Kartik Aaryan shows up on Twitter after getting sacked from Dostana 2: Here's what he asked for

Kartik Aaryan who recently got his share of headlines after the Dostana 2 controversy, came back on Twitter for the first time and urgently asked for this.
Kartik Aaryan tweets for the first time after Dostana 2 controversy Kartik Aaryan shows up on Twitter after getting sacked from Dostana 2: Here's what he asked for
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Kartik Aarya hogged his share of headlines in the last week due to the much-talked-about Dostana 2 controversy. Kartik Aaryan is officially not the part of the film anymore for which he reportedly had shot for nearly 20 days. Kartik was sacked out of the film was reasons not made clear by the producers but unauthenticated sources suggest that it happened because Kartik was not behaving professionally with the project. He kept on asking for script changes and did not give due dates to the producers. 

Although the issue created a wave of controversy on social media, Kartik Aaryan did not break his silence and went away from the fans on the internet. He recently showed up on Twitter for a rather important cause where he asked for an ambulance for a friend in Prayagraj on an urgent basis. Times are tough due to COVID and there are way too many patients for way fewer hospital beds and ambulances in the country. Kartik did his part by using his celebrity clout and asking for contacts that could help his friend in what seemed to be an urgent situation. 

Take a look at the tweet:

Kartik Aaryan’s Dostana 2 also co-starred Janhvi Kapoor who he was apparently dating all through last year. Allegedly Janhvi had to lose out on Mr. Lele co-starring Vicky Kaushal because Kartik kept delaying Dostana 2 to a point where her dates could simply not match the schedules. Karan Johar has not spoken openly about the issue as yet but not in an official statement mentioned that the cast will be re-announced soon.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

This guy is so talentless, totally overrated douche he is,

Anonymous 2 months ago

Kartik deserved to be sacked.. Who is he to ask for script changes and behave unprofessionally. a miniscule overrated actor

Anonymous 2 months ago

Boycott flop Dostana 2

Anonymous 2 months ago

He got Scapegoated by karan.