Kareena Kapoor Khan: I wanted to be a mother, but at the same time, I was not ready to give up my entire life

Kareena Kapoor Khan talked about being a working mother in an interview with Vogue India. Kareena Kapoor embraced motherhood in 2016 with the birth of son Taimur Ali Khan.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan is an actor who has lived life on her terms. She has balanced her personal and professional life wonderfully over the years and is an inspiration to many. Kareena embraced motherhood in 2016 with the birth of her son Taimur Ali Khan. Taimur is adored by the entire nation and Kareena often says in jest that he is the biggest superstar in their family. Kareena shot for her comeback film, Veere Di Wedding months after giving birth to Taimur. In an interview with Vogue India Magazine, Kareena talked about motherhood and being a working woman.

She said, “It’s so important to do the things you love. If I am not happy, how do I keep my family happy?” Kareena has signed two big-ticket films- Takht and Good News. Kareena shared in the interview that it is important for her to keep working. “I wanted to be a mother, but at the same time, I was not ready to give up my entire life. It’s important that Taimur sees a woman who comes home after a hard day’s work and is happy. Also, let’s be honest, women are better at multitasking!” she said.



Bebo saif and tai

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She emphasized on the need for a good work-life balance and talked about her annual holidays. “Family holidays are a must, at least three a year! I love going back to the same places. Gstaad, London… they are my comfort zones, though now London is all about the parks with Taimur,” said Kareena.

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Let's put it this way, Kareena is taimur's biological mother and the nanny has become taimur's everyday mother. Every new mom needs to have that early bond with her child till the child is atleast a few months old. Her bank balance is not going to deteriorate because of this and not is her body going to be out of shape forever. There is a right time and place for everything.. You can never get those first moments with your child again. It's those moments that are special. Gyming, partying, lunching etc can wait, these are the things that always can be done, but losing those special moments are something else. It's very sad for baby Taimur..father? Mother? No one is saying work is not important, it is but it's not as important as spending those first few months with your newborn and then resume work. As for said, let's not even go there.a

She is saying that she wanted to have a baby but was not ready to give up her active social life, partying, drinking, traveling alone. She gave birth to her son and then gave him to his nanny. I have never seen a mother like her, so selfish and imature, same goes to Saif, he is the worst father in Bollywood.

A lot of comments are being made about the fact that she never 'took a break' to bond with her son. How come these comments are never made when articles about Saif and his work come out? Rather hypocritical that so many fans of KKK who love seeing her on screen are the first ones to complain that she isn't bonding with her son, but they are also the first to watch all her films post motherhood. Love her for being so bold about her choices and for knowing exactly what she wants from life, good on her!

A lot of comments are being made about the fact that she never 'took a break' to bond with her son. How come these comments are never made when articles about Saif and his work come out? Rather hypocritical that so many fans of KKK who love seeing her on screen are the first ones to complain that she isn't bonding with her son, but they are also the first to watch all her films post motherhood. Love her for being so bold about her choices and for knowing exactly what she wants from life, good on her!

Kareena left her son with nanny at a tender age, he was barely months old. Natalie Portman did not do so, Mila Kunis talked about how she stayed up with daughter Wyatt after becoming a mom as she wanted to have that bond. We saw her and husband Ashton Kutcher going everywhere with Wyatt. Kajol, Aishwarya, Sridevi, Madhuri, Rani and Karisma all took breaks to bond with their children. For Kareena she is the most important, she loves hanging with a group where she is the youngest person. Kareena and Taimur do not even look like mom and son, the nanny looks like his mother. Anyway, if Kareena wants this way, then who are we to complain?

People are always doing everything thing, there’s no need for her to give up on anything. Guess she thinks it’s normal for other people to nurture her son.

Look at that picture.What a gorgeous mother son duo.

