Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor to host Randhir Kapoor's 71st birthday bash

Randhir Kapoor will be turning 71 on February 15 and doting daughters Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor will be hosting a birthday bash for their father along with their mother Babita.
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On February 15, Randhir Kapoor will be celebrating his 71st birthday and just like last year, amongst great grandeur and fanfare, a birthday bash is being planned for him. 
According to a leading daily, it will be his family - daughters Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor along with their mother Babita Kapoor who will be in charge of the party. A source said to the daily, "As is the custom, daughters Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan will play hosts along with their mother Babita."
When it comes to the guest list, most of the Kapoor Khandaan will be in attendance which includes Krishna Raj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor with Neetu Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor and Rima Jain. While Kareena's husband and actor Saif Ali Khan will be a part of the birthday bash, it looks like Ranbir Kapoor will be giving the Kapoor soirée a miss as he is in Bulgaria shooting for Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra along with Alia Bhatt and Mouni Roy
Looks like it's going to be one hell of a party, indeed!
Recently, Randhir spoke to a leading daily about his grandson Taimur Ali Khan. He said, "Taimur is now seven months old and ever since he was born, I visit Kareena more often than I used to earlier. I love spending time with my grandkids, and Taimur is the youngest, so everyone is so fond of him. He is not cranky, but a bit naughty and, yeah, smart, too."
About the constant media attention that Taimur attracts, Randhir added, "We all love Taimur so much and we are very being cautious that he doesn’t get spoiled by all the attention that he’s getting [from the media]."


Once more, once more!

All she knows how to do now is party why did she become so lazy

Bebo haters probably haven't noticed that both sisters have thrown a birthday party for their father last year too.

is malika invited ???

As both sisters are out of work they will have plenty of free time to prepare for papas birthday lol.

Can't wait to see photo of taimur with his nana and the rest of kapoor family.

There is no mention of that Toshniwal chap ? karisma's beau ? is everything OK between them ?

not actually fine as karishma is been upset with this guy as he is been agreeing to pay huge alimony in exchange of divorce. Truly hypocrite these kapoor sisters.

Will they invite the sisters?

She was once the top actress but look at her now. That's what happens when you reject SLB, Anand L Rai, Sujoy Ghosh, Zoya Akhtar for GTPM, Singham Returns, Ra One and Bodyguard

Uhh, no. Bollywood is ageist towards actresses. Her contemporaries include Priyanka, Katrina, Bipasha, Lara, Ameesha. Ameesha faded out by 2003. Lara was only moderately successful and was gone by 2011. Bipasha was also gone by 2011. Katrina has been able to sustain herself since she's the only leading lady that fits in the space she is in (action heroine/firangi - no, Jacqueline/Amy still have not reached that level yet), and Priyanka headed to Hollywood because she knew she'd meet the same fate. It's just the way things work. Priyanka never reached the numero uno status despite being immensely popular and successful, but she wanted more and thats why she headed to Hollywood. Kareena did reach the numero uno status and was content with her career, and thats why she settled down and is now slowly shifting focus onto her family. This has nothing to do with rejecting SLB and the likes. They are great directors, but not all of the films she rejected were successful. DDD (Zoya Akhtar) flopped in India and did nothing for Priyanka Chopra (apart from a few fans on the internet who raved over it - and I say this as one of those fans), Kahaani 2 - Durga Rani Singh also flopped not just in India but worldwide and again, did nothing for Vidya Balan. Anand L Rai's Zero has not even released yet, so let's wait and see for the outcome of that (fingers crossed it does well for everyone involved). Only SLB's Ramleela and Nikhil Advani's Kal Ho Na Ho would've taken her career to greater heights. However, you do realize SLB wanted Kareena to not only postpone her wedding, but also work allot an extra 3 months to shoot without any extra compensation/pay? Now tell me, would you go through the trouble of postponing your wedding and work an extra 3 months for no compensation/pay? Nope. Nobody would. As for KHNH, she felt she deserved a certain fee and stood by her beliefs. When other actresses do the same, y'all applaud them. Kareena did this in 2002, when it wasn't the "cool" or "hip" thing to do, and y'all crucify her for it. And even after all the mistakes she may have made in her career, Kareena is still amongst the only actress in Bollywood today to sustain herself in the top league even after her prime/marriage/children (others that come to mind include Aishwarya, Rani and Kajol).

Post this PV.

Will the cake have sugar breasts for daddy kapoor while the daughters scream once more once more

Be prepared for another open letter from fans


Kareena, when will you announce your next film or you will only post gym, Taimur and party pictures now in the name of career?

Are they going to scream once more

Wonder what this cake will be like

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