Kareena Kapoor Khan: My priorities have changed; I have a son, a family and responsibility on my shoulders

Kareena Kapoor Khan said in a recent interview that her priorities have changed and that she would only do one film a year. Her next film will reportedly star Akshay Kumar opposite her.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan has been balancing her personal and professional life after the birth of son Taimur Ali Khan. Kareena’s comeback film Veere Di Wedding released earlier this month and has managed to cross the Rs. 70 crore mark on the box-office.

Kareena will start work on her next film which will be produced by Karan Johar in November this year. The film will reportedly star Akshay Kumar opposite Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena, in an interview to Hindustan Times, said that her priorities have changed and that she would only do one film a year. “Ofcourse, they (priorities) have! I have a son, a family and responsibility on my shoulders, so I’ll choose to do one film at a time because I need time for them. And since, it’s just one, I’d want to do something good and interesting and it’ll be the one I choose rather than doing something for a friend or anything.”

As per reports, Kareena has also given her nod to the Rakesh Sharma biopic starring Shah Rukh Khan. However, there has been no confirmation on the same.

Kareena also talked about her time with son Taimur Ali Khan in the interview. She said, “My time with my son- because it’s not on social media or no one knows about it- does not need to be (made public). Just because I don’t post a picture with him or I don’t carry him at airports doesn’t mean I don’t spend time with my son.”


not sure what she is talking about...but looks like her responsibilities have changed to more partying and wearing skimpy clothes...pv pls post

She has say this line every week. Same time show off gym pics so she won’t lose movies

We all have responsibilities darling! It is how we carry / handle it.

How long is Kareena going to keep explaining herself? If she doesn't care then she shouldn't care about answering these questions as well

It's a reply to her haters but shahid fans think it's for Mira, does this imply Mira is a hater?Lol let the child dream to be kareena kapoor.

she dreamt to be like all shahid exes, not just Kareena. obviously, Shahid must have complained considering his final choice is the worst choice.

Where has mira come in this. It's shahid mira and their fans who always compare them with Saif kareena when in reality they are no where close to them.

Before her competitors were PC, DP, Ash etc.. Now it has come down to Mira. Time waste karna koi Kareena se seekho.

Kareena is not in India but she always makes sure these WTH articles are written when she is away so that people keep talking about her. She is so cheap that she uses her PR to post daily personal photos and she is lazy to work in good roles. She is not a versatile actress so gives lame excuses. Stop lying Kareena

She has 5 kids you see. Saif, Taimur, Amrita, Malaika and Lolo and plus 3-4 helpers who take care of her kid. In sabka responsbility is bechari par hai. Poor thing.

You go KKK!!!
Wonderful mom, wife , sister and a friend!!!

Bebo remain confident as you are. You are the best and pheno,enal weightloss after our sweet sweet Rodsogullas birth. You have it all. Make correct use of it. God is great..

Ya we have seen your responsibilities which is going to gym and doing once more parties .

Why justify that you spend time with your son if you indeed are and throw shades on Mira ? Didn't know you are so insecure Kareena !

She is not getting main lead roles is the truth

She is not getting main lead roles is the truth

Kareena is on the right track. Keep the work life and family life balanced out. Do good movies with author backed roles.

Bebo just sign good movies and your fans will support you all the way.

Responsibilities with her gang..once more once more Amu! It’s the truth. But I do ❤️Tim.

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