Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel trolls Alia Bhatt on winning the Best Actor Female Filmfare Award 2020

Alia Bhatt grabbed the Best Actress Filmfare Award 2020 for her amazing performance in Gully Boy. She was nominated along Kangana Ranaut, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Vidya Balan.
Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel trolls Alia Bhatt on winning the Best Actor Female Filmfare Award 2020Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel trolls Alia Bhatt on winning the Best Actor Female Filmfare Award 2020
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Alia Bhatt is currently soaring high on her film Gully Boy also starring Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi which is directed by Zoya Akhtar winning trophies at the Filmfare Awards 2020 which was held on February 15th, 2020 at Guwahati in Assam. Alia grabbed the Best Actress Filmfare Award 2020 for her amazing performance in Gully Boy. She was nominated along Kangana Ranaut for Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, Rani Mukerji for Mardaani 2, Kareena Kapoor Khan for Good Newwz, Priyanka Chopra Jonas for The Sky Is Pink and Vidya Balan for Mission Mangal. 

While some are excited about Alia taking the black lady home, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel does not agree with Alia winning the Filmfare Award 2020 for the Best Actor Female. Rangoli expressed her views against this on her social media account. She tweeted, "Alia got award for her mediocre performance last year, she has a long way to go but still she was in the lead role, how do you get lead role award in a supporting role is beyond me .." with a smile emoji. 

Check out Rangoli Chandel's tweet on Alia Bhatt here:

This is not the first time Rangoli took a dig at Alia on winning an award. Recently, as well, Rangoli had tweeted, mocking Alia's sweet gesture for Kangana on the Manikarnika actress winning a Padma Shri Award. For the uninitiated, Kangana's name was announced in the list of Padma Shri awardees. Alia Bhatt sent a bouquet of flowers to congratulate the actress on the good news. Mocking the sweet gesture made by Alia, Rangoli shared a picture of the same and tweeted, "Yeh dekho Alia ji ne bhi Kangana ko phool bheje hain, Kangana ka pata nahin magar mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai."

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Nepo gang is planning to release another movie around Kangana’s film. Note how releases are piled around her releases.

Yes kangana has a bold nature and a bold acting she deserves best actor , seriously now i see that awards are just showwy and full of nepotism

Gosh everyone who was nominated was better than alia, rangoli is correct.

In rangoli’s cinderella story in place of alia & ananya, in reality rather it is rangoli & her brother that makes more sense nepotistically & unworthy too.

Rangoli actually is right this time. Ridiculous Alia Bhatt is

Alia Bhatt had probably a 20 minute role in the entire movie. I always knew you could buy awards but Alia and Karan Johar proved it. He gave everyone who’s film he will be producing an award. Alia, Ranveer, Sidhaart, Ananya. This man might as well make his own award function and distribute awards to his camp

Rangoli is spot on. Alia has lost it.

She was mediocre in gully boy, what confidence to accept awards shamelessly with a straight face. By the way, KJO on jury is SERIOUS conflict of interest. Imagine if Rangoli was on jury and Kangy got the award. Hell would have broken lose.

KJO & Alia are both toxic. Karma will catch up with their machinations.

Alia has become a joke for her entitlement and confidence to accept awards when she knows she does not deserve.

Rangoli's way of mocking others is really awful but this is true that this time around Alia was not deserving for this award, the award should have been given to Rani Mukerji for Mardaani 2, even Priyanka Chopra was better than her in The Sky is Pink.. but Rangoli if you are crying out for your sister then she didn't deserve it either... Awards must not be given on the subject of film but rather on the performances of the actors irrespective of the genres... It was little surprising that all the awards were given to gully boy... Shahid Kapoor deserved one for Kabir Singh... Vishal Jethwa should have won for Mardaani 2...

