Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Hrithik Roshan is trying to put Sunaina Roshan behind the bars

After Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan showed her support to Kangana Ranaut, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel has made some shocking revelations. Rangoli shared that the Roshan family is physically assaulting Sunaina. Read more.
Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Hrithik Roshan is trying to put Sunaina Roshan behind the bars
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Yesterday, Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan took to her Twitter page and showed her support towards Kangana Ranaut. She had tweeted, "I support Kangana all through." A few days ago, Kangana's sister Rangoli revealed that Sunaina had called Kangana to apologise regarding the whole Hrithik-Kangana matter.

After Sunaina's tweet yesterday, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli took to her Twitter page and made some more shocking revelations about the Roshan family. She tweeted, "Sunaina Roshan is asking Kangana for help, her family is physically assaulting her because she is in love with a Muslim man from Delhi, last week they got a lady cop who slapped her, her father also hit her, her brother is trying to put her behind bars..(contd)".

Her second tweet read, "(Contd).... I fear her dangerous family might harm her, we want to make this public because Sunaina calling Kangana and crying all the time, Kangana doesn’t know how to help her...(contd)".

Her third tweet is, "(Contd).... so now she has blocked her number but we fear for her safety, everyone has a right to love whoever they want, hopefully this will scare Roshans and they back off."

Check out the tweets below:

Recently, there were reports that Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan is suffering from bipolar disorder. Sunaina denied all the reports and said that she isn't suffering from a psychological disorder. But she revealed that there are family issues going on and she is not receiving any support from her family members.


they are giving her 50,000 probably bcuse she will use extra money on alcohol

Yesterday rangoli claimed that hrithik is trying to put sunaina behind bars..today sunaina says hrithik has no say in this as he is under father's guidance..rangoli said they have blocked sunaina number and writing on Twitter to let public know...sunaina says they r in touch and she is meeting them today

Though I am woman , Sunaina’s interview triggers no sympathy for her in me and I don’t feel like supporting her. Is 2.5 lakhs rent too much for her brother ? Of course it is too much for anyone to spend on a no good sibling. It is 30 lakhs per year. Plus she wants more than 50 thousand “pocket money”. Why should he be spending even 2.5 rupees on her ? She has no rights to demand just because she is happened to be born as his sister. People who have never moved their finger for doing any work have no respect for someone else’s hard earned money. Also picking a time when her father is sick instead of doing her duties as daughter to support old parents shows she is really a worthless child after their money and irresponsible in spending it. Reaching out to Ranaut sisters at a time like this is beyond evil. There is difference between supporting someone out of goodness because you believe in their truth and this which is reaching out to the enemy for gaining advantage.

i really hope hr put his sister in asylum and its high time ranaut sisters to join

whatever is in rakesh roshans name..sunaina has equal right to it as per law..the roshans should be fair with both their kids,hr is already earning so much so why be greedy.

Yes Sunina has equal rights to Rakesh's property as much as Hritik dooes, but only after Rakesh and his wife die or they willingly give away when alive. Going by how pagli Sunanina is, they may choose not to leave her anything and instead pass her share to Sunaina's daughter.

I guess Sunaina tried to get properties and money settled on her as senior Roshan is said to be terminally ill. May be Hrithik and rest of the family raised issues and she couldn’t get what she wanted. Ranaut sisters are manipulating sunaina exploiting the situation.

We need movies with good content and performances. Let personal matters of other people , their family issues etc.be out of it. Rangoli writes all this crap but doesn’t mention she has permission from Sunanina to do so. Sunaina has fingers , internet access , twitter account and education enough to write her story herself if she wants to. This whole stunt is rubbish and much worse than the original stunt of Kangana i.e. I-am-Hrithik’s-mistress and I want credit for that. It’s been 4 years. Can we please move on from irrelevant matters ?

Umm excuse me but Hrithik himself was married to a Muslim. So this story seems a bit off

Another movie release and another round of the same thing. Did Sunaina became an easy prey for money as her family is trying to cut down and control her addiction ? She doesn’t look fit for marriage or anything else in particular. There is story there for sure and most of these inch families do have. But Kangana inserting herself into it is just beyond any sense. Just work girl and that’s enough to make it big when you have talent.

We have all seen families where siblings don't get along well with each other. These sisters got an opportunity to blabber and slander Hrithik again.

@Rangoli, even if Sunaina is suffering, is it important for you to tell the world? Can you not dissociate yourself from Roshans and let them rot in hell by themselves.

