Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel takes a jibe at Deepika Padukone & her foundation in her latest tweet

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel recently lashed out Deepika Padukone in her latest tweet. Check it out.
News,Deepika Padukone,Rangoli Chandel,Mental Hai KyaKangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel takes a jibe at Deepika Padukone & her foundation in her latest tweet
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Recently, after facing issues with the title and idea of the film, Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao starrer Mental Hai Kya's trailer was released. The quirky video was loved by the viewers. However, Kangana's sister Rangoli has been lashing out a lot of Bollywood celebrities on social media lately and the latest one is Deepika Padukone. Earlier, Deepika's The Live Love Laugh Foundation, which deals with the issues of mental health, had asked the makers of Mental Hai Kya to be responsible as they wrote on Twitter, “Many millions who suffer with mental illness in India already face tremendous stigma. Therefore,it is extremely important to be responsible and sensitive towards the needs of those suffering.” 

The foundation had shared a boomerang video of DP from the time she came out in open about her struggle with depression on national television for the first time. Therefore, taking a jibe at Deepika and her foundation, Rangoli wrote on Twitter, "Yeh kya ho raha hai? Yeh depression hota hai, yeh woh log hain jinko word Mental se problem thi, magar depression vidoes pe baration ki tarah nach rahe hain, kya ghatiya wahiyat tarika hai depression ke naam pe publicity lene ka .. @TLLLFoundation."

On the work front, Deepika is all set for her upcoming film 'Chhapaak' alongside Vikrant Massey. Helmed by Meghana Gulzar, the movie is based on the life of the acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal who now speaks for the rights of acid attack victims. Laxmi was attacked at the minor age of 15 in 2005. Chhapaak is scheduled to hit the theatres on January 10, 2020. The actress will also be seen playing the on-screen wife of her real life husband Ranveer Singh in the sports drama '83.

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England Queen Victoria should have sure kangana because she made a song on her name in her 2014 film Queen. But she is not that stupid unlike Deepika.

I was unaware of the whole drama that deepika and her foundation threatened kangana to change their films title.Deepika is the same women who has done cheap item songs like dum maro dum and lovely.She is the same women who did a regressive role in 2018. Her jauhar act was lauded by Indian men because that's how they want to see their wives as, as a doormat. Let's not forget how they degraded a legendary Rajpoot Queen's name for sake of creating hype for their film and hurt the sentiments of entire Rajpoot community in India. And then she has got the balls to bring down other actresses. She needs to be shown a mirror.

Deepika depression story was brave but she is milking it obnoxiously. Stop and do work silently with whatever the worth is your foundation. Dont insult people suffering from depression.

Despo sisters. DP doesn't need PR she is already a legend, ha ha ha the jokes on them crazy sisters.

these sisters should be disbarred from tweeting

Kangana is the same woman who did films like queen and term and started the trend of women centric films which Deepika followed with piku. Before kangana Deepika was copying katrina and Kareena and doing item girl roles in film like hny and ramleela and doing item songs. If Kangana is doing a film on mental patient then, I am sure she will bring awareness in society.She has always been a responsible actress on-screen. What Deepika and her foundation did was unexpected and tried to push the film in controversy. Deepika knows that she has lost her game Alia and kangana was anyways always ahead of her so she is so insecure these days.

Desperado DP & her team making foolish comments below. Big time desperation. People should stop working with her.

Strongly urge that the Bollywood and advertising industry stop giving any work to Kangy and her ugly sister. They are the filth creating filthy environment in Bollywood industry.

Hi Deepika, dont cry

Deepika is nothing in front of Kangana

Deepika is desperate these days, she always has an agenda.

I have been depressed as long as I can remember. I can't relate to this woman and her foundation.

Kangana has become a joke because of Rangoli

This rangoli is too much she is seeking attention through her bad mouth ...

When Hritiks father spoke for him kangana said why does a 40 year old need someone else to speak for him.
Now look at who is speaking for her.
Hypocrite kangana.

