Kangana Ranaut's sister reveals Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina called them asking to apologise; DEETS inside

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel has made yet another shocking revelation on Twitter which involves Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan. Rangoli has claimed that Sunaina has called her and Kangana to apologise. Check out Rangoli Chandel's latest tweets.
Kangana Ranaut's sister reveals Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina called them asking to apologise; DEETS insideKangana Ranaut's sister reveals Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina called them asking to apologise; DEETS inside
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Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel is frequently in the news for making some shocking revelations on her Twitter handle. Rangoli has been taking a stand for her sister regarding many issues starting from the film fraternity endorsing nepotism to calling out the media and other celebrities for trying to defame Kangana. Recently, Rangoli has again made some shocking revelations about Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina, thereby raising many questions. 

Recently, there were rumours all over the media that Sunaina Roshan has been suffering from bipolar disorder. Later on, she rubbished all those rumours and clarified that she has not been suffering from any psychological disorder. However, Sunaina did admit that she is having some family issues and that her family is not even supporting her. Now, as everyone is left wondering regarding what has gone wrong between Sunaina and the other members of the Roshan family, Rangoli Chandel has claimed that Sunaina has called her and Kangana to apologise. 

Check out the series of tweets in which Rangoli has claimed about the same:

Rangoli's latest tweets have sparked off a totally new controversy now. Although Rangoli has also said that she has done this to prove that all siblings are same and loving like her and Kangana, her tweets, however, point towards another direction. Now, it will be revealed only with the course of time whether Sunaina has really broken her ties with her family members or is she having some other issue. 

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Sunaina is better than her whole family. She said on twitter too that she support Kangana. Jaadu messed up big time. Kangy is classy enough to not pick on vulnerable women.

Dear Kangana and Rangoli!! Please find some work to do !! Do something constructive. I know it's difficult to be away from Limelight, but atleast try once. Don't waste your energy in spreading negativity!!!

New film. New plot started. New Disaster.

First post with proof. Then go and hide ur face for using an ill person for ur revenge.

2040 and she will be fighting for her son as Taimur will be stealing all the offers.

Spot on!

These women will be paid their due through their destiny. My sympathies with every soul who has ever had the misfortune of crossing their path.
Rangoli and Kangana - Hatred, greed and jealousy is what they are made of.
PV Please post.

These two are a result of mental instability and evil. It is clear their only intention is to stay in news which is why they keep targeting other stars all the time. Hope everyone continues to ignore their existence

The psycho sisters planted the blind, when it backfire they come out plain

Keep barking all your lives. Even Rakhi Sawant is better than these two gutterchaps

First they tried to spy the guy, then used his manager. When nothing worked, now using his unsound sister. Unless she is sent to Jail and pays for her crimes, she will not learn to back off. Aaak thuuu

Post the screenshot of the message with the number so that it can verified. Seriously how tough is this?

Whenever i see these two talk, it reminds me of some street dogs barking at elephants for attention

Shakal acchi nahi hai tho baatein tho acchi kiya kar budiya

Hrithik Roshan' s PR is more active defaming Kangana Ranaut rather than promoting his movies. This issue of Sunaina Roshan is a serious one but HR 's over active PR has turned it into a nasty drama. As far as Kangana Ranaut & Rangoli Chandel are concerned they are just doing wat they always do openly. They cant be blamed in thz regard. PV PLZ POST.

Its kangana PR not Hrithik. She is doing it instead of promoting her movie. Her over active PR is using Hrithik sister illness and doing nasty drama. Dont dare to blame it on Hrithik and his PR. He is not cheap and shallow.
Post pv be fair to all

Not everyone over here has to be fan of either of them. General public also has a view.

We know how open they r after getting exposed left, right and centre. Even their lawyer was caught on camera the other day lol

I bet these sisters are manipulating Hritik’s sister to their advantage. Hritik’s sister does have mental issues and they are exploiting her to say something bad about Hritik.