Kareena likes once more parties more than the child. She left the baby with nannies to go shout once more in Goa. She should stop lying and preaching. Jaya, Sharmila, Sridevi, Juhi, Kajol, Aishwarya and so many others continued working after marriage and kids but no one brags like Kareena. All this hypocrite does is cameo roles but talks like she is giving Oscar worthy performances

Aishwarya, Kajol and others have talked about their experiences as a mother. Madam Aishwarya has nothing else to talk about except her God child and how she does all the work alone. So please stop exaggerating. Kareena hasn't done a cameo since 2014 and her latest hit made 100 crs which had her in the lead. She's doing so well unlike your fave so I understand what you're going through. Take care.

But madam Aishwariya is not paying papz to click her daughters pictures to keep her and her husband in news. Kareena talks about Taimur as much as Aishwariya. The difference is Aishwariya talks about her daughter all time because her daughter is everything for her but Kareena is so selfish and empty head that Aroras are more important for her than her son

Kajol doesnt just talk about, she actually does it. Kajol loves being a mom, she took years with each child and raised her children. You didnt see her partying everyday and going at girls trips leaving her baby alone, or see her children with nannies all over.

I don’t agree with most of the things you say as I see you commenting rubbish and hate but on this one I agree , kajol is a wonderful mom . Her children are so grounded and different from all these upcoming star kids .

It's very important for Taimur to see her mother coming home after partying hard with her empty head friends. After all her one more one more parties are more important than spending time with her baby. There is nothing wrong to be a working mother, but her all life is about going to gym and partying, then she calls herself working mother. There are pictures of her son with his nanny while Kareena is spending time with Aroras, I'm not talking about Saif who seems disinterested all time

Why do people judge a mother for going out with her friends and having a social life? You don’t live her life then why comment on it?

She is going out with friends and then calls her one more parties WORk insulting those mothers who work hard and then after a long working day go back home to their kids. Kareena is going to gym then going out with friends and then partying with her friends, her baby is alone with his nanny all time. She had a baby but has no time for him but her fans making fun of other actresses who are good mothers. There is nothing bad to have a social life or go out with friends but not all time when you have a small baby waiting for you.

why is the mother commenting on it on a public platform, open to public response? i will judge as i please.

Moms struggle everywhere to keep the balance. At least these celebs have nannies at their beck and call. I don't like the gyaan from celeb moms and media should stop making them out to be something great.

oh god i cant stand this transgender! can we have lolo back in movies instead of this trash! karishma is the only classy kapoor she born in wrong family.

You must be one that's why you so freely call others that. Sad life


It was a family dinner with her usual gang and family members. So now she is not allowed to have dinners and get togethers at her OWN house? It's not like she went to a club leaving her newborn alone in the house. And yes she started working out a month after delivery again what's wrong in that? Mothers are advised to work out post and before delivery. It's not like she was spending all day and night at the gym. And we get so many pictures of stars going to the gym even Deepika with her salon sessions. You sound so bitter and hateful that you're judging a mother for being neglectful because she spent 1-2 hours exercising because of medical issues that she may be facing after delivery? Or celebrating a festival with her family at her own house? Speaks a lot about the upbringing you got. I hope you do something productive with your life instead of hating on celebrities who don't even know about your existence.

Hi bebo. Even Aish doesn’t give a damn about your existence after all you still look alike a man after all that gym and surgery. But you still troll her. And yes Aish is L’Oréal model and you are.... let me guess some paki company model. Hahahah.

A woman shouldn't forced to choose between being a mother and working. When men can work and fulfill their fatherly duties so can women. And Kareena also has a lot of help which she always admits and give credits to Taimur's nannies unlike Aishwarya who apparently has no help even though we see the nanny get snapped every time

After seeing mother India Aishuma's personal and professional life, I'm glad Kareena made this decision

Yeah Aish's life is much better than Kareena's bubble. :)

Love you KKK. Let the haters burn.

Kareena had perfect plans and executed...she is still young looking gorgeous super stylish and glamorous...she gifted herself and family with a cute baby...got back to shape and continues her acting...kudos to her

Taimur is a happy child who is always smiling and laughing whenever he is clicked. If he was neglected he would look sad and miserable and downcast. I've worked with kids who have unhappy childhood and they barely smile or are friendly with others. They go into shells and hide. But I never noticed that in Taimur. He looks so friendly and always interacting even with the photographers which proves that he is well taken care of and loved by his parents and ofcourse his nannies are a big help too.