Why did Deepikas foundation pick a fight with Kangana in the first place?....they certainly knew they were gonna be replied to. Looks like it’s DPlooking for publicity from them and not the other way around like her fans are claiming

enough already with these vile sisters, stalking others to start fights and have something to talk about during promotions. she can keep making movies but i will never buy a ticket to another movie of hers ever, many don’t either as it is

The TLLL foundation posted this video 2 days before rangoli and kangana searched for another target besides taapsee, they’re pathetic and obvious. The most successful films don’t need aggressive marketing tactics, definitely overcompensating and insecurity with these two.

Both the sisters should send to mental hospital .

Kanganas new movie ...wanting to create publicity so say anythng ...dp is not babe in the woods,but rangoli being the flag bearer of the society...is so obivious attempt to get publicity of these controversies...just ignore 2mrw there would be another trget for these sisters!!!

So vicious for no reason at all. She needs help

Psycho self proclaimed queen. Flop stalker

When is this mental movie releasing?Kangana will keep chanting names of people like DP to get some some attention.Hope the movie releases and tanks soon so that we are done with her nautanki for some days

From comments here, you'd know some people are so dumb that they can never ever have any iota of sense ever. Hate all you want but at least have some sense. Acknowledging the number of viewers is an awareness on its own. It means that 1m people have seen the video and is a step in the right direction. Some people saying that she shouldn't have been smiling because she's depressed. Are y'all reasonable at all.

Why a 36 years old kangana needs her sister to speak? Coward. #neposis

Deepika PR created queen

DP is not a PR created Queen. Public love her and she has earned it . You jealous self proclaimed psycho

Rangoli Chandaal mental hai kya

Deepika is a real Queen. Jealous kangana is a self proclaimed Queen. Stalker.
Post pv plz

Sadak chaap sisters! These two are obnoxious.

hahaha look at haters' desperation so many views and comments within minutes - if you hate Kangana and Rangoli avoid karo unki posts

This shows these psychos has no identity and worth of their own and only gets notice when talk about superstars. If these jealous souls hate Deepika so much so they should stop stalking her posts and stop following her. Why taking digs at her?

Sorry dear Kangy,the post garnered views because it involved DP’name.Not for you or your sister’s drama

Deepika stop this tamasha please. You are not the mother of this topic. Many people silently do better work than you and many actors in your misogynistic industry (see comments below) have dealt with it better too.

Kanganaa stop talking to Deepika in your imagination. Stop this drama please. You are not a mother of feminism. Many people silently do better work than you and many actors in your misogynistic industry (see comments below) have dealt with it better too.



Deepika think depression is her personal dukaan. Outside mumbai, there is NO awareness created by her drama. Deepika is a a despo psycho.


Despo psycho Rangoli get your facts rights. Her foundation has created awareness world wide. See her official account as a proof. You think lashing out at others and using feminism is your personal dukaan. Chlao at least she is creating awareness even if its in Mumbai. Kangana is a stalker pscyho.


Both sisters are petty and this type of thing discredits ANY valid criticism they actually do give. The greatest gift to social media would be if this Rangoli witch got banned.

Why so desperately looking for attention from people who do matter? Any problem with the movie release or do you get paid per reaction?

Don’t care for Rangoli and Kangana and they let legiminate criticism like this look petty because they pick on everyone in a petty way but this is legitimate criticism. Deepika has always created fake issues for publicity because that’s all she craves. Depression does not look like what she had. This video valudates that the foundation is just another PR vehicle for her and celebrating the fact that it’s working. Both Deepika and these sisters are on opposite ends of an ill personality spectrum.

Ok fake and jealous katrina

Ok fake and jealous katrina

Ok pee cee !

KRK’s female version = Rangoli

Gee ,who's next tomorrow ?

Deepika will never respond to these two sisters’ digs. We should do same. We should learn to ignore her, not talking her words seriously because if we do, this saga never ends, She will never stop if we comment on her digs against any successful heroine. In her mind all success, awards, big films, everything worthwhile should be associated with Kangana. If not she will target those who achieved something significant.

Rangoli has no voice. Kangna pays her bills in lieu of tarnishing Rangoli's image.