At 35 and this woman is still idle. No wonder. Lol

Bas Kar Hrithik PR. Have some shame when you call Hrithik Greek God so many times.

Bas kar psycho stalker PR. Sharm kar kuch. Jhoot p jhoot. Hrithik is a greek god and workd calls him that. It's not PR.
Post the truth

Liars, ugly souls, negative, psycho, stupid, uneducated, irresponsible,immature, selfish sisters!

Should’ve recorded the call woman. When it comes to proof you guys provide none. Aap log humare rishtedar thodi hain jo aankhein band kar ke kuch bhi manle.

Aisi ghatiya aurat ke saath koi bhi izzatdaar aadmi kaam nahi karega. Ye publicity ke liye kisi bhi hadd tak gir sakti he. Chii

Rangoli got what she deserved. She was taught a lesson by that stalker of hers. However she still continues to be rude, deceitful and cheap. Kangana got rejected by HR and she cannot accept it till date.

You are a horrible person and should be banned. You trying to say someone. Deserved an acid attack? Such a thing as karma in this world and you will get yours, remember this moment when you do.

No one is as horrible as these sisters. Period. It's her KARMA to be attacked

She is roaming around only bcoz of her gender. Else, she wud hv been beaten up by public ages back for harassing uninterested persons all the time

Female versions of vivek oberoi

Rangoli Chudail is barking again. For getting publicity for next movie of pros sister. Another flop in the pipeline.

Hrithik PR on fire

Dear rangoli , everything is not PR. Here general public posting valid comments. They can see through your lies.

She has a new film release coming up. Ofcourse, she has to start barking about HR. Senior actress cannot even promote a single film on her own name and talking herself Queen. Even Taapsee, Kriti and Bhumi hv more stardom than her. They give bigger hits than her without resorting to such gimmicks.

Everyone shud ignore their problems just like Hrithik and Modi ignore Barking dogs

I blame leeches in the industry like Ekta who give work to these snakes despite them stalking, harassing and abusing so many people all the time. Aisi bhi kya majburi thi ki iss ghatiya aurat ko liya. Isse zyada talent, looks and stardom tho Taapsee Pannu me hai

Kejriwal:Modi Modi Modi
Kangana: Hrithik Hrithik Hrithik

Defamation cases thoko sab isspe tho ye bhi mundi hilake Maafi mangne lagegi Kejriwal ki tarah lol

Nayi picture release. Tho Nangana naach shuru. Inn dono ki shakal dekh kar hi ulti aati hai. Inka news daala mat kar Pinkvilla bhaisaab

Kangana needs serious psychiatrist help. Men, please stay away from her she is evil.

so true.

Two psycho sisters are full of frivolous aunty ji gossip.

spot on!

He messed with the wrong girl!! Go KR!

And who keeps crying and degrading herself all the time. Hrithik must have hit her really hard hence her spycho rants. Read both tweeter, Facebook, pinkvilla I mean all sites. People label her as sick woman . No one talk about her work now. So tell me who is the loser psycho bot. kikikikikikikiki

More like this Bully messed with the wrong guy and crying since then!!

Her problem is he did not mess with her despite all her efforts. She seems to be begging for attention. Aukat dekh kar line marne ko bol

Subh hogai psycho stalker uth jao ab.

Rangoli needs to seriously back off, what on earth is she playing at? Why drop Sunaina’s name, do you not thing that woman has enough problems in her life to then drag her name.

Who's interested in reading the comments? Nobody! Nobody! Me too.

Hritik loves his sister so much hence her staying in a hotel! JOKE!!

Are you paying her hotel Bills? She is at home and posted a pic from her house.

Wow opposition writing essay on Ranaut with bullet points!! Jealousy drives H fan crazy!

It's the truth. When was the last time they used social media to spread awareness about something relevant. When was the last time they said something good about somebody? When was the last time they helped somebody or gave somebody credit for playing a big part in their lives? Everybody is bad but what about Kangana's bad behavior of stealing somebody else's man? Didn't she do wrong to Her ex's wives? Her exes are at fault too but they don't act immature like them. They remind me of vivek oberoi. I wonder if Lantana has an respect for those men she fell in love with them? What are they trying to prove by sharing their personal life that they are victims but from where I see they are big bullies.