Why does she continuously give explanations of how she is raising her baby? Stop discussing your baby, stop discussing your personal life. If you want to continue working, then focus on your work, discuss the movies you are doing. You are constantly using, and I mean CONSTANTLY using your personal life to stay in news. It started with Shahid and now you must be miserable to even use your kid to stay in the limelight. I find Bebo the saddest person in Bollywood. She discusses all the time how she doesn't care about Bollywood but unfortunately, she is the one who cares the most!!

Excuse you,She was asked a question in an interview and she answered.whats your problem with bebo you always post neģative comments in every single article of hers,go outside and breathe ok.

So if interviewers and media asks her about Taimur she shouldn't answer? So that people call her arrogant and a diva. This is an excerpt from her Vogue interview in which she also discussed about her career. But Pinkvilla only picked up this bit for obvious reasons and people like you intentionally blame her knowing very well how these things work

Why is it such a big deal in India for women to resume working after becoming a mom? Why are they shamed like it's some sort of crime? Women work to support their families and children's future. Some work because they want to even though they are financially well off. Why are women expected to give up their life?

Being a mother myself I agree with what she is saying. Why only women are expected to drop everything once the baby arrives? Father has no responsibilities? I've a supporting husband and in-laws and that's why I continued working even after becoming a mother. I'd never give up on my individuality but that doesn't mean that I love my baby any less.

It’s so important to do the things you love. If I am not happy, how do I keep my family happy? - Very important thing to understand. Us women always put others before ourselves and end up making everyone miserable

Women should definitely have a life apart from husband , children and home . That said , I also feel a very young child does need the mother above anyone else . Babies recognize their mother, her voice, her smell first , way before the father . By 4 years they don't need you so much , stranger anxiety is a thing of the past. Sometimes that's just what being a mother is all about - putting baby first before your own needs and accepting the huge change motherhood brings in your life !

Bebo you were out there throwing a Christmas bash the same week you gave birth, was out and about exercising every day like you couldn't afford to have a trauner come at your home to train you, when your baby was a few weeks old. So yeah, whatever, you couldn't even give up a few months to bond with your baby never mind the rest of your life.

So what's wrong in having a Christmas dinner with family? Her mother is a practicing Christian and they celebrate it every year. Also working out is good for new mothers especially for those who deal with postpartum depression. Working out helps to keep their hormones in check. Working out for 1-2 hours a day doesn't mean she wasn't spending time with her baby. But sure you know her personally and live with them to know all this.

Nice try... Kareena had Taimur in December 20 at December 25th she was throwing a party, it wasn't a small dinner with family like you are claiming, it was a full party, you had the likes of Malaika, Amrita and her husband, Karishma, Aryan Mukerji, Neetu, all there, dressed to the nines, the were also some women that I don't know, pictures posted on social media...google it.

No one has a problem with exercising, that is good. But Kareena was exercising a month after having her son, the weird thing about Bebo was, she really wanted people to know that she went to the gym, everyday we got pictures of her going to gym, weird, because the likes of Katrina and Deepika also go to the gym, but the likes of Kareena we gets pictures of everyday, something that happens to this day, while with the other two, we get a picture here or there but we can go weeks or even months without seeing a picture of them going to the gym.

The first few months are really precious time with your newborn as a mom, unlike most, Bebo could afford to take the time to spend with her baby. I remember when she had Tamiur, it seems everyday the was a Bebo post here in Pinkvilla. Kareena clicked going to dinner almost everyday, Kareena at the gym, Kareena doing her hair, Kareena with Amrita at lunch, Kareena going at lunch was an everyday thing, when her baby was a few weeks old.

Saif is such a hypocrite, he was truly awful to his first wife and demanded that she stopped working to take care of their children, which I don't agree with. But Taimur is seen with his nannies than Kareena, and Kareena went back to work two months after him.

So exercising and celebrating festivals make you a bad mother? Okay got it!

No, delegating way beyond what is normal...she is too much of an absentee mother, everyone needs to have a life thats true. but she feels 70% of the mothering should be done by a paid nanny.

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