Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan look adorable in this candid pic from Bharat promotions; Check it out

Bharat promotions are keeping Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan busy. The trailer and songs of the film are receiving lots of appreciation and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the actors together again
News,salman khan,Katrina Kaif,BharatKatrina Kaif and Salman Khan look adorable in this candid pic from Bharat promotions; Check it out
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Many would agree that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are one of the best on-screen couples in Bollywood. The two actors complement each other beautifully and fans are always excited to watch them together on the big screen. In fact, Salman and Katrina’s amazing chemistry was like the icing on cake in films such as Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai. Currently the two actors are busy with the promotions of their upcoming film Bharat.

Bharat is a remake of the successful Korean drama Ode To My Father. The film will show Salman Khan’s character going through various phases in the history of our country whereas Katrina will be playing the role of Kumud Raina. The film also stars Disha Patani, Nora Fatehi, Sunil Grover and Tabu in pivotal roles and is all set to release on 5th June.

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan often share pictures from promotional events on social media. Recently, Katrina uploaded an adorable candid picture of herself with Salman Khan. The actress looks beautiful in a one-shoulder floral gown and a bright smile, while Salman, casual in a blue t-shirt, has his back to the camera.



Back 2 back promotions

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Salman Khan generally looks casual and cool in film promotions. Katrina Kaif, on the other hand, pulls off a different style at every event and that too gracefully. We’ll have to wait to see what’s next in store!

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Cute bla bla but the movie will flop

I heard Katrina is dating Vicky kaushaal ...it's time no doubt their pair is good and iam neutral not fan of any one but what Katrina did with Mr Khan was not good now let him be with lulia,Mr Khan can marry lulia she will stay in Romania have a good family why doesn't he does that

Whatever you say salkat rocks. They have a natural chemistry if they keep it natural. I want Salman to sing for Kat the song he recently sang in notebook. But lately I'm seeing Salman is being alil bully. N enough with the hard working jokes. I don't know why he thinks embarrassing Kat is fun.

She’s so botoxed up that now when she smiles, her hard cheeks cover her eyes completely and she looks chinese

I thought plastic was banned. Someone call the BMC to take katrina away

Desperate Alia posting hate msgs daily. Ranbir is an overated loser. Druggie, drunkard. Alia is no better.

Desperate Katrina posting hate comments on Alia here and on her posts. Salman is a criminal and a murderer. Woman beater and alcholic. Katrina is no better.

Just like Alia is a nobody without kjo. No talent... just know how to call everyone bff

Alia is talent and knows how to act unlike Katrina who has no talent and is nothing without ex Salman. Only knows how to use people.

So weird that poofy tight botoxed puffed up face.

she cant survive without salman.Hence proved

She is trying hard here while Bhaijaan is only thinking and talking about Queen Pc. He desperately wanted her in Bharat.

I am so done with Salman katrina drama..they pretend that they are teen lovers in front of media. Fixing each other's hair..sipping coffee from each others mugs..suggesting her to fix her clothes etc etc! I am 24 and Gosh you are almost my father-in-laws age..he never does all these silly acts. I want to see new young pair in movies and not grand pa acting silly in romance with a 40 yrs old aunt!

She is not leaving a single chance to show public how close is she to salman..I want to see how much she sticks to him after his career flops which anyways gonna happen in next 4-5 yrs.
She will run to much younger man in no time.

I hope salman takes a new actress in Tiger series..Salman katrina pairing is going to fail at box office!

Loooove them!!!

I bet if it was Deepika who would have posted the same picture with her Ex Ranbir, this post would have been filled with 100s hate comments. Infact haters troll her for meeting ailing rishi Kapoor. Pinkvilla is si biased to post all cheap comments on deepika by Katrina fans but here holding back comments.

RK is not katrinas ex. It’s an open secret. Deal with it

RK is Katrina's Ex. Accept it. She is even talking about him almost every other day.

LMAO that means you are spending day and night typing comments which pinkvilla isn't posting........PV don't be this unfair.

Lol no that means Katrina and her PR paying pinkvilla day and night to post abuses on all other actresses

When DP posted a pics of her and RK from Tamasha promotions, Kat PR and fans troll her badly and call her cheap/desperate and what not. Now what will they say about this? where are they? Hypocrites.

But Katrina ans Salman never broke up...they were always a couple

What are you smoking? Kat and Salman both broke up when she cheated on him for a younger lad RK. They aren't a couple anymore. By saying such stupid stuff you are actually making Kat look like a W who was dating 2 men at a time.

He is not even looking at her. Poor kat

Katrina is such an embarrassment for her fans.

One hatter commenting again again, so desperate, anyway she is looking so pretty n the dress too.

Lol kat its hater not hatter. Yes you are so desperate for Ex boyfriend and ilulia boyfriend. Looking so plastic


Katrina fans always try hard to prove her a classy self made, dignified woman who is here in her own but she always proves them wrong. What a tight slap on her fans face.

What about her lectures of Exes should maintain some distance? It was only for Rk and Deepika.

Katrina has no self respect and dignity.

Despo Katrina

She is not over Sallu and Ranbir both.

Katrina is nothing without Salman Khan.

How desperately kat is looking at her ex while he doesnt give a damn.

Desperate Katrina aunty.

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