Come with proof and then blame others and if you really want to do that then use this energy towards something good. Hold seminars and spread awareness. Do something, don't jus talk about reform

I don't understand these sisters. They have so many issues with each and everything.
1. NEPOTISM - Rangoli is a product of nepotism. The way Kangana trusts her sister,KJo is a businessman and he invests his money on star kids whom he has seen since birth and know their parents so well so he can ask for favors too. He can't just invest so much money on a person/newcomer who he doesn't even know. Ayushman is an outsider but he worked so hard to grab KJO attention and now Kjo is willing to work with him.There are so many outsiders who worked hard to get where they are today.I think these sisters desperatly wants to be part of Kjo.

2. Harassment - They harass so many people on social media. They will learn a big lesson when somebody like Alia, kjo sue him as they sue everybody else for no reason.

3. Affairs - Blame kjo for setting up people yet kangana had so many affairs with married men.

4. Feminism - they put down successful actresses by talking how they got a movie in bollywood.

5. Awareness - They want people to come forward with #me too movement but what have they done to help those people

They are just bunch of jealous, lazy, unedarrogantucated, rude

Kangana Ranaut's love life is juicier than her own films. Lol!

Correction: Kangana Ranaut's love life is Fictional than her own films. Lol!

This sick sister's get more comments only if they attach their useless name with A listers. Go to their other post, only 4 comments that too from her bots with their usual "go girl and gutsy woman" lmaooo can't stop lolling when people say kangana fans

I don't follow them but their tweets keep popping on my TL. Thank God there's mute and block button. Such an unhappy souls. Everyone is happy with each other in the Industry like family but they alone has problem everydsy and everything in their life. Sad life. Can't believe I used to like her 2yrs ago

I bet these sisters are manipulating Hritik’s sister to their advantage. Hritik’s sister does have mental issues and they are exploiting her to say something bad about Hritik. Evil sisters.

Kangana wrote email to Hritik in which she said she suffers from aspergers and other mental health problems. Rangoli in her email to hritik suggested she is obsessed with him. Now they blame hritik for making up her mental illness stuff. Shame on the sisters.

LOL lets get some pop-corn, HR made a big mistake by having an affair with KR.. Goof for him, he thought he can get away easily, they are showing how low they can go.. He messed up with a wrong woman..

Yeah. she had affair with a Greek God in the same place she got engaged. That is in her Phantasy lolol

Lol what are you smoking? Hrithik NEVER EVER had any affair with her and her emails proves it. It was all in her vivid imagination. She thought she will harass him and get away easily by misusing a gender card. These women have stoop so low for a man who was never interested in her. They have messed up with a wrong man who wont keep quiet and has already exposed her and her lies.

truth should be posted

Lol what are you smoking? Hrithik never ever had any affair with stalker kangana. She had an affair in her imagination. She thought she can easily fool people and get away with a woman card. Yes these women stoop low for a man who has no interest in her . She has messed up with a wrong man.
Truth should be posted pv plz

Only her psycho bots like you believe Hrithik had an affair with her and she will b the last person Hrithik will go out with. She's messed up her life not Hrithiks. She keeps proving Hrithik right. Tell her yo give 1 single proof n stop this psycho rants. It never helped her n it won't help her

Hrithik has said in interview his father was awful. Youtube it. He was even sacred of his father now imagine his sister, there is a reason for her weitght gain and other. Don't blame the Ranaut sister.

