Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli shares a pic with Hrithik; says he wanted to be in good books of Panga star

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel takes a dig at the Super 30 actor Hrithik Roshan.
Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli shares a pic with Hrithik; says he wanted to be in good books of Panga star
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Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel takes a dig at the Super 30 actor Hrithik Roshan. Rangoli shared a throwback picture with Hrithik Roshan and claimed in her tweet that he tried to impress her in order to be in the Panga star's good books. Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel also says that now the situation is like 'hum aapke he kaun.' This old picture sees Hrithik Roshan and Rangoli Chandel in a happy mood. Previously, the War actor Hrithik Roshan has accused Kangana Ranaut of stalking him on the web and also of harassment.

He then reportedly filed a legal case. Kangana Ranaut refuted the charges and filed a case against him. There has been an ugly legal battle between the two actors and Rangoli Chandel has been very vocal about Kangana's side of the story. Rangoli Chandel shared a throwback picture with Hrithik Roshan, stating, "Yeh dekho Pappu ji, sara din mujhe impress karne mein laga rehta tha taki meri bahen ki good books mein aa jaye, aur aaj kehta hai hum aapke hain kaun." Many social media users responded to Chandel's tweet saying that she needs to move on.

Check out the tweet by Rangoli Chandel:

Earlier on, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli had claimed that Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar wanted Kangana to apologize to the War actor. The feud between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan does not seem to die. With the latest throwback picture of Hrithik Roshan and Rangoli Chandel, the social media users are voicing their opinions once again. On the work front, the Panga star Kangana Ranaut will be next seen in Thalaivi, which reportedly is a biopic on the late Jayalalithaa.

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Churel alert

Yup.. Rakhi sawant is even better than these sisters.

bobby darling is more feminine than kangoli

And rakhi is also more manly than hritik

Abhaaga aadmi - sab kuch waste kar diya life mein

one more disaster film of stalker coming up

totli , he is giving HGOTYs while u are still trying to prove he dumped u . waht a fool

Tik tik is doing what - plastic surgeries, plotting, weed?

Kangana should have told her sister that hritiks shit looks better than this psycho

Even rakhi sawant has more class than this psycho

Kudh toh feminisim pe sabse badi dabba hay aur badi aayi neha dhupia ko sunane

Very lately I hv noticed too tht whatever Rangoli Chandel tweets are mostly the reactions of the main context. But the media never mentions tht. But it hurts to see hw ppl body sham Rangoli . Shame on you all. Rangoli Chandel must be a good lady her husband is alwayz with her unlike the Roshans...all divorced.

Nobody wants to even date kangu ever since adhyayan dumped her .mental problem ke saath physical problem bhi hogi

So true, one sane comment in this frenzy of hate. Male actors and their PR bots are really hateful and nasty.

budia ko phir se pagalpan ka daura aa gaya

The whole family of this buddha has gone crazy thanks to him

Hrithik Roshan pic with purani haveli wali chudail

This is so like Roshan movies level and your movies ka standard plot. There are many in roshan family who can fall into the chudail club.

Shitvilla again posting only comments from mental runouts

Nobody should shame Kangana and Hrithik. Their equation worth whatever has ended and people like this troll take jibes at them. Rangoli did the right thing by shutting the troll. Now stop writing vile guys like deserve acid attack etc., get help!

Paid bots of kangana are slutshaming a man for taking n legal action against stalking and harassing by her. She even seen threatening Aditya pancholi to take his case against her back or she will file a fake rape case against him. Video is there.

legal outcome was zero only bcoz india has no stalking laws against women . but bigger outcome was other men got saved from getting stalked by psychopath

What was the outcome of that all legal action, those media trials, those industry people bytes & PR manipulation? Loss of face & damage to inflated ego!

Hrithik is 300 Cr club super star now with his last WAR. and super 30 was i guess 175 Cr.

Rangu changu Kangu sisters shutup and focus on ur retirements

Hrithik use tiger for a hit LMAO. Hrithik is a huge star and can give a hit on his own. He doesnt need tiger. Such a dumb thing to say.

Hrithik used tiger to get a hit. Super 30 was a colossal flop given the budget.

