Katrina Kaif on Deepika Ranveer, Priyanka Nick wedding pictures: You do feel a little sentimental

After Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh, and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas officially released their wedding pictures, Katrina Kaif was sentimental after seeing the pictures. Read details
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This year, B-town has been buzzing with weddings. It started with Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding, then with a gap of a few months, we were treated to Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s Lake Como wedding and finally, it ended with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ royal wedding in Jodhpur. Due to the no-mobile policy in DeepVeer and NickYanka weddings, it was only a few days later that the newlyweds took to their social media channels to release official pictures of the wedding.

Just like all their zillion fans who were busy bookmarking the pictures, we had Katrina Kaif who too was sentimental after seeing the pictures. In an interview with Times Now, Katrina said, “You do feel a little sentimental. I think as human beings we all want to feel loved and we all want to be loved and a wedding is always a reminder of romanticism and that wonderful feeling that you have when you are in love.”



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While we were busy refreshing our social feed to catch a glimpse of a new picture from the wedding, it was Katrina’s team that made sure she checked out all the wedding pictures that were, literally, breaking the internet. Katrina said, “Luckily on Instagram you have a feed right, so it comes automatically. With our schedules, it's hard to always do that and I think it's important for my mind to not constantly go somewhere else. It's important for me to be where I am working right now. But often always I got to see it. Also, my team's with me, so they'll show me, "Oh, look look, yeh abhi aaya", be it wedding or sangeet. So, they'll come and show me, because I think everyone loves to see a moment and wedding is one of those special moments which come in your life and it's a big deal, you know. And it looks beautiful, you feel a little sentimental at those moments.” 

On the work front, Katrina Kaif is currently busy promoting Aanand L Rai’s Zero. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in lead roles, and in the film, Katrina Kaif will be essaying the role of a superstar named Babita Kumari. Zero will hit the theatres on December 21, 2018. Recently, the makers of Zero had released the song featuring Katrina titled Husn Parcham and as always, Katrina looked drop-dead gorgeous in the song.  



And forever starts now... @nickjonas

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I am 31 and single. All my friends got married at 26/27.I am happy for them but don't feel sad at all where in common society - the bullying is much more. I find myself much mature than my friends who just show off their marriages and now they are bored of themselves. I know I will enjoy my married life because I am not doing it under peer pressure or anything else. And Kat is to itni beautiful and successful. She will get any good man.pls don't be a bechari Kat.

Aww I hope she finds someone. Honestly she is above ranbirs league. She can find someone better. Leave the ranbirs for girls like Alia immature.

Katrina is trying to gain sympathy by showing that she was dumped and need love. Until few years ago, she was flying too high due to her success and beauty and as they say both beauty and success fade after years. She herself used to say she is not gonna marry and would marry after 10 yrs , 20 yrs or 30 yrs..now why is she feeling left out...its not even 5 yrs to that interview when she said that.

Aww. Love her do much. Lots of good vibes sending her way.

Haven't seen Iullia too much in the scene lately. Maybe a breakup already happened? If so, this is just the right time for Kat and Salman to get back together and commit this time.

Iulia is in Romania at the moment. She tends to go back this time of the year to get her visa renewed.

Ranbir had a very tough childhood. His father was(and still) an alcoholic drugs user and an abusive husband and ranbir grew up with that. That's why he started smoking at 12 using drugs at 15 and he also has alcohol problems. He has always been close to his mother because he feels she was the victim and she has been using that to interfere in his relationships. When he was deepika she was well behaved girl with good manners but neetu never loved her even though he Also was never in love with her but still he was happy but his mother (not Katrina) broke them up after less than a year of dating.and he fell madly in love with Katrina (yes he loved her go watch an old interview in the couch with ...) he was saying that he's in love girl who keeps rejecting him it was during ajab Prem 's promotion.he dated Katrina for 6 years, lived with her,was always bringing her with him to every kapoor party everyone loved her except his mom Who was humiliating Katrina at every chance given publicly like cutting her from pics and saying that he/s dating abcd. And the truth is it's Katrina who dumped ranbir because he couldn't face his mom and couldn't propose without his mom's approval. Just look at jagga promotions he kept flirting with Katrina and giving her compliments and saying embarrassing things like i'm Katrina 's incyclopedia and i will always miss her bla bla bla and she was not having it. Even when he meets deepika he treats her with so much respect because he knows that he did her wrong, she was madly in love with him she tattooed his name and he left her heartbroken. And he's miserable because the only girl who is finally accepted by neetu he doesn't love enough. So i think deepika Katrina and ranbir are all victims of neetu. Most love stories and successful marriages are destroyed by the MIL in India and the middle east

clearly shes a bigger star than RK. She can do better. Its just a matter of time before she finds some one for herself .

