Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut’s cold war not over yet? Read why

Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut's cold war is far from over.

After nepotism, Kangana Ranaut has now shifted focus to sexism that prevails in the industry. The actor is currently busy promoting her upcoming film Simran where she plays the role of Praful Patel. The movie is being helmed by Hansal Mehta and is slated to release on September 15, 2017. 

It is no secret that Kangana’s appearance on Karan Johar’s celebrity chat show had spear headed the hottest topic of discussion right now- NEPOTISM. 

Kangana who recently appeared on a news channel’s chat show made headlines after she spoke fearlessly about all the controversies around her and also mentioned that she is not afraid of Johar. 

Karan Johar’s fresh tweet regarding overconfidence and delusion made us wonder if he is taking a potshot at the Queen actor. “Dear talent... I wish you would stay away from overconfidence and delusion... They are constantly conspiring against you... Don’t you see it?” wrote Johar.

Earlier this year, Kangana had called Karan the flag bearer of nepotism the industry. The comment had spiked a huge controversy with Karan slamming her for playing the ‘victim and woman’ card. 

In a video released by a

stand-up comedy team today, Kangana is seen calling out sexism in the industry oh-so-cleverly.  In the video, the actress is seen belting out lyrics while taking a dig at all the sexism that female actors have to go through like romancing an actor twice your age or and only being a love interest to the main lead. The lyrics also mentions the 'N' word - Nepotism, how actors are treated like Gods (a Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham sequence ensues) and so forth.

Credits: Twitter

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Okay Nepotism exists and Karan is one of many flag bearers but is broiled in the this controversy because he is the most prominent and outspoken. Admit it and move on.

At the end of the day a bad actor is a bad actor and a bad movie is a bad movie.

There are no standards in the movie industry - you aren't necessarily cast based on your performance it can be your connections.

It is also true that your ticket into the industry is based on your surname talent takes a long time to surface but when it does it shines.

Can both sides stop taking a digs at each other and man up!

karan johar when you grow old and cant churn a lot of money, there will barely be any one who will visit you or care about you.. have some conscience and stop spreading fake news about kangana trying to put her down and to pull every film of hers down. back off from her. we the audience love her.. majority of audience love her. paid media cant do a damn thing anymore. that time is over for you move on kjo

Dear nepotism king, can you stop launching and giving chances to star kids? Outsiders are not getting their dues.

Aditya has told kangana is a product of nepotism hahahha

to be honest revolver rani was different and quite entertaining! cant say the same about ghisa pita sob story of ADHM which i understand is your life story karan which explains a lot about you actually.

Dear Nepotism, I wish you would stay away from bollywood ... and twitter.

Wow, BW reality show, starting every one in BW , in alpabatical order! LOL !

Kangana 's PR extra busy these days.

Shes definitely more talented than you. I'm still recovering frm the agony of watching Ae dil hai mushkil. 3 hours of my life gone in gutter.

you still went ahead and watched it. should have watched revolver rani instead.

If karan is paying critics to bad mouth Simran I won't be surprised at all.People worrying about Simran that it's going to be a flop. Din't they see SRK's Ranbir Ranveer Ajay even Sallu's recent films are FLOP. Kangna is going to stay here regardless her movies outcome.

Karan when do you find the time to comment on current hot topic of BW, kangana, we all know you are probably very busy with writing the script for you're nest block buster , starting Kareena baby boy, opposite , of course Alia, she is such a great actress, she will do this role amazingly,only , nepo kid can play a one year old better then any one else, it's genetic !

Dear Karan ... get a life!

Is he is planning to make a PR campaign should Simran not do well with his cabal? Who cares KJO whether Kangana's films flop (can you do the same for male actors of her generation who give flops all the time)?? She is a super-talented, self-made girl and no one can take her hugely successful journey from her.

There is no point in making such insipid comments. Ranbir Ranveer are male actors of Kangana's generation. They are both good and their films flop almost all the time. But no one sits sharpening their claws to attack them for every failure. Why different standards for Kangana? She can give flops after flops and yet have ego and self-worth, just like these two talented men have. They are always projecting themselves as the next superstar and yet their films fall flat. Why don't you issue such comments then? And please, Bajirao Ae dil would have been hits with even an ostrich in the male lead. Don't give them the credit for it to justify their "successful" comeback.

Thank you! Ranbir and Ranveer are both talented and will be around even after flops. This mafia is just a bit too harsh to Kangana because she is not bending backwards to please them. If you don't like her, ignore her. SMH.

Karan is such a stuck up.

Grow up dude! Itney humorous ho, take it in stride. Why butt hurt??? You know what AIB is all about... and be flattered, she gave a look test for Dharma heroine ...in case you change your mind 2 years down the line and pursue her for your directorial. You have a track record for hating people and then suddenly becoming their friends with the recent example being Kajol.

Kjo, what happened to you baby,mirchi lag gayi kya? hurt by our fearless gal? stop shoving us with your nonsense star-kids and try to develop some sense of humor..

HAHA seems he takes everything so seriously, though Sometimes needs fun with universal truth. GROW UP MAN.

Dear Gossip Queen....I hope you stay away from Star Kids... Cuz Nepotism tag is conspiring against you... Don't you see it?

Karan just like attention,true diva!

Dear KJo I wish you stay away from talent. The day talented Actors, Producers and Directors who are not here only cause of Nepotism like yourself take over - you will be so long forgotten that nobody would come visit your lonely bitchy poor self!!

Agreed on that but do you think he's a bad director?? I don't think so !

He isn't bad.. He is pathetic.... just making movies for NRI audience...RGV at his peak was the most versatile filmmaker.. rangeela (musical), Satya, Company (Underworld sagas), Kaun, Bhoot (suspense, horror).. what has theis KJo crap given us?? Rahul-Anjali mein Jhagdaaaaaaaaaa.......

Exactly... KJo has boundless resources- money, legacy, access to talent everything. Despite all this when you churn out pathetic Rahul-Anjali jagdaaaa, it is inexcusable. Why can't he get a few talented writers aboard and make good movies (with or without star kids)?

With karan on this one


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