Katrina Kaif FINALLY likes Alia Bhatt’s Instagram post, contrary to rumours of fallout

Katrina Kaif finally liked Alia Bhatt's recent post on Instagram. Alia Bhatt was asked at a media interaction about Katrina Kaif not liking her posts after Ranbir Kapoor admitted to dating her.
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Ranbir Kapoor admitted recently to dating Alia Bhatt. The couple is currently in Bulgaria shooting for Ayan Mukherji’s next film, Brahmastra. Alia and Ranbir reportedly grew closer during the prep of the film and he asked her out on New Year’s Eve last year. In an interview to GQ, Ranbir mentioned that their relationship was too new and it came with new excitement. Alia also said at a media interaction that she is in a happy space personally and professionally.

In the same media interaction, Alia was asked about a fall out with close friend and Ranbir Kapoor’s ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. When a journalist mentioned that Katrina has stopped LIKING her photos on Instagram after Ranbir Kapoor confessed to dating Alia, she had said that she is very fond of Katrina and it’s both ways. She also added that she does not check who likes her photos, but if that’s the barometer of friendship, then she will message Katrina and ask her to start liking her photos.



merry with katy

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Last week, during a small break in London, Alia posted a photo on her Instagram account and captioned it, “im nicer when i like my outfit..”. Alia looks pretty in a monochrome look and is seen posing in front of a mirror. Katrina Kaif liked this photo, dismissing reports of a fall out between the actresses.

Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif have been close friends. They appeared together on Neha Dhupia’s talk show BFFs with Vogue.

Well, this definitely puts rumours to rest!



Katrina didn't like Alia's pic actually, she liked her pic in this one. .. If katrina likes a pic of ranbir and alia together in single frame, then i would believe she likes alia.

very good.. aaj main chain se soungi

So is Alia dating Ranbir or no? Or is this all made up rumor? Comment below!!!

Kjo prolly promised her a role or item number to like alia’s post ...there are no real relationships in Bollywood.

Becoz rk kat r still together, pv post pls

After Alia's comment there's nothing else she can do to avoid looking like a petty , heart broken ex!

Katrina knows how to play the game, just like Alia

Kat is linking her to no 1 alia.

kjo the expert in creating fake bff's. people were calling alia a bad friend so kjo puts out this LOLZ

Be careful Alia. Kat is a selfish person who wants to hurt you and your relationship with rk.

Bollywood is just weird. Kat and Alia are suppose to be friends. Alia is dating Ranbir. Kat works out with Sid. Kat also worked herself back into Salman's circle.

Only one laughing at the end is Karan Johar because he will get the hot takes for his show.

How much IG likes even mean? Lmao

By mistake? Or maybe shes trying to prove to Ranbir that shes not responsible for whats going wrong with his career?

This is why I don't like Katrina.. She can't take strong decisions

Will Katrina attends Alia's marriage???

Katrina doesn't like deepika.. But likes Alia now.. Such a hypocrite

o please stop the Kat DP fight and get over it, if DP who insulted RK in public can do movies and do kissing scenes with him, why cant Kat do whtever she wants

Kat feels guilty for breaking Dp's relationship.. so she has no courage to speak to DP or about DP.

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