Kangana Ranaut's spat with journalist takes ugly turn, media fraternity wants actress to apologise

The incident which took place at the song launch of Judgementall Hai Kya has clearly not gone down well with the media fraternity who are now reportedly demanding a public apology.
News,Kangana Ranaut,Judgementall Hai KyaThe incident has clearly not gone down well with the media fraternity who are now reportedly demanding a public apology from Kangana.
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While Kangana Ranaut is not new to controversies, this time around the 'Queen' star got into a verbal spat with a journalist at the song launch of her upcoming film Judgementall Hai Kya. During the event, Kangana accused a male journalist of running smear campaigns against her while the latter tried to ask her a question. The journalist denied all her claims. The conversation soon turned into a heated argument with other journalists also supporting the scribe. 

Videos from the song launch soon went viral and in one of the videos Kangana was heard asking the journalist about his negative comments on her movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. Apart from Kangana, producer Ekta Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao were also present. The incident has clearly not gone down well with the media fraternity who are now reportedly demanding a public apology from Kangana. 

According to a report in Times of India, senior journalists will conduct a meeting today to discuss this agenda and take it forward with the producer Ekta Kapoor. They want Ekta to take a stand against Kangana's behaviour. They will also demand the actress to render a public apology.



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As per reports, if Kangana fails to apologise for her behaviour, the media plans to boycott the movie promotions of Judgementall Hai Kya. The movie, which has been directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, will release on July 26, 2019. The trailer of the film has received a tremendous response from the audiences.  

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Justin has written so much vile about her. He should have NOT been called. This is disgusting that he is bullying her. She should teach him a lesson.

She will not apologize. Then she will claim she is not afraid of media etc. Looks very much like staged drama. She is courting the media for some time now. Birthday cake cutting , hosting dinners etc. Since there are no friends in the industry she wanted to befriend them. There are no strong come backs from her. I deduce it is another drama for her movie

So Faridoon & Justin won’t write about her. If they do, she should take legal action point forward.

Kangana was perfectly on point. She did not even shout unlike the reporter. He was bullying.

I think this is a promotion stunt

Why is she talking about her movie when this event is clearly about the song launch of judgmental hai kya? She is a bully. Thought will get away with embarrassing that journalist. No one is bigger than media.

Where did you start Kangana, from nothing. Where are you going with this behavior, to nothing? Not wealth wise but how do you get opportunities from talented team if you continue on this road? You can’t just say anything that comes to you in professional world? Why do you keep letting your mouth speak loud instead of letting your talent speak?

Salman hit a security guard last month why no fuss?? Hmmm... no guts

How come psycho sisters still have not reacted to Hrithik? Or did i miss it?

Gosh! Go watch a full video, you will see the journalist is a shame, he is screaming.

Watch the full video on twitter- As soon as the journalist said his name and was about to ask a question, kangna attacked him by saying he has become her enemy and he writes disgusting things and how does he thing so disgustingly. Also another journalist was shouting at the host and not Justin. The other journalist was angry at the host because the host just took the mike away from justin as soon as this became an argument. Watch the full video- kangna was at fault here.. she was a bully. Pv pls post my comment

Have you seen the same video? Kangana is a shame. She was caught lying and falsely accusing a journalist because he didn't praise her like she abuse Varun and Tapsee.

Now she can use her paid bots to spread fake news since she’s discredited and alienated entertainment journalists, works out in her favor honestly. I’m glad to mute her for a few weeks, it will probably make her crazy not to get that attention

Hope this public apology will stop this self destructing behavior from this talented actress.


Also first she started then said all she wanted is not to answer his questions, then said saying this because she thought he was a friend, then blamed him that he is taking this in other direction by calling her star, then saying herself that she is WOMAN and STAR so she can refuse to answer him. then 2 mins later started telling she was saying this all can happen since it was carefree and friendly atmosphere and she is just saying it as friend, just having fun, 6then tweeting from her sis account that it happened because of supporting Modi ji. And saying ye Justin age peeche goomta tha. Do many lies in 20 mins.
I am glad media is doing this to her. I will boycott her movies too.

She and her daft phantasies. Crazy women needs to be boycotted like yesterday.

The people here supporting her, would you be able to live with someone like her? Would you like to be associated with someone like her? Would you want her as a colleague? She is an unstable woman with a split personality.

Kangana has 2 split personality minds. The second mind emerges when she needs attention.

This was bound to happen. Both the sisters were testing the tolerance level of many people in bollywood. Kangana losing all the image to this ridiculous behaviour and continuous taunting on a Twitter. It was so clear in the video how can she randomly start a fight. Hrithik must be happy

I am not a KR fan but in the video she was not being impolite or a star..whats the fuss about?

Ok rangoli.

Strong and Brave woman.

This is called uneducated and batameez woman not strong and brave.

They have taken this too far. People like Faridoon and Justin are not media.Wait for your turn.

Kangana has taken it too far. Her sister abuse the man on Twitter as well.
Post this please pv

This immature woman was blaming the journalist for his opinion on her flop...trying to embarrasses him...and when he defended himself, she claimed that they are friends...maybe kangana thought that he will be flattered by his association with her...

everyone is busy in their life...its summer time and everyone enjoy it...but this miserable woman trying to act over smart by looking for videos from ages to prove that the kapoors are sexist,and alia movie is bad...really!!!the kapoors didn't even shy away from this fact...and alia's movie is hit...she needs therapy so she can focus on her life...

Justin Rao will get major reply for playing these tricks. He is doing this on someone's agenda. Good luck! Stay strong Kangy, this is a CLEAR case of harassment of women at workplace. Innumerable examples of male actors bashing, female actors like Alia showing middle finger, others shouting at media but this is selective outrage by men who were bullying her in the first place.

Dear Rangoli it's no one agenda. Kangana asked for it. Its not harassment but showing a mirror. She lied, accused and imagine thing . Accept your mistakes and apologise simple
Truth should be posted

Good on ekta! She deserves it.

Kangana did right

What was the other reporter yelling? Couldn't hear clearly.

He was reading rangoli’s tweets. The movie is a hit anyway based on content. And kangana doesn’t need media for publicity. She had herself!

hats off to Kangana for being so strong

Media can ban her but she will still shine, real talent always shines..

The said media wont be abke to do anything as the pubkic is with Kangana. Well done Kanganat

In your imagination Kangana PR. Public is with media.

Mostly comments here are also from media hahahaha.... You did right kangana stand strongly

For what exactly? The reporter was big bully & made fuss of nothing

Boycott plz

i’m glad they caught this on video. She a manipulative, bitter woman who can’t handle a bit of success and spreads lies and negativity. Keep digging that hole until u can’t get out of it.

Ha ha he is the one shouting and she apologise lol

Kangana imagined to have a 3 hours meeting, a lunch and an imaginary text message too. Haha.

Good stand by media.Boycott her forever.

Yeh toh hona hi tha

Twitter should take away their platform from Kangna which is being used under name Rangoli by banning it and Media should boycott them completely.

We all stand by media. This woman should be kick out .

Agree. Excellent comment.

She will blame it all in nepo gang. Wait.

She already said, because of supporting Modi. Shame on this lady

Kangana has literally asked for this. Such a negative person.

Boycott her even if she apologized


She deserves that.

She is too arrogant to apologise. She will cook up some script and play a woman card.

KARMA hit her hard. Wow.

Media should boycott her and her movie.

Boycott her movie.

Good. Show this psychopath her right place.

Where is the loud mouth sister and sick as shit defensive statement

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