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Kareena Kapoor Khan postpones Irrfan’s Angrezi Medium’s shooting for THIS reason; Read Details

Kareena Kapoor Khan will be teaming up for the first time with Irrfan in Angrezi Medium. Bebo was supposed to start the shooting of Angrezi Medium from May. However, as per reports, Kareena has postponed the shooting. Read to know more.
Kareena Kapoor Khan postpones Irrfan’s Angrezi Medium’s shooting for THIS reason; Read DetailsKareena Kapoor Khan postpones Irrfan’s Angrezi Medium’s shoot and the reason is Taimur Ali Khan; Read Details
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For a mother, spending time with her kid is of prime importance and for our Bollywood mom’s it becomes even more imperative since they don’t find much time to spend with their kids. Fortunately, Kareena Kapoor Khan isn’t one of those mommies who doesn't get time with her child Taimur Ali Khan as she has always prioritised little Tim. But, recently, Kareena has taken on a number of projects which have kept her away from Taimur while shooting. Amidst this, Bebo also is teaming up with Irrfan for the first time in Angrezi Medium.

However, owing to being busy with shoots, first with Good News and then for a magazine in London, Kareena didn’t get to spend much time with Taimur. Thus, Bebo decided to postpone the shooting of Angrezi Medium to June. Yes, as per a report in Deccan Chronicle, Kareena has deferred the shoot of Angrezi Medium to June instead of May since she wants to spend more time with Taimur. Taimur is in a playgroup whose vacations are scheduled to start from May. Thus, Bebo wants to be in Mumbai to be with him. 

As per the report, once Taimur’s vacay begins, Kareena might take Taimur Ali Khan to London with her when she leaves for Angrezi Medium’s shooting in June. Talking about the film, Kareena and Irrfan are coming together for the first time in Angrezi Medium. The film will star Irrfan as Mr Champak i who is a proprietor of Ghasitaram Mishthan Bhandaar (sweet shop) and his daughter will be played by Radhika Madan who wants to go to abroad for studying. Kareena will be seen playing the role of a cop in Angrezi Medium and is not paired opposite Irrfan. Angrezi Medium is helmed by Homi Adajania and is currently being shot in Rajasthan.

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As shahid very intelligently exposed “PRIYANKA IS THE HARDEST WORKER” endless to say this left spectators in hysterics whilst he meant KAREENA TAKES THE EASY ROUTE ALL TIME EVERY TIME”. LAZY undignified woman.

Yeah ofcourse . As if you know Shahid Kapoor personally. Stop spilling bullshit out your mouth. Priyanka is a hard worker and Kareena is equally hard working. Miracle has not made her one of the best actresses of Bollywood , it's her hard work dumbass

fake mother india begum

This is why people get annoyed and hate the stars like Kareena. The first movie didn’t have a star kid. Had an outsider and was a hit. Immediately the next one in the series is grabbed by a star kid. Happy Bhag Jaayegi also had the same fate with sonakshi stepping in. That’s unfair. This movie will be a hit only for Irfaan khan.

Deaths have occurred in her family her maternal grandma died and she made no statement her world has turned around emotionally with karishmas divorce...but nothing makes the news. Now she’s decided to spend time with her young child it hits the news. False pretence. Very low morals.

That's good Kareena

The portals are making up this story...they have mentioned she wants to spend maximum time with taimur and in the next line they have mentioned,she will take him with her to london during shoot

Bimbo Bebo. Every time she opens her mouth she exposes her lack of intelligence.

Instead of spending time with Amrita Arora and gang she could have spent the same time with Taimur? The most lazy actress I have ever seen.

It’s a Pivotal role....we are too modern...i do want to spend time with my son...I can’t stay away for more than one hour away from taimur....trips to London are fine! Evenings prior to travelling and hanging out with Amrita are fine too. I don’t really miss him then. U sad case for a woman.

nauatunki pout aunty

Saba qanar was the soul of the film , without her its gonna be flop.

FOR THIS REASON, world stop what ur doing and read. Kareena does love her son and has sacrificed a shooting schedule. How desperate she must be to tell her pr to do this how sad

What bull is this to ensure the public get to see she’s maternal. She’s not maternal and probably has others ways of making money rather than shooting. Stop using your son again in the media and blame him for gods sake just stop it .

She committed to start shooting in May and now switched to June. That's so unprofessional, especially since her son's school calendar and dates of his school vacation are available well in advance. She's so out of touch with his school calendar that she can't even get her dates right. Ironically she pushes this false narrative that she's managing to juggle her career with motherhood. Millions of working mothers in India don't get to start their work projects a month later just cos their kids are on school holiday.

Tells us how important her so called pivotal role is. Movie can do even without her special appearance and busy? Doing what? Tripping and shopping with her bffs?

Wow ..big sacrifice by the only mother in planet earth.

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