Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel slams Aditya Pancholi for calling the actress a product of nepotism

With a series of tweets, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel bashes Aditya Pancholi.

Kangana Ranaut's explosive interview with a leading TV news channel is something which won't be forgotten for years.
Recently, during an interview with a portal, Aditya Pancholi called Kangana a product of nepotism. For the uninitiated, the Kangana and Aditya affair date back to the time when Ranaut had just arrived in Mumbai and was in her struggling days. It was around the release of her first film, Gangster (2006) when the rumours of her dating him were doing the rounds. Aditya turned out to be an abusive boyfriend and Kangana became a victim of domestic violence.
Her sister Rangoli Chandel slammed Pancholi with a series of tweets and said that he couldn't even make his children's career yet.
Rangoli tweeted, "A failed actor Pancholi claims that he made super star Kangana.....he who could not make his own children career... Kangana hs gven 5 audition fr Gangster bfore she gt the jb. She ws nt intrducd 2 Mukesh Bhatt by Pancholi bt Anurag Basu himself......And Anurag Basu had no contact with Pancholi or his family .....He must use his contacts and give work to his jobless children, why doen't he send them to Bhatt office ......Because he misbehaved with Mukesh Bhatt when he was working with them in his movie Saathi (1991)since then he is banned in Vishesh films...Can't stop laughing !!This news is joke f the day !!! I mean really,  Yes he gt hr prtfolio done bt Kangana ws an Elite modl she hd hr prtfolio he pretnded 2 guide hr n forcd hr 2 gt new prtfolio whch he paid 4 N frm dere on startd dictatrship I hv paid fr ur folio food house( whch he insistd she stayd in) .... So does that mean he can beat the living day light out of a kid younger than his daughter? Whoever is writing this bullshit I want to ask, does that give him a right to beat up a minor to death? Instead of condemning him jurno's are enjoying juicy headline hahahhaha I pity you all !!!!"
Well, that's a huge revelation!

Credits: Twitter

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Can someone please tell me how old is kangana? If she was hurt at 17 and if she was born in 87, would not this abuse be in 2004 or 2005? But she posed with pancholi around the time gangster released.. smiling with him... in 2006. I dont buy her victim story here.

I am sick of Kangana, her sister and also these fiascos! Stop playing victim/woman card 24/7! Pinkvilla pls dont post anythin g about these people! This is too much on a daily basis!!!

With this rule.... Salman could not make his brothers star, his SIL was item dancer, SIL's sister a.k.a. Amrita Arora could not become a top actress, His BIL is not known for top career and so on....
But still he gets all the credit to make Katrina a top actress. why can't same apply for Kagnana?

Also yes, he could not make Sooraj an star but why do we know him just because of father.
Same he did to your sister Rangoli ji - introduce to whom he knew and providing food and lodging.... If the first one Nepotism that is introducing sooraj as his son then introducing you is Nepotism too. you were then his GF.

Well! Ka fans is a hypocrite. Now that she has achieved some fame, she is singing this saga

I am sick of reading about kangana

I am no Kangana fan but one thing I am liking here is the way these two sisters are ripping people apart.It is fantastic, people like Aditya HR KJO Ajay D truly deserve it, I am so glad someone has guts to be really brutally honest. and the thing is that is something these people can not take it as they never thought gal like Kangana can be so nasty. I am so sure many actress in bollywood are secretly thanking her for being so brutal. I really do not agree with all the trash talk and washing dirty laundry in public, but I admire their guts.. Mann its not easy to do that in bollywood, when there are so many of these big actors rule everything. Trust me its a big bad world out there. Its not easy for any outsider actress to get role that easily, some nasty men out there including Ajay, Akshay, its all nice image they out in front of public, reality is very different.

Mahesh Bhatt pooja bhatt r friends of Aditya panscholi and overall girls sell body for roles but men cannot as women producers r too less

kangana's age issue set aside, rangoli has a point. even sunil shetty and govinda are unable to get their own daughters good movies, sooraj isnt getting offers, nobody in bollywood will bet so much money on u just bcz u r someones relative or paramour. kangana got a chance based on talent. sonam's career would hve sunk too if it werent for neerja and her daddy asking his unusually kind besties to take her in movies albeit for floss roles

Because those actors don't want them to sleep with others

When kangana first appeared in koffee with karan with Ajay devgn and group ,she herself said I m lucky to have born in north India..because I'm fair... Now she says she'll not endorse a fairness product... She has an illness of blowing her own trumpet... She calls herself a megastar even amitabh bacchan doesn't call himself as a star.

PV post this..

Not supporting aditya pancholi but reading her tweets and the language tone, rangoli seems to be off her head

Aditya pancholi disgusts me just as much as this Kangana and her crazy pregnant sister!

Whoever Aditya would have introduced Kangana to etc, he would have done twice as much for his son, yet Sooraj is struggling to get roles. That says it all.

