Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli claims Hrithik Roshan had suicidal state of mind

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli lashes out at Hrithik Roshan again.
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Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan's war of words is NOT going to die soon and by now, we all have an idea. Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel has been digging out the past and lashing out at Hrithik for revisiting the whole 'scandal'. 

Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel has hit out at Hrithik in a series of tweets and said, "Acc 2 Hrithik Kangna sufrin frm mentl disordr othr thn fake mails he dsnt hv ny othr medicl proof. .But I can give plenty of proofs of Hrithik's skull drilling brain surgery in 2014. N post dt slf confsed lyf coach thrapy fr years wid Arfin 2 batl dpresion n suicidal state f mind."
Hrithik and Kangana were first introduced to each other in 2009, prior to filming their movie Kites. Then the two were seen in Krrish 3, following which their relationship soured when Kangana spoke in public about her ‘silly ex’ which Hrithik took as an insinuation of their affair. And things went down the ugly route. 
Now, Hrithik has also finally broken his silence. He took to Twitter and wrote a long letter which has his side of the story. In the post, he wrote, "I choose to be on a path of creativity, productivity and constructive work. Anything that isn't in alignment with that, I tend to ignore, sidestep and treat as a distraction." He also added, "Women have suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of men and it infuriates me how some men can be so brutal and they deserve the harshest punishment. But by that logic if it ordains that one man can't be vulnerable and one woman can't be a liar, so be it. I'm ok with that too. An alleged 7-year long, passionate affair between two high profile celebrities with no trail left behind. No evidence, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses, not even a memento in possession like a selfie taken at the alleged engagement which is claimed to have happened in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that constitutes an exchange or any sort of proof of a romantic relationship."


Unlike Hrithik, Kangana has publicly spoken the alleged affair. Now, that we have two sides of the story - which one do you think is RIGHT? 

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It looks that rangoli had an affair with HR not kangana..she knows too much abt him..strange

Rangoli is obviously having a mental breakdown. How is she so involved in her sister's life? This is so embarrassing for the whole family, it doesn't matter whether there was an affair at this point or not. They are using the same tactics as Hrithik Roshan initially did but with more bluntness. This is getting out of hand, people won't sympathize with Kangana even if she is right at this point.

I think it's Kangna behind this twitter handle. I don't think Rangoli can be under such stress in her state.

Dear lord!

Rangoli, you've crossed the line, you can't come back after this nonsense.

I suppose she is retaliating as the 'fake e-mails' repeatedly refer to Kangana's disorder of some kind.

The feminist gang came out in Kangana's support when Hrithik claimed she has Aspergers. What now? She is doing the same thing. Where are those people?

He’s an idiot. Does he even know what Aspergers is it he is trying to disillusion his ignorant fans. Aspergers is not a psyche issue. Stop making a fool of yourself and read before you speak.

Hrithik didn't claim that she had Aspergers, Kangana herself wrote it in one of her emails to him. He was quoting her own words.

Any proof that she wrote those mails because she claims she didnt.

"Aspergers is not a psyche issue"
Here comes another illiterate with delusions of his/ her own. Aspergers is strictly defined as ASD & PDD by WHO. get your facts right "Feminazi"

what Psycho supporters smoking these days!? I mean really.

OMG!!! this lady needs immediate help and i feel bad for her unborn child. All this hatred is unhealthy for the baby.

this is messed up, mental illnesses and suicide are not a joke or to be so easily thrown around used to attack people. there's enough of a stigma as it is

what do you expect from a woman who didn't EVEN spare her very own FATHER? I'm never surprise with their uterances. that is their up bringing

queen of disaster

Kangana if really had an affair can just say , “ we were together on such dates in such places “. What other proof is required than her being precise and confident ? But a girl who ever really loved a man for the sake of heart doesn’t drag him ever. Aish and Sallu don’t drag each other even after their epic passion fell through for the sake of that heart which beat for one another at one point of time. Kangana has no right on his name , fame money or emotions. He should go further in taking legal action on a person like her.

