Katrina Kaif flaunts her hot bod as she poses by the beach while enjoying the summers in Mexico

Looks like Katrina Kaif is definitely having a great time as the actress is enjoying the summers in Mexico. Check out the photo she shared right here.
News,Katrina Kaif,SooryavanshiKatrina Kaif flaunts her hot bod as she poses by the beach while enjoying the summers in Mexico
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There is never a right time to vacation and while one might be buried under work commitments, it is the time off that actually takes our minds off from all the work and the monotony of everyday life. While we might all want to rush to the beaches right now, looks like Katrina Kaif is enjoying her time away from the country as she is currently holidaying in Mexico. The actress recently wrapped up the Hyderabad schedule of the film with Akshay Kumar, Sooryavanshi.

Katrina posed by the beach and as we all know by now what a poser she is, the actress chose blue as the colour of the day and we like the picture as well as the background. Katrina's sultry look sure is winning the internet and while this only makes us want a holiday for ourselves, we can enjoy the picture for now. Just how to kickstart the weekends, isn't it? With all those hearts in the caption we totally understand how she is enjoying her time away!




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Talking about her first outing with Rohit Shetty, the actress quipped, "It was something which was waiting to happen. Rohit sir and I have been in talks on and off for so many years now. But Sooryavanshi is where everything falls right into place. It has also come at the perfect time because me and Akshay haven't done anything for a while now. I liked the world they were creating. The girl's character is a little mature and correct to where me and Akshay are today. It's a nice balance between doing something very heavy like Bharat and then, something as entertaining as this."


I am no Katrina or Jahnvi fan. And she could have twisted her words to make it a little subtle. But cmon have you ever seen Jahnvi’s pictures in those nude shorts she wears everywhere? Those are not even gym shorts. Their purpose is to wear them under a dress. It is so uncomfortable to even think about wearing them and walking the streets of Mumbai.katrina is wearing a bikini at a beach. Not roaming around doing grocery shopping

She looks hot

aloo will look like a fool if she does such stuff; she anyways is.... so kat is anytime better

Jhanvi wears shorts in public, katrina is at the beach what do you expect her to wear? A saaree?!! Shaking my damn head

Despo nude aunty.

Fakerina Kaif. She always claim to be a private person and said I keep a low prolife when I have no movie release. #liar

Next time before worrying about Jhnanvi's outfits, make sure to look at yourself fake Katrina. Atleast Jhanvi is young to wear shorts but your are too old to pose nude.
post pv.

Do u notice it’s a beach !!! Stop spreading ur hate. Janhavi shimmies in these clothes and walks in Mumbai !

Lol wearing a full base, contouring and highly filtered and photoshop picture by Katrina.

Katrina is a dark skin woman not as fair as her fans claim her to be.

See her tan line on her shoulders and see her real skin color. Most white ppl go to beaches to tan. They’re obsessed abt tanning

She is such a hypocrite. She has issues with Jhanvi wearing shorts but no problem in posing nude and then posting it

She’s at a beach. At beach your meant to wear the least clothes. Janhavi wears short shorts on a daily basis on the streets of Bandra !!!

So true.

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