Karan Johar reveals Kajol had a crush on THIS Bollywood superstar

Karan Johar and Kajol appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show and KJo revealed on which Bollywood superstar the actress used to crush on, years ago. Read to find out who is this actor.
News,kajol,Karan JoharKaran Johar reveals Kajol had a crush on THIS Bollywood superstar
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Kajol and Karan Johar recently appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show and the duo had a blast together. With their friendly banter and jokes, they made Kapil Sharma's team and the audience laugh out loud. On the show, KJo also made some interesting revelations about Kajol.

KJo revealed that Kajol had a crush on her Yeh Dillagi co-star Akshay Kumar. As reported by Hindustan Times, Karan said, "I met Kajol at another party, at the premiere of Henna movie. Kajol had a big crush on Akshay Kumar and was looking for him at the entire premiere and I was her support then. So both of us were looking for him at the entire event. While we didn’t find Akshay, but it was the beginning of our friendship. Both of us stayed in South Mumbai and that’s where our friendship developed further."

Karan Johar also revealed that despite being friends for so long, Kajol never remembers his birthday. He said that she will either call a day in advance or a day later, but never on his birthday.

The Fanaa actress shared a funny story about her first meeting with Karan Johar. Kajol said, "It was film party at a discotheque. Mr Johar arrived in a three-piece suit and I just couldn’t stop laughing, wondering what kind of a man wears that!"

Karan added that he was just 17 at that time and opted for a suit as he thought people will be dressed for a filmy party. He said that Kajol's mom Tanuja aunty told them to dance and when he was dancing, Kajol couldn't stop laughing at him for almost half an hour.

He said, "Who does that! I felt so humiliated, I walked out of the party as I have never felt so insulted in my life."

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But she chosed Ajay. The better choise...

Oh KJo! Let ur friends BREATHE! 'she never remembers my bday'.. what r u? high school kid??

This is so interesting. I heard Ajay had affair with Twinkle on the Jaan set and now I am hearing Kajol had crush on Akshay. I wonder if they had any fling when they worked together in Yeh Dillagi.

Akshay is definitely hotter than her Husband

She got lucky !!

Kajol should thank God she didn't end end up with Akshay

Those two were never meant to be I can't imagine them together

I am glad kajol never got together with Akshay as much as I like him he was a notorious player.

So karan had a crush on Twinkle and Kajol on Akshay. Did they become friends over their broken hearts?!

They would have made a beautiful couple

I want to see Akshay and Kajol in a movie

I wonder what it would have been like if they ever got together. Maybe he would have dumped her like raveena or made her retire like twinkle. We will never know.

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