I don't understand why Rangoli has to jump in every single time? Kangana can defend herself and her and Hrithik will continue this legal battle for God knows how long. Why should Rangoli speak out when nobody asked her? Rakesh Roshan has also kept mum

Stop acting like Hrithik is some saint. What about the fate of his kids who has a father who cheated on his wife and yet blamed her for the divorce? Just look at his track record. Honestly, I too felt something was off with him after his Master Class with Anupama Chopra. He was just all over the place.

Those who are blaming Rangoli for standing up for her sister really don't get it. If a sister won't expose a guy who had no qualms presenting Kangana as a crazy woman, who else would? Hrithik fans who totally buy the clean guy image he projects and thinks of him as maryada purushotham really need to see a shrink.

He is not saint but far better human being than your stalker

I can't get Hrithik fans who keep on insisting they didn't have an affair. The rumours were pretty strong at that time. I remember Hrithik tweeting that he really loved Katti Batti and I felt there must be something there coz who would really talk so well about a movie like Katti Batti? I think if people go back and look, they will find certain weird things there.

Kangana's sister is writing certain shocking things and this looks like a messed up affair, but the mess isn't proof that there was no affair in the first place. Before Hrithik's divorce, I had a different image of him. But after his tweet that he granted suzanne divorce coz she wanted it absolving himself of any responsibility for the end of that relationship (when it was he who cheated on her during Kites) made me see him in a new light. I can quite see him having a secret affair and being paranoid about others finding out about it since he clearly believes in playing the good boy for his fans whatever he may be doing behind closed doors.

So I just don't trust HR on this. Kangana and her team may be saying certain provocative things now, but it was HR who started the whole mess and published her private mails and started that whole circus about the imposter.

there was nothing between them. Have u ever seen a psych thinking straight? they always imagine things

we dont care about your psycho rants on twitter, The man does not love you period. you can say what ever

He doesn't love her. But he did have a fling with her, used her and tried to throw her away the moment she got serious.

suicidal or not, HrithiK doesnt love u and he will never. Not even your nude pictures were able to titillate him

i will say that in early stage of this war words i was confused and i seriously thought maybe HR and kr might had an affair,but now after this i feel that KR is wrong for 2 reasons, first she keeps on saying that she had an affair without any proof also she started again this controversy before her film realizing because she had become too big for her shoes, she need to create some action .If i was HR and if i was really honest about the whole thing my next step would be to really get into it and really nail down these liar sisters and their PR.

I am no fan of HR and also i felt all along Kangana Ranaut dialog delivery was big problem in all her movies accept her datto and queen characters, other then these 2 roles i dont find her very good enough so i am amazed how she feels like she is the next girl superstar .

I REPEAT, there was nothing between them. its just her vivid imagination

I read somewhere ... someone underlined the spelling bevkoof in one of the emails written by kangana and same used in rangolis tweets to pancholi or
Someone.and they were.. trying to say it's kangana using rangolis account..

What is wrong with this woman? This is harassment. She's not even one of the two parties involved. How can you casually throw around things like suicide and depression? What a horrible woman.

Hrithik needs help and counselling. If only he would come out and acknowledge a past relation/ affair with Kangana... it’s common in bollywood business to have multiple relations. Why create so much drama... Kangana gave an honest interview with Rajat pouring her heart out. No one can lie with so much honesty in their eyes and demeanour.

not h.r but your idol ,liar ,stalker and her filthy sister need help ASAP!!

Kangana needs help asap. He would have accepted it if there was an affair. it was all in her head which her mails proves. Hrithik writes an honest response in a classy manner. Kangana lies at rajat sharma show. where is the proof and why she is not giving her phone /laptop? she is not honest. Hrithik is honest here as no one can lie and give proof with so much honesty in their eyes , words and body language. post the truth

To everyone saying Rangoli shouldn’t make fun of someone’s mental state of mind, y’all do realize this is what y’all and HR and his father have been doing of Kangana for the past 2 years, right? Nobody is a saint here.

gosh all of them need help..what a crazy bunch of ppl !!!