Rangu Kangu GUUU sisters

In times of me too and harvey weinstein, this is situation for women in bollywood. People gang up to protect sanitized reputations of shameless men.

Yes the whole father-son family is cursed and will have a worse end than harvey

paid pr bot ganging up to protect male predators like kangu rangu who harassed n tortured so many writers, directors, stars

me too applies both way. kangana is female harvey and many men have been victim of her stalking, abuse and harassment

Even Kareena was harassed by this man & family

lol kareena left a heart comment on his post and follows him. While everyone knows adhyayan, ajay devgan, director kris, apurva, mini chakraborty, ranbir and so many were harassed by the chandals

Hey Kangana and Rangoli, Life has been tough on you. you both are self made ladies and your work has always spoke for u. Rangoli, kangana with her sheer hard work had earned a name and place for herself. Don't spoil it please.. Many Men did wrong to you both and you carry the frustration but as you can see none of the Men who did wrong to you guys is in Happy Space. When they are already punished by god than why you put such post. It you cannot forgive or forget atleast don't spoil it for Kangana..

self made my foot! aditya pancoli, ajay devgan, mahesh bhatt, sanjay dutt, prasoon joshi, shailesh singh made ladies

Kangana was being slut shamed by a paid bot, her sister should react. Why is the context missing in this article? PV post.

Lol she keeps slut shaming everyone in bollywood without proof when whole world knows all about her sugar daddies

a real disgust

Making a mole out of mountain. Its common to take pictures with your costars siblings. Hrithik is known to be humble and fan friendly. Clearly this mental is infatuated and obsessed with the megastar. Well he is hot, sexy, handsome and stunning. Even men can't resist his hotness .

He made a mountain by sending legal notices claiming he was the silly ex. Sissy!

Hi Jaadu PR!

All the fandom are siding with Hrithik because they know he is innocent and right. Even those who trolls him on daily basis are with him in this matter. Truth prevails.

Publicity hunger nepotism product Rangoli.

Irony just died - Roshan is a monumental piece of nepotism

Taking a picture with a desperate and crazy fan doesn't mean he is trying to be in their good books. If it's the case then every celebrity who takes pictures with female fans or Male fans are trying to impress them and want to be in the good books. Get yourself treated Rangoli.

Your sister has become old now. Is that why you try to keep her in the news with these outlandish claims?!

Kangana tweets under rangolis name .

Panga star! Huh!how many are even aware of the movie?

Is he gay?

no she is a eunuch

Yes something is wrong with him, looks like

Proves why whole media avoid Kangana ! Loves to fight for no good reason. Just 3 hits in her entire 13-14 years career and she thinks she is something!!! So much negativity!!

Kangana's sister shares a selfie with superstar Hrithik. This is enough to tell who wants to impress whom.

Who is she and what are her achievements?

I really don’t see the reason for posting this. Y aren’t these two sisters over him yet? Y keep on targeting him? Shouldn’t they just move on? He is not coming back EVER!

Kangana’s sister cannot Top the toilet paper remark on her. Even if she does it will just be a sasti copy of it!

Ex girlfriend of Aditya Pancholi still stalking Greek God. Bandha hot hay ki ladki ya ladke bhi obsessed ho jaate hay aur ye do pagal aurat ka kya kehna. Shakal se lag raha hay ki apni pati ko chor degi uske liye lol

even tiger is more attractive to men than chandal lol

HR is Tiger's ex

She looks more excited and happy posing with HR and definitely like a wannabe. He looks like a polite gentleman who is being kind to her.

These two r worse than Neha Dhupiya. No man shd work with them or give them a selfie. U never know how low they can go just for publicity

Who is she and what's her identity and achievements?

AHAHAHAHAH omgosh Hrithik is an actor who is a decade younger but is pitted with the Khans, his father is a very big and respected film maker and he needs to impress Pancholi's mistress? For what a role in a raunchy film?

It often happens that when someone has nothing progressive to do in life, they start fidgeting around successful hard working influential people. Get a life Rangoli how low can anyone stoop for continuing publicity?

Lagta hai chandalan n war dekh lo. Lol. Tabhi mare ja rahi hai handsome and sexy God k peeche.

Phir s pagalpan ka attack hoga stalker duo ko.

Her mom is the worst mom in the world

Started her Hrithik bhajan.

