Kareena Kapoor Khan: I don’t dress up Taimur Ali Khan because of the paparazzi

Kareena Kapoor talks about her airport looks.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Taimur Ali Khan is a star even at the age of one. His fan following probably surpasses his parents'. Taimur is the media’s favorite and is always clicked wherever he is spotted.

Kareena spoke about dressing up Taimur and said, “Well, I dress him up because I like to dress him up which is also pretty much casual. But I don’t dress him up because of the paparazzi or the fact that he is getting clicked.  I am happy if he gets clicked in kurta pajama. Fashion also lies in the fact that you’re comfortable in what you wear, have the right attitude and can carry off anything.”

She also spoke about traveling with son Taimur and her airport looks. She said, “My style has been very confident, and it has always been in the casual chic kind of zone than a couture one. I think people relate to me more in my jeans and sneakers and I think that's also quite a big statement because you're working and constantly on the go. I mean my airport looks can't be much like that of a ramp style, with high heels because we also have to think about the practicality of the situation as well. I think I'm a practical dresser.”

She also credited sister Karisma for bringing about elegance in her own style and said that Karisma is always well turned out and super-elegant. She said that in terms of style, they are chalk and cheese.


Credits :Instagram


He looks cute in Kurta pajama just like him daddy. Bless you taimur

In all the ;pics we have seen here, Taimur has been well dressed but in a practical way. Keep it up, Kareena, we love looking at him.

Who should she talk about someone else husband and child. She was asked a question and she simply replied and there is nothing wrong with her answer. People pick on everything she does and says.

I love seeing him in kurta. So cute

She is living under the impression that she is the only woman who has a baby in this world.

No she is not. She has been asked, she answered but you clearly can’t get over her

Yes Baebo baby's comfort first of all and i miss Taimur take him out plz lil rasgulla

She is so full of herself. How does she even live with herself?

Lol! Me, my husband and my kid!! I have seen him wearing very stylish clothes most of the time! I don’t have a problem with that, but pls don’t lie !

You have some major issues, she answered what she was asked, paparazzi is always asking her about her husband and son, more than her movies these days. She didn't say anything wrong, she's more of an inspiration for many women, she balances work, family and manages to stay fit, which is great for her. Why are you so sore?

Is she supposed to talk about others?

She means her nanny don’t dress up him.. Her IQ is still like a teenager.

Lol.. tats so funny

Completely agree with her

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