I'm afraid this psycho sisters duo may get beaten up someday by public if spotted roaming in Mumbai..this is on cards soon..

This time she is right no one celebrates such a thing dancing. If Kangana is a psycho queen Deepika is a drama queen. No one goes around sticking to an ex after getting married. Look at Kareena and Shahid they’re so cordial and never spoke about their relationship publicly. Deepika is a shrewd person still sticking to Ranbir, who does that.

Ok katrina !

Ok jealous and shrewd kangana. Fyi Dp is over Rk. Its he who is trying to stick to Dp and kat both for publicity.
Post it

Ok Deepika in your dreams, go and check the videos.. for no reason holding him hugging him so please don’t give me BS that Ranbir is after her. He dumped her.

Someone is dying to get attention form Queen Deepika. Despo.

What kangana has done for women and feminism? Dp at least open up a foundation for mental sick people

Psycho sisters

She needs a doctor as asap.



Rangoli needs professional help.

Rangoli is a never ending toxic n poisonous supply. Trash sisters should accept a challenge to promote a single movie without insulting others.

Kangana is queen

Ya queen of hate and jealousy

Queen of negativity and hate. #mad kangana

Dear rangoli or whatever your name is....leave deepika alone....stay away from her or karma will hit you 2 hard.

She has to open her mouth against everyone... trashy sisters

No work and all play makes Rangoli a vile girl.

A talk on depression and hitting 1 M views on youtube,does not call for a celebration. It's a sensitive issue not some thing you should be dancing on or celebrating.deepika is such an illetrate and cheap woman.PV post ,enough of biases.

It created awareness among a million people..

Dear Rangoli, I am a huge fan of Kangana, but she would lose everything what she earned just because of your foul mouth. Can you please be quiet for sometime and it's a request!

When you dont have any talent, stardom and popularity so take digs at successful people like Deeoika, Tapsee, anurag, HRITHIK, varun to get notice .

Deepika is 1000000000 times better person and actress,self made than this psycho kangana.

Kitna ghatiya aur wahiyat tariqa hai dosron ko neecha dekha k apni flop film promote karne ka.
Post this please pv

They are so jealous of Quuen Deepika.

Cant this psychopath promote a single film without spreading negativity?

People should stop giving work to Kangy and her sister. They bad mouth everyone and generally harmful to Bollywood stars doing damage to the whole industry playing dirty games boycot them!

Stalkers sisters now stalking Queen Deepika.

Trolling and badmouthing a WOMAN who is helping society and then these evil witches claims to be feminist

Negative campaign start

Kangana is so jealous and insecure of Dp. She went into depression when Dp didnt call her in person.

So called torch bearer of feminism is abusing a woman unnecessarily. Shame on her.

Using superstar Deepika to promote her flop movie and criminal sister.

Mentally ill woman starts again.

These psycho sisters are sick and need to get a treatment.

Deepika was brave enough to open up about depression in public when stars hides their weaknesses. She didnt use it for publicity but to create awareness and open a foundation to help people. Get a life rangoli.

With celebrities, everything is for publicity.

Taking jibs at superstars is her favourite hobby

Psycho shru hogai pir

Paise ke liye Kangana liquor promote karti sakti hain toh khud ka depression promote karne mein apka kya jata hai Rangoli ji.

Haha I am so enjoying seeing these two ladies digging their own grave. I am sure it’s all gonna end well for everyone. Let’s see how long is gonna be your run

Why is Rangoli given education..the way she write and talks shows she is anyways gawar and down market.. stop spreading so much of poison on everything

Actually Rangoli. Sometimes it’s good to put the happy videos to give positive vibes. But you won’t understand because u r so clouded by your hatred and viciousness.

thats so true.Deepika missed RANBIR SO MUCH after break up AND GOT INTO DEPRESSION. NOW She uses it for publicity.

Hater chill. Dp went into depression for various reasons not only coz of break up. Listen to her whole interview. She isnt using it for publicity but spread awareness, brave to talk about her weakness and open up a foundation to help people
Pv post this please

My blood boils whenever I see news on Rangoli and Kangana. Why isn't anyone taking actions?

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