Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals she is a paranoid mother says, ‘Taimur is not allowed to eat at birthday parties’

In a recent interview, Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed that she makes sure she doesn’t allow Taimur Ali Khan to eat outside food at birthday parties. Read on!
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In no time, Taimur Ali Khan has become the most sought after star kid of the nation. From his evening strolls to play dates with cousin Inaaya Kemmu, the paparazzi loves to click Taimur Ali Khan and now Taimur is so used to seeing the paps follow him that he often waves at them and passes his cute smile. Now whenever mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan is interviewed, one question that always pops up is about her son Taimur Ali Khan and, she often expresses a sense of concern with the paparazzi following him but at the same time, she says that she wants Tim Tim to have an ordinary childhood and therefore, she cannot stop him from going outside to play.

And in a recent interview, Kareena revealed that she is a super paranoid mother and makes sure he doesn’t eat outside food when he goes for birthday parties. Kareena said, “I am hyper-paranoid. He goes to birthday parties and he's not allowed to eat outside. But I know that's also wrong, he can,” and Saif quickly interrupted as he said, “he eats chip though.” But can you even imagine Taimur’s diet? Well, he eats khichi, idli dosa and everything healthy at home. "Khichdi, idli dosa, like healthy kind of home cooked food. I sit on his plan also. Every month I alternate it accordingly. Whatever fruits are available, what vegetables he should be eating in the month so ya...he quite enjoys it. Today he actually had Saag for lunch and he normally didn't like it but  I have been shoving it down his throat so now he's got used to it so he actually ate the food,” informed Kareena.

On the work front, kareena will next be seen in Raj Mehta’s Good News opposite Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani.

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Why is he not allowed to eat in case someone poisons him. Emmm being him to my child’s party plse.

Ok ffs I need an interpreter I did not understand a bleedin word Kareena said. I mean I’m really not joking I beg her t o stopping sayng yahhhh and gawwwd.

I'm sure the nanny makes sure that cutie is fed just fine. Don't you worry about that Bebo.

His a baby he should be allowed to eat more kid meals, he seems to be fed adult food, saag, dosa... who ate that as a toddler?

Not her fan but people stop judging parents esp moms. Btw is it me or her and Malaika arora are starting to look more and more alike

Malaika must’ve told her surgeon to make her look like Kareena...she never had that jawline before! She has gone overboard!

so she want prove she is mother India , we can see how much u r using ur child to stay relevant

The other parents, should take this cue, and ensure that their kids don't eat food at taimur's patties.

Stop being Aishwarya..You can't be.She is an example of responsible mother and you are of careless mother.

You’re so right Ashwarya’s PR, nobody else can be a great example of a responsible mother other than her. After all, she’s raising such a confident, happy, engaging, beautiful, well fed child and giving her all kinds of wonderful real life and outdoor experiences while Bebo’s raising such an inhibited child that never laughs, is malnutritioned and needs help with everting and only lets him out in makeup and Prince costumes to strut, pose and pout for her PR.

Ash is alo an example of an unemployed mother. She got married after she made sure no one is signing her and once in two year movies are turning flops. Then she waited for 4 years to see the results of Brand bachan. When nothing happened she decided to give birth. Kareena is still in very much demand and has given 3 superhit movies after her marriage and one superhit movie after Taimur

They both sound drunk! Poor Rujuta had to put up with this pair of bimbos.

Better check your own drunkenness because They sound very sensible and real without the drunken showoffness of your faves. Rujuta loves them, she exists because of them.

Kareena wants us to believe she has maternal instincts, after reading about everyone criticising her for ignoring Taimur.

Every parent is concerned abt kids eating habits.. so is she

So what if they have a nanny? They are working parents. It takes a village to raise a child... as the phrase goes. It is good for the child to see working parents than to see lukkha parents.

Feeding a toddler is the toughest job in the world. I doubt she does it. What is lukkha parents? she has tons of very good helpers not like the middle class, so many women want to work but are forced by circumstances to make compromises.

lol..what else will india eat if not for idli, saag, khichdi dal etc. Bimbo.

she should've also added "oh i make sure he baths every day and wakes up every morning"

Taimur is so cute! He has this amazing little personality...

Her body looks like a clothes hanger. She has lost her mojo totally. Those sunken eyes and hollow cheeks - awful

Stop appreciating artificial beauty and applaud real ones instead of shaming. Not everybody is insecure to harm themselves artificially and regardless, she still gives all of them a run for their money in every department and if only being a slave to Bwood most this and that, was important to her, she’d put them all outta business by not rejecting all the opportunities she gets and using the ones she takes for maximum effect. Even here, she’s not using the opportunity to portray herself as the best mother amongst all, she’s simply talks about her child’s eating in a real way. I applaud her sensibilities, realness and values. She’s a rarity.

Hi, Kareena, go feed Taimur, instead of read comments on PV.

Oh please, Bebo PR, everyone knows here she is trying to damage control for the backlash she received from people for her obsession with getting clicked by paps and ignoring her child. PV post this please

I do the same lol.i don't allow any of my kids to eat out.

Oh please you fed or the nanny becoz he is living with the nanny looks like ... oh kareena once in a while just for the paps you & your husband carry him for showoff. Pls do not pretend okk

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