Kareena Kapoor Khan: Just because I don’t post a picture with Taimur doesn’t mean I don’t spend time with him

Kareena Kapoor Khan is enjoying a family vacation in London. She talked about son Taimur Ali Khan in a recent interview and said that she does not feel the need to announce her bond with her son to the world.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan is enjoying a family holiday in London. The family will soon head to Europe for a week long break. Kareena’s last release, Veere Di Wedding has set the cash registers ringing.

Kareena spoke to Hindustan Times about son Taimur Ali Khan. When asked if she felt guilty about not being able to spend time with her Taimur as she started working a few months after his birth, she said, “My time with my son- because it’s not on social media or no one knows about it- does not need to be (made public). Just because I don’t post a picture with him or I don’t carry him at airports doesn’t mean I don’t spend time with my son. I believe in quality over quantity..and what my time and my bond is with my son, I don’t need to announce to the world. Are we saying that mothers who work don’t spend time with their children? It’s not like that.”

When asked about the media spotlight on Taimur, Kareena said, “I feel it’s about getting used to his name being called out (by the paparazzi) and not particularly the cameras around. I don’t think he can make out that he’s being clicked. He’s too small for that.”

Fans love seeing Taimur’s photos on social media. “Honestly, I’ve never held back anything. He’s practically all over the place. But he’s just 17 months old, so let him grow up and have his life. I want him to have a normal upbringing. I totally understand that it’s tough to have it in today’s time but it is okay. I’m letting him be.”


Of course you spend time with Taimur but the kid is always with the nanny on any outings, etc!!! We dont see you taking care of Taimur 90% of the time, majority of the time he is with the nanny! That's the issue, we see Soha taking care of her daughter most of the time!! Taimur needs his parents due to safety reasons, you dont know how your child is treated when no one is watching!!

You should not give a shit about Mira and her followers & explain anything to anyone , who cares about that good for nothing Mira anyway

Why do you keep explaining yourself? If you don't care then stop answering these questions. Every other week there's an article about how much you love Taimur or why you don't do this or that with him. Just shut up for once about your personal life and focus on your work.

the only people she spends time with are malaika and amu

Another stupid statement by this overrated actress. Bollywood Nepo kids are too much sometimes.

Well said in fact there's pictures of the nanny and taimur outside his playschool but inside it was bebo who actually held him! There was a photo on insta where taimur is on kareena lap.so haters stop judging and go on worshipping fake idols who claim to not have a nanny, they do everything on their own like a perfect wife /mother/daughter in law.Pv post my comment don't be biased.

Thanks for the info Kareena:)

So Kareena.. Pls open your mind and use brains.. Stop doing Dharma movies..Karan only offer you eye candy roles and crap movies..He offers and recommends best to Alia only.. Please Sign SLB or Hiranis movie for heavens sake.! g

She did a poweful movie like Kurbaan with karan where she was praised for her performance and also we are family and ek main aur ekk tu which was praised my critics. They arent eyecandy roles. Karan is a close friend of hers.

I loathe her and everything that comes out of her mouth, but she's kinda right about this. Plus it can't be easy when almost an entire country thinks you're a bad mother.

Kareena has a full time PR posting daily photos of her personal life and family. Why is Kareena lying that she doesn't post pictures. Hypocrite and airheaded nepo kid needs to stop faking

Totally agree with you

We love you the way you are...No mother should be questioned whether she loves her child or spends time with.. Even we ordinary people are not always comfortable posting pics with our kids ..its ok

Your pictures are posted a 1000 times more than anyone thanks to your PR. If you aren’t seen with your kid then it means you aren’t spending enough time with him. Because of you were then half of those PR pics would have you in them. So please do everyone a favor and zip it.

We love you Bebo.. You are the best in Bollywood, You have it all, Beauty, Butterball, Bollywood and Begam

She is taking a dig at Mira.Acha hai .I hate both of them

But darling we see your pics doing everything else, but spending time with your son !!!

The lady doth protest too much, methinks !!!!

In your face Mira

She's correct. If she starts posing pictures with her son, people accuse her of being Mother India. If she doesn't, then people accuse her of being a bad mother. Kareena, just continue with the way you are. Baby T is a cutie pie and people naturally want to take his photos always. So, just keep doing good work. You made your fans proud by never justifying your acts or bowing to extremists when they said all the negative stuff for naming your son Taimur. All the best.

She is referring to none other than Mira Kapoor LOL

Lol, she took a dig on Aishwarya 's maternal love!

Something is wrong here, she lacks a genuine maternal attachment to this little boy.

God bless you mama bebo and baby boy. we love you!!

She needs to shut up for gods sake... We get it Bebo... you are the mother of the century

Anddddd Priyanka Chopra is the mother of Diana the dog of the century!!!!

Why should she shut up and not state her opinions like everyone else.

Lol she clearly reads and comments on everything on Pinkvilla. Quite funny

baby sit this Butter ball any day.

Stop reading comments on Pinkvilla

All celebs read pinkvilla it's not just kareena.

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