Coz they did not do so, makes me side with Hrithik and I think they used it to try to sabotage Super 30. I will boycott MHK NOW

It is the responsibility of those who know that Sunaina is being abused by her father Rakesh Roashan and brother Hrithik Roshan, to speak up to bring attention to it so the abuse stops due to watchful public eye and their fear of it. Sunaina is neither mentally nor physically ill at this point. She has become an “inconvenient” daughter and sibling to have due to the choice she wants to make. With all the money in the world, they could not come to a peaceful resolution to a family conflict? When you resort to damage control techniques and not truthful healing in relationships, this scenario plays over and over.

Sunaina seems to have looked for LOVE all her life, most people who feel they miss it, do just that. To treat her like she’s wrong for it because it makes the immediate relatives look bad, is hypocrisy. Rakesh Roshan’s karma has come to a full fruition. Lies, bullying and underhandedness in human relations have made this possible. Wake up, Roshans. You don’t own the world! Your values need a turnaround, before this gets out of hand even more...apologize and seek family therapy together to heal!

Life is not all about LOVE dear, you have to be responsible and go in the big, bad world to earn money. There is nothing more low than slandering your own family to get money from their rivals.

Even this will not make HR marry Kangana, so why are both sisters poking their nose? It still does not prove that Kangana did not stalk HR, so why did the sisters get involved?

Everyone know Hritik is the golden eggs giving boy and Sunaina has always been on the back ground having to ok to anything they throw at her. Now she had enough. I believe Rakesh hit her he is known for that. No woman would ever expose herself if there were no interaction. It is India when Nana, Alok and Bahl can walk free with proof then we know women have no chance!! Think better.

Sunaina is always supported by her family especially her brother . Women like kangana can stoop to any level. If there is an interaction so provide the evidences. In india when kangana and rangoli can walk freely with proofs, because of gender then we know men have no chance .

No wonder why sunaina own daughter abandon her.

Kangana is so desperate to link herself with the Roshans.

Paid bots who are blaming Hrithik for calling kangana mentally I'll need to read her sister email where she called her crazy. Its kangana PR who called his sister crazy. No one called his wife crazy. Her affair with Rampal was a fact. That's why not only Hrithik but while bollywood broke ties with him. Also recall how Mehar and suzzane fought atvs party and after that mehar broke ties with her.

Lol so obvious a lot of those writing comments are uneducated fuckwits

Thanks for admitting that these comments are by uneducated ranuat sisters

Er no. The uneducated ones are those that copy original comments and repeat it positively siding with Roshan’s. Wow how original are you? Don’t have a mind of your own?

Haha no one is copying your comments uneducated people. You are sick to support kangana and her hormonal sisters. Acting like you are an eyewitness. Use brain if you have any.

I obviously do! You need to go and learn decent English you twit

You go and find a job hater .

Got one, thanks for your concern tho! I really think you need to be giving that advice to yourself tho. Being a bot probably doesn't pay you well tho?

Lol yes these sisters are uneducated fuckwits

Nah mate you are

No rangoli you are uneducated and a stalker.

Are you a parrot? Do you know any other words in the English language?

Are you kangana? Go and learn English tiu gaon ki gunwar.

Is that all you have got? What a lame comeback you clearly are scum. Haha @ your English, probably living on the streets

Someone clearly has their paid bots and pr writing crap on the article. The funny thing is they are writing the same kind of shit over and over again or they reply with lousy comebacks. Go and read Osop. Roshan’s are messed up. They really need to stop this facade and STOP blaming others.

Hello stalker aunty. How much you paid to OSOP?

Lol I ain’t no stalker jackass. Obviously you’re a paid bot who keeps repeating themselves like a broken record.

Its clear you are paid who is supporting these stalkers . . You are a stalker like her.
Post pv

Go and learn what stalker means first

Lol how very original. Do you even know the meaning of stalker? Go and educate yourself and then open your mouth

Someone has clearly paid their minions and PR writing crap on roshans. The cheapest part is they are supporting a bully and using personal matters . These sisters are sick. Osop is paid and biased they really need to stop stealing and Stop using others personal issues.
Pv post. Or u paid too

I think you are a paid bot? Or a member of someone's PR?

This is super awkward. Hrithik had a 17 year long marriage with a Muslim woman and his family were joyful at the marriage. There was no Hindu Muslim funds in this family. They had a mixed event for their actual wedding before it was even cool to do so! Grit him had Tilak and they exchanged malas even though the wedding was a legal one. They celebrated both cultures. Sunaina has had no issues getting married before. She has a string of failed marriages why would the Rostand start disciplining her now with violence when they didn’t then?

Isn't it strange that all the women in Hrithik's life are "crazy".