Yes kat, shud not happen to any person ditched while culminating a relation to marriage. Yes we can all say marriage not important and all the good feminist stuff staying alone.. world is cruel to single women whether u r a Katrina or an Aam admi. humans need to have a social bonding and even Kat needs it. I hope she finds her love and stay happy. Yes thanks to Salman, he doesn’t hold and has been an emotional support to her. Nobody does it these days. I mean he ain’t getting anything out of it which is what friends or some relations which u can’t explain does. God bless u katty. Ur time will come too. All our gen women Kat, DP, PC, Sonam and Anushka have given us memorable experiences and are on par with heroes. Go women power and keep shining.

I love this, and hope their fans move on too.

I feel bad for her.She really loved Ranbir.Karma is going to bite him real bad for the way he treated her.

I remember ranbir boasting on kwk he has never experienced heartbreak (this was after his breakup with Kat). So it means he’s never really loved anyone - I pity anyone who ends up with him.

Movie ke liye kat kuch bhi kar sakti hai

I do not like her as an actress, but I truly feel sad for her, she was loyal and genuine in their relationship, she truly loved RK, it was heartbreaking to see how he dumped her, hope she finds a loving and caring guy who will make her feel special. Everyone deserves to be happy..

Same, but you know what, if she ended up marrying Ranbir, she would have been miserable. He is not husband material at all, he would have cheated and made her unhappy. I also hope she finds the right man too.

I know that feeling Katrina. I can relate with you when you feel like left behind... But don't worry in life no one can be left behind.. It's just their time.. You are just having bad time in bad time you will meet bad people .. It will pass eventually don't worry just don't loose confidence.. Because the other day was watching your interview you seemed lost somewhere even though you say you are happy you were not.. I felt like you are hiding all your pain.. Felt so bad for you.. Please cheer up.. There are millions and millions fan who cherishes you.. Please don't feel like unloved we all love you darling

Come on, I got married in my prime to the love of my life and was married for 7 years, he didn't even let me have kids, but I loved him so much that I didn't want to leave him just for having kids. In the end, he left me because he wanted to have an open marriage, which I didn't agree to. I was in pain for the first year, and now after an year and half, I am living my life, and I don't even think about him. Why would you sit and grieve for a cheater? why will Katrina do that? She is surviving in a foreign country as an actress and she must be a fighter, why will she still grieve for Ranbir? Life is all about moving on, because it is so short. I am sure Katrina will find someone, who will love her and thankfully didn't marry a cheater, which would've been worse.

More power to you girl!

I can understand Katrina.. Her love for Ranbir was so intense and very pure...first mistake was to date Ranbir what took you granted second becoming friend with dramebaaz Alia who acts all innocent but not..how insensitive within few weeks of dating Ranbir she started putting photos knowing Katrina follows her on insta ,she was deeply in love 5 years,2 years live in she's single in 35 which friend does this so so insensitive..Alia could be little sensitive she must have taken some time to go open in public... Anyway I must tell Katrina please get over him if you stay single those memories will haunt you please start dating someone.. You will eventually forget

If you send good vibes out into the universe, the universe responds (I know it sounds naive but I want to believe it). as a hardcore deepika fan here’s wishing katrina much joy and peace in 2019.

I know honey in can completely understand your situation. But don't loose faith everything happened for the good eventually everything will be okay

Katrina you trusted a wrong person. If you choose the wrong person
Like Ranbir you will feel miserable if you choose right person like Ranveer, Varun or tiger you will feel like a queen... Look now Ranbir will get married to Alia because she's on top her two papa's

They just dated and had a relationship. Stop looking at it through the established Indian lens with the assumption that they are supposed to be forever. PV please post.

Even though I am a fan of Ranbir What happened with Katrina was so unfair.... After looking at her i am really scared to be in serious relationship.. What if the guy takes you granted.. Oh god this is really heartbreaking

Being a woman I can understand her... It's really sentimental.. Katrina you are very strong darling I would have heartbroken but still made peace with everything..But please in the future don't waste your energy to someone like Ranbir who doesn't value you.. It's waste you will end up with heart break.. Please make good choice in the future.. Don't waste your energy with the people who doesn't even care for you

I completely empathize with Katrina. Even if have gone the similar experience.. You planned to marry before anyone but you left single even everyone of your generation got married he's is happily dating other girl... Choosing the right partner who values you is so so important.. Katrina even if felt the same like I have wasted my precious years.. But don't worry it's not a whole life it's just a chapter.. Everyone will get what they deserve at the right time.. Just forget about past

I agree if anyone date guy like Ranbir Kapoor you will feel miserable end of the day.. It's so unfair to any girl if your love, energy and years not given any credits.. Seriously why did you even think of dating him

Hope she gets the love of her life soon.

That guy RK I tell you

Yeah, probably jealous.

Jealous may be about Deepika. Chopras fake wedding does no one believe.

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