Hrithik never called his dad awful. Dont lie. Ranaut sisters should be blame for lying and accusing. This tweets are disgusting.
Post pv be fair

Hrithik never slap his father nor did he sleep with woman old enough to be his mother. Psycho sisters planted all this to sabotage the Roshans n no amount of negativity or their fake blinds will stop us from loving Hrithik. He is humble, gentle n dignify. Unlike you kangana who has no dignity with zero upbringing

I believe Sunaina has contacted the sisters because she's down mentally and wants to make life difficult for her family in her anger.All these years she has never had a job or done a single thing of her own ,it's the family which looked after her. Rakesh had cancer a few months ago and it just isn't possible to babysit Sunaina. Kangana has put out the blind item for publicity and has no empathy for a sick woman.

Mad women

Not only mad, thief who steals people credit

guess who has a trailer launch next week? it’s so obvious to stir some attention

The bio section of Rangoli reads "Humanitarian", "Kind-spirited"...How IRONIC !! haha

PC of aitraaz lol

Attack on Rangoli is justified now. She deserves that. She must have harassed and torture that person to take such a serious action.
pv post

Does she really think he needs to frame girls? come on he is a Greek GOD. Girls still die to get near to him or talk to him. See how new comers talks about him and want to work with him

Everyday she is proving hrithik and his claims right.

Rangoli is suffering from depression and mental sickness because her husband left her after seeing her ugliness

Her obsession with Hrithik is insane and not normal.

SiNCE her promotional plan for MHK failed terribly, she start this new drama and lies to promote her flop and herself.

Truth is like water which always makes it way. That fake blind was by KR PR. She actually stalked and harassed HR and his family. PROVED.

How love had turned a nice actress into joker

The world now can see HR was indeed right about these mentally ill sisters duo.

Once again this proved Hrithik right that KR has stalked and harassed him.

Tell us something we don't know stalker

I don't see people talking about her next release aside from everyday controversies

These two are a proof of Lack of Education and Upbringing.

KR is so obsessed with the Greek God

Only sick people trusting these psycho lies. Wait when Sunaina will expose them, same people will refuse to trust the person in concern and wills ay she is forced to say this, she is under pressure.

This is as true as her claims of engagement , her 7 years relationship with HR .LOL

Hrithik fought like a true gentleman. Never drag her family nor friends, On the another hand, this mentally ill woman attack him, his ex, his dad, his kids, his friends and now using his sister. Earlier KR PR spread lies about Paris engagement, forge a pic and misuse it, spread a fake article using Suzzane name and now using his sister. KR is a disgrace to humanity.

Dear Rangoli ,be sensitive to other people and their problems.Your own sister is one of them and you will fall down along with her due to nepotism.

Doing all this to defame HR and to hurt his image. Super 30 is getting good feedback from all.

Kangana and her sister called me yesterday. They said they want to apologize to HR and his family for defaming and harassing them. She said she never dated him but was crazy about him. Added. she was the one who spread the lies about his sister illness .


Anything for publicity ,even if it means taking down an ill woman.

Both Kangana n Rangoli are Bigg Boss material. Maybe Ekta shud join them too

I am also revealing that Rangoli met Hrithik secretly and apolgized to him. She is working with Ekta and Hrithik to destroy Kangana

Whole world knows his sister is not mentally sound which is why even her daughter does not live with her but lives with the father. All this shows how Ekta is misusing the mental condition of her family friend for her flop film publicity.

Rangoli is the same woman who took money from a Married Aditya Pancholi who was living in with her sister to buy a house. She is the same woman who was helping her sister stalk married men. I dont think these two women are fit to live in a civil society. They r such a blot on earth

Yup she’s the one and she had “guts” to tell this truth to everyone unlike majority actresses who do same or similar stuff. Got it!

What truth? She is lying. I pity you to trust her lies and calling it truth. Does she has any proof?

When the blind came, I comment that it's by kangana PR to defame Hrithik and using his sister . I also wrote that wait for kangana to attack him directly. See I was right.

Hrirhik is not low to spread the news of her sister's illness. She herself admit in her blog about her depression, being bipolar and anxiety. Go and read.

Clearly Rangoli has the receipts. She wouldn’t have gone public otherwise. Waiting for those text screenshots to drop in 3,2,1...