He is a superstar and a Greek god who does not need to impress anyone. The world is already impressed and crazy about him.

Look at your face mental aunty. He wont even hire you to wash his toilet.

Hi stalker Rangoli. ,this middle age man is hot ,sexiest man of the decade whom you and your sister fantasised and obsessed with. Shame on you to badmouth someone's family. His family is better than you.
Post pv be fair to all

His family is doing that job. Poor guys, cleaning a middle aged mans shit.

These psycho sisters eat, breathe and sleep Hrithik.

Before you call him and others "Pappu", Rangoli please look at yourself, you despo "Behenjee!!!"

chandals get jaadu from aditya pancholi, adhyayan, ajay devgan, sanjay dutt, salman khan, ranbir kapoor. their harassment of men stopped after they messed with hrithik and got sued in return. since then , barking in frustration and harassing people via potty mouth

No he is jaadu who gets jhaadu everytime

Now the acid attack on her is justified. She deserves that.

Post it pinkvilla.

How dare you? this is such a misogynistic comment. PV how could you post a comment like this?

Nobody deserves an acid attack!

It is better to use papas money that too to prove your talent than sell your soul to get one movie chance no matter how tough the going was.

Kuch bi no one wants to be in a good books of a flop , mental and a stalker criminal star.

Tere ko mera chaprasi ka kutta bhi reject karega . tereko impress karega . Abey aukat mein reh

Hrithik was damn right to say truth will com out. And its out yet again. He was harassed, stalked and torture by these two sisters who stalked him like crazy, lie , played a woman card, and try to defame him but God is kind and with Hrithik. Entire world now knows who was wrong and have mental issues.

Public will answer u at the box office DISASTER actress and human

Which film of hers is releasing? She shud know these digs have turned her into a C grade actress

Yeh pagal ladki ka account close kyu nahi karta hai Twitter?
She still believes that people believe her! This is insanity of a different level!

Aditya pancholi's girlfriend still trying to prove she was a dumped mistress of world's hottest man bwahahahaa

Aww missing Greek God so much.

Hi Jaadu, take him to mars. His family will be relieved too.

Desperate for Hrithik LOL He doesn't even give a shit about these cheap attention seekers and mental women.

Why HR wants or even need to be in these flop and psycho sisters good books? These stalkers are already obsessed and impressed by him. Look at flop stalker interviews as a proof.

Attentions seeker nepo sister. :P

Public knows Hrithik was right here. These mental sisters harassed and stalked them.

Yes totally Agree with u

Woman stop harassing and stalking an innocent man.

Pagal lady

shru hogai pagal aurat


Why would he need to impress these stalkers who crossed mountains, rivers and lands to meet their PHANSTASY

PHANTASY was taking ECSTASY - wat a let down

Stalker sisters are still obsessed with Superstar Hrithik

Edited picture like last one.

AND she is back, original COVID-19 !

Lol. These sisters are the jokers of bollywood.

Both Kangana and Hrithik should not be trolled about their past. Why are some people writing nasty comments shaming Kangana?

Kangana wants to use her past for attention, why are you trying to defend a stalker?

Hate is love gone wrong. Cant be true. there are enough pics of both but they should move one and trolls should not shame either. Rangoli has a right to react to trolls always trying to build perception.

lol one was photoshopped and another is with her sister posing at an event . Gawar anpad sisters

Rangoli had survived acid attack as this maybe many years old. People should be empathetic to her looks and not show their class. Also she reacted to this in context of a slut shaming twitter handle? Why is the context of this not reported?

maybe she deserved that attack . who knows what she did to the boy seeing how potty mouth she is

You pyscho's need to stop obsessing about Hritik. Get therapy and move on like he has.

When throwing dirt to Alia and Taapsee didn't give her enough publicity, she jumped to Hrithik again.

Flopsee pannu PR on prowl here playing smart tricks. Hrithik is a huge star regardless of his equation with Kangana, he would never work with a adrogynous pannu.

She looks like corona virus lolol

Both psycho sisters need to sent to a asylum

Impress u.. Hve u seen ur duck face in mirror. His handsomeness is unmatched
Come out from the surreal world,bloody demented outcast

Where they will meet roshan family, so no!

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