Karan Johar opens up about being a single parent to Yash and Roohi, says it's 'scary and daunting'

On a recent chat show, Karan Johar revealed that it's not easy to be a single parent and manage his two-year-old's.
News,Karan Johar,Yash and RoohiKaran often gives us glimpses of Yash and Roohi's play dates.
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Karan Johar has never shied away from speaking about his adorable twins who welcomed via surrogacy in the year 2017 and since then he has also admitted that his life revolves around them. The newest additions to the family, Yash and Roohi, celebrated their second birthday on February 8 and the birthday affair turned out to be a star-studded and adorable one. Karan often gives us glimpses of Yash and Roohi's play dates as well as takes to Instagram when his students Sidharth Malhotra or Varun Dhawan come visiting to see the twins.  

As a single parent, Karan has so far made sure to balance his personal and professional life. However, the filmmaker has never spoken on record about being a single parent. On a recent chat show, Karan revealed that it's not easy as it looks. He admitted to how 'scary and daunting' is it to juggle roles and ensure his 2-year-old's are not deprived of any kind of parenting love.

On the show, alongside Ranveer Singh, Karan spoke about his parenting concerns. He said, "Being a single parent is really daunting and scary. Because I think it takes a mother and a father to complete the upbringing of a child. In many ways you could say that having Yash and Roohi is full of love but it is also a selfish decision. It is because I want that love for myself." 



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He further added, "There was a large empty space in my life that needed to be filled by children.Oddly, they call me dad and call my mom (Hiroo Johar) 'mama'. They don't call her daadi. Because I feel we are co-parenting them. So I am trying very hard that both of us fulfil the roles of mother and a father completely," reported Times Now. 

Karan recently had posted on Instagram pictures of Yash, Roohi and his mother Hiroo Johar. And the family portraits were full of love and warmth.



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Sunny Leone I respect you. Karan, you live in a la la land. All you have is because of ur success, none of them are real or care for you.

Still looks matter in this country and Karan is a proof he used foreigner to be his surrogate so pathetic learn from ekta and tushar and Sushmita is great she adopted u should have done that Karan u have so money even now u can adopt do something good

its his money, its his choice because its his life, you know? to adopt or not its one's choice. am sure he does charity to help the helpless in someway.

While Angelina Jolie adopts from India( or similar countries), karan goes and adopt white kids. Yeha, why adopt a dark ugly poor indian kids right?

The grandmother is mama, The 2nd father is uncle....ok, when will you end all this drama and finally tell the truth ?

I am sure they also try to make up for the (missing) mother/father and those emotional demands. Feeling always responsible or trying to do a perfect upbringing..really takes a toll.

Single mothers or fathers, for any reason, have to live an extremely emotionally demanding life. Howmuch so ever help u get frm ur staff, at the end of the day u always feel emotionally responsible and are never ever mentally free. But tht is also the beauty of being a parent.

I’m a parent of twins and it’s the hardest job on earth, though I’ve been a working professional before but after taking time out to care for them I don’t feel like going back to work at all. It takes everything out of you. But my babies are worth it

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