As if she has show an iota of proof for all her claims till date. She just keeps repeating her lies bcoz she is an aging flop woman who needs to target big stars to stay in news

We have been waiting for the receipts of her Paris engagement n affair for 3 years now. So, there is no lie that is beyond her.

Nobody cares about u or your fictional affairs anymore. Just focus on your films and talk about it. We are tired of you now


Kangana too has fans? AHAHHA

Rangoli shud take a leaf out of Hrithik's book and admit her sister to a Psychatrist and maybe admit herself too. Both are clearly unstable going by their nonstop delusions.

Any proofs of her calls and text? I guess after these pyscho stalker fails to provide any proofs of her engagement and relationship, she must be careful to keep any evidence.

Even Rakhi Sawant has more dignity than these two attention parasites

Wonder if Ekta is also involved in this cheap tricks. Imagine how pathetic her film must be that she has to resort to such sick ways for publicity

These two disgusting sisters are a curse on humanity

Going by his sister's past and interviews, it is clear that she is not of a sound mind and has not only bipolar but also depression, anxiety and other health issues. And u are misusing it for your film publicity and agenda. Why cannot you ignore that guy and simply mind your own business. Ashamed that i once supported you.

If this is true, the entire thing looks mighty shady on the Roshans part. Not surprised. Disappointed in Hrithik. Actually I’m disappointed in them both. Both handled this entire thing so poorly. One can’t let go of his so-called pristine image and the other can’t let go of the past.

Its not true. You are a hater to trust these sisters and their lies. You are shady like these stalkers.

post pv plz don't ignore

The attacks n abuses hv been only one side and that too for her cheap publicity and nobody has been spared. From Kjo to Alia to Ranbir to Salman. HR has handled this stalker with more patience than anybody else wud. I respect him for it.

Am disappointed at your IQ level

Since blind did not get the desired effect, its all in the OPEN...

God help this psycho's family and friends

Dont know about Hrithik's sister but both these ghastly women really need help ASAP

New film release. New drama begins. Her potty mouth is why her films tanked

She is again accusing HR and his PR. Shameless woman who claimed to be a feminist using a woman to attack him.

Sunaina must be asking for a sibling support like Rangoli now. Poor woman!!!!

Ok Rangoli

Hrirhik was never close to Kangana. He is not sick to declare his sister as bipolar . Stop it rangoli.

Wait, now sunaina will expose these evil sisters lies.

Using her obsession to promote her flop movie.

Using her Phantasy sister to attack hrirhik. Public was right to say that fake news was by kangana and her PR.

This proves that fake blind was by psychopath kangana


Liar sister starred again.

Why would she lie? Jab Roshans main hi problem hai. Everyone know PAPA roshan either his anguish nature or to fake BO numbers for his films

Why cant she lie? she has lied always. Problem In mental sisters mein hai. Do you know PAPA Roshan in person to judge him? don't accuse provide solid proofs of him faking the BO numbers.
post this time

Kangana Ranaut needs someone better than Roshan family. Rangoli Chandel is married happily. Kangana plz get rid of ur obssession for Hrithik Roshan. Its good for u.

Here we go again, psycho just will not move on

These sisters need mental health treatment. Enough is enough. No wonder Bollywood wants nothing to do with her, even though KR is a powerhouse in acting.

My God .. why are they so restless all the time.. ? Even if it is true please move on and focus on ur work , Kangana is brilliant actor , make good movies and live a peaceful happy life .

oh my god !!! these two sisters are after this guys life. kangna is such a venomus woman. I am surprised at the level of their nastiness. There is no end to this bullshit. kangna hasnt moved on for sure. she wanted him soo much. she is crazy

Truth can never be hidden. More power to both of u Kangana & Rangoli. Feeling bad for Sunaina Roshan. Completely sympathise with her miserable condition.

using a person with mental health issues! don't fall so low Kangoli fans.. ke uthna hi mushkil ho jaye

Truth can never be hidden. Truth is rangoli is lying. Truth is that fake blind was by kangana.

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