Hrithiks wife, mistress, sister, etc have all been called crazy by Hrithiks PR. Poor hrithik. Maybe he drives them crazy....or maybe he is a lying, cheating, bullying, superflop old uncle.

Isnt it strange that you are assuming and blaming? His PR didnt called his sister crazy but kangana PR did. Its proved. Kangana sister called her crazy in her email. Kangana is lying cheating, bullying, superfp old aunty.
Post be fair to all

The comments in kangana's support is a miss. Trusting her lies, and blaming Hrithik. What psycho stalker is upto?pv post

Hrithik, please shut up and say nothing especially since your sister is involved. Let them continue ranting. They already look insane. Do a Deepika and let them look crazier.

It's funny how anyone who tells the truth about shameless Hrithk is called crazy. Hrithik and his father have a long history of lying and cheating and bullying women....Karma will make them suffer.

It's funny how anyone who tells the truth about shameless and psycho stalker is against her and pulling a woman down. Kangana and her father have a long history of lying , cheating, stalking, harassing and bullying men. Karma will make then suffer.
Pv post this please be fair to all

Buzz off

Megalomania will cost Roshan big time. Good lord! The PR vile below does not matter.

These psycho lies cost her big time. Lies and PR doesnt matter.

The hysterical reaction below indicates something is amiss. People are blaming Sunaina & cursing Kangana's sis but what is jaadu upto?

Poor Kangana. It seems your plans of gaining sympathy has miserably failed.

4 years of ranting but no proofs. stalkers stop it

Disgusting is the word for rangoli and kangana.

Why using a family matter for her gain? does she has a single proof of suanina's calling and texting for help?

Truth prevails. Hrithik was Harassed , stalked and defamed by these women

Nagana's and her parents should die of shame to make it a religious war and using family issue of others to defame a man who rejected this piece of shit.

Shameless woman is using religion and making it a Hindu vs Muslims? cheap

I did wonder y of all ppl this psycho stalker was cast in krish. I kind of had premonition that something would go wrong. She is a dangerous bloody attention seeker & a user. May Almighty give strength & courage to Hrithik.God Bless!

There is no law in this world to put anyone behind the bars for dating a person from another sect. Neither lady cop will slap anyone for no reason. The LIES and FAKE stories by these stalkers are nothing but rubbish. No person with sane mind will trust her lies.

Sunaina has already tried marriage plenty of times to fortune hunters on the make. It was the Roshans who supported her , the daughter & the husbands. Nobody said anything about Susanne's wedding to Hrithik and it was always mentioned religion was never a priority from the beginning. They r still cordial with the Khans too. They may be distrusting the man having seen Sunaina lose her head many times.

I agree with you Sunaina comes across as a very naive gullible woman, she has married several times and all these marriages failed. If Kangana has Sunaina's interest at heart she should advice her to listen to her family. This so called man she now wants to marry is another fortune hunter and they are trying every thing to stop her from making the same mistake again.

kangana and her sister should stop putting this on social media besides they Roshans know what is good for their daughter.

Hrithik married a muslim woman himself....stop trying to use religion to shame him...such cheap tactics to use a vulnerable situation to manipulate people.

Lol hrithik had Muslim wife ..now they brought Hindu Muslim issue to make it more complicated just like how politicians and priests do all sins and use religion ..shame on you fake feminist demon how low will you stoop

What kind of a upbringing these psycho gets? Shame on their parents to raise such negative person

Never seen a low life low class woman so desperate for a man. She is srk of daar

I told you KR has an evil plan and will attack Hrithik during her flop movie. The reason of her shifting the date to 26 July was to talk and attack him. But never knew she is cheap and characterless enough to use his sick sister and personal matter to settle the score.

You need to back off and stop poking your flifthy ass in people's personal life.

Kangana stop this nonsense. Stop harassing Hrithik. Yiuvare misusing your gender card

These psycho sisters should be put behind the bars asap.

Sunaina should work for a living and stop feedin off her family's hard work.

Sunaina's daughter keeps away from her as she is so toxic when she is off Medicine.

Sunaina is 50 yr old ill woman who is living off her parents. She can leave home anytime and marry anyone and has married multiple times already. No one can stop her from marrying anyone as she can walk out of the house and do it. Suzzanne is Parsi so why would Roshan's stop daughter marrying a Muslim? Sunaina is blackmailing her parents for money it seems like and Kangs is backing her instead of taking her to the hospital to get back on her Bi Polar meds.

In May, when Hrithik tweeted 'This unrelenting helplessness must end' Sunaina retweeted it and now this. I am no expert on anything, but both Rangoli and Sunaina are IRRELEVANT, just living off their siblings hard work.

