Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Aditya Pancholi extorted 1 crore from the actress

Aditya Pancholi is being held for rape recently by the Mumbai Police. Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel has accused him of extortion too. Read more.
News,Kangana Ranaut,Aditya Pancholi,Rangoli ChandelKangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Aditya Pancholi extorted 1 crore from the actress
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Actor Aditya Pancholi is recently being held by the Mumbai Police for rape. A complaint was registered against him with the Versova police by Kangana Ranaut. She had registered a case against him of rape, wrongful restraint, assault and criminal intimidation under IPC.

Today, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel took to her Twitter page to accuse Aditya Pancholi of extorting money from the Queen actress. Rangoli shared that Aditya extorted up to Rs 1 crore from her sister. She shared, "Whoever it may concern, complain against Pancholi had been lodged in 2007 for physical abuse harassment and extortion, he has taken more than 1cr from Kangana saying he has fed her for 3 months when she was homeless ( grocery bill of three months)...(contd)".

Her second tweet reads, "(Contd)... but he wanted more money after that, last message of extortion I myslef received from him was in 2016 which has been submitted to cops and now FIR has been lodged, she had absolutely no time for all this...(contd)."

She also shared, "Contd)... but everyday cases from him and his wife needs to be fought as they are finding lot of strength in the fact that Kangana is very busy so I have revived this case on her behalf, so her work isn’t disturbed."

Read all the tweets below:

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Abey ye kya tha... Aditya asked Kagana for 1Cr and she gave it to him??? Just like that?? After all this public fights and mudslinging, they just remembered that KR was extorted. And that too after court summons. Matlab kuch bhi -_-

This woman her sister and her mom are creepy.

Your comments are creepier lol

This man, his wife and son are creepy

This kangana, her sister and her mom are creepy and sick

post pv plz

Aditya gave 1 crore for rangoli’s surgery After acid attack. There is no extortion.

I must support Kangana Ranaut for opening up & bringing in front for watever had happened to her at the right time. Now tht she had carved a niche for herself ppl takes her so seriouly. Otherwise her condition wud hv been just like Tanusree Dutta. Poor girl other than winning Miss india she cudnt do nything memorable in the industry. PV PLZ PUBLISH MY COMMENT.

Hi kangana PR stop this drama. And stop begging pinkvilla to post your comments

she’s also 5 years older than she claims, admit that one

How do you know ? Did you give her birth ?

Where was Rangoli when Kangana needed the support in her early years? I don’t doubt Kangana has been a victim of exploitation, but the fact is her family did not support her and she took the drastic decision to come to Mumbai and fend for herself. I’m a single woman and I know the hardship and difficulties I’ve faced with lack of family support. People respect and take you seriously if you have a strong family support. That way she doesn’t attract attention of the wrong type of men. It’s quite clear Aditya saw Kangana as an easy target to control and manipulate, however, for all his faults he was the one who paid for Rangolis surgery how ungrateful can she be?

It’s pathetic to see people side with Pancholis who have always been accused of wrong. It takes huge courage to speak against bad, at the least support it people because actually we are cowards who sweep everything under carpet to look all classy. Did any actor ever talked openly about abuse and yet be in demand?

Please post PV and not just negativity against KR

Its equally pathetic to see you siding a bully woman who have always misuse a woman card and harrased men. Kangana is herself bad and has cases against her. It takes a lot of courage to take a stand against such women in this biased society. They easily get away with the gender card. How can you trust kangana'? Proods? Didnt you see how her lawyer threatening pancholi to take a case back or be ready to face false allegations of sexual abuse? Which victim fo that?

People are siding with the truth not pancholi and truth is out that kangana is a villain and a liar.

Please post pv and not be biased towards men.

Kangana Ranaut must get justice. This lady is brave enough to open up against few powerful ppl. Public shud bak her. Only sensible ppl are supporting Kangana Ranaut now. PV plz post my support for Kangana Ranaut. I as a mother of a daughter wnt a secured world for my girl. If she gets justice it'll be a revolution. Moreover everybody is aware crippy Pancholi's nature.

Justice my foot.

Go to court dont scream on Twitter.

Publish my comments please!

Every few days, she keeps making new claims. Really needs to control her hallucinations

Law and society must support women who find courage to file cases when wealthy men use them, threaten them! india is still regressive for the exact reasons as below.

Only those women who are actually a victim not a woman like kangana who is a preparator.

Again playing a woman card. Law and society should also support nen who find courage to file cases when such desperate women stalk and harassed them, threaten them,and file fake rape case . . India is biased towards men .
Pv post. Support men too.

She won’t get any sympathy from public for this as she should’ve known getting involved with a married man is never a good idea and she has been involved with them twice excluding Hrithik.

Why a 36 years old woman needs her sister to speak for her? Coward .

There is no extortion at all, Aditya gave her place to stay, financially helped her to pay for the Rangoli’s surgery and that’s what he wanted back from them. Aditya gave Kangana one crore for rangoli’s surgery

KR lived with AP and AP paid for Rangoli's plastic surgery so 1 crore is nothing.

Whenever her film is about to come, the entire atmosphere and media fills up with negativity . She is such a negative person.

Attention seekers.

Kangana said she was living with Pancholi seperately from Zarina. That her dad didn't support her and she slapped him . And it was for a few years ,not months.

Using rape to frame a man who has exposed her. What a shameless woman kangana is!

Aditya teaches them a lesson please.

The news of them to appear in the court came a week ago nut she tweeted now. Hmmm. She is a nice story writer.

These sisters are such a disgrace to humanity and women.

If kangana has given money means he has some dark secrets of hers.

It took her almost 10 days to come up with thus script. Wow. Nice try but no one believes you.

Another drama by psychopath.

Post the copy of FIR . I bet there is none as no case was filed in 2007.

Liar liar pant on fire.

MHK promotions.

Of it was file in 2007 so why no one heard about it in these 12 years? Dont lie rangoli

Lie lie. Case has been filed yesterday not in 2007 after he filed a defamation case against her.

What about kangana's lawyer threatening Aditya to withdraw the defamation case against her or be ready to face the false rape allegations?

Jail time for evil sisters.

These psycho sisters can only bark on twitter. Have no guts to face the real courts and provide proofs.


One more lie.

Aagai psycho

This evil sisters are shame to womanhood

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