Pancholi,his silly ex and Twitter...the endless saga...

Umm Rangoli why do you have a job? Oh right your sister. Focus on your kid, you've had one miscarriage and all this negativity won't do you well. We know Kangana wasn't a minor. The timeline simply doesn't add up. Soon someone with the right paperwork will step up and you'll look like fools.

It's boring to go on and on what this flight. Pls stop and do some value add work.

This is nothing new but in one of Aditya's recent interviews he even went so far as to question the allegation that he hit Kangana. Unfortunately for him, at least one random eye witness had given an account.

I too dont beleive pancholi was of any help to kanganas career , his own career had ended long back , and he isn't able to do much for his own kids . all he must have done for kangana in return for shacking up is paid for her gifts

Remind me again, what was Rangoli and her family doing when Kangana was 16 and sacking up with Pancholi? I forgot there was no twitter back then or else she would have tweeted endless. So we have to believe Kangana was in love with Pancholi and was not with him for his contacts? Of course, she is a product of nepotism. Some stars have famous fathers with connections and Kangana found a daddy with connection, failed actor daddy albeit!

Absolutely agree with your comment here. What was Rangoli doing all those years? It's obvious these days that she has a voice and was extremely concerned. Truth of the matter is that they were using Aditya for his Bollywood connections. It's a different story that Kangana is talented, but that doesn't change the fact that she was using Aditya. Tired of her I am such a righteous person, who will judge everyone else attitude. If she did it, she needs to have the guts to admit it, and not twist the story to play a victim.

EXACTLY! Well said!! Kangna will talk about everything except Aditya. Nobody forced her to live with him for 5 years. She did it willingly.
She is a fraud and a liar.
I hope Simran is a giant flop and she disappears for ever.

Her brand of "Women's rights" is defined as sleeping with a man old enough to be her grandpa in order to climb the professional ladder.

WHO made her the poster child?
She is pathetic

Again women are after their agenda in such a serious issue. You don't like Kangana because she dragged your idol a product of nepotism? You hate her because she called your star for her PR stunts? You angry because your idol tried to snatch a movie but Kangana kicked between her legs? You angry because she fought back against your idol when he was harassing her?!
A pedophile having a relationship with a 16 year old girl is not OKAY! It is not okay to support the RAKSHASA? This is a new low...! I support Kangana because pedophiles use young kids young girl in their teenage years. He used her, he beat her up and he should even if not a punishment from the law but he should be punished for his wrongdoings by general public. We should unite and say NO TO GROWN MEN FORCING THEM ON KIDS AND TEENAGE GIRLS/BOYS.

If she was really 16, she can file a statutory rape case on him. Along with an harassment case. So I wonder why this champion for women's cause isn't doing that instead of giving absurd interviews. There is saying out there, empty vessels make lot of noise. Also, a barking dog seldom bites.

snatch a movie ? Rangoon ? the super hit rangoon?

I am loving it!! If there is one thing that bollywood elites care the most about, it is their privacy to remain within the bounds of Bollywood-town! They all know what is happening inside but they don't leak it to the outside world. Kangana is the only one to have guts to leak the details and it is eating them up because they can't shut her up!! They might not show it but they are all having sleepless nights. Kangana is doing what Karan Johar does on koffee with karan. The only difference is this time it is not making them money!! All they want to do is to control the narrative but they have no control over Kangana. You go girl!!

If it wasn't for Pancholi she wouldn't be a star in Bollywood but yes Pancholi had no right to abuse her. He should be behind bars.

Rangoli said Kangana and Aditya met in 2005. Aditya showed the passport copy, it showed Kangana born in 1986. So Kangna was 19 when she met Aditya, is that minor? She was an adult when she chose to live with him. And Aditya daughter was born in 1987, he showed that proof too. So she's younger than Kangna.

Its high time that people like Pancholi is shown the mirror. Kangana has spoken the truth which is bitter but its needed.

Rangoli is apt name for kangs sis...meaning run away else goli mardegi....RUNGOLI...hehehe

Rangoli...pl.chup ho jao. We are all with you and Kangana. Just stop this mudslinging!

KRK review of kangana is on point. He nails her lies by showing her own interviews and statements. She is so fake and liar.

Hrithik PR all over pinkvilla comments

Your wish kangana PR. Hrithik and PR doesn't care about you.public knows the truth and can see your lies.

I liked kangana and rangoli but the language they use is not acceptable.
I respect hritik for his silence

Britain is silent because he's a hypocrite. His extra marital affair is exposed. Silly EX... haha

If Hrithik had remained silent none of this would be happening, he is the one that tweeted and responded to begin with and then filed a "defamation" case against her so he said but actually it was a cyber crime case which he couldn't prove and then he leaked emails and has done nothing but talk about it!

Hormonal rangoli waqai mein bohot sare rang phela rahi hai...