I honestly thought Ranaut sisters let this one skip from their harsh comments because they would be wise enough to know how silly and petty it looks to comment on winner after she won. In Rangoli’s eyes only her sister deserves all awards. But in real world Alia wins because she knows how to play the game. So many people are talented but only people who know how to play games win in real world. If they don’t want to play games and keep the battle on with every popular person in Bollywood they should be matured enough to give little importance to awards. On one side people are rejecting Kangana’s movies because of image Rangoli creates about her sister but still Rangoli doesn’t change. Is she her sister or enemy? If she really loves Kangana, she should help us see a professional who gives and takes respect from colleagues. Only then her moves will be watched without being judged based on personal view.

Enough of this nepo sisters! Like please go & get some job for yourself!!
Hamesha dusron k piche padi rehti hain aap!

Alia was so great in the movie. She gave a multidimensional performance. Kangana and Rangoli are just bullies and need to shut up.

Thank goodness kareena and her manly expressions didn’t win

No one takes Filmfare awards seriously too. The audience is with kangana and vidya

they’re rude and this just makes spoiled brat alia looks like a victim, they’re not doing themselves any favors

Rangoli is correct. KJO and his entourage was hosting the awards so what do you expect..who will get the award.. it is clear man..

This Rangoli person is so BITTER... Did she get any counselling or therapy after her incident and surgeries? I really hope she gets some help... she had a hard life.

Even Filmfare awards has joined the list of 'two rupees award shows' after this whole Gully Boy shit they shat.

Filmfare controlled by karan and his friends. This is shameful to say the least. Alia will always be a little girl playing dress up. Have no interest in seeing her on the big screen.

Rangoli hates Alia. Rangoli has got the follower base just bcz she's sister of Kangna. But she's not worthy of it. She behaves like s troll.

Bw going down....

Rangoli says she doesn't believe in credibility of these awards. But she still wants to whin about who got award and who didn't. Everyone who's been reading her tweets from past few months, they all know how poisonous her way of thinking is.

Life will compensate big time from alia if she has it so easy when she does not deserve to win.

Alia has become a joke. She does not deserve it. Kangana deserve both popular & critics award.

Why would Safeena win? It wasnt the right choice

This Rangoli is a nasty person, no need to say such things,but she is absolutely correct, Alia is a flop actor. And this role was so bad, Vidya deserves this award, I can not imagine how they gave it to Aila, such a shame..


Well this time I agree with Rangoli she is right. Awards are rigged too much politics to win the awards.

Most of other nominated actress had better performance than Alia.

Rangoli is unfortunately correct!!

Totally agree Alia Bhatt n best actor? Biggest joke

She is right for a change. It was a supporting role.

She is right. It’s all about nepotism at the filmfare. Kangana or Priyanka Chopra deserved it. They both did better jobs than Alia in Gully Boy.

Come on we all know the awards are a joke. Alia winning it against competition like KK and VB, seriously.

Rangoli stop this haryanvi attitude of bashing and insulting people who have done nothing wrong to you

Such an uneducated comment ! so u think u r abv a state ?

so u r from UK ?

Because KJO

Chandel needs help!! She is mentally sick !! Get well son nepo sis

Ur ryt

Ur ryt

Ur ryt

Ur ryt

She is correct

Seriously....rangoli is right.

This is what happens when u dont have a real job. Ranggoli, go home and sleep.

Vidya Balan should have got the award for Mission Mangal.. But as we all know how unfair this awards are...

Are bjp bhkts so can say whtvr they want to espcly to a some1from mus bckgrnd

This time I agree with Rangoli


Harsh but true


The two ladies : it is time you realize that negativity has a limit.

Rangoli is stuuupid

What an awful choice for best actress award!

Poor Rangoli she must be fuming from inside, more so after Panga being a colossal flop.

I think these sisters should get help from Deepika's foundation, they are obviously depressed. Get well soon....

No one ever took Alia seriously but now even more so - she was the weakest actor on the list of nominees

It really true poor performance

No one takes both Kangana and Rangoli seriously anymore. One actually feels sorry for them. They need help.

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