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Karan Johar on the failure of Kalank: I will look at it as a success because it has taught me how not to fail

Kalank starring Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur failed to perform well at the box office and filmmaker Karan JOhar opens up about its failure, read on!
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If we talk about the most awaited films of 2019, one of the films was, undoubtedly, Abhishek Varman’s Kalank starring Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur. Having such an ensemble cast in a film always piques the curiosity of the audiences, and needless to say, the buzz around the film was at an all-time high. However, Kalank failed to perform at the box office and the audiences too were left unimpressed so much so that the film ended up with lifetime box-office collection of Rs 80.35 crore.

While the film was helmed by Abhishek Varman, Karan Johar was the producer of the film, and in a recent interview, Karan Johar finally opened up about its failure. “My director Abhishek Varman and I sat down and we analysed where we fumbled. I have to be involved with each film Dharma produces, because I am not just the producer, I am the creative producer,” Karan informed DNA, adding, “To me, when Kalank fails, it is my failure. I’m the older one, I’m the wiser one. I’m the more knowledgeable person about what works and what doesn’t. If the film has faltered, it is largely my responsibility and my blame”

Well, Karan Johar has a lot of experience when it comes to film-making and by taking the blame for Kalank, Karan has proved that instead of sulking, it is always better to take the blame and learn from it and move on. “I failed the movie by not being the right governing force. And this taught me so much. There are two ways I could have gone about this. I could have sunk in this failure or I could have questioned, ‘Why?’ Or I could have said, ‘Why did this happen and let me learn from this.’ Let this be a new 2.0 feeling where I am a lot more analytical. I am putting my projects through a lot more trials and tribulations before it is out there to an audience. When you fail and learn from it, that to me is a success. I will never look at Kalank as a failure. I will look at it as a success because it has taught me how not to fail like this,” KJo said. Kalank featured an ensemble star cast consisting of Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit and the film hit the screens on April 17, 2019. Currently, Karan Johar is busy with his next directorial venture titled Takht and just like Kalank, Takht too is a period drama.

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Alia is an brlliant actress

Ghar more -kjo should've written epic shit or epic fail, anyways he got to know that it is

Why do haters feel like K Jo is shoving the film kids down their throats, no one is forcing these haters to watch his novies. His money , his movies, his actors , K Jo can do whatever he wants. If you are a hater stay away from their movies and save yourself big bucks and mental peace.

Shut the f up kjo .you know how you are shoving them down the throats of the audiences, but do not worry people will make sure they don't watch any of your movies and you become kangaal

Apart from Dixit, everyone in the main cast is a nepo so is it any wonder the movie sucked? But the bulk of the blame is obviously on the mediocre, dishonest, vision-lacking loudmouth who surrounds himself with yes-people. Karan Johar is his name. Karma is his present and his future.

Your comment is too good and on point ! Karma will fix Dharma (productions)

Alia is worst out of all she dare to dump sidd and hold Ranbir hand as she think she deserves to be Mrs Kapoor and Katrina , sidd should be seated beside her as mere viewers.. just because she is nepo queen rewarded by Karan ..she think she keep playing mind games and audiences are big fool to vitness the hailing queen

Now everyone saw how fake, cunning and arrogant she is, don't worry karma is a bitchh and her fall just started, she has now a lot of hate.

More kalanks coming your way kjo

Kalank was,to say the least -a crapfest,only about nepos.one was looking and acting like a self proclaimed gorgeous queen and the other was more like a clown than a warrior.adi and sona were much better and more suited,but didn't work anyways.kjo sidelined a legend like madhuri ..shame

Yay varun looks like a clown more than a warrior, hate his overacting yuck lilliput

Kalank is a failure because of the terrible script and his miscasting Alia Bhatt as some old world classic beauty.

hope takht is shelved. it'll probably be as bad as kalank anyway

Who r u to judge n shut ur mouth loser troller

more than alia kjo and the other people should be bought down as they're even more annoying than her

Can’t wait for bramastra to crash and burn. Bring this clan to the ground, down from their self created pedestals!

What about SOTY2. In denial about that too?

Alia's time is up, audience are starting to turn on her, she isn't that bad as people make out. Raazi I actually liked and she suited the role, but the fact is the girl is getting overexposed and is very annoying.

Yes, I totally agree. Alia bhat overacts and truly is an annoying actress. It's also tiring to see varun dhawan and Alia Bhatt pair up in every movie. Both are annoying when they are casted in movies.

Just stop miscasting people. Alia has actually built her career on being "normal" looking, look at her filmography. All her roles are either "girl next door" types, or really hardcore down and dirty Highway, Udta Punjab, Raazi types. And she's done a good job. Only Karan is so stupid to keep trying portray her as some kind of gorgeous glamour queen, which she is not.

Oh Shut up, Karan.

Have never watched an alia movie and don't intend to watch in the future. Could never bring myself to watch her movies. Don't know what Indians see in her ( maybe her skin colour ) but she is not star material for me. Too many other and better options available.

yikes why so much hatred for him.
KANK, KKHH, KHNO, KKKG..such brilliant movies and we all got so much enjoyment out of it.
why are people being so dreadful towards him and Ali’s...wow guys...chill..

"Brilliant movies". Ha ha ha. Are you for reals? Or are you kjo?

It's kjo . defending himself in the comments section here

Kjo stop with this nepostism drama. Accept the fact that people have started hating you and alia. Give Kriti, Warina, Tapsee, Disha, Anushka, Kangna, deepika katrina a chance.

Aunt still in denial rofl

Look at them , yuckk! How can these (nepo shits) be called heros and heroine, thu on kjo

He couldn't accept it hence he termed soty2 as a hit before anyone calls it a flop lol

Delusional aunty kjo, wish you a lot more failures to teach you , many many more to come kjo don't worry, you'll get to learn a lot

It didn't even deserve this much collection, it shouldn't have earned more than 420 rs.

Good for kjo alia and other nepo kids who were bragging about not having failures,they will get so many more failures and understand their place

KJo is in denial. He's quick to mention the failures of others, but when he fails (and how!) then he just dismisses it as "no biggie". Audiences have caught up with him. People are starting to detest him, and are developing negative views about the youngsters in his camp. If stars have good sense and can understand public sentiment, they will stay far away from KJo. We don't like anything or anyone associated with him.

It wanted to say too much and ended up saying too little. I think it would be better if the makers had chosen a emotional focus instead of putting all kinds of masala in it, in the hope that people will be entertained.

Ugly Alia, yuck, I puked watching her dance

Alia is plain ugly, don't shove us down our throats. She is a man, tomboyish. She is SC ST category torch bearer and gets work due to reservations

I tried watching songs, Alia is cringe worthy in those clothes and middle partition , looks like chakka. It would have worked better if there was feminine actress

you said it! Alia is all about Kjo PR machinery and hype.

Alia is the best. Haters gonna hate

Failures are successes to him? Okay, wishing you plenty of similar "successes" , KJoke. May they all teach you humility and show you where the ground is

So many men in one frame

Who is this short below average ugly man in white ??

hattt beyyy

Just don't cast Madhuri dixit, and your movie will be a hit. Is it really a hard question??

It's certainly a question asked by a moron. Madhuri was the only good thing in this crappy movie.

Dharma productions should be renamed as Nepo Productions!

Extremely annoyed by kjo trying to shove Alia down our throats literally every minute and movie.She's ordinary looking with a disgusting attitude

Despite of heavy publicity and hype movie was a huge failure.Poor nepo kids

hahahaha super disaster, more on the way haha

kalank, soty2 recent biggest disaster.

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