Nowadays depression is very common due to lot of stress. But what kangana and her sister r talking shows both of them r very crazy. They hv some very big problem in their brain which is very serious.

They both need help!

Sister duo shows their class

Hrithik fighting with dignity n legal way with PROOFS while mad sisters fighting on twitter with NO i repeat NO PROOFS.

Why kangana is hiding behind her harmonal sister? She is silent proves that she is gulity.

Wow! When he is silent- OMG! So classy! When she is silent- she is guilty... wow, just wow'

Both Kangana & her sister have no class while Hrithik has maintained his dignity & dealt with these two psychos in a very classy manner.

This is true. I have said this before and I will say this again. As good-looking as Hrithik is, he seems off after the surgery. You gotta read his interviews from 2014-15. Both the actors should just focus on doing good movies.. It's best that the audience doesn't know how weird both of you are

It 's appalling that a pregnant , educated woman is writing like this .

Somebody get this mentally deranged woman a shrink. Making fun of other people's depression is not cool. Why in the world is this third rated person given a platfrom is beyond me. She is like KRK.

This is the pattern he always does these elaborate things every time he knows he lost it. This time by re-leaking the mails!!

Kangana never said 7 year long!! What she said was there was something 1st film and something happened again on 2nd film. Just like it usually happens in this industry.

Hirtik needs help!!

Both these sisters need medical help. Pronto.

There's no way these tweets are from Rangoli. It's definitely Kangana

Hrithik, I don't know which is the truth but he at least knows how to decently address such a messy situation. He has yet to name Kangana and even after all her crazy antics, respectfully gave his side of the story. On the other hand Rangoli is just cheap. I am sorry her language, her tweeting Hrithik and hurling abuses, I have no words. I used to think both are at fault but now I think, Kangana really is malicious being.

Thank you Hrithik for speaking up. I m a woman and believe that this can happen to a man.
Incoherent twitter messages and some TV snippets is all that these sisters can give.
Please clarify on how did you get to know what was written in the emails. Did she forward them to you or was it your email address?

i always had this question in mind. if kangana sent the mails to a wrong email in the beginning, how did hrithik get hold of those emails. And in the era of mobile phones, there must have been thousands of phone calls. how about getting their call history/ old bills?

Whoever threw acid at her I think must have gone thru a lot with these psycho sisters.

Disgusting reply

Don't be uncool by endorsing an acid thrower. Shows your mentality....

Btw what happened ur psycho sisters marriage which was going on her head.who is the groom.
Shahid was so right.she makes up things I her head & has vivid imagination.

His surgery , his emotional instability following the divorce , him working with a councillor are all a public knowledge. It is not hidden as we all knew he went through it. What is the proof you need to give in it and it doesn’t prove he had an affair with Kangana. Just proves he was focusing on his health.

These tweets are disgusting. Leave him alone

Such a psycho she is.. lady concentrate on your pregnancy rather dragging some medical ailments and terming it to depression and suicidal symptoms. Get educated first.

Someone plz make these two sisters disappear and industry would be a better place for other celebrities..lol

damn woman! learn to spell !

That sounds right..

This is real life Ittefaq movie going on...two versions of the same story...and the third version is the truth!!! PV plz post

Hrithik's version is the truth based on evidences, proofs, facts and logic. Anyone using an iota of brain and commonsense can see it.

Both are lying and fooling public.

Well said.

Rangoli has seriously flipped her lid. Calling somebody suicidal and depressed on a public platform where so many young readers with moldable minds can read it, is definitely the lowest of the low that she can get. All this hatred inside her will not be good for her health as a mom-to-be.

I pray for her unborn child.All this hatred is very unhealthy for the baby.

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