queen and that's it. I couldn't watch this new trailer. So boring..Taapsee has her own style and performs in every movie. Idiotic sisters dwelling in some imaginary world that everyone is copying them.

Taapsee pannu is wannabe actor. She was terrible in badla. The only reason I rated it 5 on IMDb was terrible casting especially of taapsee.

Standing behind AB doesn’t mean ur successful

Pannu is desperate. Everyone knows

How can she say industry gayi tel lene, industry is made of it's people from actors, writers,crew, musicians, directors, producers,studios,etc.what will you do if everyone of them bycott you due to your arrogance? You need them to hire you to make a film.you can't make film & recruite your self with the help of your arrogance.

Kangana I used to admire you a lot but now all this negativity is getting too much. Fix what is troubling you, attacking people who make fun of you will not help. can’t you ignore them why attack? What Tapasee said was wrong but it was a fun game why take it so seriously. And Rangoli use better language or go off Twitter you will ruin her career. You two will be responsible for your downfall and we will lose a good actor. :(

She is a really bad copy

I like Kangna but i think Rangoli is the reason Kangna is getting any negative publicity. I hope Kangna sees it soon else there will are other good actors who are just a movie away.

Kangana should learn to accept a compliment with grace and probably say a thank you to Tapsee.

Kangy,why do you use Rangoli’s account.Mental hai kya?

It’s tapsee who is despo

Rangoli is spot on

The Ranaut sisters will soon be ousted from Bollywood.I am sure many will boycott the premiere of her new film

On one hand Kangana says she doesn’t need any support from the industry and she is secure enough about her talent and on the other hand, Rangoli is seeking validation from every Tom, Dick and Harry on Twitter. They should have a talk with each other and be on the same page or will start looking like clowns!

No offense to Rangoli but why should she praise the trailer if she doesn't like it? Kangana calls herself a self made actress so wy all this drama. Taapsee, KJo, Alia or Anurag doesn't decide how well the film should be received! Leave it on audience! Now this is too much! She should get a life seriously. She can focus on her son and husband rather than wasting her time on Twitter to whitewash Kangana's image!

Kangana you are talented and we know your work speaks for you but please request you to ask your sister rangoli to keep her mouth shut please .she is too much negative

I think rangoli is jealous of kangana and is hell bent upon destroying her career. No loving sister would do what she is doing to kangana. She is cunning and manipulative and wants ho destroy her sisters reputation and career. Kangana should cut all ties from her.

What’s obvious is kangana being threatened by any successful actress and that’s sad. Her insecurities are through the roof, stop supporting this trash

haha rangoli says it how it is! indeed Bolly-gang is trying their best not to name Kangy even while praising JHK. and tapsee did the worst a woman can to another: instead of thanking and acknowledging Kangana for paving the way for unconventional and outsider actors like her, she at best ignred Kangy or worse joined the nepo-gang in making fun of her (double-filter comment)....


Kangana needs to ask her sister to take a step back and stop managing her work. She is harming her a lot and that too with her fan base which has made her popular. Was and continue to support Kangana as an artiste but this cycle of viciousness needs to stop. Enough with this drama both sides please. Give us a bloody break. Go make some good movies instead

whatever money this movie manages to make, it will be because of RajKumar. Kangana is encouraging her sister, both really are the biggest hypocrites in bollywood.

Look at her language. Such an illiterate soul. She was seen begging a nepo Kid but attacking a self made and an outsider.

Rangoli zip your mouth, Kangana you need to stop your sister she is so negative.

I use to like KR not anymore, she tweets from her sisters account all the time. She is nasty and calls others names, what is she doing. No wonder BW does not support her.

This is definitely KR behind the tweets. She always abuses people praising her when she is jealous of or unsecured of, just like she did with DP.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

Tapsee is 10000 times better than this mental and classless woman.

Sick woman.

Basically psycho sisters want everyone to praise her. Wow. Desperate much.

People should boycott these evil sisters.

So called feminist abusing a woman for no reason. Shame on her.

Tapsee didnt even mention Rajkumar.

These psycho sisters are so desperate for attention and validation.

Attacking a woman just coz she didnt mention a name. Slow claps. R.I.P feminism

This is a reason why no one wants to support a kangana and her movies.

Rangoli should stop attacking others. Period. Sometimes I feel sorry for Kangana because her career has affected with these negative comments from both. Even a child sees Tapsee’s comment as positive and only Rangoli sees some negativity in it. How can she not understand that praising a trailer is same as praising actors, director, music, etc. if she was expected to name everyone, Taapsee needs to mention all and everyone in the movie. How cheap and childish this Rangoli can be? Can some one please shut her for few years so that her sister can start treating people with respect and get same from others? Who needs enemies when you have a sister like Rangoli? Even after hundreds of comments about how she is destroying a talented actress’s future by being supportive of negativity in that actress, she continues to do that. If anyone tells me that my sister’s career is getting affected by my actions, I will stop that behavior for some time and see if lack of it is improved my sister’s career. If career is not important, leave it and happily live with your families. But what is this stupidity? Every praise should be about Kangana, every support should for Kangana, every award should honor Kangana, everything should revolve Kangana. If not Rangoli attacks that person, industry, awards committee. She and Kangana are like fire and wind with Kangana’s bright career as ashes (outcome).

Calm down...it's kangana herself who write this nonsense...but she is hiding behind rangoli,acting like she is so busy and above everyone and everything...and in case someone wants to sue her,kangana easily can throws her poor sister under the bus...

It is not Rangoli, it is Kangana herself tweeting. Wonder how people do not know that by the tweets.

Why Btown giving so much attention to this black hearted Rangoli? She needs medical attention seriously. She is mad!

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