Kangana Ranaut's sister slams Bollywood's outrage over Kabir Singh; shares a sexist scene involving Raj Kapoor

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel has come out in support of Kabir Singh's directior Sandeep Reddy Vanga as he has been criticized for his controversial comments on lovers abusing each other. She has also shared a sexist scene involving Raj Kapoor and Nargis on social media.
Kangana Ranaut's sister slams Bollywood's outrage over Kabir Singh; shares a sexist scene involving Raj KapoorKangana Ranaut's sister slams Bollywood's outrage over Kabir Singh; shares a sexist scene involving Raj Kapoor
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Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel is always in the news for one reason or the other. Recently, Rangoli has raised eyebrows once again when she supported Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director of Kabir Singh. Sandeep has been subjected to a lot of merciless trolls on social media because of his controversial statement about lovers abusing each other. Now, Rangoli has come out in his support thereby asking all the outsiders within the film industry to protect him. She also lashed out at Anupama Chopra for asking Sandeep the reason behind his entry into Bollywood. 

Now, Rangoli has shared a video clip on social media from the 1951 movie Awara starring veteran actor Raj Kapoor and Nargis. In the video, Raj Kapoor can be seen wringing Nargis' arm and clocking her. He then slaps her repeatedly for calling him 'junglee.' Rangoli said in her tweet, "Raj Kapoor’s most sexist and troublesome scene, this is the true face of Bollywood so don’t act holier than thou for a south maker and consider Raj Kapoor a legend."

Check out Rangoli Chandel's latest tweet involving the video clip below:

Rangoli further stated while replying to the comment of a Twitter user, "we should collectively rise, Sanju should also rise Gully Boy should also rise Kabir Singh should also rise.... bullying just one filmmaker is not ok."

Despite receiving a lot of criticism, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer Kabir Singh has become a blockbuster hit and has also crossed the 200 crore mark within a short span of time. 

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even tere naam is south film remake

HAHAHa good one !

To the dumb person who is. Saying that heroines that time used to be more good-looking than now needs to open his eyes and realize that at that time a heroines shelf life was between 16-27. At that time any girl is naturally beautiful In her late 20s the offers start drying up and by 30 they used to become jobless. Today all the A list actress like kangana, Deepika, Katrina, Anushka , Priyanka are in their mid 30s but they work thousand times harder than those yesteryear actresses to look young and attractive. And look at the expressions and dialogue delivery of these actress. It's comical. Today even an actress as mediocre as Katrina acts more better and natural than these actress.

No actress from today can hold a candle to yesteryear legendary actresses like Meena kumari, Nutan, Nargis or the legendary actresses after these, like Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi... The expressions and dialogue delivery of most of the actors from the 40s and 50s came from a different school of acting i.e. Shakespearean school of acting... Method acting was later introduced and it took a while for method acting to catch up... Also, they were not less hardworking than actresses today, they just lived in a much regressive society that time and still they worked hard to achieve great heights even in such adversity... We can see who is really dumb^^^

We can’t change the past. We have to change the present for a better future. Any issue even a genuine one is twisted by her to make it negative , divisive and hateful for her advantage. If it is not a voice raised by her then she is ready to kill it with any random point. Here she is trying to play south vs north. That’s not at all the point. The country has the same attitude towards women and everyone knows that.

so hard to watch this clip coz it makes me so angry as a woman.....wake up India and respect the other half of humanity also - women and girls

Wow so Shahid played Raj Kapoor.

Oh my God.. Nargis was so beautiful and what an amazing figure she had. I have to agree, heroines those times were so beautiful without any extra work

i don't think it's Rangoli tweeting, it's Kangana. No way Rangoli has soo much time on her hands to be always looking for stuff and read all the tweets and other stars' tweets to start fights.

Wow. Really you are going to go that back so you can get back to Kapoors. Even us movies were so sexist at that time. Look to the future lady.

Hmmm. Raj Kapoor...Ranbirs grand father..see the connection? She cld hve found any old Mithun film,or old b grade film and put as an example. But nooo. Had to hve a Ranbir angle

yesterday it was alia today it's Ranbir's grandfather. wow what a surprise (no)

That film was made in 1951 and it’s 2019. You can’t change the past but you can change the future. Just like you believe it’s an actor’s responsibility on what he or she promotes like those fairness creams which you hate or political opinions etc the director is also equally responsible. Bet your stance would have been different if this film had Alia or Ranbir in it.

Rightly said!

how hard is it to be proud of your own work and promote it? if you’re kangana it’s about creating controversies and hogging the attention for topics not involving u. you’re a one woman army fighting a battle against yourself, what a shame

The truth is that many movies are sexist. But like she said, Alia in Gully boy played a toxic woman with clear anger issues. But the critics praise it. Shahid is not their blue eyed boy as he was not successful before, hence they did so much tamasha. If Salman played this role, would they have courage to criticize it?

No it's about women and men...when alia acting violently in movie no one take her seriously just how no one take kangana stalking,harassment,bullying and threats seriously...imagine if kangana was a man...

Very true.. Fully agree with you, not a Shahid fan but I totally agree, Btown is totally biased..

Salman would never play this role. He is clear that if he is doing a movie for public it has to have a moral message.

yah ,,,,even if the public knows how great and non sexist he is in real life...pun intended ..

Ehm Tere Naam?

Uhmmm tere naam showed him a bully who changed his bullying behavior for a girl. Only then the girl accepted him.

oh really? Then you don't know his movies well because he played kabir singh's father in Tere naam

Really?! Where did kabir save a woman he didn't know from a brothel?! Where did he punish a guy for forcing his wife to bring money by any means which led her to a brothel?! And also without knowing the connection between this woman and his love.. not to mention ending up with disability because of that.. did kabir do any of this?! NO. Besides Salman did when asked that one should not become like raadhe but this stupid director, not only didn't say that about kabir, but even went on to make those stupid statements to justify his so don't compare the two together.

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