Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS the star turned down films with Ranbir Kapoor & Akshay Kumar

Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel has tweeted about how Kangana chose to create her own unique journey in bollywood and how she made a name for herself by her sheer hard work.
Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS the star turned down films with Ranbir Kapoor & Akshay Kumar
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Kangana Ranaut has carved a niche path for herself in the entertainment industry. This multi-talented actress has tried her hands at script writing as well as direction. Kangana's debut film Gangster was a super hit film. This was followed by another successful film in Queen in which she essayed the role of Rani. This film got Kangana a National Award and several other allocated. Needless to say, the actress is a powerhouse of talent. Her most recent film that earned big numbers at the box office is Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, where Kangana donned the hat of the director for the film.

Interestingly, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel has tweeted about how Kangana chose to create her own unique journey in bollywood and how she made a name for herself by her sheer hard work. One of the Twitter users had ranked Kangana as one of the top ranked actresses in bollywood, he gave Kangana the number one spot. Chandel responded by saying that her sister has achieved everything by herself in spite of being an outsider in the entertainment industry.

The list of actresses that were a part of rankings were names like, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and Shraddha Kapoor. The list of the actresses ranked was based on their box office numbers, and Kangana Ranaut came out to be a clear winner. Well, we are not surprised by this conclusion of the rankings, as all of Kangana's film choices were path-breaking in their own way.


Kangana abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jaao!

Rangoli chudail is more apt

Kangs has become a Joka and is laughed at by the nation and no one takes anything she says seriously.

These 2 are so Judgmental and Negative that we are switching off to their rantings and they are not taken seriously.

There is nothing called truth in anything related to Kangana anymore. She may have rejected these movies and did the likes of Rangoon , simran and what not. The impact she made with those movies is zero , nothing. There was some point of discussing if she did some great work after rejecting these. Who cares now ?

Oh god!!!enough already Miss Rangoli Chandel!!! If Kangana refused to do a movie which was offered to her IT IS OBVIOUS THAT SOMEONE OTHER ACTRESS WILL DO IT. They are also in the industry to make a name for themselves whether it's a 1 second role or 2 hr role IT'S THEIR CHOICE. If you want to blow Kangana's trumpet please definitely go ahead and do that nobody's stopping you but not by putting down all the other actresses.

Enuf bias pink villa how much down will you stoop ..if something is written which will open the reality of real evil you never dare to post and who is the chdail why must we read abt her shit ..

Ok.. this is the last article I’ll ever read about the sisters! Done with the zero creativity and abundant negativity!

Haha yeh sach main hi Bolly ki waat laga rahi hai! Keep going Queen

Based on box office successes Kangana came out as clear winner ??? Like all the revolver Ranis , rangoons and simrans considered ? All righty. Kangana is PV’s bread and butter

Kangana is good, no doubt about it. But let her work talk for her, why this unnecessary bashing and drama. Geez!!!!

Did not Kangana do a role with some politician’s son? Movie was a major flop. And she has a lot of movies with Ajag devgan too.

She was offered Mother India too but she refused since she was’nt born yet.


The psycho sisters

This nepo sisteris always singing praises of meal ticket Kangana.

Why can't Kangana blow her own trumpet? Why does she order the nepo sister to do it?

What is her point here? Kangana doesn’t want to do all films that come to her. She wants to do heroine who is the hero of the film. We get it. Rangoli, we are so happy that she is very selective. Let her be selective because we don’t miss seeing her in all the movies you listed. We are very happy to see a heroine who portrayed that role as required without any inhibitions. We watch who ever brings that role alive for us for two hours while we watch movie. If your sister doesn’t someone else get to do it. Have some dignity and leave us as well as actresses we made us relate to the characters to ourselves. You and your sister do what you believe in. It doesn’t mean every actress needs to follow the same path. Remember cinema means for us entertainment, something that take us away from real world for couple of hours. We don’t give more value than that. You give, you chose roles but please realize audience as well as actresses should believe what you believe. All of us are not sane. Accept the differences as a dignified person. Jeez.

Good, those movies were awful. You generally hear people (Aish) talking about GOOD movie they rejected, as if they are superior to them. Kangana is like idk Aamir in that she will only do a movie if it A) has a good script or B) she is the focus. Krrish 3 was gag me terrible, but everyone know Kangana was the only good part.

i was offered the main lead in sanju too with ranbir playing jim sarbhs role....but i refused and hirani considered ranbir for the main lead :D

I thought Kangana supports feminism? Does bashing other women’s choices equal to supporting feminism now in these sisters’ book? Kangana chose to not do those movies, no one forced her. Same goes to other actresses, they chose their path. Why go around barking now as if she was rejected?

Just like her personality her PR campaign also is too much like subjiwalah shouting in a market

Kangana when you are a s strong independent women people will loosely call you psycho, liar etc but it’s not their fault as they are either weak women or men who have never been around strong opinionated women. Keep rocking Kangana!!


So true Rangoli and the biggest one is Alia, Salman is 20 plus years older to her and she looks like a kid too yuck ..they all stand for me too but happily work with Akshay Kumar

I believe her

Yeah right ,Kangana may have refused a movie with RK but was more than ready to shimmy n shake with him by sending him pix when he was with Katrina.

So she accepted that every tweet related to kangna is written by kangna herself.

These sisters should keep quiet,

You go girls !

Now Rangoli is sounding like Aishwarya Rai going through all the movies that Kangana rejected. Lots of stars have rejected movies and better movies than she listed which could have changed there careers around.

Aamir Khan I would class as the king of rejecting movies, movies that could have made him a very rich, saleable star bigger than SRK in the 90's he rejected. Never, ever heard him discussing those movies. He is the true trend setter, who decided to only star in one movie per year. When Baazi bombed in 1995 Aamir received heavy criticism, one actor: sunil shetty had said at the time, he's glad he doesn't do one movie per year as he would be wiped out. This gamble evently paid off. Not only that many magazines wouldn't even right rubbish about him at that time. Today everyone gets written about good or bad.

Rangoli aka Kangana should mention the kind of side kick roles were offered to her. NO main lead roles were offered.

Wait, tomorrow this mental will claim to be offered a PM seat but she refused.

As usual, a negative campaign started by flop kangana and her nepo sister to promote her flop movie.

Pyscho sisters.

Yes, these were offered to her in her vivid imagination .lol

Liar sisters.

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