Kangana using Rangolli's account.

KRK ne Kangana ki kya bejazzhati ki hai. Everyone should watch the video.

I don't get people. She was left to hang dry the day Hritik sent out those email for everyone to read. What's left there. Standing for herself by doing that she is standing for all the girls women we were wronged and will be wronged!! Sad but true.

You make no sense what so ever. Kangana is anything but the flag bearer of feminism and women power. She is a disgrace to women. She keeps lying about her imaginative affairs and she can't expect the others to not stand up for themselves. Watch KRK video and you'll understand that Kangana was no minor when she used Aditya to get films, she was not in love in Hrithik or in any affair for 7 years with him, she is not a victim of anything. Rangoli and Kangana are mental people. Stop falling for the media gimmicks and Kangana's constant lying.

She was harassing and stalking him. Kangana has force him to publish emails written by her. He has to to support his case. She herself invited this on her. You can't accuse and threat others hoping they wint rract. Every thing is fair in love and war. Women are wronged bcoz they provide chance to men to wrong them.

Her tweets is a proof that all that mails were written by them.

Damn true. The same kind of words and writing style. Hrithik doesn't have to do anything . These liar sisters are exposing themselves.

The Roshans, Pancholis and Sumans can stop worrying about PR strategies. Rangoli is on their team, strengthening their cases one tweet at a time.

Just a teensy bit of advice to rangoli, please just shut your twitter accounts for a few weeks, you'll be doing a great service to all of us and especially your sister, who had just recently earned her brownie points back with that kickass video! Stop trying to ruin everything with this mud slinging rangoli!

Just a teensy bit of advice to rangoli, please just shut your twitter accounts for a few weeks, you'll be doing a great service to all of us and especially your sister, who had just recently earned her brownie points back with that kickass video! Stop trying to ruin everything with this mud slinging rangoli!

So pancholi says he paid for rangoli's treatment but is that actually a fact?

i love how protective she is about her sister.. that is so sweet of her and so brave to stand up for her sis

It's kangna pretending to be Rangoli. Rangoli is a very shy darpokh type woman. I know her.

Now why bold kangana is hiding behind her sister? Rangoli answering all . Disgusting stalker

But Aditya is RIGHT. Kangana is also a product of Nepotism. She was having an affair with Aditya who introduced her to people in the industry. Didn't her sister claim his wife took Kangana to SLB?

but Kangana has not worked with SLB til date and why don't the Pancholis take their son to meet him?

I thoroughly believe that Aditya, his wife, and his son need to be jailed for Jiah Khan. Aditya needs to learn something from Hrithik. He remains silent & dignified, because he cares about his children.

More and more Rangoli tweets, she is exposing Kangana too!

Both the girls lied about her age. Shouldn't they respond to that first???

One girl comes out to tell the story, after many failed, disappeared, took life or got killed. Still she is to blame!! 2 claps for you all!! :(

The girls that you are talking about and THIS girl are different scenarios. This girl was in consensual relationships... All with married men, except one. She has problems with rejection and is using the woman card to shame the other party.

You are insulting the other victims by equating them to her. PV please post

Yes and in your eyes that makes it ok for a other person to be physically abusive!! See the mentality!! PV please post.

NOTHING about this is OK. INCLUDING Kann. She was not a victim. She was not underage. She used him as much as he used her

NOTHING about this is OK. INCLUDING Kann. She was not a victim. She was not underage. She used him as much as he used her

Even though I am not in favor of Pancholi, but one cannot deny the fact that it was Pancholi who came to Rangoli's rescue after the acid attack. He got her operated. Looked after the bills. Agreed that Pancholi is a scumbag, but the least Rangoli can do is show some gratitude towards Pancholi. He was there for her at the right time. Her attacks are really really personal. The things Pancholi has said are not even half as bad as what Rangoli has been saying. Never thought I would say this but Pancholi has more class than Rangoli. This is really sad.

How are you so sure Pancholi helped Kangana's sister? Kangana had signed some D grade movies just for money and I dont believe Pancholis can care for anyone.

She should shut her mouth

The more you talk the more you sisters are exposing yourself!

Such stupid sisters

WOW that is true..look at his children...no career at all!!!!

But wants to be tagged as hrithik's EX, desperate sisters!

She doesn't want to be called as Aditya's silly EX!!
Four years illicit relationship!

wow pancholi is twisted

Hormones on fire!

You helped your surgery treatment Rangoli

her lover knows her so well

she is a laughing stock

she sold her self to him

go have a good cry in a corner ranaut sisters

rangoli can dish it out but cant take it

Rangoli is on FIRE!!!

Aditya's silly ex is hiding behind her sister

Rangoli got her job through NEPOTISM

There's no demand for that job, who is Rangoli's competition?

I dont appreciate rangoli but she definitely killed him with this declaration

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