Kareena Kapoor Khan to Akshay Kumar: Taimur Ali Khan is a threat to you

Kareena Kapoor Khan gives an open challenge to Akshay Kumar, says Taimur can beat him at the box office any day.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan is a doting and proud mother. The gorgeous mother to Taimur Ali Khan makes sure to spend quality time with the little munchkin and is soon going to be seen in Veere Di Wedding. 

Kareena, who recently attended an awards function and shared stage with Akshay Kumar, was seen jokingly giving an open challenge to the actor. And the reason is Taimur Ali Khan. 

In a viral video, she is seen warning Akshay regarding Taimur. She said, "Akshay (actor Akshay Kumar), Taimur is a threat to you, I am telling you."

She even said that despite Akshay's huge fan following, Taimur can easily beat him in box office numbers too. "Even in your fan following, he can surpass you. It's an open challenge," she added. 

About being a paranoid mother, Kareena stated, "Of course, as a mother I am paranoid. Every mother is paranoid about their child. But the more I think about it or think about putting a kala theeka or not send him out of the house, i think that is being over paranoid, so I am just trying to let him have a normal life. "

She was also asked what would she like Taimur to achieve in his career. To this, Kareena said that she has nothing to say on it right now but she would like him to do something. "I would like him to do something with his life and then I would like people to appreciate him. He is still very small and he should actually be given a chance rather than having so much of this kind of pressure that is already on him. It is so scary," she said.

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She always sounds so dumb.

She really needs to grow up. Not all star kids survive in the industry. Sure they have parents who are rich and famous but who knows Taimur will be able to act in movies when he grow up. He could end up as a failed star like saif.

This fool again!

Can she stop making dumb comments about Taimur and focus on talking about her films


She really has lost it. I'm sure I'm not alone in being sick of hearing and seeing this child.

Haven't you seen other actor's kids ,babies pics ? they're there alot too

She was trying to be funny,can't you understand a joke ?

Taimur is going to grow up to be an extremely private person like Aditya Chopra if Kareena doesn't tone it down.

ahahhahahaha, what a curse


lol you think varun can act? lool he is just lucky to have daddy and support amd lucky enough to gain hits
i personally think that he is overacting machine
at least sid’s acting is believable
don’t be jelaous of his looks seriously

How dull and boring these interviews are...

Me, my kid and my hubby!

It's a joke.. just like her.

Clear me kareena , Cricket or Acting what you really want taimur to do in future .....Btw kareena in her mind wants taimur to be a mega Bollywood star ,Which is not wrong if she wants but then why lying about taimur to be a crickter

Bebo and her delusions.

Just chill!!!!!! It was a joke

It was a joke SMH

Geez he's just a kid... . Let the kid grow first. But she;s wrong in thinking her kid can beat Akshay Kumar in box office numbers or even in fan following. Just because the kid is very handsome doesn't mean he can act in the future. Just look at Sidharth Malhotra. The man is 33 and he hasn't achieved anything at all. He's a flop actor. Only Varun and Alia who debuted with him have more hits than him. It tells you that being handsome is not enough. You need to act...

pretty sure she's joking....

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