She is 50 years old lady. She has everything in her life because of her father and brother. This situation can understand those who has an alcoholic or drug addict in the family. You better choose to become their enemies than give them what they want!!! And what are you doing? The sisters try to use this situation because of the release of their film! Shame on you! Is this called “serious journalism”?

Kangana needs mental help.

So that's was the plan for MHK promotions that's why she try to clash her movie with her obsession.

No one is believing these stalker.

How low kangana has fallen for a man.

Oh my god !! These sister are actually stalking his family !! They have proved him right. They can not even breathe without taking his name.

Is there any doubt left that those blinds and articles are by KR PR and she deliberately clash her movie with Hrithik's? No

Now this psycho stalker will only talk about her PHANTASY for a month. Lies and accusing without proofs. Only fools will trust her.

People who blamed HR and said he is blaming kangana for no reason. It's a tight slap on their faces. He was right about harassment and stalking. He was right to shift his movie.

Evil sisters.

Her obsession with Hrithik is insane.

After all he did to her, he might have never dreamt of this day :) Karma definitely hits back!

He did nothing to her. She wronged him and his family she never thought he would expose her . KARMA will hit her.

Liar said I wont intervene in someone's family matter and now these lies. Liar kangana

Provide proofs of your claims. Call records and messages.

Sunaina is suffering. Her relationship has ended. And not dating anyone at this point. Shame on these cheap psychopath stalkers to defame a woman, taking benefit and acting like some devi.

Worry about your safety bloody stalker bitch.

Everyone has a right to give advice to their family members. Stop lying, and butting in others family matters.

Fake feminist spreading lies about a woman who is ill and problems with her family.

Hrithik's movie is coming soon ,its getting praise by all. This stalker is just trying to harm his image so his movie flop. She tried it by clashing but he backs out.

When someone is in distress trust them - situations change every day, if she seemed to well yesterday there could be a problem today. Proud of you Rangoli and Kangana by bringing it in public, let the necessary authorities visit their residence and offer right help. Fear if the Roshans will allow them do their duty even - they can shut any case with money :(

Proud of them because making an ill woman's personal problems public just to defame his brother's image? You are as low as them then...

Dear stalker rangoli, there is no case on roshans, no Muslim man in sunaina life and noone slapped and wants her to be behind the bars. It's in your head.


It's as true as paris engagement and years of relationship.

Paid pr for mhk.then ekta said it will be a dignified release. Lol

Public was damn right that kangana will attack someone and do drama during MHK. See.

Now acid attack on her is justified

Who is she to interfere in their personal and family matters in first place? Sunaina is not well and not dating anyone. If she is, and whatever their family issues are, this only proves these women are stalking Hrithik and his family. Thus proven Hrithik claims right.

Kangana is just trying hard to damage Hrithik image and spreading lies about his family.

Truth is out. These sisters are sick. They deliberately clash her movie with Hrithik's movie and planned an evil movie promotions when he shifted, they went into panic what to do thus came up with this.

Kangana said she will scar him for life if he rejects her. she is doing all.

Stop running your imagination wild stalkers.

Rangoli called me and crying for help. Kangana wanted to out her behind the bars . Because she is dating a muslim man. I am making it public because I am fear this cheap psychopath will harm her too.

Hrithik Hrithik lol these evil women are so obsessed with Greek God.

Proofs? I m sure there must be proofs.

Using his sick sister to promote her movie and taking revenge on him. Shameless woman

Who would put anyones behind the bars for dating a Muslim man? Kuch bi. Stop it rangoli

Hrithik was right. These sisters stalked and harassed him.

MHK promotions started

Liar psycho stalker lying again.

if sunaina is really bipolar, then it is a possibility that she is "thinks" this is what is happening even if the family is prob just saying to take it slow or something.

We dont believe you sisters. Your intentions are always to ruin Hritik’s life and now you are exploiting Sunaina who is mentally ill. She has many failed marriages behind her because of her illness. Leave Hritik alone and stop pulling the strings from behind the curtains and then acting innocent.

These sisters are too much drama - they have nothing better for themselves than living in the past. They are obsessed with Hrithik. Completely going mad!!

Sunaina wrote on Twitter that she ead partying in chembur last week, her friends acknowledged meeting her at golf course...how can she be partying if she is being assaulted

This is so ludicrous. Suzanne was muslim Bahu to them. Why will they oppose now? I am tired of family drama played on Twitter by this Kangu and Rangu. And no I am not HR PR or fan. I actually support Kangana on nepotism but not this drama.

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